Posted on October 4, 2011

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Ron Paul on FOX with Megyn Kelly 10/4/11 13:33:13
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: The Fed Twists, The Markets Shout 13:29:34
Gathering the Grassroots in Iowa 13:18:35
Michael Savage Agrees with Ron Paul 10:32:38
The DEADLINES to Register (R) for Primaries are NOW! 09:28:54
Bernanke before the Joint Economic Committee 10/4/11 08:23:40
An open letter and warning from a former tea party movement adherent to the Occupy Wall Street movement 07:44:00
An Open Letter to Occupiers and Libertarians 08:24:16
Ron Paul at 11% in latest Washington Post ABC News Poll 08:04:04
Video: Occupy Wall Street IS for Ron Paul Supporters 09:07:04
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Glenn Greenwald speaks truth about al-Awlaki 23:59:52
Button Company Predicts Election Results 23:52:47
My Overpass Sign-Waving Experience 23:50:49
Black this out supporter video 23:47:48
*Just Logic: Black This Out! Are you doing everything you can? 23:43:48
The keyboard is mightier than the sword! 23:42:13
Hernan Cain was a lowlife Corporate Hack, Evidence Below! 23:24:51
Ben Bernanke on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest: I can’t blame them 23:19:18
Federal Reserve Notes For the Revolution? 23:18:16
Wall Street protest gains union support. 23:17:22
The Police and the Protesters are on the Same Side 23:05:45
Ron Paul Calls Rick Perry ‘Candidate of the Week’ 23:04:37
The Daily Paul Has Been Blacked Out! 23:02:20
Rep. Ron Paul on GAO Audit of the Fed- Freedom Watch 10/4 {Video} 22:53:25
The American Tragedy "First They Came 2.0" 22:45:21
Rudy Romney And Fred Perry Are No Longer The "Front Runner," GOP Candidates 22:06:29
Support (part of) Obama's Jobs plan 21:56:14
Ron Paul and Islam 21:43:23
Assassinated American Anwar Al Awlaki, Guest of Honor at Pentagon, Dined with Military Brass Within Months of 9/11 21:42:07
Troops March at #OccupyWallStreet 21:32:18
PBS Newshour ignores Ron Paul 21:24:12
Ron Paul and Islam! Molotov Mitchel 21:05:10
Time to start asking people how the U.S. will collapse 21:05:08
Ron Should Start Calling Romney "Unelectable" 21:01:17
Money in the bank? hell no! Safe deposit box? NOT 20:51:07
Ron Paul talks about immigration, birthright citizenship, guns, dictators and the Tea Party 20:16:53
Occupy Wall Street connection with Amnesty International 20:16:12
My Theory On The Cain Bump 20:02:12
Final event from 'Capitalism Awareness Week' about to begin. BB&T's John Allison 19:53:58
Big Business Pushes Scheme to Kill Smaller Competitors 19:45:37
New CBS Poll welcomes Frontrunners back down to Earth 19:40:57
Herman Cain rises, Rick Perry slides in new CBS News poll 19:33:09
James Carville just made a prophetic statement 19:29:55
Anyone out there involved with the Florida GOP, state level or othewise? 19:24:15
Swat teams not letting customers withdraw at BOA? Edit: old footage sorry. 19:16:42
RealClear Politics caught in the act of distorting Ron Paul's Poll # 17:51:16
July 13, 2011 Letter: Ron Paul will end our involvement in wars 17:48:51
RT: Ron Paul success scares establishment 17:41:42
Barack Obama (c. 2007)"detention of American citizens as enemy combatants is unconstitutional." 17:33:25
Not who you like, but who (R) has best chance of winning 2012? 17:15:17
Dylan Ratigan explains why the only hope for America is for the Tea Party and Occupy WallSt. to join forces (RP mentioned) 17:05:13
Ron Paul Phone from Home Site Problem 16:56:22
Moneybomb Wounded Warriors Project for dual purpose 16:33:15
Judicial Watch: Dems Want Law To Keep Obama Records Secret 16:08:51
Cain Flip Flops Multiple Times. Can You Trust His Words? 15:50:05
edit: Occupy! and "How To Brainwash a Nation:" 1 Hr video 15:50:00
Solargate 15:49:09
2012 Slim Jims 15:47:46
First Economic Debate of Republican Primary 15:44:19
Scorecard of Republican Candidates 15:43:40
Occupational Therapy for Wall Street Demonstrators 15:41:17
New Polls 15:28:07
my site please hel[p 15:23:02
Ron Paul: I’m Not Going to Kowtow to the Latino Vote 15:05:06
America's Newsroom Poll of the day. Cain Winning, We must vote 14:57:10
Ron Paul Could Do It 14:40:16
Very Cool Free Solar Lights 14:34:22
An Open Letter To Latter-day Saints Supporting Mitt Romney 14:33:31
Marines assisting Occupy Wall Street Crowd 14:32:36
Ron Paul Named 'Taxpayer Hero' for 111th Congress 14:28:26
Why the debate? 14:28:21
Occupy Wall Street: A Tea Party for the Left? 14:26:42
Theme Song 14:03:52
