Posted on October 22, 2011

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Ron Paul Wins 1st in Ohio GOP Straw Poll with 53%! 16:06:52
AMAZING! Fox News Panel Discuss Parts Of Ron Paul's Budget Plan 12:27:24
MSNBC Ron Paul Says I Find It Rather Disgusting Obama Bragging About How Many People He's Killed! 10:58:31
End of America Author Naomi Wolf Arrested at OWS 08:14:28
Ron Paul Campaign Youth Rally Speech @ University Of Iowa 09:43:43
A short introduction of myself, story about a co-worker coming our way, and repping Dr. Paul in an event tomorrow 03:26:18
Black This Out Money Bomb Raises $2.7 Million 00:01:58
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Banner Project is now The Laser Projector Project! 23:46:47
Herman Cain spent over $100,000 of donor's money buying copies of his OWN book 23:46:12
Perry and his Texas bailouts 23:37:43
A Decade of War in Afghanistan: 50 Pictures 23:29:52
Ron Paul is still exploding! 23:22:03
Western RLC Straw Poll vs. Ohio Straw Poll 23:17:21
Afghan Government To Side With Pakistan, If US Launches Invasion! 23:08:30
how to find common ground with progressives. Notes from a progressive @ occupy SF. 23:01:00
Cyber Command chief opposes U.N. net control 22:56:11
We lag in this pool. Help. 22:45:42
Was It Ron Paul's Foreign Policy That Caused Obama To Withdraw Our Troops From Iraq? Think About It, The Blackout Isn't Working. 22:39:45
Obama's Latest Ploy 22:09:05
A Question for Those Involved in the Paul Campaign in NH in '08 21:38:48
need youtube asap 21:38:24
Policing the World - Ron Paul and others 21:35:28
Is buying stuff from campaign 4 liberty a good way to support Paul? 21:25:15
RP Forums Reports Good News for Ron 21:15:54
Way off topic video my new song 21:13:39
Here's a winning combination: Sarah Palin endorses Ron Paul so he easily wins the GOP nomination 20:50:45
more important than today's straw poll win in ohio. 20:48:28
Karl Rove: If Ron Paul wants to win, he needs to broaden his base. 20:40:32
Are we too busy talking amongst ourselves? 20:39:05
Warning! Progressives’ NPV Plan for White House Control, 2012 & Permanently 20:38:25 1 year anniversary - Special Guest Tom Woods & more 20:06:44
Just vote today in La. Jesus help us! 20:03:17
Ed Thompson, Galileo, and Jesus 19:53:36
Obama pulls a 'Ron Paul' 19:34:10
Positive Feedback of our efforts, people are waking up. 19:32:32
The End of The War in Iraq Helps Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Message 19:31:08
Did John Bolton Just Admit All These Wars Are For Oil? 19:07:13
November 9, Obama has announced a down time of Tv, etc. 18:46:14
Sarah Palin Fights Media Blackout of Ron Paul 18:01:49
Columbus Ohio: "Local GOP Straw Poll Gives Ron Paul A Majority" 17:59:13
Are RP Supporters talking to ourselves too much? Hannity Oct 25th : Karl Rove Oct 22nd 17:51:36
Why Cain Will Fall (Updated) 17:26:45
Daily Paul has people trying to control it's content. Is this anti freedom? 17:24:52
Is THIS a great idea for a video? 17:19:37
Ohio Straw Poll Majority Win Puts Tipping Point Closer: All Ron Has To Do Is Win One Early One: And Then Boom It All Explodes! 17:17:54
Ron Paul: Troop withdrawal won’t end U.S. involvement 16:56:58
Daily Caller: Nevada Caucus Returns to Feb 4 16:56:22
RON paul wins ohio straw poll BY A landslide! 16:48:53
Ron Paul supporters split over Jesse Benton tactics for media warfare on Anderson Cooper CNN 16:29:53
Confirmed: Two Bachmann NH Staffers Did Quit 16:27:58
Man Arrested for Videotaping on Federal Property Sues Homeland Security 16:27:40
Our biggest obstacle to the White House?? 16:25:44
Rapper Immortal Technique Talking At Wall Street Protests 16:01:27
We need an Anti-Ron Paul Website 16:01:27
Ode to Gathafi 15:25:20
We Not Only Borrow From Foreign Countries We Borrow From the Federal Reserve As Well 15:12:47
Tonite! Ron televised on Faith and Freedom Coalition Talk 14:45:45
