Posted on November 12, 2011

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Jesse Benton Blasts CBS News 23:27:30
Ron Paul on Fox 11/8/11 18:08:19
Ron Paul's Speech 11/12/2011 Veterans Rally Spartanburg SC 17:54:25
Video: Ron Paul Speech at CNBC Debate After Party 16:59:01
Paul says he wasn't trying to embarrass Perry 16:24:02
Video: Ron Paul's 89 Seconds in the CBS News GOP Presidential Debate 23:48:33
Foreign Policy Dossier: Ron Paul 09:20:28
"This is How We Win"- phone banking success on 1st day 03:04:04
Excellent article: Will the Republican party support Ron Paul? 17:31:08
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Time Magazine Changed Results 23:52:37
Paul: 'War propaganda' on the rise against Iran 23:40:20
On second thought, the SC debate might not have been so bad 23:34:51
One hope that was made clear to me tonight watching debate 23:34:13
Cain's winning this POLL 23:32:19
Media fail: CNBC pulls poll with Ron Paul winning 23:31:11
Ron Paul suggests Cain, Bachmann have ‘un-American’ beliefs on torture 23:24:23
CBS: "Gingrich Backs Obama for Killing U.S. Citizen - Ron Paul Strongly Disagreed" 23:23:30
The SC debate made me think of this Ron Paul video I made 4 years ago. 23:23:23
Bill O'Reilly's book banned from Ford's Theater for "mistakes" 23:16:13
. 23:15:49
Ron Paul on the Power Elite-1988 23:15:45
David vs. Goliath 23:13:14
By Far The Worst Example of Media Corruption 23:13:11
Is Ron Paul too Old? The data says no 23:10:55
Update! ~ Email ~ Call ~ Flyer ~Twitter ~ Facebook Bomb ~ December 7-10 23:10:11
Bachmann Alleges Debate Bias 23:04:50
Vote for debate winner if you can? IT peeps need your help 23:04:05
Did you notice Ron's new tailored suit? 23:00:44
Debate Mini Money Bomb 22:50:28
Pissed off? GET IN HERE. 22:45:04
Worldmag post debate Poll. Vote for RP 22:41:54
Americans don't want war with Iran which means 22:41:08
Operation Republic Debate Response 22:22:01
Am I the only one that is watching Ron Paul get 0 coverage on CBS? 22:15:15
Let's use our internet prowess more effectively for this debate polling 22:13:42
Worst censorship yet? 22:12:17
After seeing this farce in south carolina if you need any more evidence to prove this place is as corrupt as the worst of them. 22:01:27
Let's go people 22:01:20
S.Carolina-Not Even Asking RP A Question 21:36:13
Bernanke To Visit Ft. Bliss? WTF? 21:28:03
"An Open Challenge To Libertarians " 20:55:55
Clint Eastwood, Cain and RP 20:51:07
O'Reilly's Lincoln book tanking, even without our help! 20:36:45
Chip in for fantastic grass roots Iowa ad featuring graph comparing Ron's military donations to other candidates! 20:17:40
Post your best ideas for NH Ron Paul activists and campaign outreach 20:00:59
Serious Subject-Karma-Does America Deserve Dr Paul? 19:50:19
Ex Obama drone begs you to google Ron Paul! 19:43:03
Issues Chart 2012 19:30:29
Neoconservative movement began with Leon Trotsky! 19:24:45
Why Does The Old Media Trivialize Straw Polls? They are MORE Relevant Than Phone Polls 19:17:21
Lies and Statistics 19:14:20
Pledge Contracts expose trust failure of Romney,Perry,Cain 19:12:30
My first video for Ron Paul 19:08:33
VIDEO: Occupy Boston Storming the Boston Fed 19:07:08
Ron Paul video- my first. 19:05:45
Why Hasn't Herman Cain been Arrested Yet? 19:02:16
My video for the 2012-campaign: The American Upset 18:36:14
What If China Had Military Bases In America? 18:34:50
Marginal Debate Success 18:11:41
Online Q&A w/Tom Woods & Adam Kokesh every week - 18:00:42
Iran : explosion at Revolutionary Guards military base 17:13:06
Cain says God persuaded him to run for president 17:03:56
The Republican Party and Ron Paul's foreign policy 17:02:21
These are the people that should be taxed 100% of their income 16:33:08
We are winning! Time to Educate. 16:26:50
US history with IRAN 16:24:43
"Ron Paul for President" on Raising Hope TV show episode 16:22:13
RON PAUL should select John Bolton as his running mate! 16:19:35
Dogs welcoming the soldiers home 16:05:58
Email Yesterday from Ron Paul 16:01:52
Foreign Policy debate is a TRAP for Ron Paul: how to avoid it! 15:32:54
This is wonderful. 15:30:20
The Official Campaign Needs To Delegate A LOT More. 15:20:56
Fmr CIA Chief Sheuer on Israel & Iran Nukes; Non-Intervention Explained by a Professional 15:20:33
Demented US soldier in Afghanistan gets life in Prison 14:37:56
I am 4 years old! 14:33:16
RP SuperBrochure Domino Effect! 13:55:04
GREAT article 13:53:26
CBS News Foreign Policy Poll 13:44:31
HELP! With understanding the GOP election process. Imporatant. 13:34:07
Foreign policy dossier: Ron Paul 13:27:40
So you say its ok to let Iran have a nuke? 13:23:33
searching for older posts 13:01:38
banner over san diego calls for impeachment 12:18:46
Iowa college students and availability during caucus 12:10:55
It's so obvious that Fox News and the other mainstream media are checking up on this website! 12:08:28
Greece Turns to Iran for Oil, EU to Sanction Iran 12:02:44
Open Letter To Ron Paul 12:02:43
Ron Paul in 1988 11:47:24
Has the "Super Congress" destroyed the world yet? 11:44:41
CNBC debate # of reponses 11:33:53
Fox News Schmuck Tattles on Daily Paul Fans to Secret Service 11:20:59
An idea for "RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL!" 11:13:59
45 Days to change minds and change the world! 11:10:20
2012 GOP Lawmaker Endorsements for President 08:57:59
TODAY is THE day! All or nothing. Make or break! 08:45:41
We can beat Cain's money bomb 08:40:46
Why The Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Matters 05:36:36
VIDEO: Ron Paul says: "Obama Verging on Being an Elected Dictator!" 04:37:18
Make sure to stay informed about the opponents 04:34:11
A Beginner's Guide to the European Debt Crisis 04:32:29
What Republicans Have Not Wanted To Know And Are Too Dense to Ask 04:02:56
American Thinker promotes more neocon propaganda: "Ron Paul Ignores Iran's Treachery" 03:12:47
CBS News 60 Minutes: Get Ron Paul on "60 Minutes" 02:40:10
Ron Paul's Speech at a Town Hall Event in Rochester, NH (11/11/2011) 02:34:07
Let's keep RP Superbrochure an option in the playing field 02:33:58
The Audacity of Ignorance 02:07:22
The Real side of Mitt's Mouth is spouting out IGNORANCE as usual 01:39:19
Jon Stewart's 's Super Hilarious Commentary of the Latest GOP Debate (Must See!, Ron Paul Gets Love) 01:38:29
Ron Paul Needs $6.1 Million ASAP to WIN 01:18:23
Ratigan Show: Rickards and Browne (from EuroPac) 01:11:10
A positive article about Ron Paul at Washington Times! 01:01:06
Where is the ARTICULATION, RON? 00:46:09
Don't ever let the truth get in your way 00:34:39