Posted on October 26, 2011

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October 29th - Help Ron Paul Win the Iowa Straw Poll! 15:34:32
Site Revamped! Support Them Now Moneybomb, Veterans Day 11-11-11 14:25:21
another update! I finally persuaded my wife to take a serious look at Ron Paul - she's voting! 09:18:59
Ron Paul Interviewed by News 4 KRNV Reno 10/25/'11 04:21:57
Stephen Colbert Parodies Herman Cain’s Bizarre Campaign Ad 02:09:59
How Will Ron Paul Win? By YOU Maximizing Your Influence, Attending Local GOP Meetings 11:09:42
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Winner Take All 23:55:47
For God's Sake-stop romney! 23:44:19
A conversation about Ron Paul 23:28:01
Chicago Tribune article - mostly good! 23:25:23
" Ron Paul's new tax plan! " 23:21:14
Ron Paul's into message in the next debate! 23:19:31
2 things I can't stand about RP 23:17:35
$1,000,000 per week 23:15:30
Did we forget Herman Cain said Alan Greenspan was a "great" Fed chairman? 23:12:27
Dr. Ron Paul, Center Seat, Special Report w/ Bret Baier - Fox News (all 3 videos) 23:04:10
greatest thing about this movement 22:50:22
The Strengths of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. 22:33:05
Prezi for Dr. Paul 22:31:58
new CNN/Time polls of first 4 states show Paul in 3rd in 3 out of 4 22:28:22
Think Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa It's all about winning Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa 22:24:56
MTV VJ and Radio Host Kennedy on Marijuana, The Politics of Alt Rock, and Becoming Libertarian 22:05:49
Herman Cain is Plastic 21:52:20
you're not gonna like this 21:43:51
Front page Daily Caller - Ron Paul names his pick for fed chairman 21:39:42
Ron Paul to Explain to Neoconservatives The Physics of Fences 21:39:26
Online Poll. Please Vote. Who is your favorite Republican presidential candidate? 21:35:54
Banks control the world 21:24:58
Kent Hovind Endorses Ron Paul 21:23:51
Iraq War Could End Up Costing More Than WWII - DoD Buzz 21:17:01
Judge Napolitano & Ron Paul Back-to-Back on the Trey Ware Morning Show in San Antonio 21:09:12
Herman Cain's new creeper ad 21:07:43
Literature Bomb 21:06:36
Occupy Wall Street: The Most Interesting Occupier 21:05:44
S.978 "Will Make it a Felony to Use Any Copyrighted Materials in a Video Online" - Philip Defranco 20:35:01
Vote in this US News GOP online poll 20:32:08
Did President Obama Want to Keep Troops in Iraq? 20:29:38
Why on earth doesn't Paul answer FOX news? (BlackOut) 20:17:49
FOX NEWS 10-26-11 interview 19:57:17
Scott Walker's "union busting" also ends fraud. 19:44:17
Video Round-Up: Full-Blown Riots Erupt Occupy Oakland 19:41:07
Dr. Paul's Appearance on Special Report (10/26/11) Frustrating, Yet Fruitful 19:40:08
Credit Default Swaps Explained: What They Are and Exactly How They Work 19:35:04
Obama Taps Taxpayers For Student Stimulus 19:12:44
POLL: 67% vote None of the Above—Ron Paul left out— 19:03:17
How I get the word out about Ron Paul 18:56:23
RP interview on Mike Church Show 18:51:07
Herman Cain's NEWEST ad. What th. 18:40:28
Nevadans & Northern Californians, Ron Paul Needs YOU, This Saturday!!! 18:31:45
Looking Back and to Tomorrow 18:29:51
It's not just about the constitution, economy & war: It's about WINNING Iowa, New Hampshire & Nevada and the explosion afterward 18:27:54
Liberty is a radical idea! 18:23:10
