Posted on October 9, 2011

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Ron Paul defends Mitt Romney 18:59:08
Speaking to the OWS crowd about Ron Paul 23:39:28
Fox News Sunday Web discussing Ron Paul and us. 13:36:43
Nationwide Ron Paul Sign Bomb Today! Monday 10/10/11 16:12:19
Here It Is!! RP Off-The-Charts Media Response to Value Voter Win 11:41:49
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Alex Jones Fed Protest: Cop Admits Fed is Private Property [VIDEO] 23:54:12
Carol Paul for First Lady campaign = Womens' Vote 22:50:25
Poll: Does Rep. Ron Paul have a strong chance of winning the presidency? 22:49:11
Flyer from Occupy LA would be a good slim jim for RP 22:35:52
There is a troll on twitter trying to pretend to be a supporter making DR.Paul look bad 22:11:57
Vanity Fair is "covering" Ron Paul 22:06:05
'Old Marxist' Chant at Occupy Atlanta 21:46:58
Help I need End the FED bullet points 21:46:31
Ron Paul's Values Voters Summit Speech (October 8, 2011) 21:20:28
911 Inside Job Continues.. When Will The Sick Treasonous Joke End? 21:00:45
First Occupy Wall Street — Now Occupy the Fed 20:48:49
The Goal for the Black This Out Money Bomb 10 Mill 20:38:12
Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster 20:13:15
Ron Paul wins CPAC,RLC,California ,Value Voters, Seconds in Ames Iowa 20:06:22
Is There Gold in Ft. Knox? 19:54:18
The Only Person Standing is the Man in a wheelchair 19:52:51
Cain thought the economy was doing GREAT in 2008! 19:24:22
Ron Paul Predicts Assassination of American Citizen 19:18:26
OCT 14 DEADLINE to register GOP to vote for Ron Paul in New Hampshire and NY 19:03:17
Because in every straw poll this year, the president has been the loser. 18:58:11
OccupyDC socialists block Adam Kokesh from filming them. 18:44:51
Holistic Medicine Practices: Update. 18:27:06
Missouri's Primary will NOT count! What do you guys make of this? 17:58:11
Julian Assange at Peace Rally 17:50:53
Washington Times: Ron Paul puts America first 17:46:52
Finally, the best, most succinct 17:32:27
Libertea Party Lady Considers 2012 Congressional Run 17:30:38
Fox's Frank Luntz Focus Group Picks GOP Debate Winner: "29 of the most important people in America" 17:27:15
Herman Cain Exposed: Immigration & Border Conrol 17:25:47
OWS Gangster is saying something about Ron Paul? 16:55:15
Can We Remove the Income Tax? 16:19:57
☢ Fukushima radiation plumes mapped and color coded ☢ Fukushima red hot. Tokyo watershed high. 15:52:16
Congressional Record-House Of Representatives -1963 15:33:26
Official campaign launches official pledge site for Black this out moneybomb! 15:23:33
Wikipedia has deleted Cumulative Republican Straw Poll results 15:14:42
Tax Dollars @ Work 15:07:16
Gulf of Mexico: Profit sucked out of muck! GS RIG BP & HAL 14:16:01
Posey, Paul Seek End to Congressional Death Benefits 13:31:11
How Ron Paul Can End ALL Taxation 13:30:34
Breaking Out of the 3D Symbolism 13:18:30
Ron Paul Free Market Economy 12:49:31
Per 1973 US Senate: Constitution has been suspended for 40 (now 78) years. 12:42:41
Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain ALWAYS! 12:34:25
Spontaneous Sunday "Invite Bomb" for Black This Out! 12:11:19
RonPaulForums moderator is censoring Ron's foreign policy and REVpac video 12:05:35
Herman Cain Exposed: The 9-9-9 Tax Plan 12:05:19
Ron Paul rejects key Occupy Wall Street demand - the reversal of Citizens United decision. 11:58:09
Drudge Report : Ron Paul Wins Conservative Voter Straw Poll 11:56:42
Sunday Morning Talk Shows Ignore Ron Paul's Victory, Meet The Press, Face The Nation, Etc. 11:52:31
Fox News Lies to America: "Paul and Cain Win Values Voter Straw Poll" 11:47:54
Beat the Media at their own Game 11:38:15
Ron Paul Supporter on Glen Beck's bashing of his speech. 10:56:02
Peak Oil: What a Farce! 10:49:13
Isn't an 8-8-8 plan better than a 9-9-9 plan? LOL 10:40:43
CBS Writes Unconscionable Hit Piece In Covering Ron Paul's Victory - Our Boycott in Response 10:28:13
911, WikiLeaks and Explosive Evidence! 10:22:17
Joe Rogan: The American War Machine 10:02:09
Drudge hasn't covered RP victory at Values Voter Summit? 10:00:23
George Carlin Talks War And American Politics 09:35:15
Newest Ron Paul sign up! It's big bold and beautiful! 09:03:37
Government Theft in Action - Civil Forfeiture 08:59:27
Epic Rant 08:23:12
Occupy Wall Street protestors' wishes can be met only by reversing Citizens United decision 08:22:21
Interview with Doug Wead , senior advisor for the Ron Paul for President campaign 07:56:35
"Live and Let Live" our new slogan? 07:33:20
Bill to apply US drug policy globally 06:43:20
Military Sci Fi 06:40:59
Military Sci Fi 06:13:33
Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll (Media Coverage) 06:00:34
Rally for the Republic Two? 05:56:38
Bleeding-Heart Libertarians: The Poor and Social Justice 05:38:40
The Famous End the Fed Protester Reveals Himself! 05:34:12
Conservatives were Right the Whole Time 04:46:31
Respect to the RP effort but the greatest sngle opporunity of your generation you will let slip by? 04:16:44
FRC Poll - Issues Important to Americans 03:23:10
Videos: RP Shines on Endorsing Walter Jones, Looks More Like Pres/VP Campaign Ticket Presscon 03:15:22
Will Harris Faulkner lose her job?? 02:11:57
Assistance needed in dealing with Walmart 02:04:51
Pelosi Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement 00:52:49
Libertypen 00:41:50
Best Values Voter Summit article yet! 00:13:49
Values Voter Summit 2007 - Ron Paul closing statement video 00:10:52
Amazing Rick Perry 2012 ad 00:00:00