Posted on October 8, 2011

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David Bismark: Fraud Proof E-Voting Machines 12:49:08
Gov. Jesse Ventura Attends End the Fed/ Occupy Wall St. 08:01:35
Video: Ralph Nader touting "Ron Paul" On the Judge 03:19:06
Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll at Values Voter Summit in DC 09:24:34
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Herman Cain Exposed: The Patriot Act 23:55:50
Occupy Minnesota: The Spirit of Liberty 23:22:54
Food Storage 23:11:10
OWS - Gainesville, Florida, October 12. RP REVOLUTION Attends, Bank Accounts Canceled! 23:06:45
Why Did Ron Paul Vote For Stimulus Money For NASA? 22:48:24
If you don't understand occupy Wall St. - updated with video OF END OF march 22:44:06
Texans Target The Dallas Federal Reserve (The 2nd American Revolution Has Begun) 22:30:28
Romney Picks Notorious Neocon As Lead Foreign Policy Adviser 22:16:57
CBS: Ron Paul now accused of "ballot stuffing": 22:06:21
Milton Friedman -- Why Drugs Should Be Legalized--Masterful! 21:37:50
Islamic disenchantment with the West - in 1924 21:34:37
Inquiry about Alex Jones 21:29:18
A new TACTIC! Online polls and news. 21:16:30
Sign Making Demo for Sign Bomb 10/11/10 20:54:09
Media calls Values Voter Straw Poll a Fix 20:42:44
Ron Paul Wins Values Voters poll, the media ignores him & his threat 20:22:45
California passes aid for illegal immigrants to go to college 20:09:04
Ron Paul Message to Occupy Wall Street- LET'S END THE FED! 20:08:19
Campaign Fund Raising 20:05:06
Why I believe in capitalism and free markets 19:45:01
Support Ron Paul in his Gaffney, SC stump speech on 24 OCT 2011 19:40:15
Romney Picks Notorious Neocon as lead Foreign Policy Advisor 18:41:43
"We Need" - LDS for Ron Paul 18:34:09
Blacked Out My Blog and Made a Custom Banner 18:18:26
Rick Perry's Miracle is Fake 18:16:30
Video of End The Red Rally at Federal Reserve Bank Boston 18:14:26
Videos from Values Voters Summit 10.8.11 18:09:44
Steve Dore's Ron Paul Songs 18:08:59
People will Rise: Black THIS Out! new video 18:06:57
Herman Cain's "999 Plan": The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 17:59:14
My RP Video 17:11:05
Liberty must defend philosophic turf OWS is occupying 16:22:26
vote for RP @! 15:57:49
Hank Williams Jr. Plans to Run for U.S. Senate 15:57:49
Bernanke's plot to overthrow the US dollar 15:43:52
Ron Paul WINS Values Voter Straw Poll 15:40:03
For You Ron Paul Video Makers Out There 15:33:35
What do Occupiers want but YOUR money. From the U.S. Treasury. 15:22:42
An Open Letter to Ron Paul From Benjamin Fulford 15:18:40
Straw Poll Results: Values Voter Summit 15:09:13
Ron Paul: Wars Are Biggest Threat to Families 14:47:56
Values Voter Summit – Paul Trumps the Establishment, Again 14:45:57
[VIDEO]: My "End the Fed" Protest Experience (Miami 14:30:18
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Occupy Federal Reserve Boston Announces Solidarity With Occupy Boston 13:53:18
Anwar AlAwlaki worked with American intelligence the whole time!@ 13:27:08
Where Keynes Went Wrong 13:22:16
The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur supports Occupy Wall Street protest 13:19:02
where can i put signs?? 13:10:17
Ron Paul Warns Journalists, "You Could Be Next on Obamas 'Kill List' 12:31:36
Amazing King World News Interview - Some Big Banks are Criminals, Charges Filed 12:23:28
The Hill : Conservative Crowd Roars For Ron Paul 11:33:10
OWS as a collective "Howard Beale moment" 11:32:51
Against the Financial Power Elite by Ron Paul 10:30:36
On Sep. 8, 2008, Herman Cain said economy was terrific 10:05:50
ABC News: Ron Paul launches National Security Ad. 09:42:58
It's Time for the RP Army to Flood Dylan Ratigan's Websites 09:23:45
The Time Has Come To Reveal Ron Paul's & America's True Opponent 09:12:33
Occupy Wall Street protesters: "Frustrated" Americans or "mobs"? 09:11:31
Cain Leads GOP Field by 20 Points in Zogby Poll - Wow!! 08:34:00
Day of Atonement 05:17:24
Romney Pledges to Increase U.S. Military Spending, Deter Iran 02:49:06
National Sign Bomb for MIddlesex County NJ! 01:26:44
Put this image on signs/banners for Occupy protests!! (occupy the white house: rEVOLution) 01:14:21
Wall Street Propaganda 01:13:26
You will not do very well at the OWS protests running out the gate yelling Ron Paul, Ron Paul! 00:40:40
Ron Paul given 81% positive score by 00:32:06
Secret of Oz. Thoughts? 00:19:20
If You're Not Attending Your Local GOP Meetings. You Don't Want Ron Paul To WIN! 00:01:14