Ron Paul a Tumblr? 18:15:31
Judicial Watch: Salaries and Bonuses for Government Finance Staff Members 17:49:57
write in? 17:42:55
Ten Years of the PATRIOT Act 17:35:56
Gathering the [NW] South Carolina Grassroots (Oct. 30) 17:31:02
MSM Fails on Obama Iraq Troop Withdrawal 17:25:36
Tom Woods on Brian Wilson and the Afternoon Drive 10/26/11 17:16:36
Ron Paul's Student Loan Position Discussed on Fox News' the Five 17:15:32
Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011 17:10:15
This article would be helpful to some. 17:08:41
New CNN/ORC Poll 10/26/2011 17:02:08
Article Bomb for the Revolution 16:52:26
Send this video to every Independent and Democrat you know 16:43:33
This is one of the worst hit pieces on Ron - EVER! 16:36:35
The next voice you hear will be the mainstream media calling for. 16:34:42
Looking for Marines and Navy Corpsman to join us! 16:30:36
Occupation 16:29:24
An Official Conversion 16:05:16
General Election Billion Dollar Bomb 15:58:16
Warren buffets plan to fix the country! somebody forward this to ron! 15:57:19
Ron Paul's budget plan is the only serious plan 15:36:56
Ron Paul says Obama's new loan rules potentially illegal 15:22:04
RNC Chairman: Fla., NH, SC, MI. and Ariz. will lose HALF their delegates 15:01:27
UPDATE: Nation's Largest Election Sign to be unveiled 14:35:29
THUMBS UP Ron Paul Must Win Iowa 14:31:32
Is it possible to get people to see the big picture? 14:28:26
Poll: After the Vegas Debate, who do you think will drop out first? 14:27:04
Warren Buffet proposes amendment to the Constitution 14:24:32
Ron Paul #1 per Google Trends Search (30 days) 14:19:28
Campaigning for Ron Paul at Berea College 14:15:49
November 12 Foreign Policy Debate in Spartanburg, SC 14:01:33
Ron Paul Trending Number 1 On Yahoo Right Now? Top Two Stories that Show up Aren't Good. (Now they took him off completely!) 13:58:57
Video: Obama's Socialist end game revealed 13:46:58
New Twitter Blitz idea 13:46:52
Ron Paul - The Trillion Dollar Man (Good Article) 13:43:36
Robert Reich argues that Obama Should Reinstate Glass-Steagall & Break up the Big Banks 13:41:16
Peter Schiff On Occupy Wall Street: "They Aren't Protesting Capitalism, They Are Protesting A LACK Of Capitalism" 13:37:24
I Seriously Spend As Much Time on DP As I Played World of Warcraft A Few Years Ago 13:35:55
Idaho GOP changing rules to block Ron Paul momentum 13:34:42
Mark Bernanke? 13:33:23
Great Mike Church interview of RP (10/26-I think) 13:29:29
Ten years of the Patriot Act 13:24:46
Four Things Occupy Wall Street Should Know About the Fed 13:22:03
Ron Paul’s message, successes buried by bias through media 13:20:47
Julius Clinton 13:19:00
The $1 Trillion Student Loan Rip-Off 13:16:22
Romney and gun control, if they only knew. 13:05:56
Bank of America CEO "incensed" people don't realize "how much Good" his bank does 12:42:47
Corporations ARE PEOPLE Too! Here's the Proof! 12:23:15
An Idea whose time has come. And. A country whose time is up. 12:10:32
Polls: not for us but for PR strategists 12:02:20
"we support the troops" 12:01:53
Resist the Police State- Judge Nap on Lew Rockwell Show 11:54:38
video my new song Freedom Town for Ron 11:50:51
Just Signed Up to VOTE 11:43:23
Big Brother Tightens The Net 11:27:40
Creative Solution to the Student Loan Crisis 11:24:06
NH State Sen. Sanborn Endorses Ron Paul 11:05:02
