Posted on November 3, 2011

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Ron Paul Supporters are Everywhere! 12:22:02
I like your shirt 09:40:12
The Fed is the 1% [Artwork] 05:44:43
Video: Ron Paul's Fed Chair Pick, James Grant on GoldMoney News 05:21:40
Ron Paul Daily Digest 11/03/11 02:02:29
Ron Paul on MSNBC Morning Joe - 11/3/11: Fed is finally ‘on the defensive’ 01:39:54
‘I Support Cain’ Means ‘The Country’s Fine Just As It Is’ by Tom Woods 00:07:57
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Post time to Host National GOP Primary 23:19:14
30,000 People Shut Down 5th Largest US Port as Oakland California goes ON general strike 23:04:09
Libertarians for Ron Paul 22:54:55
Everyone Besides Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Have Been Voted Off The GOP Island 22:15:22
The Real and Present Danger of Herman Cain 22:06:34
Ron Paul is too old and unelectable. Says who? 21:52:43
What Would You Suggest Dr. Paul Say In His Closing Remarks In The Next Debate? 21:19:12
Flash ! - Politico : Sources Reveal New Details About Cain Allegation 21:17:54
Jon Huntsman to Stop Vampire Hunting in NH and Focus On Campaign 21:15:52
Nat'l Review critical piece on RP and OWS 21:14:43
Ron Paul Supporter, Brian Frank, makes the news! 21:05:32
Judge Tosses Jesse Ventura's Airport Scans Lawsuit 21:03:33
HOW TO turn THE blood OF OUR children into gold FOR THE bankers 20:43:01
Does anybody on here read Doug Noland? 20:41:39
"Getting Pissed On By The Power Elite" 20:37:58
War with Iran Looming 20:32:22
Conan O'Brien makes fun of the media 20:21:42
Ron Paul needs to go on network & cable TV for 1/2 hour each week to explain this economic mess & how to solve it! 20:13:34
Why Herman Cain Is Unelectable 20:03:36
Israel openly considering attacking Iran 19:21:56
Proof the news is scripted 19:14:43
Former Governor Ventura Talks Paul/Ventura Ticket 18:48:02
Gingrich 18:22:09
Ron Paul Slams Herman Cain’s Media Coverage 18:17:17
The Very Angry First Lady Michelle Obama 18:14:22
The Weekly Standard, Pro-Life Persuaders 18:00:10
Former head of the Mossad is urging Israel's prime minister NOT to attack Iran 17:56:58
Ron Paul Shines, Romney/Cain Skip Iowa Manufacturing Forum 17:56:38
Need Help Finding Videos On The Founding Documents 17:56:15
what in the world are they spraying? 17:44:11
Let's see how self described great problem solver Ex-Fed Chairman Herman Cain defines and solves his problems with women now? 17:12:05
The Divided Brain 17:05:29
Your opinion on career choice 17:01:06
For Ron Paul Supporters: Sex, Drugs and Gold 16:59:10
Mathematician Herman Cain is lying saying he doesn't remember; Cain's into numbers so there's no way he forgets $35-45K paid out 16:37:15
Cop to Banker: "He Has a Right to Speak" 16:24:09
Could OWS be organized by establishment-backed "third-party" Americans Elect? 16:19:20
China tells US to BACK OFF! 15:33:35
ALL new Ron Paul Polls updated all day 15:23:30
I figured out why Herman Cain supported the TARP Bailouts (financial records analysis) 14:49:07
Gangsta' taggin' the hood? Eh, not so much. 14:44:04
Help a patriot speak to Adam Carolla about Dr. Paul 14:25:46
With what Herman Cain has in his past he was very careless and disrepectful to Republicans by running and should now drop out! 14:25:24
Where is Don Harrold? 14:21:10
Free Market Charter School 14:18:50
"They're called LIBERTARIANS" 14:13:59, museum release Nazi victim records 13:54:05
Flash! - Politico Breaking News: Cain Accuser Got $45,000 Settlement 13:40:47
A Patriot's Letter in the Paper was published and needs good comments 13:36:21
Alex Jones: GMO crops a threat to humanity. 13:09:45
Freddie's Back. A Nightmare On Your Street 13:07:00
Great video comparing candidates vs Ron Paul 13:00:23
Are we being watched by Fusion Centers? 12:41:53
Herman Cain is the most watched on YouTube 12:28:17
The Choice for Libertarians 12:27:45
Ron Paul Facebook banners 12:22:36
Condi Rice on the Daily Show 12:16:22
Peter Schiff Analyzes GOP Presidential Candidates' Monetary Policies 11:49:46
INFOWARS Moneybomb Today! 11:42:30
ONLY 2 days left to vote in the Online Illinois straw poll 11:28:57
Ron Paul Girl vs Democrat Girl 11:25:03
'Assange could face torture in US but arrest won't stop leaks' 11:23:54
It's now The Herman Cain Show and "I misspoke! and I cannot remember." How much is just plain Herman Cain lying? 10:48:16
Herman Cain 'We're going to defend ourselves and defend our ENEMIES' 10:48:05
Liberty: It wants YOU! 10:23:58
Judge Napolitano - I Spy…on The Government’s Espionage Techniques 09:57:58
California Chaos, Lead at Drudge 09:56:05
the dirty little secret about Wisconsin's new concealed carry law 09:54:47
Video: The "Top Tier" is Dead 09:37:41
Thirty large and profitable U.S. corporations paid no income taxes in 2008 through 2010 09:32:05
Mitt Romney, Family Tied To Perps Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme 09:29:01
Mitt Romney, Family Tied To Perps Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme 09:26:19
Ventura: Americans Should Riot If Ron Paul Excluded From Debates 08:44:59
Peter Schiff - Bernanke & Fed to Ignite Gold & Oil 07:00:08
This clears up a huge question 06:54:51
The Human Toll of the U.S. Drone Campaign 06:54:42
National Review "Ron Paul fever at Zuccotti Park" 04:45:02
Will GOP Candidates Embrace a Conservative Foreign Policy? 04:35:38
Ron Paul Fever at Zuccotti Park 04:21:58
Arguing with a neo-con Christian zionist about Ron Paul 04:06:36
12 U.S.C. § 411 : US Code - Section 411: Issuance to reserve banks; nature of obligation; redemption 03:26:44
Just for fun: Black THIS Out! photos 03:10:01
Ron Paul - The Environmentalist Choice For President 02:21:14
11-01-11 Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano - Rand Paul Interview 02:13:20
Americans Elect? 01:45:27
Where would YOU hold the 2012 Presidential Debates? 01:39:44
NH sets Jan 10th as primary date - Donate NOW let's do this! 01:05:23
Justin Amash votes against "In God We Trust" Resolution. Explains Reason. 00:42:16
Video: Cain Ties Romney for Title of Flip Flop Champ! 00:25:13