Posted on November 1, 2011

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Ron Paul: Occupy movement is ‘very good, and very risky’ 19:33:50
Obama Targets and Assassinates a 16 Year-old from Colorado 09:57:38
Ron Paul Open Letter to President Obama 03:47:57
Phone From Home Push! (Can you win?) 04:31:28
Let Them Have It Ron (Great Ron Paul Clarification) 12:36:56
Panel Sets Three 2012 Presidential Debates 16:09:11
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Ron Paul Portrait Infringement? 23:30:02
What was the dollar worth the year you were born? 23:01:10
Ron Paul rap / pop song creative group 22:59:39
Dubstep Rothbard 22:54:59
Very, very important: Ron Paul's position on everybody else's economic plan 22:28:42
Ron Paul: Government your worst enemy 22:25:05
New poll. Also mentioned on Cain's facebook 22:21:38
What is Ron's actual position on 'eliminating' the CIA and the FBI 22:08:02
Ron Paul: Government Your Worst Enemy 22:06:40
Ron Paul on Nightly Business Report 22:00:45
Bill O'Reilly suprized at Cains War mongering 11/2/11 22:00:31
Alan Colmes inadvertently proves Libertarian Harry Browne was right (Freedom Watch) 21:55:16
Another Day, Another Cain Scandal - Not Sexual Harrassment 21:25:11
Another Cain Scandal Covered by Slate 21:22:07
Ron Paul Is Now The National GOP Frontrunner Candidate 21:19:57
Mikhail Gorbachev - OWS Signals an Emerging New World Order 20:47:36
Freedom Candidates 2012 20:24:49
Military Supporters 20:11:45
The Murder of Muammar Gaddafi - GRTV Backgrounder 20:04:02
Mitt Romney has ties and donations from former CEO of the NRA Restaurant Assc. 20:03:43
Newt Gingrich: The "Anti-Romney" or the "Other Romney"? 19:52:38
What is the reason the US puts Israel's interests ahead of its own? 19:49:46
Get out the tissue. 11-11-11 19:21:54
A little comic relief. 19:12:45
Bank Transfer Day Nov 5th, or start paying $5 bank fees 19:07:33
Get the Missouri Ron Paul Billboard Printed $400 to go! 18:58:22
Is Statism a Threat to Christianity? 18:47:59
ONLINE Illinois straw poll has 1,000 votes so far. "more important than the actual primary" 18:23:08
UH-OH, HERMIE! Accuser Wants to Come Forward! 18:21:07
Ron Paul Supporter gets arrested for DWI on TV show 18:18:20
Paul Supporter Runs for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District 18:05:37
Elvis Costello still ROCKS ! 17:15:59
great objective interview 17:11:41
US Food Stamp Usage Hits New Record 17:06:52
One Party System - need help changing the conversation 16:53:39
Ron Paul Fans: Here Is Why The Media Lost Interest In Your Candidate (Business Insider) 16:50:45
Radio Host Destroys Mitt Romney And Changes His Support To Ron Paul 16:44:17
vote up 16:41:53
New RNC ad destroys Obama campaign with Obama's own words! 16:33:48
Support in November 2007? 16:14:43
Why the media has lost interest in Ron Paul 16:09:51
Romney supporters banned from website 16:05:06
Volunteered Campaign space in SE/(Philadelphia) PA 16:04:26
getmoneyout 16:04:08
Foreign Policy Debate Suggestions 15:52:26
Cain was against a salestax before he was for it. In his own words. 15:51:43 poll 15:38:25
How to help Iowa manufacturers? Five presidential candidates offer ideas 15:28:38
GOP candidates Economic Plans: A Snap Shot Look. 15:28:35
Remember How? 15:27:18
Tom Woods on Glass-Steagall 15:23:31
Vote in 3-way poll: Obama (D), Romney (R) or Paul (Libertarian) 15:18:26
does anyone else remember remember the 5th of november ? 15:15:43
Operation "Scarce no more" 15:10:53
urgent: Today is the last DAY to vote in the November 2011 Townhall Straw Poll - Vote Now 14:37:02
U.S. Government Glossed Over Cancer Concerns As It Rolled Out Airport X-Ray Scanners 14:34:32
10 - Reasons to NOT support Romney 2012 14:28:55
Professor Murray Sabrin on why Ron Paul is silenced by the media— because of the Federal Reserve 14:28:54
