Posted on October 24, 2011

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New Cain Ad - creepy! 23:40:46
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch ~10/24/11 17:25:03
Ron Paul Interview on KTRH Houston - 10/24/11 14:15:49
Ron Paul on Hannity 10/24 23:59:31
Ron Paul 2012 Website Addresses the Student Loan Issue 12:47:54
What if the government controlled you? Judge Nap 11:06:09
Vatican Calls for 'Central World Bank' to Be Set Up 09:05:51
The Student Loan Racket: Ron Paul Right Again by Tom Woods 07:06:45
Palin endorses Ron Paul's position on international militarism 09:27:53
Video Update: Ron Paul on Meet The Press, NBC Sunday 10/23 15:04:49
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Testing Anthrax Vaccine on Children? 23:56:45
mexican I.D. now valid in Sonoma County, CA 23:53:41
Ron Paul to Appear on the Mike Church Show 10/25/11 at 8 am Eastern Sirius/XM 23:47:08
How the Fed Causes the Business Cycle. 23:38:13
Mark Levin left Ron off poll! 23:25:35
Obama, The UN & NATO Are Surrounding Israel With War - Islam Rising 22:56:56
Cain/ Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas debate Sat. Nov. 5th at 8pm live on C-SPAN 22:45:50
Ron Paul on Judge Napolitano 10/24 22:42:00
Local Fluoride-free Campaigns; New Free Printer-ready flyers 22:35:32
Guess Who's Authoring a Bill to Shut-Down "Rogue" Websites 22:28:18
A gesture of support 22:25:28
RP on Hannity 10/24 22:23:34
Can Ron Paul Win The Nomination? Sound Off! 22:16:21
New financial show on Russia Today is very libertarian friendly 22:09:56
ABC News: Cain Says the Flip-Flopping Proves He’s Presidential 22:09:30
Herman Cain: Those Paulites & Their Stupid Questions about the Federal Reserve! 22:09:13
blitzers blog: " Will Ron Paul run as 3rd party candidate?" 22:03:27
Getting to know my fellow Paul supporters- who are you? 21:40:00
CAIVN: Color Ron Paul A Blue Republican 21:33:23
Ron Paul to Speak at Straw Poll in Des Moines Iowa 10-29-11 21:11:50
Ron Paul at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Banquet 21:11:50
Dr. Mike Vasovski's Stump Speech for Ron Paul and the Winner of the Cherokee Co. SC Straw Poll! 20:57:21
Murder Inc. 20:38:50
Anyone know the girl Neal Boortz keeps retweeting? 20:33:50
Iowa Endorsement: Tony Kreesbach, co-chair of the Mitchell County GOP 19:56:34
Its Time To 'END THE TSA'!! 19:55:57
Write in Ron Paul on this joke of a Tea Party poll. 19:54:26
Cutting Student Loans 19:50:37
Golden State – ‘Bombs (End This War/The Ron Paul Song)’ 19:45:20
Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: Republicans Could Nominate Ron Paul And Win 19:44:33
Follow Columbo's lead when debating others about politics. 19:44:32
Need Help - New Ad Campaign targeting women 19:40:47
Ron Paul on Hannity Tonight @ 9PM Eastern! 19:31:39
Paulinate White House Money Bomb? 19:27:51
45 + 40 Still Equals 85, Right? 19:23:59
Video - Fat Libertarian's Thoughts 19:14:25
Wall St. Journal Poll : Can Ron Paul Win The GOP Presidential Primary? 19:11:38
Tell Me Why 18:54:58
RP Texas Campaign 18:51:48
Texas Rep. Ron Paul drops a bomb | Black this out article on CNN 18:45:24
Bachmann’s ex-staff in New Hampshire calls campaign ‘dishonest’ and ‘cruel’ 18:26:14
Oct 14th was NOT deadline to change party affiliation in NYS?! 18:17:33