*update, Elite want to label Occupy movement "Communist" so you stay away. Don't be fooled. 13:56:03
Get to it! 13:48:15
Black THIS Out! Money Bomb-Promotion Video! 13:44:40
Dear Occupy Wall Street Protesters 13:41:18
Investigative Analysis: Occupy Wall Street General Assembly Direct Attack on the American Constitution 13:32:03
Paul Speaks To The Hearts of New Hampshire Voters 13:24:12
Mobilize a 5 mln-Strong Ron Paul Army with Student Debt "Amnesty"! 13:19:27
Christie Out 13:14:03
Fox Poll: Who is the Republican Front Runner? 13:13:35
TSA Rolls Out Intelligence Gathering Scheme at Airports 13:11:48
MODERATORS where are you? 12:57:30
WHERE is the Constitution in Occupie WS? 12:40:26
$5 Debit Card Fee: Don't Blame Banks but Durbin, Dodd, Frank, the Fed 12:38:13
Yahoo: Cheney applauds Obama's killing of al-Awlaki. 12:31:35
Daily Show piece on Rick Perry's family ranch called Niggerhead and other racist names for places in the United States 12:17:30
I had a dream Christie endorsed Ron Paul with 1pm speech 12:05:38
It is ALL about restoring the original Constitution. 12:05:10
ANONYMOUS Issues Threat On October 10 The nyse Will Be Erased From The Internet 11:51:10
Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at Nashua Community College 10/3/2011 (Video) 11:35:21
BREAKING: Christie won't run for president 11:26:30
Is Ron for the Import of 14 cent Chinese Labor? 11:18:14
Christie press conference at 1pm est: Not Running according to CNN 10:49:07
Oxford's Practical Ethics: Ron Paul is Right, Legalize Drugs 10:44:19
Race to Debase 75 Fiat Currencies vs Gold Silver 10:43:49
Ron Paul Books Needed For Occupy Wall Street's People's Library 10:30:13
Ron Paul Doing the DNC's Dirty Work for Them 10:27:59
Expose Cain in next debate 10:20:04
Occupy Wall Street: A Story without Heroes 10:18:20
Greenwald: Support for Awlaki murder comes from "slavish mentality" 10:14:01
Tweet this at occupy wall street about the FED 10:13:13
Chris Christe To Make Republican Primary Decision Today 1PM ET 10:07:04
Preaching END THE FED to Occupy Wall ST 10:03:29
Occupy movement has already spread to The Federal Reserve! It started WEEKS ago around the US. 10:01:37
The Best Ron Paul Song.Ever ! 10:00:26
Ron Paul's Ability to Work With Others 09:49:49
4.6 million dollar donation by J.P. Morgan led to Brooklyn Bridge protest mass arrests 09:36:28
Ron Paul: The Fed Has Failed 09:34:34
Deadline to register in New York and NH is October 14th for Republican primaries 09:34:34
What do i do when i think my Constitonal Rights are being violated 09:19:34
Video: Black THIS Out Money Bomb October 19th For Ron Paul (We need more people) 09:09:38
Positive article: "Ron Paul makes sense on foreign policy" 08:54:41
RP in top 10 halloween costumes 08:15:46
Ron's Education Policy! Potentially Earth Shattering! 08:06:03
Ron Paul makes sense on foreign policy 07:46:34
Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Bring Home Troops 07:32:45
Politico Poll: Rick Perry loses the tea party 07:31:39
The perfect message at the perfect time 07:17:49
Was Anwar al-Awlaki. really one of us? asks Pat Buchanan 07:07:47
Video Ron Paul Public Enemy Number One! Don't Believe the Hype 06:58:05
Ron Paul: The Real Anti-War President 06:57:30
Occupy DC Adam Kokesh video should make RP supporters wary of the "Occupy-" protests 06:49:22
Where did #OccupyWallStreet come from? 06:33:27
Extrajudicial Executions From the Sky CBC 06:19:00
Why there is still End of Quarter Push on rp2012 website? 05:26:32
JP Morgan 'gifts' for NYPD 04:52:21
Obama Machine Prepares To Hijack ‘Occupy Wall Street 04:47:48
Obama Machine Prepares To Hijack ‘Occupy Wall Street 04:44:52
Ron Paul Polling 04:37:10
50 yr old cartoon about "-ism" vs free enterprise 03:57:37
RON PAUL 2012 Bikini Car Wash 03:57:34
Radio Ads local not part of the national campaign 03:43:14
Panetta says we need MORE Military Industrial Complex spending, NOT less!! 03:10:50
Let's Occupy The Federal Reserve Buildings This Weekend! 08:04:34
Herman Cain Flip-Flops Away From the Constitution 02:49:53
Peter Schiff talks Gold on Yahoo 02:44:09
Herman Cain Using Occult Signs 00:35:53
Ron Paul campaign gains steam, attracts attention 00:28:25
Proposed List Of Demands For Occupy Wall St Movement! 00:18:54
A strategy to defeat Ron Paul? Early primaries and late entries. 00:15:11
Perry Cronyism on Display 00:12:46
Paul 2nd in September Townhall straw poll 00:07:16
Please Help Ron Win GOP Primary 00:06:57
Tea Party "Terrorist" Assassinated By Obama Administration!Video) 00:03:36