Posted on November 16, 2011

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Youtube shuts down MoxNewsDotCom 20:56:40
Former Chief of CIA Bin Laden Unit Supports Ron Paul Plan 21:09:15
Top Tier Candidate Ron Paul Tells CBS Camera Man: "That's rude" for Shoving Reporter 16:38:28
Internet Censorship Bill Authored by Bob Goodlatte: FYI That's the Incumbent Karen Kwiatkowski Is Running Against! 16:26:40
Ron Paul Endorsed By Three New Hampshire Conservatives: 22 State Reps Now Officially Back Paul for President 16:20:37
New video: The Consistent Candidate: Ron Paul 2012 13:43:38
Ron Paul on Fox News Live with Megyn Kelly 11/16 /11 17:53:12
Paul Moves Into Second Place in Iowa AND New Hampshire 09:57:49
American Censorship Day is Today - Ron Paul Comes Out Against SOPA - Hurray! 09:58:47
I read the Daily Paul every day - Tom Woods 07:32:27
Ron Paul’s 19 percent in Iowa may indicate a path to the nomination 02:19:51
Bloomberg: Gingrich Said to Be Paid $1.6M by Freddie Mac 00:51:06
Iowa Businessman Recalls his Awakening to Ron Paul 09:39:04
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Ron Paul in his own words: "There is a risk I could win" 23:57:41
$15,O00,000,000,00OBAMA! 23:52:59
Ron Paul (like A boss): jocking around with rick perry LOL backstage 23:49:45
Who’s Serving You? 23:43:51
Ron Paul's popularity surges as early voting approaches 23:42:39
Ron Lawl: censors term "Ron Paul" 23:37:11
Any free printable RP flyers? 23:24:34
The Raw Story: Ron Paul claims frontrunner status, soaring past Gingrich, Romney 23:23:39
OWS Prediction: A Bomb Will Go Off, or Somebody Will Get Killed and The Media Will Blame a Ron Paul "Fanatic" 23:17:27
Article from WTOP - not quite sure what to think 23:09:03
Yahoo! headline " Herman Cain would loosen Fed Marijuana Restrictions" 23:03:44
The Internet: Highway for Truth, Rest Stop for Liberty, Vehicle for Change 23:01:53
Herman Cain asks how to speak ‘Cuban’ 22:52:19
New Ron Paul Video "The Consistent Candidate: Ron Paul 2012" 22:49:37
Update - Judge Issues Restraining Order! Livestream: Occupy Boston Bust Impending, See-Saw Action 22:42:13
Pretty cool vid! 22:38:10
If they only knew what's to come 22:28:00
New GOP rules award delegates proportionally not winner take all! 22:26:30
Torture 22:19:09
Reviewing Liberty Defined by Ron Paul 22:17:35
U.S. sends 2500 marines to Australia, Irritating China 22:17:04
AOCS vs. FED: MLM vs. Pyramid Scheme 22:10:05
Something that made me smile today 22:07:12
God Bless you Michael Nystrom for the Daily Paul 22:05:12
Re print this to the editors! 22:03:58
Help Win Iowa! "Oath" Ad in The Daily Iowan 21:58:25
The hypocrites of the anti-bullying campaign 21:57:18 GOP Poll - Vote Now 21:55:39
America's Full Time Job: Occupy Afghanistan, Occupy Iraq, Occupy Iran, Occupy Libya, Occupy Wall Street 21:46:29
North Carolina, Elkin / Jonesville area for Ron Paul 2012 (meetup) 21:44:15
Email Bomb Dec. 7-10, Winner 21:40:46
Really Big News for Ron Paul 21:28:13
Ron Paul Could Win California - 172 Delegates 21:18:41
Blowback Laura Ingram 21:11:59
This sums it up for most.... 21:05:34
Dean Allen Supports Banning Ron Paul & His Supporters in Email to SCGOP Chairman 21:01:49
Cainsian Economics 20:55:04
Ron Paul Shocks Media..with his Frontrunner status.. 20:32:18
Bachmann took campaign money from Freddie Mac while she was ‘fighting’ them 20:24:26
Jerry Doyle talks about Ron Paul's poll #s & his supporters ~11/16/11 20:23:34
Ben Bernanke Parody to Beverly Hillbillies theme. 20:17:07