Talking to Occupy Wall Street and Occupiers 14:19:33
National Tea Party Alert supporting Felicia Harris for RP's seat 14:11:54
Justin Amash, Balanced Budget, front page link USA Today 13:52:15
Google search bombs? 13:45:27
Dropping Cain; Get Ready for Newtvember 13:45:06
NWFDailyNews erasing Ron Paul Comments on his latest article 13:35:28
Occupy Wall Street concept gaining POSITIVE mainstream media coverage! 13:26:58
Occupy Wall Street TRUTH and Keynesian Economics (Great Video!) 13:26:20
Gibson Feds Raid 13:24:16
Treasury give-away, unconstitutionally! - Reuters Newsreel 13:14:07
Ron Paul right again on "Foreign Policy" 13:11:45
Here's my "WTF du jour" (actually here's 2) 13:01:46
Ron Paul wins both tallies at GOP Straw Poll In IOWA 82% 10-29-11 12:48:57
Tisha Casida 'Light the fires of Liberty Tour' with Michael Badnarik 12:48:54
HELP get this letter out 12:45:14
MarketWatch: Ask your Question to Bernanke 12:37:26
Ron Paul Fans: Here Is Why The Media Lost Interest In Your Candidate 12:30:44
Please help inform and teach Tony Perkins and the Evangelical Right Bus Tour Crowd on FB 12:26:30
Banks Extract Fees On Unemployment Benefits 12:16:09
Occupy Wall Street protesters in IA might protest in front of candidate's offices. 12:03:06
8 Northern California Sheriffs Form Coalition Against Tyranny 11:33:23
Sen. Rand Paul on Occupy Wall Street, Repealing No Child Left Behind 11:27:16
Judge Napolitano: The Drone War Coming to a Town Near You? 11:19:38
Ron Paul's.path to the GOP nomination 11:14:55
Video: National Association of Manufacturers Presidential Forum - 11/1/11 11:08:25
Start Talking About a 3rd Party Campaign- For Mitt Romney! 10:51:15
Felicia Harris - trying to grab some Paul inertia 10:46:10
Defending Empire 10:45:25
Young Man Calls Out Occupiers for Democrats Co-Op of movement 10:07:24
Rick Perry Speech Drunk? 09:44:34
South Carolina Strategy (to WIN!) 09:42:13
I endorse Ron Paul 09:42:11
AlJazeera documentary says Lockerbie evidence was completely faked! 09:37:19
Louis Farrakan sounding a lot like Ron Paul - Liberty makes strange bedfellows 09:28:37
Anyone listen to Rusty Humphries? 09:22:31
Best RON PAUL Halloween Treat! 09:21:44
Here comes Newt to replace Herman. He just called my house 09:16:27
Why Ron Paul? - Business Cards 09:12:52
Herman Cain's Dirty Laundry List (SHARE) 09:11:30
Herman Cain admits settlement was made over sexual harassment claims 08:44:05
MSM tries to salvage Cain, "Why Sexual Harrassment Allegations Won't Sink Herman's Campaign" 08:41:30
Almost half China's richest want to emigrate, China not a model for US prosperity 08:37:28
Drudge: DHS To Monitor Twitter For Signs Of Social Unrest 08:18:28
The end of Rick Perry. Is he drunk or high? 08:15:18
Laws that Prevent the funding of UNESCO 07:54:54
Blood From a Stone? No. Blood From Rice? Sure 07:38:32
Governor Jon Corzine will be the first Goldman Sack Bankster to go to Jail 06:15:18
Drone Strike ! 04:49:03
Footage of U.S. Marine Veteran Scott Olsen Hit in Head by Oakland Police Ordnance 04:03:02
A Video for 'Friends' of Mitt Romney, LDS Church Urges Mormons to Support Candidates Truly Dedicated to Constitution 03:29:27
Cain's Respect 02:55:04
OccupyLA 02:45:31
Ron Paul: "We keep plugging along" ~10/31/11 Interview 02:31:47
Great Ron Paul Halloween Video 08:48:24
11/01/11 - Manufacturers Forum in Iowa @ 11 AM ET 01:41:31
Herman Cain and Chef From Southpark Singing a Duet? 01:37:17
CSM - A long, steep drop for Americans' standard of living 01:07:05
Cain as of this evening is now aware of a settlement 01:05:27
If Daniel Hannan endorses Dr Ron Paul 00:51:00
Our Mothers Told Us What Is Right And What Is Wrong 00:35:13
AuburnJournal: What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President? WOW! 00:31:04
Super Cool Ron Paul Masks 00:26:19