Posted on November 11, 2011

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Adam vs the Man interview Ron Paul 23:50:19
We need a 1000+ people with Ron Paul - 11/12/11 20:56:00
Steve Dore - "President Ron Paul - Restore America Now" 16:48:04
From a recovering Neo-Con. "It's all about the economy stupid"! 12:51:24
Conan O'Brien Exposes the Borg-Mind Media 12:59:42
My Letter to Family on Veteran's Day - End This War! 15:57:55
'Blowback Slammed' O'Reilly Shuts Down Facebook Page Amazon Ranking Dives CNBC to Follow? 10:04:23
Ron Paul Interview by The Arab American News (11/11/11) 04:32:49
Veterans Day Money Bomb Video 01:11:10
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Reason: Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street (OWS)-Uncut, Unfiltered, Unleashed! 23:47:33
Ron Paul faces criticism for ‘Veterans Day’ money bomb 23:45:27
Rick Perry's 53 Seconds Screw-Up Video Restored 23:20:28
Ron Paul is the most tracked candidate on - Lets keep him there! 23:19:30
War w/ Iran 22:56:20
I want to create a documentary named "PollGate" 22:49:28
[Image] Drudge: Newt in Second 22:23:27
How in the Hell Can A Survey of 382 Likely Republican Voters Be Called A National Poll, and Be Reported As Breaking News? 22:23:22
A friend of mine wrote this defending Ron Paul's foreign policy. Love it! 22:19:23
How did Dr. Paul become Lord Voldemort? 22:02:59
Dirt on Mitt Romney 22:00:06
Ron Paul Ripley cartoon 21:52:31
If the establishment is so anti-Ron-Paul, then why is he in the media at all? 21:52:00
The Unconstitutionality of Newt Gingrich 21:45:55
Once people understand the debt, they support Ron Paul regardless 21:30:25
NATO subject to ICC investigation for war crimes in Libya 21:28:28
Herman Cain's 'blame game': 5 enemies he's holding responsible 20:46:36
CNN Heroes, I seen this on CNN does someone want to put Ron Paul up for a Nominee? 20:30:05
obama campaining 20:15:36
Ron Paul live on CNN.COM right now! 20:13:02
Name This President (Video) 19:49:59
Daily Paul mentioned in Fox Business article about Ron Paul's stamp on FIAT money. 19:48:35
Poll: Ron Paul has best chance to defeat Obama! 19:47:11
Jack Hunter: What We Owe Our Veterans 19:37:35
Federal vs State power, in Ron Paul's view 19:34:19
NeoCon Drudge Report increases attacks on Americans at Occupy. 19:27:39
Update: RP now winning! Washington Times Poll - Ron Paul losing to Gingrich and Cain! 19:26:16
James Madison’s Warning: The Enemies to Public Liberty 19:20:59
Exposing Mitt Romney to the Tea Party/Republican Party 18:48:29
Antiwar Radio: IAEA Iran Hype Based on Forged Laptop 18:38:20
Halliburton's Iran War 18:38:14
Banner for the Money Bomb on other Websites 18:37:05
Ron Paul SuperBrochure GameChanger! 18:02:58
Ron Paul Super Brochure Game Changer! 17:57:11
Would you vote for Ron Paul in Iowa? 17:56:40
Debate I'm having on FB with an old friend of mine who is a Cain supporter. 17:41:48
Seen the Thrive Movement movie? My take. 17:33:23
Tomorrow! Ron Paul Live! Veteran's Pre-Debate Rally - Spartanburg, SC 17:32:55
We The People - RP 2012 17:31:33
What Have We Learned, America? - Judge Andrew Napolitano (Kinetic Typography) 17:20:14
how to find polls? 17:13:30
Candidate Comparison: Top Contributors 2012 Cycle 17:13:13
Newbie question about the gold standard 17:08:25
Ron Paul: Size of government is the problem 17:08:02
Grassroots Project Idea: Revising Ron Paul Blimp for only FL for only January. 17:05:02
23% = 80. How MSM uses poll percentages instead of numbers to mislead general public. 16:45:00
RP is a bigger environmentalist than Obama, any other candidate 16:35:55
Barack O'Bailout Feels Occupy Wall Street Protesters' Pain. 16:29:51
Have the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Simply Given Up on Foreign Policy? 16:25:13
Rp at 10% in latest McClatchy/Marist poll 16:15:15
Banking Cartel Supports Romney #1, Obama #2. Cain, Gingrich, Perry are Clowns to Keep People Distracted 16:11:01
WashTimes Poll: Who is your GOP choice so far in the presidential campaign? - Poll in left column. Must register to vote. 16:01:10
