Posted on October 3, 2011

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CNN Continues To Try to Paint Occupy Wall Street Protest As A Big Joke! Seriously CNN? 23:16:42
Occupy the Federal Reserve Movement Launched 21:32:00
The Greatest Opportunity We May Have To Bring People to Ron Paul 19:41:48
Obama Impeachment a Possibility, says Ron Paul 16:00:35
Ron Paul The Downtown Song 15:38:22
Ron Paul and the Occupy Wall Street protest by Doug Wead 13:41:59
Video: Herman Cain agrees with Ron Paul's position on assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki 10:40:18
Old Ronald Reagan Campaign Ad: "I will bring back the gold standard" 06:52:26
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan at Occupy Wall Street Soapbox: It's Time to GET Money OUT of Politics! 07:48:06
The Associated Press: Paul a force in GOP contest 00:30:11
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Stay Skeptical! Anonymous Could Be Federal Agents 23:46:33
Ron Paul Talks About OccupyWallStreet (brief) 23:28:28
End the Fed 23:24:54
Ron Paul Terrifies the Status Quo 23:21:42
The Occupy Wall Street Interview Fox News doesn't want you to see! 23:08:11
Few "undecided" voters go to Ron Paul town halls? 23:00:06
Ron Paul at Nashua Community College 22:58:47
Other fundraising ideas for Dr.Paul 22:58:08
Who has gone to an Occupy Protest? 22:54:21
Freedom to Fascism Now Playing on Wall Street 22:49:09
Wise old man educates the masses! 22:48:39
OWS vs Tea Party Civil War Being Created 22:42:07
Occupy Wall Street and the next debate 22:25:46
How to Get Democrats to Vote for Ron Paul in the GOP Primaries 22:14:30
Could THIS be why Anwar Awlaki had to die? 21:50:13
Updated* Paul Krugman says the US should threaten sanctions against China 21:46:40
Is The War On Terror A Hoax? 21:44:29
He Got Fired For That?Hank Williams Jr) 21:19:36
Anwar al-Awlaki and the Constitution 21:07:36
The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. 21:05:55
Koch subsidiaries paid bribes, sold to Iran 20:48:17
*Possible Free Charter Bus from Pittsburgh to Vote for Ron Paul in Value Voters Straw Poll, Sat. in D.C.* 20:40:35
Ron Paul Handouts!! 20:39:26
Ron Paul: impeach Obama 20:35:55
Stossel video: Creating Libertarian States 20:16:10
How would you react to Bachmann quitting? 19:45:55
Gen.U.S. to remain in Afghanistan a "long time" 19:22:59
Ron Paul on the War on Drugs 19:15:51
Ron Paul on the War on Drugs 19:12:51
Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Credit Risk Soars 19:07:20
Ron Paul on Heroin/ War on Drugs 19:03:27
Ron Paul should blast Rick Perry over Mexico 19:01:01
Yikes! Frank Luntz (a.k.a. Penn and Teller's F' U Frank) To Moderate The Nov. 19 Forum in Des Moines For "The Family Leader" 18:34:13
O'Reilly Doesn't Like The Results of His Election Poll 18:31:35
Welcome To Credit Collapse 2011 18:29:03
mind blowing Interview 18:28:29
O'Reilly doesn't like his own poll. "Must" remove Paul and Cain from the results 18:20:30
Explaining Ron Paul's position on the assassination of Al-Awlaki to Tea Partiers 18:02:38
A discussion with Teo-Con on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy. 17:52:51
rick perry's DOWNFALL! 17:43:11
Herman Cain Flip-Flopped on the Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki 17:42:55
New song I just wrote "Too Many Washintons" 17:26:41
What the frack? Free Markets? Long read. 17:09:29
Ron Paul: Obama impeachment "possible" 17:06:47
Ron Paul Endorsed by Iowa Republican Party Leader! 16:25:05
'Inside Job', Oscar nominated documentary that clearly exposes wall street, investment bank and Fed collaboration and corruption 16:16:52
Supreme Court ruling: Downloading Music is Not a Crime 16:09:16
Help Fund Grassroots Projects Ron Paul Chip-In Central 16:08:56
Iceland’s First Lady joins anti-government protest 15:47:01
RON PAUL 2012 Car Wash 15:24:46
