Posted on October 25, 2011

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Ron Paul on FOX - 'Special Report' w/Bret Baier 10/26: Paul in the Center Seat 16:57:41
Cavuto: Ron Paul Brings In Almost 3 Million Dollars In Money Bomb! 16:26:11
Congressman: Secret Report On TSA Will “Knock Your Socks Off” 13:06:42
Presidential Candidate Says Electoral Process Hijacked 10:32:12
Ron Paul Profile on NPR's Morning Edition: Before He Delivered For Voters, Paul Delivered Babies 10:28:36
OMG! WND Column of the DAY! "Lose the Empire to Save the Republic" 10:27:16
Is Bank of America preparing for a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? 07:40:59
Attention Illinois Ron Paul Supporters: Vote in the Illinois Straw Poll! 01:02:43
Two "Conservative" Blogs Endorse Ron Paul and Liberty 03:18:54
Ron Paul Says Real Unemployment Figure is 20% 06:41:38
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Ron Pauls DeLorean 23:55:18
Ron Paul - A Game of Inches 23:40:43
Obama to Ron Paul: I'm the anti-war President. 23:19:27
Vote in the UK yesterday? 23:06:29
Tomorrow, on Fox, Ron Paul should defend Birthers and Truthers 23:02:31
Bob Powell vs. Herman Cain - Round Two: The Smackdown 22:52:15
Start Educating, Stop Attacking 22:51:38
An idea to inject some accountability into the primaries 22:42:06
People inspired by Ron Paul, and not afraid of some conspiracy, please? 22:02:57
Ron Paul to speak at Chamber breakfast Friday 21:57:07
Ron Paul: Buchanan or Reagan? 21:52:25
Ron Paul's, 'Plan To Restore America,' Needs An Income Tax Terminator Boost 21:37:52
Two good articles on Blaze front page 21:33:51
No Stamps? 21:30:17
Attention SC & NC; GOP debate at Wofford in Spartanburg, SC 21:27:18
Letter: Ron Paul is right - Freedom brings us together - Share this story. 21:22:21
Ron Paul has 10.5% IA Perry only 7%! 21:21:22
Cain Vs. Obama - A GOP Nightmare 20:45:23
New Poll 10/25/11: Is Paul's campaign about the message or becoming president? 20:42:09
Does anyone else find the Herman Cain 9-11 video offensive? 20:42:00
10/25/2011 Jason Lewis Asks if we are dedicated to becoming delegates? Are We? 20:38:38
End the Fed - $5 @ Books-A-Million 20:33:38
Ron Paul: TSA Thugs On The Loose! – OpEd 20:28:36
Subject 20:25:37
A Ron Paul Tax Reform Plan 20:12:00
new CNN response to RP "black this out" moneybomb 20:02:04
Mark Levin Poll 20:02:04
Ben Bernanke: I Endorse Herman Cain For President 19:58:52
If every Iowa and New Hampshire supporter found 2 or 3 to join us our 15% becomes 30% Then we'll win Iowa and New Hampshire big 19:56:31
For One Day.We Shut The System Down! 19:35:30
Ron Paul and Hunter S. Thompson (an analogy) 19:32:22
Conspiracy theory of powerful bankers proven true. 19:31:52
Ron Paul & Hunter S. Thompson (an analogy) 19:29:51
Anti Semitism is unacceptable 19:23:33
Young Americans are Greater Together, Join Now at - 2012 Campaign 19:18:30
Ron Paul ignored: 2nd against Obama after Romney 19:17:32
What happens if the Fed is dissolved? 19:14:07
Please help! Attacked by Leftist, newbie who needs help forming response 19:13:32
Montana Supporters Please Read 19:06:23
Wealthy Corporations with a Trillion Dollars Stashed Offshore Lobby for a ‘Holiday’ from U.S. Taxes 19:04:15
Herman Cain's Forte Is Federal Reserve Double Talk/Speak 18:35:09
Neil Cavuto Interviews Ron Paul October 25th, 2011 18:30:35
EXCLUSIVE-Ron Paul on The Mike Church Show 10.25.11 18:30:10
We Pay Tax for the Privilege of currency 18:28:58
Ron Paul Passes Rick Perry in Latest CBS/NYT Poll 18:28:01
Liberty People wanting to compromise Dr. Paul 18:16:59
Amazing Grass Roots Song from 2008 Campaign. 18:15:25
New York cops defy order to arrest hundreds of ‘Occupy Albany’ protesters 18:14:52
Ron Paul is challenging the Conservative Establishment 18:04:40
Fight of the Century - Keynes vs Hayek 17:54:03
The (non) importance of polls : Flashback 1992 17:46:15
End The Fed - Executive Summary or "mini?" - Good for Occupies and in general 17:46:08
Sixteen Things Libya Will Never See Again… 17:39:07
How is Cain the Front Runner 17:37:30
What Would Obama Do Differently If He Planned To Destroy The World We Knew? 17:34:13
Feedback on new startup business 17:23:21
The plot behind the "Iran Plot" 17:07:27
Medved today 17:01:07
Hannity (radio show 10/25) whining about dismantling B-53 bomb 16:56:46
New Ron Paul Letter! 16:47:20
Ron Paul Criticism of the Conservative Movement 16:41:51
Straw Poll Results and the upcoming ones 16:19:42
Ron Paul on Cavuto 16:14:20
Collection of Herman Cain flip flops 16:12:59
