Posted on October 31, 2011

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Signs our group made! 23:53:07
OR, ID, NV, CA, UT, AZ, WY, CO, NM, AK, SD, NE, KS, OK, IA, LA, MI, KY, FL, NC, WV, PA, NY, NJ, and ME 21:40:37
Ron Paul is 99.9999% Sure He Won’t Run Third Party 16:59:46
Heard Ron Paul's name All Night Long at a Halloween Party this weekend 15:42:08
3,000 expected at local Ron Paul rally 09:48:02
What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President? 07:10:33
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/31/11: Declare Victory & Bring Them Home! 06:33:41
Ron Paul Leads All Republican Candidates in TV Ads For The State Of Iowa 03:34:37
World of Judaica - Is Ron Paul Good for Israel? (Yes) 12:26:21
Operation Stump for Paul in Iowa - Jan. 3rd 17:59:46
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VIDEO: Breaking, Cain's sexual abuse caught in action! 23:57:56
I'm Canadian and I have a Ron Paul 2012 Bumper Sticker on my truck. 23:55:50
I found a one issue voting Keynesian 23:49:35
Occupy is NOT anti-capitalist. That is sloppy NeoCon propaganda. 23:47:40
Bailouts R Us ! 23:26:34
Why has the Media evaded Cain's Biggest Scandal at Aquila Energy? 23:26:32
All We Need is Ron Paul to Come #1 in Iowa 23:23:45
Maybe instead of "Non-Intervention" we should call it, "National Defense." 23:18:44
CNN says Ron Paul makes the most sense of any GOP candidate 22:36:42
Jon Stewart's 19 Tough Questions for Libertarians! 22:27:53
So the propping up of Newt has already begun 22:15:05
Activists propose 'shutting down' candidate offices during Iowa caucuses 22:05:30
The End the Fed Ron Paul supporter from OWS Chris Savvinidis, on Freedom Watch 21:42:25
The Media Right for Once? 21:41:59
OWS Planning to Occupy Presidential Candidates' Iowa Offices 21:38:37
Dailypaul Mods can you take a look at /user/40143 21:34:22
Robert Taft's Views on America's Foreign Policy 21:21:49
Revolution artwork in png (clear background) 21:15:16
Ron Paul Anti-War Theme Song - Bring Them Home Ron! 21:08:37
Moneybomb 21:07:02
Latest Iowa poll is 12% Paul to 23% Cain: we need to double our strength in Iowa: everybody in Iowa find 1-2 people for Ron Paul 20:58:42
My Contribution: - A Website for Rapid Ron Paul Education (repost) 20:52:25
Alderisms: Aesop Without the Fables 20:48:32
My Contribution: - A Website for Rapid Ron Paul Education 20:34:47
Colloidal Silver 20:23:08
As Herman Cain falters media starts reporting Newt Gingrich ‘gaining ground’ 20:20:44
With Herman Cain's Campaign on the Ropes Fox News & Others Waste No Time Anointing Their Last Hope of Dodging Ron Paul! 19:04:50
Zak?,Were the DP guys able to hook you up man? 19:02:37
403 18:52:20
Video Update is Liberty is Magic or Tragic? 18:17:13
Obama's Profound Disrespect For The Presidency 18:12:40
Video Update Ron Paul - Liberty is Magic or Tragic? 18:08:53
Get used to hearing these words- 18:04:15
Ron Paul on Jason Lewis Show 6PM (Eastern Time) 18:01:23
What's the best way to get Cain supporters now that he is imploding? 17:47:59
Ron Paul praises whistleblowers like WikiLeaks 17:32:17
Video: Spartanburg, SC Sheriff Chuck Wright says, "Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves." 17:22:05
If we want Ron Paul to win it all we must each find 2-3 people to join, our 12-15% explodes to 24-30% under the radar and we win 17:21:02
Media's influence in Politics. Need a little research help for school. 17:18:25
CDC considering mandatory HPV vaccination on 11 year old boys 16:45:01
I think Cain's campaign is finished 16:19:12
Cain is now a Minstrel Show! 16:03:44
