Posted on October 27, 2011

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Ron Paul interviewed by News 4 KRNV Reno (part 3) 10/27/'11 23:18:32
The Atlantic: What Does Ron Paul Have Against Baseball? 22:51:37
I'm So Glad Ron Paul Lost The Ames Iowa Straw Poll To Bachmann 20:27:26
Ron Paul Supports Medical Marijuana (video) 16:16:14
Personal Statement from Zak Carter, former organizer of the Rock The r3volution Tour. 18:33:45
Ron Paul on Don & Roma - WLS 890 AM Chicago 10/27/11 12:38:05
Rick Perry plans to skip some upcoming debates 12:40:19
Drudge: Peter Schiff takes on OWS protesters 10:27:20
update: Get free Tickets to the Republican Presidential Debate at Wofford College, SC 10:04:04
Ron Paul names his pick for Federal Reserve chairman 08:29:20
Ron Paul interviewed by News 4 KRNV Reno (part 2) 10/26/'11 00:32:33
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Ron Paul Gets "A's" From This Christian Ministry 23:52:49
Peter Schiff on CNN tonight 22:43:37
Drinking With Bob Likes Ron Paul 22:32:26
Potentially Untapped Voters 22:03:14
Help Us Obi-Ron Kenobi 21:56:19
It's Time To Confront Romney Head On - A Strategy To Win Iowa 21:48:33
Michael Scheuer and Scott Horton on our local Talk Show Today 21:38:11
Obama & Holder Suing Arizona over Their Illegal 21:33:46
Gingrich-Cain debate 21:33:42
Ron Paul Challenges Herman Cain for 2nd in CNN/Time Poll of NH Republicans 21:25:52
Chairman's Conspiracy Against a Ron Paul Supporter? 21:22:09
Some humor for our lives 21:19:18
FOX "news" poll here 21:12:24
Q&A w/ Tom Woods starts in minutes - 20:54:17
For someone to say, I like Ron Paul 20:46:55
The Paul campaign needs to think of some really convincing talking points for the foreign policy debate 20:45:52
Here is an example of how the Free Market works better than the FDA; Dept. of Agriculture 20:40:14
Copyright Trolls - Righthaven ordered to pay 20:39:57
This post is dedicated to helping Ron Paul deliver his message 20:23:38
Peter Schiff Speaks for 1 Percent at Occupy Wall Street 20:00:03
FreedomWorks: Rate The Candidates Ron Paul 19:59:41
Ron Paul vs. foreign policy partisanship‎ - Very well stated 19:36:48
Loaded Guns On Planes “Not A TSA Issue” 19:21:25
Ron Paul Poll- - your vote needed (once only please) 19:17:14
Book Recommendations for the DP Community + Reviews 19:07:21
Ron Paul does not want to cut defense. Ron Paul wants to cut offense. 19:05:11
Cato\Washington Post article: "Abolish Central Banks" 19:01:49
CNN Jack Cafferty quotes. Ron Paul. "Assassination of al-Awlaki Might Be an Impeachable Offense" 18:40:39
IT'S SIMPLE: Ron Paul must WIN Iowa for the Revolution's Strategy to be the Most Effective: Iowa is in 2 months! How do we win? 18:38:38
True Polling Numbers 18:32:23
Ron Paul is an anti-Semite? 18:22:37
Ron Paul vs. foreign policy partisanship - More Sanity from Jack Hunter 18:19:01
A video that finishes Gingrich 100% 18:13:15
US setting the stage for internet control and kill switch 17:41:01
Find It Hard to Defend Free-Market Medicine? by Tom Woods EXCELLENT! 17:26:31
What if. We had a national sales tax? 17:11:01
Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey 17:06:55
Preparedness Fair Oct 29th - Phoenix/Chandler/Tempe area 16:51:45
Is the Republican Party fixing votes? 16:38:45
For Crying Out Lord! Literally! 16:28:58
Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator: Attn Ron Paul 16:19:33
Fora TV - Whack-a-Dollar: The Global Currency Game 16:16:04
Should We Create Our Own Legitimate Poll? 16:10:43
Dr. Ron Paul Delivers as President Artwork 16:10:15
Video of Iraq Vet Hit in Oakland Police Attack , Military Start OWS Support 15:57:03
why is Ron Paul not represented here on several subjects? 15:47:15
Oakland Police Critically Injure Iraq War Vet During Occupy March 15:46:20
The POLLs and Ron Paul? 15:32:21
Catholic cardinals and Bishops revolt against Benedict XVI 14:59:58
Top Romney Adviser Tied to Militia That Massacred Muslims 14:58:22
Check to see who donated to Ron Paul from your Home Town 14:56:26
