Posted on October 21, 2011

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Rick Santorum says Ron Paul, "is deep, he understands these things" and more regarding foreign policy 20:07:28
Huffington Post: Ron Paul: 'I Was Tempted To Walk Off' Republican Debate 18:40:07
Ron Paul on Jan Mickelson 10/21/11 17:41:46
Our boys are coming home from Iraq 12:51:00
Ohio Straw Poll Saturday 12:41:19
Ron Paul on Sean Hannity Show: "I Like your plan about 1T Dollars in specific cuts" 14:03:17
Ron Paul spending $2M on TV ads that criticize Romney, Perry and Cain for bailout stances 01:39:20
Ron Paul at The University of Iowa Today! - Y4RP Midwest Launch! 16:29:30
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Romboid screws with Nevada, AGAIN! 23:43:35
I realized something tonight 23:37:39
Our numbers are growing on the DP 23:31:58
Excellent Video - On The Fed, Money and Lies 23:22:04
Startling Article About Ron from Joseph Farah at Pretty Far Right WND 23:14:52
End the Fed Answer Critique requested 23:07:15
Work 21 months to pay for 1 year military spending 23:03:45
Good question 22:58:58
Iraq rejects US request to maintain bases after troop withdrawal 22:45:48
Which side of the fight you're on? 22:41:38
New slim jims please!? 22:41:07
Ron Paul's got it just about right 22:32:53
Video: The Return of Aqua Buddha in Kentucky (They Say What Comes Around Goes Around) 22:26:20
Message to Peter Schiff: Do a "Libertarian vs. Progressive" show! 22:24:19
Does Paul have a Perry voice changing machine? 22:05:27
WaPo: GOP presidential field unified in opposition to Iraq withdrawal 21:46:32
Here's a Link to a New Hampshire Primary Poll: You know what to do! 21:38:37
If everybody found one person to join us, our 12-15% quickly doubles. Many are just waiting to be asked and they thank you later 21:24:31
"I'm one of the 99%" LMAO 21:11:35
"Ideologically Pure and Tough as Nails" The Ron Paul Revolution is NOT going away, like the original we're all in until the end! 21:01:07
The only way to convert a socialist 20:51:06
American Empire Lew Rockwell tells it like it is 20:46:44
I dedicate this to the people of Liyba 20:24:43
ALERT: 12-Year-Olds To Get Gardasil Without Parents’ Consent 20:21:56
CNN’s Anderson Cooper In Desperate Anti-Ron Paul Rant 19:35:27
Imagine YOU knew their next step. Would you stop them? 19:30:47
IMF and Fed to open new round of bailouts 19:24:03
Amazing predictions from 1958 that came true 19:14:02
The Entire Delegate Process Explained: very important! 19:01:48
George Carlin - "It's a Big Club and You Ain't in it" 18:42:10
Hello Brave New World, Indeed! 18:41:13
My take on OWS. 18:36:26
Ron Paul ad blitz: Will it work? 18:25:13
Chris Mathews MSNBC interviews Jon Huntsman, show RP 2nd in National Poll 18:19:01
A single criticism 18:17:48
Question: How Long Have You Been a Member of Daily Paul? 18:17:03
Press Release: RevPac seeks to own 2012 Web Campaigning 18:16:23
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! 18:14:47
Need a hand here if anyone's got a sec 18:05:03
NEWSFLASH: the reference to "40 minutes" is a flat-out lie. 17:58:29
The U.S.A. and M.C. Hammer Syndrome 17:47:56
Jesse Benton Hit and Run? 17:35:25
"We Came, We Saw, He Died . The High Class Terrorists Running US, UK, France 17:29:50
"President Paul or the dollar will fall" 17:27:56
Ron Paul @ Who Radio Interview 10.21.11 17:26:39
David Banner @ #OccupyWallStreet, Illuminati, NWO, Music Disconnect w/ People 17:23:58
cain's honeymoon over 17:14:51
LA Times article - at least Ron got some press today! 17:14:48
Cool video about Occupy Movement 17:11:11
Peter Schiff Goes To Occupy Wall Street 17:08:56
The Truth Behind The Warmongers - A Great, But Disheartening Read. 17:02:12
Herman Cain 'tweaks' his plan from 9-9-9 to 9-0-9 16:58:35
Reaching Out To Sarah Palin Supporters 16:48:04
New member 16:36:55
NYTimes: Cain Modifies 999 Plan 16:30:38
In the Spirit of Dr. Paul 16:21:15
Buy a house, Get a U.S. Visa -- What do you think? 16:15:17
Peter Schiff Analyzes Cain's 9/9/9 Plan; Exposes The Hidden 4th 9 16:07:08
Reason for Ron Pauls media blackout 15:56:09
Registration Bomb 11-11-11 15:49:08
CLUES 15:45:15
Peter Schiff taking on OWS Face to Face, Watch here 15:40:58
In other words; the Constitution be damned! 15:25:30
Focus on Romney! 15:24:32
In Newton, Ron Paul calls for smaller government, less ‘militarism’ 15:14:39
Ron Paul Calls For Federal Public Lands To Be ‘Sold Off To Private Owners’ 15:03:20
A Manifesto for the Impending Second American Revolution 15:02:23
New Chris Hedges video from Occupy Wall Street. Very good. 15:00:07
Ron Paul: Fed to Blame for Faltering Economy Important: 14:57:26
Ron Paul sounds off on Gadhafi, 14th Amendment, looming economic collapse on Iowa radio show 14:54:29
The Truth: We are Not Withdrawing, We Are Being Kicked Out. 14:54:12