Mark Levin has been on a RP attack all day! 16:06:46
Can Ron Paul change direction and start swimming with the GOP Tide and ride it to the nomination? 16:00:59
The Conservative Argument Against Herman Cain 15:58:46
Newly Released Poll Update 15:56:48
We're losing this poll on which candidate's budget plan is the best. 15:53:45
Need help here in Illinois 15:42:51
US War Crimes Exposed! 15:30:04
Ron Paul 2012 Tuesdays 15:26:12
Good article about the problem with student loans 15:17:00
Need ideas and input on a new site that monitors the media 15:13:19
New Ron Paul Ad: Plan 15:04:51
Making HEADLINES! 14:28:52
Rick Perry's Cut, Balance & Grow Plan 14:25:56
is this a tacky idea? 14:22:11
strictly for grins n giggles 14:20:46
Ron Paul is on the 13th Floor.Again. 14:18:14
Nascar Suit Politicians! Members of Army, Navy & Air Force for Ron Paul 14:13:57
The next debate and dead weight 14:13:03
NAU has arrived: First official Mexican shipping truck to cross US border 14:05:47
You must listen to this Song (at least once)- Stand Up by Stromkern 14:00:55
Ron Paul's Campaign of Ideas 13:59:06
Today’s “Occupy” incredibly funny quote 13:56:42
The Curious Case of Ron Paul vs Herman Cain 13:42:19
GAO Report: Federal Reserve Is Riddled With Corruption And Conflicts Of Interest 13:41:45
Judge Nap going on Daily Show Thursday at 11 ET! 13:29:09
Gardisol for boys to prevent giving and getting the HPV 13:17:35
NEW! Ron Paul 1oz Copper Coin 12:57:30
"Herman Cain's Smoking Gums, the Worst Ad in the History of Politics" 12:41:31
Ron Paul on Cavuto 10/25/2011 12:37:03
Federal Budget != US Economy 12:27:43
Will Rand Endorse Ron? 12:12:43
The Second American Revolution has Begun 11:55:32
♩ ♬ War! What is it good for? ♪ ♫ 11:53:25
Video: EU and ESM ! 11:51:26
Real Journalism Shows Billions Wasted In Iraq 11:51:00
Sean Hannity IS a statist. 11:50:35
Rick Perry's 'file your taxes on a postcard' scheme 11:43:41
Stupidity gets attention? Well . . . 11:28:39
I just read something funny 11:22:04
Ruinous Victories - Bruce Fein 11:10:50
Occupy Wall St. vs. Profit Motive 11:00:28
My Letter to the Editor published today. Starting a local RP LTE Campaign! 10:38:38
Can someone provide a recording or link to Ron Paul's apperance on Mike Church today? 10:26:29
Gadaffi's Gold? 10:26:04
NPR Dr. Paul Article 10:24:47
Update 12/3: Rock the Vote for Liberty - FREE Concert Festival - Buffalo - Dec. 3 10:05:59
Latest Poll has Ron in 4th 10:00:37
Radio Show Discussing RP's Plan 09:59:18
Politifact wrongly says Herman Cain did not call Fed critics "ignorant" 09:57:41
Response to "RP insults our military when he criticizes military spending." 09:52:19
Obama defies base, hires Wall Street Lobbyist for re-election campaign 09:48:45
Before He Delivered For Voters, Paul Delivered Babies - NPR 09:45:27
Bank of America Bosses Find Friend in The Fed 09:41:37
How Wall St/Federal Reserve Fleeces America 09:38:47
Response to "RP says America caused 9/11" 09:38:27
Time to Abolish Central Banks 09:34:22
How to NOT get new supporters 09:28:31
Ron Paul Trending at Number 6 on Yahoo 09:18:13
Muslim groups, Hispanic advocates, Gays aim to shut down Maryland Conservative Conference 09:14:23
Romney, Perry & Bachmann— A BadLipReading Soundbite (Very Funny Videos) 09:05:54
Teachers for Ron Paul? 09:02:03
A little DP Survey 08:47:32
Ron Paul is challenging the Conservative Establishment 08:41:40
Letter from the Tea Party 08:14:43
Why is the Gates Foundation investing in GMO? 08:01:05
Chairman of Progressive Insurance Peter Lewis 07:58:16
Don't shoot me but I think RP failed to properly explain the student loan issue 07:43:58
Obama says "We Can't Wait" on Congress to pass Jobs Bill; will Bypass Congress 07:30:39
This video needs to be shown to all chickenhawks! 07:27:29
What Exactly do Conservatives Want to Conserve? 07:22:54
Tap into my demographic! 07:21:39
Jack Hunter Reviews Pat Buchanan's Latest Book "Suicide of the Superpower" 07:16:06
Operation Paulinate Twitter 06:41:02
A Ron Paul / End The Fed mobile game 06:38:56
Electoral College Battle: shoveling the usurper back into office 06:17:32
Gold's True Value is Above $11,000 Per Ounce - GATA 04:18:43
Key Findings - Water Fluoridation & Tooth Decay 04:12:44
Unethical Human Experimentation in the United States - Wikipedia 04:08:40
Obama has an "army" of over 1 MILLION volunteers signed up.. 00:42:18
Your “Elian Moment” and the Next Phase 00:34:22
Ron Paul leads GOP candidates with actual budget plan 00:15:33
Something to make your laugh 00:04:57