Posted on November 5, 2011

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Yes He Can: How To Help Ron Paul Win Iowa (Call, Stump, Organize) 18:51:17
Ron Paul in St. Cloud: ‘Legalize Freedom’ 17:08:18
Ron Paul Launches Minnesota State Operations With 3,000-Strong Rally 17:34:42
Ron Paul Speech on Iowa Reagan Dinner (11/4/11) 14:34:01
Strike on Iran reactors 'closer by day' 14:13:28
Dr. Paul on Fox & Fox Business w/Cavuto - The Cost of Freedom. 11/5/11 10:05:12
Ron Paul - Champion of the Constitution 04:32:09
A Decentralized Approach to the 11.11.11 Money Bomb 03:35:57
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Fox News Chris Wallace Sunday morning 22:04:22
Found a rap song giving Ron Paul support 21:58:33
Ron Paul WINS Illinois Straw Poll with 52% of the vote. 21:55:29
Turn 1 Ron Paul vote into 5 (video) 21:51:16
Occupy the GOP! 21:50:54
Peer to Peer banking 21:43:03
Underdog wins against impossible odds 21:41:12
Who is Ron Paul? 21:12:58
The Cain-Gingrich Debate, Saturday, Nov 5, The Woodlands 20:55:31
Ron Paul Daily Digest 11/05/11 20:53:51
We need to make this into a Ron Paul - Pro Israel Advertisement or Picket Sign. 19:35:24
Article: Ron Paul voters to GOP: "We will spoil your election" 19:03:06
Calvin Coolidge Quote 18:51:13
Incredible Phil Donahue clip 31 years ago Milton Friedman 18:41:46
Herman CAlN's lOWA "Money Bomb". 18:40:49
Backup Chat for Daily Paul Outage 18:28:21
WARNING: Supporting the war in Iraq will make you sound like a moron 17:12:22
AWESOME new Ron Paul billboard in Florida! On I-75 south bound lane @Lake City. 17:06:34
Cain's problems are all Ron Paul's fault 16:58:08
Good job Charleston! 16:52:39
We have a word down south 16:38:40
Will one of Paul's sons run for his congressional seat in 2012? 16:20:09
Another perplexing Ron Paul oversight from the Times 16:02:25
Are you a Democrat? 16:02:23
If you do or don't have a Ron Paul bumper sticker 15:53:48
Anti-Drone Protests in Yemen (November 2, 2011) 15:51:00
Ron Paul launches Minnesota state operations with 3000 strong rally 15:45:55
Rachel Maddow has Herman Cain figured out 15:30:45
Cool Ron Paul endorsement video 15:28:31
Cool Ron Paul Endorsement Video 15:22:37
Huge Marine going off on NYPD at OWS 15:16:44
Building Independent Media Community (Post a Link to Your Website) 15:16:13
Close to losing poll 14:43:13
1948 Cartoon 14:32:09
The Judge Endorses Ron Paul Again - What If It's All One Party? (Video) 14:17:52
∞ I read a powerful letter today 13:56:52
Be Aware and Prepare 13:51:00
Anyone Ever Wonder Why Both The Federal Reserve Act and 16th Amendment Became the Law of the Land in 1913? 13:38:20
NO ONE would mess with a Ron Paul President, he is petrifying 13:17:22
Ron Paul & Rick Perry together on getting energy subsidies, Is this true ? 13:11:58
The New World Order Is in Big Trouble: Too Many Eurozone Summits, by Gary North 12:45:44
Just looking around and found this from 2008 Ron Paul music vid from the U.K. 12:17:15
Daily Paul Planned Outage Tonight - Saturday 11/5, 10pm ET 20:36:43
Have YOU made a Ron Paul Youtube? 11:58:27
Could somebody let the official campaign know they are not utilizing facebook to the fullest? 10:51:07
Some Ron Paul Hatred by AlfonZo 10:41:41
Remember, Remember the Vth of November 10:24:57
Federalist No. 10 10:24:26
Actively Messing with Google - Ron Paul Activist Style 10:11:20
General Fired for comments about Afghan occupation 10:08:05
Getting Ready for the Holidays -Lets Have a Decorating Contest ! 09:45:54
North Korea Invading South Korea with Help from China? 09:03:00
White House refuses to comply with Solyndra subpoena 07:38:15
Can any other Republican win without us? 07:14:48
After Iowa ? 07:01:33
Reaching/Organizing Americans abroad for RP? 06:14:30
Why Don't We Black Them Out on DP forum? 04:38:50
Ron Paul - Champion of the Constitution 04:31:11
How Do YOU Surf the Daily Paul? 02:51:25
Weekend Reading 01:47:20
Ron Paul's Stances on Major Issues (Simplified) 01:22:47
More Paul-itics 01:21:47
If Ron Paul got rid of the income tax . 01:12:35
Keep Posting to Facebook - It Makes a Difference! 01:10:35
Ron Paul: Iran Sanctions Act Definite Step Toward War 01:09:25
Liberals are Progressive Libertarians. They just don't know it yet. 00:53:43
Miniguns and Moneybombs 00:47:43
Herman Cain Grope (looks like obama hope) funny facebook poster 00:45:11
I have seen Him as He is 00:36:47
All Eyes On Iowa - The Hawkeye State 00:12:22
Cain afraid to say Ron Paul's Name 00:09:03
New Ron Paul Video ! 00:02:33
Jesse Ventura's TSA Lawsuit Thrown Out By Judge 20:45:32