Posted on November 2, 2011

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Ron Paul Endorses Ohio Issue 3! 22:20:22
Iowa: Ron Paul Meets Local Supporter He Delivered 39 Years Ago 20:52:40
Ron Paul Interview On CNBC / Kudlow Talking The Federal Reserve 11/02/2011 19:31:04
Fox News w/Megyn Kelly Interviews Ron Paul - 11-02-11 14:32:38
U.S. National Debt Exceeds Gross Domestic Product 10:50:39
The Real Reasons Republicans Dislike Ron Paul 10:43:24
US Marshals turned loose to collect $63,720.80 from Righthaven 10:16:57
"Ron Paul Salutes Wikileaks" 02:38:46
Clichés of Socialism: A List of Replies to Arguments Against the Market and Freedom 00:26:33
Ron Paul at Republican Presidential Forum On Manufacturing - 11.1.11 17:31:10
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Social Inequality question 23:41:54
Health Doesn't Come Through a Needle - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 23:41:28
Cain needs an SNL lesson on Sexual Harassment 23:34:36
"The Dark Side of Camelot", by Seymour Hersh 23:25:21
Harry Reid Finally Reads Healthcare Bill, Decided He Doesn't Like It Anymore 23:24:27
UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears 23:16:52
Gold in Fort Knox? 23:14:19
Urgent - assistance FOR making A flyer wanted 23:08:31
Attention "Mainstream," Media and Israel - Ignore Ron Paul At Your Own Peril 23:04:47
Documentary on the Fed and Fort Knox on history channel 22:20:32
I wonder if Herman Cain has ever heard of Senator Gary Hart and Donna Rice; remember what happened when Gary got cocky and lied? 22:05:27
US Marines for Ron Paul is looking for Marines and Corpsmen to join us! 22:04:29
US Marines for Ron Paul is looking for Marines and Corpsmen to join us! 22:04:24
Why is nothing reported about Aquila? 21:58:03
Ron Paul Rasmussen Censored 21:38:55
new poll 21:01:32
I just changed somebody's life today, BIGTIME! 20:58:38
84 Foot Ron Paul Sign 20:55:27
NC police warned to put Their personal property in someone Else's name 20:54:18
Support the Troops Video 20:47:57
Herman Cain: Entering Into A Shooting War With Iran “Perfectly Alright” 20:46:30
Third Herman Cain Accuser Revealed to be Rick Perry 20:46:04
Cain blames Perry & Perry blames Romney: It looks like the three spoiled brats are in a three way death spiral downward together 19:35:37
And now! Its 3 for Mr. Cain 19:28:17
Plans set for war with Iran in early 2012? 19:21:23
Letter: This soldier supports Ron Paul for president 19:18:42
Cain - Perry mutual destruction (VIDEO) 19:09:57
Cain gets testy amid new revelations in controversy 19:05:53
Reason and Rationality in Public Debate: The Case of Ron Paul (VIDEO) 19:02:51
Why Herman Cain is so popular with the Tea Party crowd 18:47:15
Just let Herman Cain be Herman Cain and he will self destruct because of his smarter than thou attitude and his lies 18:42:19
Judge gets caught beating his daughter and is posted to youtube 18:40:16
Jim Rogers On Fox 11-2-11 18:16:43
I'm defending Ron Paul on Facebook against celebrity Hal Sparks 17:57:37
Marshals ordered to seize Righthaven assets 17:10:02
Another setback for RightHaven 17:09:21
Paul's Radical Idea 16:57:46
Water Car HHO Gas as Fuel - Energy Monopolies Like What They Have Going 16:35:28
Early Primary States - On The Ground Grassroots Organizing - Chip-In Included 16:30:15
Ron Paul Scheduled to be interviewed by @Larry_Kudlow at 7pm ET! Wed. 11/02 16:29:45
HERMIE! Another Woman?! 16:19:21
*Update, Occupy Oakland/thousands of Americans shut down the city, march led by children 16:12:14
Mitt Romney Loses Cool over Lobbyist Questions 16:06:58
Ron Paul: The Real Frontrunner 15:52:41
Leader in the food freedom movement now over a month into a hunger strike 15:48:41
"Cainsian" symbolism? 15:43:57
Walking with Ron 15:36:18
Flags Fly in Libya.for Al Qaeda? 14:43:35
FOX foaming at Politico as they protect Chairman Cain 14:31:48