This is what the 2012 debates will be.if we can convince the GOP base. 18:17:28
How Dr Paul could corner Hanity tonight 18:04:07
Ron Paul supporter Chris Savvinidis, OWS, Be ready to move and groove! 17:54:57
Ron Paul Right About Need For Transparency at Fed - Good Article 17:44:40
Ron Paul - President or Kingmaker? 17:38:28
The Problem to the Solution & Strategic Persuasion 17:36:50
We Own This Town 17:20:59
Oklahoma OU Daily hit piece on student loans 17:17:52
RP on Hannity's TV show tonight? 17:10:52
Did Rush Limbaugh talk about Ron Paul and student loans today? 17:08:32
Ron Paul is Not ‘Ending’ Student Loans 16:57:28
Ron Paul is Not ‘Ending’ Student Loans 16:57:19
Cain's 9 9 9? or Paul's End the Income Tax & Abolish the IRS? 16:51:28
Ron Paul's Path to nomination 16:51:27
White House Warns 'There will be Trolls among you’ as it Launches Tumblr site 16:41:16
Soros, Piven and SEIU Working to Destroy Americas Financial System to Create Revolution 16:36:53
25 votes per precinct would win Iowa caucuses 16:25:23
Former Mexican President, Mr. Fox, "END THE WAR ON DRUGS" 16:23:42
Skywriting/ Spraying of "Last Chance", "Help", and "Lost Our Lease" in the air over NYC paid for by taxpayers and. 16:07:54
Syria the next Petrodollar war 16:05:55
We need to closely analyze what name the next money bomb should have 16:02:45
Has The United States Gone Bankrupt? 16:02:33
Federal Judge Blocks Florida Law Requiring Welfare Applicants to Pass Drug Test 16:01:14
The Sons Of The Pioneers - Old Man Atom 15:58:53
Wall Street Journal- Can Ron Paul win the GOP Nomination? 15:57:50
realization about his forum 15:51:35
Ron Paul retakes lead in Google Trends 15:48:36
Ron Paul Speech At Campaign Youth Rally At The University Of Iowa pt 3 YouTube 15:39:14
Man. I think I'm dreaming. NEWSMAX is getting friendlier each day. 15:39:09
A Country That Doesn’t Understand its Own History is . 15:32:14
Iowa Caucus website for Ron Paul 15:30:13
Ron Paul says terror attacks have increased 15:28:02
Great Myths of the great DEPRESSION (photos & references) 15:22:36
Ron Paul's Path to the Nomination 15:18:59
Medical help for illegal immigrants could haunt Mitt Romney 15:08:14
Nevada & More "Call for Paul & Volunteer" Please Support 15:00:25
‘Honest politician’ is an oxymoron, but Ron Paul is rare exception 14:59:39
Presidential Straw Poll October 2011 14:25:25
Is This What Ron Paul Means by Property Rights 14:24:32
Where do Ron Paul's ideas come from? 14:10:22
Another one for the Banks 14:08:46
Ron Paul's Realism 14:01:42
Understanding, Credibility and Paranoia 14:00:16
Ghaddafi's Secret Crush: Republican Herman Cain 13:49:55
Lindsey Graham mourns the end of "Fighting Season" in Iraq 13:48:27
October 2011 Straw Poll - Help Dr. Paul WIN Again! (Vote before the end of the month) 13:47:45
<ANNOUNCEMENT> Bring the Troops Home Money Bomb is now Operational 13:44:47
Hot Air Neocon polls 13:41:30
Adjusted for inflation, 2010 US Defense spending 602%, 75% of peak WWI, WWII spending respectively 13:38:55
Ron Paul will be on Hannity TV Show tonight Monday 10/24/11 @ 9 PM Eastern 13:25:14
Steve Forbes formally endorses Rick Perry 13:14:51
Comcast Poll. Vote! 13:00:34
The Great Silver Debate - Manipulation: Fact or Fiction? Bill Murphy vs Jeffrey Christian 12:56:24
Great article 12:53:48