Prostitution of the Press to "Rich Men Behind the Scenes" 19:44:39
Can't find a Paul calendar 19:43:27
We're winning in the Pin-Up calendar poll! 19:38:11
Fox News Pushing Newt and Romney! 19:37:41
Washington is addicted [video] 19:36:05
Google News Badges - No Ron Paul? 19:35:51
Obama DHS Rings Occupy Wall Street, Reporter Confirms "Many" Ron Paul Supporters 19:20:58
NEW polling info for Ron Paul 19:20:40
Wall Street Journal: Ron Paul’s Rx for Health Care: Excise Government. 18:48:06
What are good Phone From Home tips and techniques for a noob? 18:47:05
Who Would Jesus Vote For? 18:47:00
Jerry Doyle Show - Jack Hunter ' We're Doing Very Well in Iowa - Surprising All the Experts' 18:38:51
This "Veterans Day fun? " Video Is Going Viral 18:35:23
How Many "Phone From Home" Calls Have You Made? 18:27:01
Gorgeous RP supporters make case for Phone from Home Program! 18:12:07
Hypothetical General Election Results - Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama 18:08:22
Primary challenger takes aim at Sen. Corker’s ‘votes against the Constitution’ 18:03:40
Pinups for Ron Paul 2012 Calendar has been released! 18:03:01
I am really getting tired of the lumping people into groups, why is it so hard to follow Ron Paul's teachings? 18:01:56
Audit the Fed reveals details of 16 trillion in secret bailouts 17:42:54
Dean Allen Supports Banning Ron Paul & His Supporters in Email to SCGOP Chairman 17:29:09
Boehner backs supercommittee tax hikes 17:23:46
Ron Paul brings "End the Fed" campaign to Washington 17:17:41
Some GOP candidates support waterboarding but CIA reluctant 17:12:27
The Consistent Candidate 16:58:07
Oh Uncle Newt...Why do you have your hands in the cookie jar? 16:48:29
Peter Schiff Explains How Interest Rates Would Be Set in a Free Market 16:38:27
Poll: Lawyers choose Ron Paul 16:34:46
OWS wants government to centrally plan the money supply. OWS is an enemy of free market philosophy. 16:27:05
Ron Paul lecture series 16:15:17
Poll: Farmers Choose Ron Paul 16:12:53
Ah! Shudders from the blogosphere 16:04:54
Comment from co-worker about Paul 16:00:49
Above The Law Research Poll: Paul 36%, Romney 24% 15:39:26
A.P. Stoddard (The Hill) on MSNBC - " Ron Paul has best ground game in Iowa." 15:30:06
Vote On This Poll! - Can Ron Paul Win? 15:24:17
Pregnant teen, elderly woman pepper sprayed at OWS in Seattle 15:17:19
Ron Paul web series 15:11:02
Are Ron Paul Supporters Obama’s Secret Weapon? 15:02:47
Republican candidate Ron Paul now considered a front-runner 14:56:45
"END THE FED - Ron Paul 2012" Self-Inking Rubber Stamps, NOT for stamping Federal Reserve Notes, Free For Ron Paul Donors? 14:55:00
Hardballs Chris Matthews Says, "There are no intellectuals in the GOP race"....Is he right? 14:50:00
Debate suggestion to improve campaign. Challenge viewers to disprove him. 14:49:48
Walter Williams says Poverty isn't that Bad in America. I Invite him to Come to My Legal Aid Office for a Day 14:47:50
Israel hires Internet soldiers to Penetrate American Forums, Chatrooms 14:45:38
DHS Monitors My Twitter Account 14:40:11
Occupy Wall St. Plans To Shut Down Stock Exchange On Thursday, Nov. 17 14:36:08
Hello again from the NO FLY LIST... 14:35:58
A question about fed vs. state taxes... 14:31:48
How do you convince women to vote for Ron Paul? 14:31:08
Girl, 13, in 'waking coma' after HPV shot 14:28:38
Spelling it out for Republican Voters 14:27:25
Media preparing us for a Ron Paul win in New Hampshire? 14:23:55
Report: Bullet hit window where Obamas live 14:21:02
