Posted on November 10, 2011

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Ron Paul is in Ripley's Believe it or Not 17:46:45
On Night Marred By Perry Gaffe, Paul Stays The Course 23:47:53
Just Received 1,000 Ron Paul Super Brochures 14:54:52
Business Insider: Ron Paul's Honesty Is Courageous 12:22:03
Photos from the Michigan Debate Rally Yesterday 17:50:56
Zero Hedge: "Be Honest CNBC. You're Biased Against Ron Paul" 09:50:48
Ron Paul's 11.11.11 Veteran's Day Moneybomb Raises Over $1,100,000 and Counting 19:02:49
Iowa County GOP leaders say Paul, Romney poised for Caucus Wins! 07:45:45
Michigan debate: Paul supporters dominated the event + R.P. speech @ debate party 08:01:07
Ron Paul Debate Highlights Video from CNBC / Michigan GOP / Oakland University Debate - Nov 9, 2011 18:01:45
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What Did Rick Perry See In Ron Paul's Eyes That Made Him Go Blank? Have You Ever Seen Ron On TV So Much? 23:12:49
Country Music is a conservative pond that isn't being fished much 22:38:15
Local, Nationwide Ron Paul Ads? 22:33:01
Good concise analysis of Newt Gingrich. lol 22:27:54
Listening in on some conversations at dinner tonight 22:19:43
RP Blackout Stress Therapy Support Group: Do we need one? 22:19:01
Christian Case 4 Ron 22:08:58
How are you promoting the money bomb online today? 21:58:00
Thanksgiving and Christmas Ron Paul Guerrilla Marketing Ideas 21:48:28
Ron Paul Car 2.0! 21:41:32
The Christian case for voting for Ron Paul - Tom Woods interview by Steve Deace 21:35:34
Looking for feedback on my T-shirt design for Ron Paul 21:30:03
Everyone Please Link Up to this Herman Cain Video 21:27:56
Precincts for Paul 21:26:18
Bankers must make good leaders 21:24:13
NEW Veterans For Ron Paul facebook page 20:57:32
Poll - Mark Levin Show DON'T vote FOR RON paul 20:51:55
The Christian Case for Ron Paul-Tom Woods 20:50:07
Chemtrails - Citizen Activists Are The Last Line of Defense to Alert the Public 20:48:51
Democratic Win in Rep. Eric Cantor’s District Has Virginia Eyebrows Raised 20:41:58
Image of GOP Logo w/ Stars Right-Side Up 20:39:50
Why the U.S. should let Israel be.Michael Scheuer 20:22:50
Winners and Losers 20:21:05
Cain's advertising on Rush and Drudge is reaching RP's needed conservative growth market 20:14:04
Humor: "Herman Cain" - A BLR Soundbite 20:07:02
Mormons for Ron Paul 20:03:01
DailyPaul mentioned on along with Ron Paul 20:02:41
RP Supporters: Nationwide Debate Blackouts 19:53:34
All I want for Christmas are my inalienable rights! 19:44:37
"Cain Wreck" continues: Cain calls Pelosi ‘Princess Nancy,’ regrets it 19:39:19
Pin ups for Ron Paul. 2012 Calendar 19:28:48
Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul (and New Music from radiofriendly!) 18:57:58
Turkey Will Cost 22% More This Thanksgiving 18:52:20
Progressives Want Ron Paul to Apologize for Calling Obama Elected Dictator 18:48:45
Winning the January 3, 2012, Iowa Caucus has be our total focus along with winning New Hampshire, then it gets easier & explodes 18:42:16
Jerry Doyle to CNBC - You Just Pulled A Bill O'Reilly 18:28:26
refer to off topic about chatting-thank you! 18:22:50
Veteran's Day Money Bomb Video 18:20:25
chatting on DP- 18:19:37
Occupy movement makes sense to Ron Paul 18:09:33
Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base 18:08:24
Why do we do it? Because we CHOOSE TO! (Video) 18:05:53
Rand Paul Endorses Mark Neumann For The Open Seat In Wisconsin Senate Race 18:04:18
Why don't we do this? 17:56:05
Ron Paul Loosing Polls here 17:54:08
Cain camp claims he just passed a "Voice Lie Detector" test 17:37:47
People should OCCUPY the news media outlets. 17:37:38
If you want tix to the Wofford debate on Saturday 17:35:26
Third party bargaining chip 17:33:35
Ron Paul understands the mess we're in 17:30:02
Why isn't Paul's Campaign or Super PAC running radio ads? 17:30:00
Sarah Palin demands Eric Holder's resignation. Paul apparently not on board just yet. 17:28:46
understanding Paul 17:26:41
Publish the Questionnaire with the Poll Data 17:16:58
ON AIR NOW: Jerry Doyle has come out for RON PAUL (YouTube) 17:14:28
Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Fundraising - 2007 vs 2011 17:11:14
My prayer was answered: a tool to get to the older generation. 17:02:20
"It's Time for All Americans to Occupy Washington, DC" 1968 17:01:02
Predict the Moneybomb Total! (11-11-11) 16:58:41
Laura ingraham debate poll 16:47:13
Ron Paul Still Top Tier, Some Ponder a Third-Party Bid 16:45:34
SC debate 11/12/11 16:28:41
Black Out The Online Polls! 16:25:30
Small businesses tell Occupy, "You're hurting the 99%" 16:17:09
Only online poll from last night Ron is NOT wining on/! 16:12:34
CNBC Cans Debate Poll Because Ron Paul Was Leading 16:11:32
If you have time get to youtube 16:10:45
this cracked me up 16:06:43
In 1776 We Came Out of Bondage 15:55:45
Santorum Gave "Angel Award" to Penn St Child abuse program 15:39:43
eh! never mind. 15:38:17
Rational proof that "The 1%" is inevitable and normal 15:38:08
Polls from the recent Debate Please Vote 15:23:19
Mississippi : Obama trails Romney by 18, Perry and Cain by 17, Gingrich by 16, Paul by 15 15:21:13
Phone from home 15:19:16
Regulations and the Vine 15:08:42
Are we cementing Ron Paul's status of unelectable? 15:04:33
Social Media Support is Climbing! Let's show our support in our own front yards and business! 14:43:39
CNN Defends the Fed – Calls Ron Paul Economically Illiterate 14:41:34
Tale of Two Cars, an Analogy That Shows Why Ron Paul Should be President 14:38:21
Rick Perry Debate Fail DubStep Remix 14:24:01
Welcome to Amerika. 14:23:25
Poll says 2nd most likely to beat Obama 14:11:12
Why these Rigged Poll excuses don't make sense. 13:44:36
11-09-11 Ron Paul - cnbc Debate - hdtv Youtube 13:39:01
The Formula for 2012 13:39:01
Vote! RP is leading! 13:35:55
New, long list of online Polls! 13:29:28
The "C Shell": Cape Cod's Local Sound Currency 13:15:09
Win Ron Win 13:05:59
Stats on CNBC Debate 11/9/11 12:55:32
Sen. Rand Paul: Radicals have taken over the White House 12:51:19
Crowd at GOP debate ranks Mitt Romney, Ron Paul as favorites 12:49:13
The World Endorses Ron Paul 2012 12:33:53
The Mitt Show - 5+ more minutes than anyone else 12:28:08
Ron Paul Ads 12:22:10
Let's Suggest to MSM a Real Debate - The DCS (Debate Championship Series) 12:18:13
Next poll let's all vote for Santorum here is why. 12:18:02
Ron Paul: Constitution Jedi of the Republic 12:15:47
Debate stats, anyone? 12:12:42
GOP Debate at Wofford College Saturday@ 8 pm est. 11:50:57
Michigan support showed up last night. Here's the truth 11:44:03
