Posted on October 29, 2011

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Ron Paul at Hampstead NH Town Hall Forum 10/29/11 (Video) 20:43:39
Ron Paul Speech at NFRA Iowa straw poll - 10/29/11 20:32:57
Update: Ron Paul Dominates NFRA Iowa Straw Poll - 10/29 18:00:33
Keep talking about Ron Paul running as a third party candidate! 16:54:06
Hey, Look at NYC Phone Banking 17:55:14
SA@TheDC - "I Like Ron Paul Except on Foreign Policy" 09:41:45
LA Times - Herman Cain losing some steam 07:44:18
(STUDY) What is the personality of a Ron Paul Supporter? 00:58:17
Paulinate Twitter Day October 29 √ 17:37:56
Video Update: The Judge on The Daily Show 10/27 08:23:23
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British Contributions to Afghanistan Interactive 23:57:29
The Sad Truth on Our Democarcy 22:55:54
Houston Chronicle: UTSA Professor May Run In Libyan Elections 22:41:19
Perry to attend at least 5 more debates 22:41:11
Herman Cain is an ultimate insider because he's former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Kansas City: how long was he on the FED? 22:34:37
The Frontrunners in Their Own Words (Humor) 22:32:45
Ron Paul Wins Des Moines Straw Poll Today, But the Organizers Vote to Endorse Santorum 22:04:28
Record Number of GOP Candidates on NH Ballot 21:44:22
My Ron Paul R3volution Pumpkin! 21:24:41
Federal Real ID Act = Driver's License 21:19:26
It's selfish of liberals not to support Ron Paul 21:14:03
Ideas to generate interest in Ron Paul 21:02:12
Ron Paul wins 82 percent in Iowa straw poll, Neocons pick Sanatarium 20:57:28
How many straw polls has Paul won in 2011? 20:56:21
RP on CNN Tomorrow 20:37:48
Pernicious Attempt To Brand Protest as Anti-Semitic GOP Tries To Raise Campaign Bucks by Tarring Occupy Wall Street 20:33:27
ISRAELI trained Police Shot US Marine Scott Olsen + Hells Angels join OWS 20:31:09
The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order 20:29:44
Ron Paul targets terrorists . inside U.S. government 'I fear erosion of our liberties, economy more than any foreign adversary 20:21:52
Ron Paul up 5 points in latest Des Moines Register Poll 20:13:03
Action Alerts 20:10:33
VIDEO - Ron Paul wins Des Moines, Iowa Straw Poll 19:53:22
herman cain? 19:51:13
I say RON PAUL! you say USA! (chant) 19:50:21
I have had my TV on Fox News in the background 19:50:11
non-Collective message to the Ron Paul campaign from the community. 19:30:47
Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs 19:21:47
Ron Paul: DO YOU want TO BE OUR president? 19:18:45
USA Today - Cain plans to cut back campaign events 18:48:05
A Dangerous State of Mind 18:46:38
Herman Cain gets flustered. 18:25:32
A Ron Paul Third Party Run Has The Other Candidates “Shaking In Their Shoes" 18:16:10
Landline Polling Data Vs. Online Polling Data - Has Your Cell Phone Rang Yet? 17:50:09
ALEC. amer legislative exchange council 17:48:11
Media Bias - If I had a gold coin for every time CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul about 3rd party. 17:34:47
Alabama straw poll Ron Paul 45% Cain 50.7%. So close 17:14:52
Ron Paul Wins again! 16:52:27
Is Ron Paul right about us? Have we dropped the ball! 16:28:49
Real Journalism & its about Ron Paul 16:26:40
50 year old cartoon tried to warn us 16:23:18
Our mob mentality is actually converting people to the dr 16:14:45
Gerald Celente at Occupy in Liberty Plaza 15:48:13
Illinois Straw Poll Voting . NOW 15:19:29
Living in a Delusional World by Paul Craig Roberts 14:36:00
Steven Greenhut: Rural rebellion brewing 14:22:12
I am asking every Ron Paul supporter to become an activist 14:21:51
Paul would cut federal departments, forgive debt ( "Just the facts, Ma'am" reporting. ) 14:10:04
All of a sudden, it sucks to be Law Enforcement. This is a game changer! 14:08:57
What the hell is this? 13:56:01
Join the Live Free or Die New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada Phone Banking Bomb 12:42:57
Liberty Bumper Stickers 12:31:46
Bill Maher and Dr. Cornell West talk About Ron Paul 12:31:23
Ron Paul Offers Relief for Small Business 12:27:37
A Constitutional Free-Market 12:22:49
Happy Halloween 12:18:15
Great article about Ron's Nashua Telegraph interview! 12:11:30
IL State Troopers act like Uniformed thugs during Iraq Vet vigil. Disgusting. 12:08:43
I am ready to smash my laptop. 12:02:25
Ask your congressman to endorse Ron Paul 11:40:38
The lost bases of the US empire 11:22:07
Progressive Response to Ron Paul's budget 11:16:54
Ayn Rand: Literature For the Thinking Sociopath 10:32:43
Herman Cain Camp Explains 'Smoking' Ending In New Ad 10:27:34
West Sees Opportunity in Postwar Libya for Businesses 10:25:00
The Conquest of the West by Pat Buchanan 09:12:12
More Quantitative Easing by The Fed will Lift Stocks but Also Boost Inflation 09:00:50
New poll that needs your vote 08:43:56
Uncle Sam Occupies Wall St 06:51:09
Adam Kokesh Interviews Col. Karen Kwiatkowski 06:28:22
A Call out to All U.S. Military Veterans around the Country - Adam Kokesh 06:08:49
Santorums God complex 06:04:43
Cain still getting pushed in media 05:52:51
Headlines Freedom Watch: Nigel Farage Tells it Like it is About the Greek Bailouts? 05:50:04
Dept. of Education at work, in 2009 the for-profit University of Phoenix earned nearly $3.8 billion in revenue 86% from DOE 05:33:40
Contest Idea: How Would you Celebrate a Win in Iowa? (Prize Offered!) 05:24:19
Letter: Ron Paul’s simple solution 03:35:32
"Ron Paul Spokesman Says Influential Republicans Fear Change" 02:11:19
Judge has a British guest on Freedom Watch 02:04:36
"Ron Paul: Crazy Uncle or Focused Genius, He's Not Getting Elected, Say Power Outsiders" 02:00:29
MOVIE: Why We Fight. 01:46:33
Retro Ron Paul 2012 Bumper Sticker Template 01:43:18
Little help here? Solar money bomb 01:04:50
Get carving this weekend folks - make it a Paul'oween 00:43:29
Dairy Farmer Michael Schmidt on Day 30 of Hunger Strike 00:32:27
Tenacious D - The Government Totally Sucks 00:04:03
GOP Insiders Near-Unanimous in Predicting Romney Nomination 17:58:19