Herman Cain leaves campaign to promote book. 15:23:31
‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tax Proposal Is Backed By Wall Street Itself 15:19:23
How Rick Perry Fed the Subprime Mortgage Monster 15:16:09
Concord Seniors: Ron Paul Is ‘Sincere VIDEO] 15:03:12
State Republican leader James Mills endorses Ron Paul 15:00:30
Have You Ever Heard Anyone in the MSM 15:00:24
The Day America Died by Paul Craig Roberts 14:57:25
Does war throw due-process out the window? 14:39:51
Updated: Help with rebuttal of RP by a Friend who lives in UK 14:27:26
Why Don't Kucinich, Nader and Paul Want To Win? 14:17:58
You go, Jesse Benton! 14:16:52
RP shirts, mugs, bags, aprons, etc. 14:14:08 run by MORONS? 14:07:23
Bachmann running on fumes in Iowa 13:55:13
Huffington Post: "Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Could Spoil Romney, Perry Hopes " 13:22:31
Reddit: An Open Letter From a Former Tea Party Adherent to the Occupy Wall Street Movement 13:22:00
RP's principled stance on Presidential assasination scores points with Progressives 13:14:14
Assassins of Liberty, by Justin Raimondo 13:09:48
Large Scale RON PAUL Banner Making Project over 8000 SQ.FT! 13:02:25
Giving Ron Paul his due 12:58:29
New GOP rules bad for New Hamshire, Good for Ron Paul 12:44:07
YAL Activist bootcamps 1st SATURDAY in Iowa City more scheduled Sign up!! 12:38:10
Socialists being flown in from Europe to coordinate Occupy Wall Street 12:26:56
South Carolina will hold its Republican primary Saturday, Jan. 21 12:26:10
National Review holds fundraiser, and nobody responds!! 11:53:19
Ron Paul Separating Facts from Myths 11:43:10
Manufactured consent Noam Chomsky 3 1 of 17 11:37:06
Adam Kokesh talks to Occupy Wall St. Protesters 11:31:50
Answer to dismissal of Paul's libertarian views 11:31:19
Bring OccupyWallStreet a Stack of "End the Fed" 11:17:28
Freedom works Facebook poll. Lets own this neocon outfit. 11:16:39
Herman Cain Denies Federal Reserve Audit Flip-Flop 10:57:04
All Enemies; Foreign and Domestic: New Jersey State Constitution 1941 vs. 1947 10:28:29
The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans 10:25:49
Illinois Straw Poll 10:16:53
Free Historical Audio Books on YouTube 10:11:33
Is Herman's tax plan a tax increase for middle America? 10:09:33
We should occupy voting booths 09:47:45
Got questions for Obama? 09:39:23
Black This Out Moneybomb fliers cards! 09:31:00
Supporters can debate with an anti-Ron Paul radio "political analyst" today at 3pm CST 09:18:35
Why do terrorists attack Europe? 09:04:40
John "Rock and Roll" Sinclair on Ron Paul 09:04:38
WSJ "From Gettysburg to Anwar al-Awlaki" Ron under fire from AEI 08:29:15
What would you like to hear from President Obama? 07:54:34
Sen. Sanders praises Wall Street protests, tweets:OccupyDC 07:36:48
World Wide Peaceful Protests Planned For October 15th! This could be huge! 06:49:00
America Was Assassinated along with al-Awlaki says Paul Craig Roberts. 06:43:12
Can a Geriatric Germany Save Europe? By Patrick J. Buchanan 06:13:44
Herman Cain: Austerity for You, Ritz Carlton for Me 06:07:28
Perry bet big on tax grants to subprime lenders 04:53:42
The Ron Paul What if Speech: A Very Different Take! 04:49:39
Occupy Wall Street protests spread across U.S (includes video) 04:17:00
*MUST SEE* Ron Paul Makes little girl cry. 04:10:51
New Black This Out Moneybomb video! 04:07:48
FOX: ATF Tells Gun Shops Medical Marijuana Patients Can NOT Own Guns! 03:49:47
"I'm voting for Ron Paul this time around." 01:25:29
Paul's "JFK" Speech. Exposing The Threat. 01:16:18
Obama Judge, Jury and Executioner reminds me of Judge Dredd lol 01:08:20
Women for Ron Paul website sneak peek 00:42:44
How Presidents and Nominees Were Doing in October (i.e. Paul CAN Win) 00:37:02
The Problem with Al-Awlaki: He Committed No crime 00:36:40
PDS aka Paul Derangement Syndrome 00:05:34