Cain doesn't know China has nukes? 14:24:03
Military Drones in Houston: Safety or Police State? 14:21:59
Response from my Congressman about HR 1098 the Free Competition in Currency Act 14:17:21
Blowing It! - Cain Yells at Reporters, "Don't Even bother asking me all of these questions" 14:09:30
Ron Paul Stops by Smokey Row in Osky 14:08:16
The Hill: Ron Paul suggests another campaign promoted Cain scandal 14:05:56
NC GOP Straw Poll November 19th 13:57:32
Righthaven assets to be seized 13:57:18
Free Ron Paul Stickers 13:55:00
For the poor. Rich people, don't read this. No 1% allowed. 13:52:20
‘I Support Cain’ Means ‘The Country’s Fine Just As It Is’ - Tom Woods 13:43:34
Cain caught telling fibs again, on O'Reilly. 13:38:24
Informed voters seek out Ron Paul 13:35:38
WORRIED YET? Herman Cain Reveals He'd Be 'Perfectly' Willing To Get In A Shooting War With Iran 12:55:16
This could be a colossal opportunity 12:52:31
Rick Perry = Jethro Bodine? 12:44:25
New Personal Liberty Presidential Poll 12:42:09
passing the RP torch- 12:35:45
Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief 'CIA Makes the Mafia Look Like a Sunday School Class' Behind Most Terrorist Attacks 11:54:16
Some help. 11:47:23
Herman Cain's Sexual Harassment Accuser Speaks! 11:37:11
Herman Cain's plan to fix the FED? 11:26:49
Ron Paul cancels meeting Marine Le Pen 11:19:35
In God We Trust 11:04:50
FOMC Statement; Bernanke Press Conference 11.2.11 10:56:56
A third party that needs to be looked at: "Americans Elect" 10:56:15
FREE Ron paul signs and gear for Iowa & New Hampshire 10:54:29
Leno Goes Easy On Obama 10:50:49
Herman Cain's Newest Campaign Video [PARODY] 10:48:18
Sen. Rand Paul 'There Still Isn't the Will Power Among Many Republicans To Actually Cut Spending' 08:31:29
Blacked Out in Iowa 10:26:56
Shark Pool: The Ron Paul Story (comedy break) 10:19:10
Article: The Ron Paul rock solid fundraising base could play key role in primaries 10:12:23
Nonprofit Seeks To Be New Political Force 10:08:42
Louis Farrakhan gives sermon with props to Ron Paul and a history lesson. 09:59:18
Illinois Republican Straw Poll all this week 09:51:12
Joe Rogan on Occupy Wall Street. He mentions Ron Paul! 09:50:00
Herman Cain 'I Can’t Prove It, But These Allegations Are Racist' 09:49:26
My Street Light and I were having a Conversation today 09:46:50
Reuters Video: Behind The Federal Reserve 09:29:37
Roger Stone warns GOP about ‘Great Danger’ of a Third-Party candidate 09:20:53
Video: Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal 09:18:29
Could Drudge get anymore PRO-Cain? 09:17:28
Ron Paul 2012 Stickers On The Printing Press 09:12:11
Occupy Online 09:00:36
Goldline Execs Charged With Fraud 08:32:29
Dr Paul's tax policies 07:16:20
Dr Paul's tax policies 07:16:20
Dr Paul's tax policies 07:12:41
Human action 05:18:36
How divided is the country? Has it always been like this? 05:13:14
Need help creating a DVD/CD to distribute door to door. 05:11:43
Defaulting on debt: Strategic concern or Market concern 05:01:17
My quick thought on the Protests 04:56:47
Perry is Done: Gives Speech Completely Wasted 04:43:26
wild southern appalachian gals at it again with their libertarian principles. 02:41:52
Raw Milk Freedom Riders - The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized 01:54:50
Last segment of Snell's Iowa State Daily interview with Ron Paul - new insights (to me, anyhow!) 01:42:27
"Is Cain just plain stupid?" 01:37:23
How Will Technology Change Riots in the Future? 01:11:48
Ron Paul visits supporters in Ottumwa 00:34:26
EDITORIAL: Picking on Paul, Cain Unnecessarily Erodes Press Credibility 00:33:56
Sun News in Canada - Kris Sims talks Gold and Silver, mentions Ron Paul 00:25:47
NCF Straw Poll (National Council for Freedom and Enterprise) 00:23:41
So Herman Cain says we should call the fed. Well. 00:16:43
Iconic portrait of Dr. Paul 00:10:52