Ron Paul Anthem 14:50:22
Unconstitutional 'Super Committee' Proposes 1.3 Trillion in New Taxes 14:29:20
Ron Paul Will Win Iowa 14:27:15
Patriot? Post Candidate Rating 14:25:46
The Tea Party Nation's Sellout 14:25:13
Ron Paul's unusual campaign 14:18:15
I'm making it clear to the GOP/RNC 14:15:04
Rep. Connie Mack endorses Romney on Freedom Watch 14:11:41
Wow.this is some good stuff right here! Superior Courts of Los Angeles Served! 14:10:28
Overheard on Perry is 'so yesterday' 14:00:00
The Fed Won't Share Internal View Underlying Risks 13:58:32
newsmax poll release 13:53:00
America's Singing Revolution 13:51:34
This video shows the hypocrisy within the OWS movement. 13:47:07
Quran-burning Pastor Jones ready to set 2012 Presidential field ablaze 13:37:05
Libya to try Kadhafi killers as UN ends mandate 13:28:45
How does he do it? Is Ron Paul super human? 13:26:59
Warren Buffett, "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," 13:25:01
Dr. Paul never did abortions or accepted a penny of federal money! 13:21:31
Less facts more explanation 12:56:17
"Big SIS" Napolitano Knew About fast & Furious in 2009 12:27:49
A thank you card and one cent donation to the Republican National Committee 12:25:14
No One But Paul 12:22:30
EU Summit 12:10:52
Ron Paul moving into 2nd? 12:04:30
Blue Bloods : Prince Charles Campaigns to save Transylvania's Forests because of Family Connections to Count Dracula 12:03:14
Marine Veteran Scott Olsen could be the first person to die at an OWS protest. 12:01:57
FTC: Debt Collectors Used Lies, Threats And Insults To Get People To Pay Up 11:58:22
Cafferty: Support For Gun Control At Record Lows 11:53:13
Fake Facebook page leads to ID Identity Theft charge 11:35:08
Was just on NPR's On Point talking about free markets. 11:25:46
Tom Woods, Rj Harris, & Adam Kokesh taking your questions LIVE tonight 9:pm 11:11:59
Newt takes over Ron Paul's third place in some of the polls. It's time to review "The Real Newt Gingrich". 11:05:29
Paul challenging Cain for 2nd place in new NH poll 10:51:49
At Issue: Has Voting Machine Integrity Improved? 10:49:46
Liberty doesn't begin and end with Paul. 10:36:17
Critic: Free Markets Mean Pollution and Layoffs- Tom Woods replies 10:20:01
Iowa power rankings. DR paul ON TOP! 10:13:01
print Constitution booklets for Paul's campaign and distribute 09:56:42
Controlled Opposition 09:56:20
"Ron Paul Surging" Internet Blitz (INTRADE?) 09:54:57
‘Rogue Websites’ Bill Creates Chinese-Style Ban List 09:40:27
chicago 890 AM RP live wls radio 09:38:52
We must influence the conversation, and issues at 09:38:34
Young Turks Call Ron Paul A Boldface Liar 09:24:50
Idaho changes delegate selection process. $30 to get in straw poll. 09:02:57
Steve Forbes: Occupy Wall Street should Target The Fed, not Wall Street 08:43:42
Occupy the Hood Aims to Bring More Minorities Into the Occupy Wall Street Fold 08:12:43
Peter Schiff predicted something like this would happen for students- stimulus/bailout 07:42:24
My short, sweet war motto 07:31:45
Will It Be Dangerous To Be Right If Ron Paul Is Wrong? Comments on Anderson Cooper 06:45:06
"New Polls Show." 06:26:49
The Purpose of America is Freedom 05:50:44
Daily Paulers on the scene taking care of business 05:36:46
Incredible Speech By Wall Street Protester "End The Fed" 2011 04:45:47
Ron Paul Supporters having an effect at Occupy Wall Street: Est. Socialist front group says Ron Paul Supporters not welcome 04:15:07
Hey guys, I need help with (insert topic here) 03:09:06
CAN WE make IT possible ? 03:00:58
A small network of Companies Runs the World Economy 02:50:14
Eco Fascist Printing Paper 02:21:30
Ron Paul on Fox News Center Seat Special Report Online 10/26/2011 02:13:05
Ron Paul pro-life legislation (help please!) 01:16:15
Ohio GOP poll Quinnipiac University Poll Oct 26th 01:12:27
Remember this? 01:09:49
ThyBlackMan - Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama 00:59:20
Forbes: Occupy Wall Street should target the Fed 00:53:48
We should bombard talk radio. Like this. 00:10:06