Posted on October 28, 2011

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Ron Paul interviewed by News 4 KRNV Reno (part 4) 10/28/'11 AND "part 0" 10/24/'11 23:52:16
Rick Perry: The Best Little Whore in Texas (Rolling Stone) 20:28:30
Tom Woods, Peter Schiff and Adam Kokesh Endorse Karen Kwiatkowski. Support her Lady Liberty Money Bomb, This Weekend! 18:57:00
Ron Paul Interview with Lou Dobbs Radio 13:01:33
Weekend Watching: SPOiLER - How a Third Political Party Could Win 11:55:45
This is the biggest concern facing the Meetup groups! 11:54:31
South Carolina Supporter, Great Interview, Calls for Jim DeMint's Endorsement 11:32:53
Ron Paul in USA Today: The truth about my student loan plan - by the man himself! 11:45:36
Jesse Jackson says Big Banks Screw Students as The Fed Helps the Banks 07:09:06
Ron Paul Does Not Rule Out A Third-Party Run 10:45:23
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Ron Paul for the Long Haul 23:41:35
Attention GOP: Mitt Romney and Herman Cain Would Get Smoked By Obama 20:31:58
Its "Dr. Ron Paul" to you. 20:05:34
Accept other people's opinion when they say they support another candidate 19:50:02
Centrism IS What Created Leviathan & Feeds It 19:33:26
Tea party group to Bachmann: Quit the presidential race 19:04:12
Huffington Post: Tea Party, OWS & Blue Republicans: Is This Phase Change? 19:03:12
Hilarious Penn Teller Video with Ron Paul 18:52:14
Tea Party, OWS & Blue Republicans: Is This Phase Change? 18:34:34
"Ron Paul has the biggest, boldest ideas" ~10/28/11 18:30:27
EMail to Cain staffers: "Do not speak to him unless you are spoken to." 18:15:21
Talking Up a Third-Party Run for Ron Paul So Soon Is Deceptive and Dangerous 18:11:19
Accepting artificial choices, because of bad situations. 17:57:35
I'm surprised I didn't see this Righthaven news on the forum 17:46:59
Ron Paul Gains Despite Media Blackout 17:09:12
Get involved with the literature bomb 16:16:32
Literature Bomb 16:13:13
My Ron Paul Site. 16:03:12
Lou Dobbs: I think the more people listen to Ron Paul the higher he's gonna go! 15:52:05
Third Party Run? Forget it. 15:39:15
Support Karen Kwiatkowski for Congress 15:28:03
Stop talking about Ron Paul running as a third party candidate! 14:46:29
Does anyone Else Despise Sports (Obsession)? 14:41:06
A quick and effective way to spread the message of Ron Paul to skeptics 14:26:48
Occupy Wall Street vs. The Tea Party 14:04:46
NY Times - Obama breaks another pledge, accepts money from lobbyists 14:02:52
“If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” 14:02:13
Top Tier: Ron Paul Polls Third In Three Early Voting States 14:00:46
MSM calls for global one-child policy 13:59:36
Why don't they ask the other candidates if they will run 3rd party. 13:43:51
Paul and Cain tie for second in NH 13:29:55
Why running as independant will win him the election if he doesnt get the rep nom 13:28:29
Oration from House of Commons on EU vote 13:28:03
Police State Fascism Is Now Rampant: Martial Law Is Next! (Mentions Ron Paul) 13:03:39
The Hill: Ron Paul Should run as a Third Party candidate 13:01:07
Ron Paul Leads the Pack in TV Spending in Des Moines 12:27:56
ELECTION 2012 Battle of the Baggers Tea vs Flea 12:26:15
Ron Paul to Appear on CNN's "State of the Union" 12:12:27
Vince Vaughn Supports Ron Paul 12:11:54
OWS: They Hate Us For Our Freedom & Prosperity" 12:08:21
We are winning 11:55:27
End the DOE- No mention of Ron Paul 11:44:57
What Is Seen and What Is Unseen: Government “Job Creation” 11:33:48
1% Wall St Sales Tax and the American Awakening by Webster G. Tarpley 11:27:42
Remember the Tea Party 07 moneybomb. News from the morning after. 11:25:32
Why does OWS celebrate Guy Fawkes, and those stupid masks? 11:04:59
Peter Schiff vs. Cornel West on Anderson Cooper 10:56:25
It's Time for Banks to Get Out of the Governing Business 10:43:47
The Media is LYING to you about #ows Sean Hannity is worst offender 10:38:04
Ron Paul: last of the forefathers 10:27:01
2012 Popular Vote Projection w/ Ron Paul as 3rd Party. 10:25:21
Harry Reid's Magical Glasses Youtube Funny 10:23:15
CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality 10:23:00
How Many Freedoms? 10:16:41
Big Banks Blink on New Debit Card Fees 10:03:45
Ron Paul: The truth about my student loan plan 09:41:36
A Special "Thank YOU" To The Folks at 09:25:51
Another Weird Herman Cain Ad 'He Carried Yellow Flowers' Cockadoodledoo 09:16:46
Marine Scott Olsen Will Undergo Brain Surgery, And OccupyMARINES Are Making Demands 09:01:27
Judge Napolitano - 16th Amendment is the Great Fraud in US History 08:40:14
nypd will sue Occupiers due to violence in Oakland (police nearly killed a Marine Vet there!) 08:29:05
Politico: Ron Paul Defends Student Loan Plan 08:07:15
Retired Military Officers Oppose Obama's Police-State Measures 07:56:59
Animation Explains The American Dream and The Federal Reserve - Over 990,000 Views 07:19:22
Ron Paul announces South Carolina Campaign Chairman 07:07:31
Is This the 'Age of Ron Paul'? 06:54:17
Peter Schiff: Obama Creates College Bailout 06:20:27
Idea to help the protesters, and bring more left-leaners our way 04:28:06
Top Cain aide has checkered past 04:28:00
God's Prescription 04:09:48
Rick Taylor: Ron Paul is the right choice for what ails this country 04:05:47
LasVegasSun: Righthaven to pay $120k (dailypaul WINS!) 03:47:00
Don't forget about this liberty candidate for congress in NC! 03:41:04
Next Moneybomb For Ron Paul on Vet day 11.11!SPREAD THE WORD! 03:27:58
remember! NOV 5TH THE next sign bomb! becoming huge! 03:25:25
Thomas Jefferson 's infamous central bank quote 03:13:47
Invite Ron Paul to your Thanksgiving dinner 02:28:04
Anyone else pissed off? 09:45:29
Ron Paul Pumpkin! 01:45:37
Ron Paul 2012 - For Freedom Video 00:19:09
It's Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong *book bomb NOV 5!* 00:16:55
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New Oil Painting of Dr. Paul . Portrait money bomb? 00:11:08
Occupy Facebook 00:09:56
A hundred dollar bill is worth less than $4 today! 00:05:25
Copyright Troll Hit With $120,000 Fine 00:00:20
Ron Paul on The Mike Church Show 10/25/11 08:36:35