Posted on October 23, 2011

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/24/11 - TSA Highway Searches 22:44:00
Exposing the Student Loan Racket. Use this to help Explain Ron Paul's position. 19:40:21
Ron Paul LEADS the GOP field in Iowa fundraising. 13:52:44
How I spread the message of Paul 11:39:02
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Ron Paul's campaign gaining momentum 23:42:31
I USED to think Santorum had some credibility 'til I saw this 23:38:14
McCain Proven To Be Literally Nuttier Than A Snickers Bar 23:21:26
Esquire stabs us in the back 23:11:24
"I Think This Is What They Call Fascism" from Lew Rockwell's blog 22:43:25
Why won't RP go on O'Reilly or Hannity? 22:42:08
Horrible article about our country's actions as far back as 2002 22:36:58
How to respond to this Leftist? 22:34:08
John Bolton Admits All Of These Wars Are For Oil 22:29:43
The Assassination of an American Teenager 22:23:11
Occupy Wall Street Straw Poll Demands. 22:16:06
ESPN College GameDay censors Ron Paul signs at Michigan State University 22:03:40
Occupy Telling MoveOn to "F- Off" 21:58:36
The Power Structure of the Federal Reserve: Who Runs It, Who Owns It, and What They Do with All the Money 21:57:14
Great video on American Hypocrisy, critizing Ghaddafi and doing the same here. 21:54:31
Mainstream Media: Use their Websites Against them 21:42:02
Perry, Gingrich give private speeches to Christian group in Orlando 21:38:47
holloween 21:31:56
Supreme Court Opinions tampered with online to support "political correctness" 21:13:19
Is Anyone Curious About How Much Each State is Donating to Ron Paul and the other Candidates? 21:03:46
Get to it! 20:56:17
How Would Life Under a Ron Paul Administration be? 20:50:01
Miscommunications with Rock The Revolution tour 20:40:51
Call to arms! Help help help! Need supportive commenting NOW! FOX: Federal Student Loans 20:39:09
The principled consistency of Ron Paul- Washington Times 20:35:19
China Cuts Off World's Rare Earth Metal Supply 20:31:26
Paul would ax five agencies, hits focus on Romney’s lawn 19:55:07
Should OWS Occupy the Green Party or Democratic Party? 19:50:03
The argument against federal student grants and loans: 19:38:02 now cleaned up and being moderated again 19:28:42
So I've been removed from the Revolution PAC Facebook page (issues with and the PAC) 19:15:22
Cain and Paul, the Real Front Runners. Look at the Facts. 19:00:04
Criminal Investigations - Constitutional Violations 18:57:27
The Better of Two Evil 18:28:13
RP Earrings 18:27:20
New CHAT available at 18:24:15
Sharia law for Libya, Congrats Interventionists! 18:15:27
I think this is a Romney/Cain race 18:04:08
We need an MSM whistleblower reward bomb. 18:00:20
HP attacking Dr. Paul for suggesting an end of federal Student Loan Program 17:33:40
New Ron Paul Supporter From CA 23:00:56
We are right, but it doesn't matter. 17:06:59
During our Nov. 9 interruption of all radio and TV to test the Emergency Alert System, terrorists attacked. We will maintain 17:04:41
Why Ron Paul has GOP scared in Nevada 17:01:33
In praise of the 1% 16:56:15
Should RP support a reimbursement plan for Americans? 16:55:00
MTP video tampered to make RP's face look older/ugly? 16:24:22
Money Bomb Ideas? 16:23:05
The European Financial Crisis In One Graphic: The Dominoes Of Debt 16:18:51
Big Government Can Kiss My A$$ "Money Bomb" ! 16:15:33
The SCARIEST decorations for DP'ers on Halloween. 16:06:14
The New Peace Movement: Ending the Wars by Uniting all Ideologies Around the Issue that Matters Most (video) 16:04:35
"Camping" with Ron Paul 15:55:11
Student loan thing getting a lot of heat 15:53:14
Sigh. Did RP Really Have To Say That Thing About Student Loans? 15:14:16
Campaign Trail 15:13:27
What Is The One Thing That Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney ALL Have In Common? 15:09:46
Wanted: feedback for Facebook post 14:57:24
Libertarian 'Survivor' Television Star Rupert Boneham Announces Run for Indiana Governor WISH/CBS TV 14:52:44
No more money Bomb pledge counters 14:06:10
A way to change the GOP from bottom to top 13:56:43
And the UN Humanitarian Award 2012 goes to. 13:45:55
5th of November moneybomb again? 13:39:04
TSA Now Searching For Gold & Silver 13:31:22
Veteran Day 11/11/11 Moneybomb for Ron Paul is ON!! 13:25:01
Here Comes War with Syria - Just Like General Clark Said He Was Told 13:14:36
AP's Desperate Lie about RP: Help with comments! 13:08:56
How your community is implementing AGENDA 21 13:01:58
Matt Ferris's speech at the Ohio Straw Poll, who is he? 12:45:45
Great Article, Ron is really picking up steam! 12:01:11
VIdeo: Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles Protestors Sign Petition to Establish a Central Bank and Fiat Money 11:52:49
Saif al-Islam, is still in Libya and will continue the resistance 11:41:12
Meet the press. Ron Paul 'Taxation is theft' 11:14:55
Surgery?I Dont Want You Paying For It 11:01:51
Want to end water fluoridation? Why not run for your local city council? 10:35:43
Medical Marijuana Business/Lobby 10:16:21
If book sales were votes, Ron Paul would win the nomination. 10:05:12
Powerful earthquake strikes poor eastern Turkey Sun Oct 23rd 09:33:41
Occupy Wall Street Redistribution of Wealth - Hand this out to everyone!! 09:30:47
Ron just won 53% in Ohio's strawpoll, what is next?? 09:08:40
List of Possible High Profile Endorsements for Ron Paul 2012 08:59:16
Ron Paul Continues the Fight against the Fed 08:51:08
The top 12 oppressions of Libyans I expect to be ended 08:48:12
In a First, the Federal Reserve shuts down a Bank 08:39:12
Patrick Henry's Warning: The Tax-gatherers on the Rampage 08:18:13
Will the Supreme Court Finally End "Reverse Discrimination"? 07:56:05
Did you know feds will temporarily cut off all TV and radio broadcasts on Nov 9? 07:42:50
Cong. Moran (D-VA): Obama should unilaterally ‘Refinance Every Home Mortgage’ 07:40:22
Mike (Patriot Act) Pence has a Libertarian challenger for the governorship of Indiana 05:22:42
Growing up Jewish 04:34:31
Nevada caves to threatened caucus boycott 04:18:35
Long live Gadaffi! 04:08:09
To all of My Fellow DP'ers . 03:23:23
Ron Paul Speech At Iowa's Faith & Freedom Coalition Fall Banquet 02:57:39
Cain stumbling under glare of national spotlight 02:26:25
Our Strategy Must Change Now! 11:18:34
Time article 02:05:10
Blacking Out Ron Paul (The Right Scoop) 01:43:37
Ron Paul is Not "Isolationist" - America's Foreign Policy Is 01:28:28
Ron Paul R3VOLUTION CORVETTE is here! 00:09:20
Response to those who disagree on foreign policy 00:07:54