Posted on October 30, 2011

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CNN: Don Lemon Speaks with Goldie Taylor: "Oh my gosh, Ron Paul was making sense to us" 21:00:34
Politico: Paul Camp First to Respond to Herman Cain Allegations 20:17:39
Military Donations Graph - Puts Things Into Perspective 22:08:39
NY Times Exposes Obama's Troop Withdrawal Myth - U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq 14:24:18
Ron Paul on State of the Union CNN 10/30/11 10:11:33
Ron Paul Pumpkin 2011 03:35:58
Video: Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board Interviews Ron Paul - 10/28 11:41:44
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Video Update : Is Ron Paul Unelectable or just Off the Charts? 23:58:18
Movie explains why the FDA should be massively overhauled or abolished 23:57:32
great article about Paul and Israel 23:43:24
Older folks staying home in IA. Probably good news for Paul 23:29:39
Pro & College Football Events to promote Ron Paul 23:07:03
A little part of the big picture 22:58:53 - Dec 16th Money Bomb - Ron Paul Tea Party 22:44:26
Malcolm Gladwell's TED Talk Supporting Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 22:34:32
Ron Paul has been a Republican longer than Obama has been alive. 22:27:05
TOTAL Misinformation about Ron Paul, about OWS 22:26:53
Video of the Alabama Straw Poll. 22:13:11
Ron Paul Pumpkin Bomb! 22:03:48
Cain responds to sexual harassment allegation 22:01:39
Why you shouldn't trust the experts (Stossel) 21:54:17
Drudge Report - Exclusive: Two Women Accused Herman Cain of Inappropriate Behavior 21:45:42
Gaddafi was killed because of GOLD 21:39:33
Herman Cain Heckled by Ron Paul Supporters (video) 21:37:21
POLITICO: Two women accused Cain of inappropriate behavior 21:32:25
(Update) NEW Song - "BOMBS" (End This War/The Ron Paul Song) 21:21:50
BEST Ron Paul speech ever! Rev. John Killian, representative for Ron Paul @ West Alabama Straw Poll 10/29/2011 21:18:36
Funny / Serious Video Update : Ron Paul is Unbreakable 21:06:38
Does Romney flip flopping make him unelectable? 21:02:01
Ron Paul highway sign bomb? 21:00:58
The needle is not moving 21:00:29
POLITICO Breaking News : Multiple Sources Claim Cain Accused of Inappropriate Behavior Against 2 Female Employees 20:54:38
New Poll: Cain, Romney, Paul 20:11:40
Meetup in Greer, SC for tomorrow Ron Paul "slim jims" with candy" 20:10:33
Guess the Total for Moneybomb, 11-11-11 19:41:24
Geoengineering scientists talk about the effect of Chemtrails - Video 19:29:10
An inspiration to us all 18:54:01
OWS => here are the names of the 1% <= Let's Occupy THEM ! 18:52:17
First Cigarettes, Now Bacon and Eggs 18:47:18
Youtube : Herman Cain Heckled by Ron Paul Supporters 18:13:55
Dr. Ron Paul is as smart as Jefferson, as pure as Washington, as wise as Franklin and as hard-headed as Adams: How can we lose? 18:03:27
What have government done with your houses? 17:59:17
I'm proud of this Ron Paul 2012 sign. 17:29:10
New movie, "In Time" 17:22:45
My Pledge 16:48:38
An Open Message to the 99% (Occupy Wall Street) 16:13:41
Iowa Caucuses - Kathie's Take on Ron Paul 15:51:08
Zombie vs Tourist - beer pong ~ Ron Paul 15:37:29
I think I finally figured out why the "NWO" supports Alex Jones 15:37:12
Grassroots University: Mobilizing the Youth Base 15:23:54
Would you guys add/redact anything from this? It's for my "I am Ron Paul" fb page. 15:18:56
Why the latest eurozone bail-out is destined to fail within weeks 15:14:59
The perfection of debt-serfdom is now complete. 15:14:21
Historian predicts war in Europe by 2018 if Euro collapses. 15:10:00
Glaring Opposites 14:57:48
US Plans Post-Iraq Troop Increase In Persian Gulf! 14:56:54
'Rule by decree' 14:52:30
Are you a slave of the Federal Reserve? (on Yahoo Answers) 14:44:58
Don't you love it, when supporters of liberty tell YOU what to do? 14:24:13
Why Ron Paul Must be Our Next President 14:11:47
drudge reports - trending: Ron Paul wins both tallies at GOP straw poll in Iowa 14:07:02
Is Ron Paul good for Israel?- World Of Judaica 13:50:50
Armed Individuals at Occupy. Vid 13:50:27
USA TODAY: "Ron Paul doesn't rule out third-party bid" 13:25:59
"I like Cain cause he's black & he's a conservative" 13:13:44
Righthaven misses deadlines, again faces asset seizure threat: 10/29 13:10:10
NATO missiles killing and maiming innocent civilians in Libya (Graphic Video Proof) 13:02:32
Rossi E-Cat 1MW test successful. 12:54:53
CNN : "Ron Paul Wins Both Tallies at Presidential Straw Poll in Iowa" 12:31:15
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall 12:23:28
<(Study Results)> What is the personality of a Ron Paul Supporter? 12:08:25
A Letter Using Quotes From History. 12:00:26
Reckless Endangerment: Totally Corrupt America Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 11:36:11
Something Special Is Happening Right Now - Can You Sense It? 11:29:53
Dr. Mercola on FDA incompetence, collusion 11:28:03
Hermie Cain was AGAINST 999 before he was FOR it 11:24:31
The Police State's license to steal: civil asset forfeiture 11:16:39
THE CDC caught lying 11:11:08
Link for "In Time" Movie 10:47:36
Judge Napolitano: Patriot Act Is An Unconstitutional Assault - Resisting the Assault 10:01:51
Ron Paul: I have no plans whatsoever to run as a third party candidate 09:34:29
End to Iraq War? Then what? 09:19:42
Cain to Paul Supporters 'Are you gonna let me give my speech or not?' After saying 'I don't want to end the fed I want to FIX it 09:05:13
The Cold Hard Fact$ of Politics 08:51:58
Half of a message could be hurting us 08:50:50
RP has gained 5% in Iowa! 08:46:11
In Response to: Ron Paul: DO YOU want TO BE OUR president? 07:55:11
Al Jazeera Documentary Sheds Light on the Koch Brothers 05:49:05
Reading and thinking. 05:10:40
Ron Paul Veterans Day 11/11/11 Moneybomb flyer 03:37:44
Man arrested for "driving" bicycle wrong way on rural road 01:42:20
Video: Online hackers threaten to expose cartel's secrets 01:07:13
Rick Perry working for Global elite? 01:05:15
White House petition to actually take White House petitions seriously 00:58:17
The republicans would prefer Obama over Paul 00:34:08
SOS Mrs. Clinton 00:29:25
So You Say You Want Incineration. 00:01:59