Ron Paul in ANOTHER Marathon. Represented At Least 15:51:15
Mitt Romney's deferment of convenience 15:41:41
"American Foreign Policy! Because it works so well domestically!" 15:37:15
Should I believe polls with Ron Paul at 7-10%, or 10-16% or is it possible MSM is manipulating polls and support is much bigger? 15:35:29
Ron Paul Campaign Exploits Veteran’s Day With Money Bomb Fundraiser 15:29:36
Ralph Nader mentions Ron Paul in speech to OWS 14:55:43
Newt Gingrich : The Illuminati Choice for 2012 by Texe Marrs 14:53:06
Flip-flopping Herman Cain now says Federal Reserve SHOULD be audited 14:50:09
Ron Paul Super Brochure - GameChanger! 14:43:18
THRIVE: What will it take? 14:33:43
Your Face Will Self-Incriminate 14:15:24
manually turning 14:14:38
Corporate, free market, union enhancement to children's education and family. 14:12:37
Judge scolds Righthaven lawyer, adds another $32,000 judgment 14:00:13
9-9-9 plan = A black market. 13:59:03
Greece Lender of Last Resort-Iran! 13:51:00
The Newt Anointed One 13:21:19
Veteran's Day Requires a Rethink 13:20:41
Liberal Media blog published this today: 13:12:00
Where's Pauldo? 12:58:16
Online Avatars = Bumper Stickers 12:51:34
If Romney, Cain Or Perry Gets The GOP Nomination It Is Going To Be An Absolute Disaster For America 12:50:02
If Cain flames out, who will rise among GOP? 12:48:32
Monetary reform is THE most important topic. Gold n silver were used to bankrupt the US. 12:34:40
What Are Some Moral Obligations of a Foreign Policy of Non-Interventionism? 12:31:30
Looking for ron paul campaign plastic sleeves for 200 metal signs 12:17:54
Sat Debate -Foreign policy 12:15:32
Video: Ron Paul proven right - Al CIAda flag flies over Libya 12:13:29
Obama Body Count - 2,402 Coalition Forces Killed Since Elected 12:04:35
Happy Veterans Day (Armistice Day) 11:59:56
The Peter Schiff Show - Tom Woods: Entrepreneurs & Wealth Distribution 11:50:50
Simple History of the Monetary System 11:45:27
Non-intervention by Richard Cobden (Excellent quote explaining non-intervention.) 11:34:50
Presidential Candidates D&D Character Sheet 11:09:32
Marketwatch: In Ron Paul We Trust. Mentions Daily Paul! 10:44:51
We Need To Increase Representation 10:26:41
Ron Paul at 11%. in SC! 10:15:15
Donation App for Ron Pauls facebook 10:05:15
Quit Smoking for Ron Paul 10:02:18
CBS has a new poll out today. Cain - 18%, Gingrich and Romney - 16% 09:59:30
Jerry Doyle to CNBC - You Just Pulled A Bill O'Reilly 09:43:57
Andrew Dice Clay goes off on CNN - your a news guy and you don't even know what you're talking about! 09:40:43
Would this strategy work better longterm? Let's be honest. Make this system crumble! 08:59:57
For a Quick Laugh - The Rick Perry Meme 08:49:45
A Marine in REDDIT.COM asking us to support Ron Paul and to bring the troops home 08:38:45
Advertise Today Ron Paul's Support by the Troops 08:21:21
msnbc talks about the gold standard and occupy the fed 08:07:21
So much War, So much Pain, Bombs Away! 08:02:49
Thoughts from Iowa on 2012 07:55:57
lobbyists and congress 07:55:06
CNBC - You Can't Handle the Truth 07:35:32
Free advertizing everyone can do 06:48:05
Free advertizing everyone can do 06:46:49
Sodahead - CNBC Cans Debate Poll 06:06:39
END THE FED AND PUT them ALL IN jail explained 04:38:58
Ron Paul and Contemporary Economics | David Gordon 04:20:11
The Christian Case for Ron Paul: Tom Woods on Iowa Talk Radio (Steve Deace Show) 04:17:37
Karen Kwiatkowski for Congress: on the Economy 04:13:09
What do you want for Christmas? 03:27:58
Prepare to get schooled in my Austrian perspective! 02:02:25
All Major News Channels Profit From WAR 02:00:38
Daily Paul on the Dow Jones Newswires 01:20:01
Afghan Vet posts on Reddit 01:05:06
Happy Binary Day! 01:02:58
Are YOU in Ron Paul's Camp? 01:02:24
Obama's favorite word - mesmerizing video 01:01:38
LOLOL! Just got this email from the National Tea Party 00:46:18
Brainstorm: Ron Paul's Suit 00:42:33
stop beating students! stop beating students! 00:39:57
A Veteran's Day Dedication 00:33:23
I shut down Bill O'reillys facebook! 00:27:01
Fed Chairman at Base 00:25:07