If Ron Paul Doesn't Get Asked Questions In Debates, Why Not Just Put Out YouTube Videos With What He Would've Answered? 10:50:06
Happy Birthday "Patriot Act" (sarcasm) 10:36:26
Important supreme court ruling:Your local sheriff is above the the state and federal law enforcement. Make it viral 10:31:33
Herman Cain's 'Yellow Flowers' Ad Is a Dadaist Meta-Western 10:30:30
Ed Shultz Attacks Ron Paul on MSNBC [old] 10:23:59
New Street Lights To Have “Homeland Security” Applications 10:23:08
Ron Spent $1 Millon on Charter Flights 10:19:26
Money Bombs! 10:11:16
Veteran shot in the face by rubber bullet at Occupy Oakland protests 10:07:17
Resist the Police State 09:58:36
Surprise! Power Outsiders Don't Like Ron Paul. -HuffPo 09:57:14
Rick Perry says it was a ‘mistake’ for him to go to debates 09:50:00
Herman Cain addresses his Web Ad, immigration, RP's Econ Plan, the FED and more 09:36:21
Vote No on Romney at this poll on FOX! 09:35:27
Afghan president said he'd side with Pakistan against U.S. in war. So let's pull out of Afghanistan (Morning Joe) 09:35:23
I hope Rick Perry Wins 09:28:45
It's Beginning: Oakland Tense After Police, Protesters Clash 09:22:17
Exclusive -Pat Buchanan-You Can Never Go Home (Mike Church Show) 09:01:29
Greenspan: European Union Doomed to Fail 08:57:53
I am NOT a Ron Paul Supporter! 08:56:36
Awlaki's 16-year old son also died in drone strike 08:55:15
Attacked by a Leftist, need help with Economics 08:48:49
" We Want You To Vote For Ron Paul" 08:48:44
gingrich and Cain debate lincoln douglass style 08:46:10
"John" Jack Hunter's Stealth Call to Rush 10-25-11 08:25:58
It's Not Left vs Right, it's the People vs Fraudulent Bankers - Dylan Ratigan 08:25:15
Billions Lost in Secret Federal Reserve Funding of Iraq War 08:22:19
Journalism, and bypassing the MSM with local and student journalists. 08:00:43
OWS's Beef: Wall Street Isn't Winning – It's Cheating by Matt Taibbi 07:41:50
Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Bought by Financial Sector - TYT @ Occupy Wall Street 07:33:28
Obama winning this poll 07:32:00
Good Morning People: Video - Meet Chairman Bernanke's Replacement 07:03:23
Ron Paul's Campaign of Ideas 06:49:21
Bernie Sanders Enlists Prominent Economists For Federal Reserve Reform Bill 06:44:47
Iowa State Daily: Ron Paul on the economy, military spending and gay rights 06:31:56
Obama's New Student Loan relief Program Ignores the Real Problem – College Costs 06:31:05
Wall Street Protesters Must Occupy Congress, State Attorneys General Offices 06:22:23
Rasmussen Poll: 55% want U.S. troops home from western Europe! 06:10:31
The Judge is so Bold! 05:45:51
DHS Thought Police Coming to an Airport Near You 05:09:18
Jefferson's Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank : 1791 04:25:55
Let them know we don't want romney 03:43:48
Devil's Advocate Thread: Why Ending The Fed Is Suicidal 03:06:13
Books A Million: End The Fed (Hardcover) $8.95 Shipped 02:45:03
Herman Cain's New Ad, "Calling into question whether he's a legitimate candidate." WABC, NY 02:34:12
5 Dollar Fridays For Ron Paul 2012! Spread it! 02:31:45
Candidate Ron Paul and His Message are Being Systematically Ignored by the Media, Right and Left 00:56:39
To: Daily Paul readers, This is What Your Welfare check will be redeemable in. 00:30:26
Possibly Martin Armstrongs best written essay ever. must read 00:30:23