WSJ: Ron Paul’s Latest Moneybomb: $2.5 Million and Counting 14:39:34
TSA Doing Random Car inspections in Tennessee 14:38:31
Infographic: The Decline of the Dollar, a Brief History of the Federal Reserve 14:34:28
Fox News Report : Osama Bin laden Died in 2001 14:34:01
Proposed Ron Paul Twitter Bomb 14:29:24
DailyPaul Chat down - Chat available at 14:29:04
Paulites on Federal Involvement at the State Level 14:21:39
Michele Bachmann’s New Hampshire staffers resign en masse 14:20:34
-Video- Adam Kokesh Converts Occupy DCer 14:04:50
How to Register Republican for Ron Paul Video By Blue Republicans 13:32:29
Paul Drops 2 Million in Ads. Linked from Drudge 13:29:27
Troops coming home. How will this affect Ron Paul's strategy? 13:27:47
Occupy Wall Street Puppeteers Reveal Real Intentions: A starting 1% NEW world order TAX! 13:26:06
Update: Bachmann denies that entire New Hampshire staff has quit. 13:10:12
questions to site owner/ moderator 13:08:06
Libya Before and After Image Shows What a NATO/UN Humanitarian Mission Looks Like 13:03:11
Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul is right! 12:58:58
2012 : Ron Paul is The Only Option (Video) 12:44:24
Good news, but not so good news 12:41:19
2012: Ron Paul is the Only Option 12:40:53
Is Bank of America Headed for the Glue Factory? 12:19:41
Purging Psyops: USA murdered Gaddafi and the Legacy of Libya’s Great Leader. Bookmark This! 12:12:39
LA Times : Ron Paul thinks now is the time to make his move 12:09:02
Question about Free Market 12:03:24
International Business Times: Ron Paul Money Bomb Raises Millions of Dollars 11:53:24
Sherlock Holmes on the Nevada Primary Debate 11:47:08
Cain's "independent" analysis of 9-9-9 plagiarised from 1996 paper? 11:38:19
Herman Cain's Iran Connection: What? 11:38:02
Romney: Accelerate Foreclosures to ‘allow Investors to buy up homes’ 11:25:48
Blue Republican - How to Register Republican for Ron Paul 11:16:30
America: For Sale to rich foreigners, free bonus gift included! (A visa.) 11:16:01
Hei Campaign, ask Rand to give Palin a call 11:07:45
Arthur Laffer and Peter Schiff have both come out in favor of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax proposal. ( 11:06:12
Ron Paul Hits NYC to the sound of CHEERS 11:05:23
The agency most needing to be cut 11:04:38
Sarah Palin praises Ron Paul? 10:42:17
New Ron Paul Supporter (30,000 strong) ? Who controls Internet Content 10:38:55
Drudge Report - AP : Paul Drops $2M in New TV ads to criticize rivals 10:36:41
Daily Iowan: Ron Paul wrongfully ignored by nat'l media 10:33:11
Ron Paul article on Yahoo 10:30:56
Tennessee and TSA start searching vehicles statewide 10:21:32
Ron Paul article on Yahoo 10:20:37
fair debates 10:13:11
Bill O'Reilly: You Live by the Sword, You Die by the Sword - October 20, 2011 09:59:55
Crisper Zings for the Next Debate 09:59:03
Herman Cain To Piers Morgan - I Love Big Government 09:52:52
is cablevision messing around with the signal on judge napolitanos show ? 09:43:26
Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'? 09:33:18
The Daily Iowan 09:21:22
DC: Ron Paul's Irresistible Budget Plan 09:19:20
Need a Laugh Today? Headline: Troops Burn O'Reilly Books 09:13:25
Postman stole my silver, edit FOUND 09:11:12
“They Don’t Know Anything More About Real Battle Than They Do About Fornicating” 09:10:12
Senators Lee & Schumer Propose Bill to Offer Visas to Foreign Homebuyers in U.S. 08:44:24
Why Occupy Wall Street Needs to Focus on the Federal Reserve 07:55:40
Obama’s raised more money for Democrats from Wall Street donors than all Republican candidates combined 07:47:27
Gaddafi Video - Gold Standard for Africa 07:41:26
Cain 07:33:05
The Fed Should Buy More Mortgage Bonds says Fed Governor 07:01:22
Matt Taibbi's Advice To Occupy Wall Street:: Hit Bankers Where It Hurts 06:33:22
Census: Poverty Rates up in Most US States Under Obama 06:25:10
Corporate Media Tries To Marginalize Ron Paul's More Than $2.2 Million In 24 Hours 04:47:52
Video Update :Massive Marine Drops Ron Bomb and Makes Cops Cringe 04:16:13
Knowledge of Psychological Demographics is Critical to Winning the Presidency. 04:10:16
California commits financial suicide by becoming the first state to adopt the cap-and-trade program 03:51:59
Ron Paul: The last honest Republican standing 02:49:46
Ralph Nader: Let Our Farmers Grow Hemp 02:23:26
The Corporatism Killer! The Antithesis of the "Incorporation"! The "Un"incorporation! 02:10:17
Made my first Ron Paul banner. 02:04:12
Help Wanted: Ron Paul Ads 01:50:56
Alternet Bashing Ron's Plan 01:48:34
354,700 Reasons To Run From Mitt Romney 01:31:45
2012 implode 01:21:52
"The Doctor of R3VOLution" The Symbol of 2012--Spread! 01:20:38
Papa John Schnatter 2012 01:19:27
If you're ever debating with Ron Paul and you hear him say: 01:18:01
Read the info and go from there 00:23:15
CNN's Anderson Cooper responds to black this OUT 00:19:11