Karl Rove makes a suggestion to Ron Paul.I agree! 14:44:51
How Much Money Does America Owe Other Countries? 14:33:03
Instead of Christmas presents this year ask for an RP donation! 14:19:21
What are we doing? 40 second video. 14:18:04
Wow. Gaddafi was NO flippin' hero! 14:13:10
Ron Paul FOURTH in Nevada Republican Leadership Straw Poll 14:06:11
"Ron Paul is Right" S.Palin 14:05:35
Fox- Rand Paul interview on Cavuto: 10-21-11 13:57:47
The Message IS Spreading 13:29:02
Videos: Interview with Ron Paul on CBN (700 Club) 13:05:31
US Soldiers Burn Bill O'Reilly's Books in Afghanistan 12:42:20
Video: Newt Gingrich says Ron Paul makes a good point on closing overseas military bases 12:36:19
Can we please stop with the pro-Gadaffi posts on this site?? 12:34:27
All the World is a Stage. 12:32:32
Who should and should not endorse Ron Paul? 12:20:45
The Salvation Army Adopt A Family 2011 12:08:06
Stop Yelling and Pay Attention: The grassroots “Left” and “Right” are saying the same thing! 12:07:35
Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan: What would your sales tax be? 11:48:38
Exclusive Interview: Ron Paul on Abortion, Jesus, Israel and American Exceptionalism 11:48:35
Amazing video, please share 11:47:50
Video- Hillary Clinton: We came, we saw, he died. Absolutely bizarre! 11:45:44
First abortion, now 9-9-9. Is Herman Cain waffling? 11:40:28
If this guy knocks on your door. 11:25:19
Very Catchy Ron Paul Song 11:24:32
Gadaffi's call for forming a Constitution a year ago was the last straw for NATO 11:20:07
My latest attempt to convert friends and family 11:12:14
Sarah Palin Praises Ron Paul's Foreign Policy! 11:12:10
2012's septuagenarian rock star. 11:09:18
For those who attend church. 10:40:00
70% of Occupy participants consider themselves Independents! 10:17:25
Gaddafi's Last Words As Rebels Dragged Him Through Street 10:00:07
Ron Paul Goes Back To The Future 09:57:31
Excellent Interview with Lew Rockwell Explaining the Current Political Scene Promoting Ron Paul 09:23:00
Possible Ad Idea 09:21:40
Kill, Kill, Kill the bad guys 08:56:01
I am RP on fb 08:32:17
As much as I hate to say it, Karl Rove is right. 08:21:19
Video: A Message to Disenfranchised Independents 07:56:46
Halloween, create Ron Paul 2012 pumpkins 07:39:08
Our Mortgage Fraud battle 07:13:26
Weekend Meditation: Seeing The Forest For The Rout 06:52:03
Ron Paul Speech At Campaign Youth Rally At The University Of Iowa 05:07:14
Joseph Farah on Ron Paul's plan: It's better even than what Ronald Reagan proposed. 04:35:35
End The Fed idea. 03:42:14
Ron Paul's Black THIS Out & Libya 03:30:27
Karl Denninger Attacks Ron Paul Again! 03:08:21
possible censorship alert 03:00:46
Years after NAFTA, first long-haul Mexican truck enters U.S. 02:44:09
What to make of Michelle Bachman's dramatic fall in the polls? 02:31:55
Help with a question from a family member on Healthcare 02:26:16
The Greatest speech ever made 02:25:21
END the WARS Money Bomb on 11/11/11 Veterans Day!! 02:16:16
Herman Cain Defends 9-9-9 By Dropping One Of The 9s 02:12:06
David Icke: Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protester 02:08:41
Herman Cain / Koch Brothers New Super PAC 02:07:20
Gotta eat an Elephant 02:04:25
*Help Me Educate People In My Class* 02:01:51
'END the WARS' Money Bomb on Veterans Day 11/11/11 01:52:56
Hey a great Video about the FED ! 01:29:42
Mary Me: Here's a Slick way of Nullifying Your Message. It's "The Roots" Baby 01:29:24
Cain tops field again in Nevada GOP straw poll 01:21:28
Federal Reserve Guaranteeing $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America's Derivatives 00:58:39
Ron Paul on MacNeil/Lehrer in '88 00:36:47
Gaddafi Gold Advocacy in Libya - RT 00:18:56
Ron Paul At Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Forum - Live Coverage C-Span, Saturday 7-10 pm ET 00:10:58
CNN’s Anderson Cooper In Desperate Anti-Ron Paul Rant 00:05:53