Young Iowa Democrats launch campaign against Ron! 16:00:56
Freedom Fighters, Peter Schiff and Daniel Hannan on Huckabee 15:57:46
My brief video version of the 2012 debates 15:35:36
Media Bomb 15:20:08
Occupy Wall St moves to the Free Market to raise capital. HAHA. 15:15:40
nfra endorses Santorum after RP wins both of their Iowa Straw Polls! 15:11:24
Ted Turner writes article on CNN urging American taxpayers to fund the U.N.'s population reduction programs 15:07:34
Perry a doer and not a talker? 14:54:40
Thank you Rick Perry 14:51:48
Ron Paul makes too much sense. 14:49:29
Occupy Wall Street- Citibank Has Americans Arrested For Attempting to Close Their Own Bank Accounts 14:44:49
South Carolina Sheriff recommends women carry guns. 14:35:54
Beyond Party Lines 14:27:14
Great Article on Newt Gingrich (2009) 14:25:22
A 70-year president was just elected in Ireland 14:23:10
Very powerful video about Cain's fed position vs. Ron's fed position 13:42:01
Common - Blue Sky Music Video (End The Fed hidden in it) 13:32:56
The Night of Long Knives - Cain and Paul 13:28:29
canceled chicago Fundraiser - Anyone know why? 13:23:24
Rasmussen Poll Oct. 31: Obama 44%, Ron Paul 35% 13:20:12
Clinton credited with key role in success of NATO airstrikes, Libyan rebels 13:18:25
This may be worse than the "harassment" scandal for Cain't. 13:10:16
We Get What We Focus On 13:02:16
VIDEO: Rick Perry’s strange stump speech in N.H. 12:54:50
Paul to cancel $1.7 trillion US debt to Federal Reserve 12:52:44
Iowa Young Democrats launch education campaign against Paul, GOP field 12:51:18
Video Update: Lew Rockwell on FreedomWatch 17:40:41
Drones, Cash, and Advisers: US Escalates Role in Africa 12:37:46
Happy Halloween 12:24:41
Hilarious! - Rick Perry NH speech highlights (Video) 12:20:41
NPV-National Popular Vote-Ever heard of it? hope I'm the only one who hasn't. 12:13:59
Herman Cain wants to "fix" the banking Cartel. 12:07:50
Cain Said He Would Dress Up Like Ron Paul For Halloween 11:58:57
Shifting to a Bold Plan B Strategy 11:55:53
Libertarian Party Tells Ron Paul to Come On Over 11:46:37
What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President? 11:36:09
Fed official talks about buying Mortgage Backed Securities, what is next car loans? 11:29:53
Ron Paul loves Peace 11:29:15
Ron Paul coming to North Dakota! 11:17:14
Ron Paul: He Keeps Winning! 11:16:04
Iowa Straw Polls 10:50:41
G-20 leaders or our "20 Gods" convene to determine fate of 99% Nov. 3-4 in Cannes, France; Have you repented today? 10:20:41
America the Beautiful 09:34:57
Ron Paul supporters get cold shoulder at ‘Occupy DC’ base camp 09:14:45
Cain Tops New Poll, but See Runner-Up! 09:10:09
Concerned Women for America wants answers from Herman Cain 08:43:31
Concerned Women for America wants answers from Herman Cain 08:42:17
Fort Wayne, IN. Local Media ignoring Ron Paul as well 07:30:39
MOXNEWS on YouTube. Subscribe to him 07:05:29
2011 Straw Poll Totals: Ron Paul #1 05:49:32
Would George S. Patton Slap Ron Paul? 05:36:29
Ron Paul Good for Israel - Resource Link 04:14:04
Do You Want To Create New Ron Paul Supporters? Invite People You Know To The Daily Paul 04:03:59
Alaska Soldier Killed in Afghanistan - Another Cover-up? 02:46:23
CNN Zakaria "Time to re-engage Iran" Sounds like Ron Paul 02:45:08
illinois straw poll online FOR residents ends november 5TH 02:44:05
Google reveals that user data inquiries are increasing 01:53:06
Ron Paul-Gets Heated-END this illegal WAR NOW! 01:31:20
Cain Campaign Spinning Its Wheels on FOX News 01:26:23
Online Sci Fi About the NWO 01:05:01