Gingrich tax scandal 11:40:19
Phone from Home to help early states 11:28:30
Body language expert on michigan debate-video 11:20:23
CNBC Debate: Moderators Clearly Bias and Afraid of Ron Pauls Ideas 11:19:26
My letter to CNBC for removing Paul from their poll 11:13:59
American Girl 11:13:16
Ron Paul sits in 4th in latest Quinnipiac poll of Ohio Republicans 11:12:00
Tom Woods hosts Peter Schiff Show, Interviews Pat Buchanan 11/10/11 11:07:34
Tom Woods guest hosting the Peter Schiff Show 11-10-11 11:07:06
Code enforcement making us take down our RP banner! 10:59:54
Kidnapping and Ransom Rampant in the US 10:52:19
Making Mitt Romney: How to fabricate a conservative 10:49:13
25 Solid Reasons why Mitt Romney won't win! 10:45:09
Scare the Establishment! Pledge Your Vote Now! 10:38:16
"The Industry's" DP shout out to 8K people opening for Incubus! 10:35:43
Scare the Establishment! Pledge Your Vote Now! 10:32:08
Jesse Benton: Ron Paul needs top three finish in Iowa, New Hampshire 10:31:06
Guest Post: Be Honest CNBC - You Are Biased Against Ron Paul 10:15:04
VP Ron Paul? 10:10:03
The Media Blackout - One Way To Help End It 09:39:39
Anyone see where Halperin gave Dr. Paul a C- for the debate? 09:30:51
Happy Birthday Marines 236th! 09:22:49
Intrade 08:55:16
End the 3rd party talk. 08:45:18
PLAN: use stealth monetization to fund RP 2012 campaign 07:18:59
Ron Paul on ‘Occupy’ protests: I’m all for Going after Crony Capitalism 07:04:26
cnbc Repeat, They Remove Ron Paul Leading Online Poll again 06:20:54
Republican debate winners and losers: A disastrous night for Perry 06:11:23
This is Our Time 04:29:42
The MSM Is Destroying It's Own Credibility 04:03:56
Response: Ron Paul can't win 04:02:18
To my fellow Marine Ron Paul Supporters 03:57:12
“Michigan needs to listen to what he says. This subject matter means a lot to people here.” 03:45:46
Obama better than Cain 03:41:39
CNBC Takes A Play From O'Reilly's Playbook 03:06:25
I HAD to write Herman Cain ( couldn't keep it bottled-up anymore ) 02:33:14
End This War -The Ron Paul Song 02:29:11
Herman Cain Accuses His Accusers of Rape 02:28:11
An Open Letter to Rand Paul: Investigate the Killing of an American Teenager 09:11:44
A Personal Plea to Rand Paul: Investigate the Killing of an American Teenager 02:10:04
Jesse Ventura on Freedom Watch 11/9/11 01:36:03
Biggest Municipal Bankruptcy in History in AL; $3.1B, home to Birmingham 01:34:53
Liberty Packets - The key to mass saturation 01:19:44
Idea that could completely shift the majority of support towards Paul 09:03:10
Mike Tyson Spoofs Herman Cain’s Campaign Promises 05:52:47
Gamed poll - CNBC removes poll, because Ron Paul winning 00:48:21
Ron educating the "front runners" 00:47:50
USA Repair Tools 00:47:47
Another misleading bar graphic on new MSNBC Poll 00:40:22
My interview trashing Romney & defending Dr. Paul is almost 4 years old! 00:38:01
My Mitt Romney inrterview now going viral is almost 4 years old! 00:34:52
Sadly Very Disappointed With Ron Paul & Campaign After Debate 00:29:47
Time to blow these "slamming", "scamming", "gaming" the polls nonsense. 00:26:43
Romney and GOP Contenders Help Fuel the Iran War Propaganda Machine 00:23:58
Gamed poll 00:11:11
Perry forgets his own talking point. Painful clip 00:00:19