National Association for Gun rights 12:50:44
Say Hello to Food Inflation 12:48:14
Over 70% of Doctors Reject AMA and Obamacare 12:43:45
Gov't Could Hide Existence of Records under FOIA Rule Proposal 12:42:25
Vatican bank chief takes same position as Ron Paul on Keynesian Economics 12:35:43
Sunday I convinced a ninth grade honors student College is a scam 12:25:03
Cain doesn't understand how the constitution works 12:24:19
Occupy for libs coming? Believe it or not people do pay attention! 12:24:10
Ugly, but IMPORTANT Subject. Assassination 12:18:09
The State Is the 1 Percent 12:14:00
Nevada Online Poll. Vote "Other"! 12:01:31
Iowa: Ron Paul supporters energized, promise organization 11:46:29
Cracks showing in Libyan opposition 11:41:13
Best-All-Around - Ronnie Paul 11:30:55
Ron Paul supporters energized, promise organization 11:23:32
Radio Iowa: Ron Paul aims “to move toward victory” 11:12:13
Mitt Romney's Goal To Connect With One Voter By The Time This Is All Over 11:05:17
100 Reasons for Ron Paul: Reason #16: Make college affordable 11:01:04
Vatican Calls for Central World Bank and 10:53:52
Give the gift of freedom moneybomb 10:52:51
Obama announces New Program to Help ‘Underwater’ Homeowners 10:47:30
Thomas Jefferson Today: A Blueprint For Happiness 10:38:02
Youtube blacks Ron Paul out 10:11:46
"Why It’s Too Early to Call the GOP Race" - another poll 10:04:16
. 10:03:27
. 10:03:11
Interview about economy and Ron Paul 09:51:11
What if Ron Paul allowed bankruptcy on student loans? 09:49:50
This Must Be Heard: Hard Turth - Testimony of Lizzy Phelan On Events In Libya 09:44:06
BBC NEWS: Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal? 09:30:20
TEXAS Early Voting Guide 2011 09:20:40
Drudge - Ron Paul: We're Witnessing "The Failure Of A Keynesian Economic Model" 09:18:02
Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux Take On Wall Street! 09:05:32
Here We Go. Hit Pieces on Ron's Student Loan Program All Over the Place 08:59:08
Here are tales from the 1% - you are NOT one of them. 08:48:45
Do you know the ballot access requirements / laws in your state? 08:38:46
Herman Cain's Top 7 Flip-Flops 08:16:53
Herman Cain's Top 7 Flip-Flops 08:14:24
Col Muammar Gaddafi: What he did for Libya. 07:09:00
GOP Pres. Candidate Gary Johnson calls Pot Smokers an Important "Untapped Voting Bloc." 06:34:16
Obama's Promises To Aid Homeowners Fall Far Short 06:30:43
Elizabeth Warren’s Jobs Plan: War with Iran 06:19:38
Robert Reich on Ron Paul 03:51:18
Herman Cain Doubles Down On Electrifying Immigrants 02:10:32
War is a Racket 02:00:02
Occupy Wall Street Republican Debate - Idea 01:55:49
Tennessee Ron Paul Awareness - Please Join the Movement on Facebook 01:47:32
Taking Grassroots to a whole new level 01:25:58
who supported the bailouts 01:22:50
The Top 50 Companies That "Run The World" 01:06:20
2012's septuagenarian rock star 00:55:08
Monster Prediction From BofA: Another US Debt Downgrade Is Coming In Just A Few Weeks 00:46:48
US Treasury considers new debt security 00:41:39
Article Explaining Why Ron Paul is Wrong 00:11:27
Warren Buffet's secretary does NOT pay a lower tax rate than Warren Buffet says Peter Schiff 00:06:48
Parents of College Students Fight To Keep Them In Debt (Sarcastic, Friendly Article about student loan answer) 00:01:50