How has this video not gone viral? Anyone have an answer? I get pumped when i see it. 14:00:21
New Fox News Polls Out Tonight 13:59:32
Sick of people saying Ron Paul is a racist? The Fed is an issue that transcends race, this video proves it! 13:58:06
MF Global Looted Customers’ Accounts Via Internal Bank Run 13:51:56
GOP Self Sabotage 13:51:27
Paul is second against Obama in RCP poll today 13:50:33
ON FIRE! Ron Paul Leads Obama Among Independents, New Poll Shows 13:42:49
Surging Frontrunner Ron Paul: They Won't Be Able to Stop Us! 13:30:17
Sabrin: Fed Behind Effort to Ignore Ron Paul 13:22:15
Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners 13:19:35
The Consistent Candidate [video] 13:17:17
Dollar Bills poetry stand up 13:13:37
FLASH! Gerald Celente Gold Account Was Emptied by MF Global 13:07:05
Newt or Chameleon? Gingrich receives $1.6-$1.8 from Freddie! 13:03:55
FLASH ! Ron Paul Wins Charleston and San Diego GOP 'Straw Polls' - Update 12:58:24
America : Freedom to Fascism Revisited 12:52:57
Over-reliance on foreign aid leads to corruption 12:49:45
Hard Hitting Commercial – new idea, feedback please 12:46:59
How Do You Sell Ron Paul? 12:45:18
On Tax Revenues: Herman Cain - 9, 9, 9; Barack Obama - Mine, Mine, Mine; Ron Paul - Nein, Nein, Nein. 12:36:54
Funny YT on Cains 999 being the 666 anti Christ 12:35:50
Win 1 oz. of Silver with the Best Notepad Rant Against the Fed! 12:34:11
Marines in Australia. 12:27:57
Potential opponent of Scott Walker in Recall: "The role of government is to take care of people!" 12:23:03
Epic Imbecile Herman "Sugar" Cain knows zero about Libya 12:22:34
Is it possible to get an accurate estimate of number of Ron Paul supporters? 12:22:19
Giant step towards police state! 12:11:59
Bruce Fein - Spokesman for Ron Paul's presidential campaign on In Context 12:01:18
Remember this Interview from 2007 with the Nashua Telegraph 11:52:34
Gingrich and Pelosi - The Love Fest 11:50:15
John Dickinson's Important Lesson 11:48:27
Bill O'Reilly: Butcher of Journalism 'Get out of my studio before I F'ing tear you to pieces' 11:39:24
Ron Paul Predicted War on Drugs/Gun Control Threat Back in '09 11:26:56
Team O'Reilly Slams Amazon - Doubles 5 Stars Ratings While 1 Star Ratings Breaks 900 11:26:17
How to help the movement for FREE with one click 11:03:31
#OccupyTheGOP? 10:26:42
Can we get a "Farmers for Ron Paul" sign made up? 10:22:30
Ron Paul, Live at CATO Wed. 11/16 @ 9 AM ET 10:21:33
Paul Moves Into Second in Iowa, New Hampshire 10:09:42
Supreme Court Justice Breyer warns of 'Orwellian' government 10:08:52 Eighty-Nine Seconds: Why the media hates Ron Paul 10:03:09
Video Interview: Ron Paul Talks Gold & Silver with Mike Maloney 09:36:00
Anyone Hear the Pro Keynes Piece on NPR this Morning? 08:50:18
"Professor: Congress IS subject to insider trading laws"by Mark Thoma 08:30:24
Wash Post-Ron Paul to Pull an Upset in Iowa? 07:54:37
Why the Old Media Ignore Ron Paul 07:43:56
Permanent US Presence in Afghanistan 07:37:27
Can Ron Paul pull off an upset in Iowa? Washington Post 07:18:50
Laura Ingraham disses Ron Paul BIG time tonight...Please mass email her now. 06:51:29
Ron Paul STILL Ignored (89 Seconds in Debate) 06:37:47
Roadside sign blitz- IOWA 06:26:43
Conservative Radio Host Mike Slater Agrees With Ron Paul on Iran Blowback 05:50:36
Free the Weed: Gaining Momentum in Michigan 05:20:55
Bloomberg News Polls: Ron Paul 2nd in NH with 17%, (Romney 1st at 40%) 08:24:59
Pragmatarian Challenge to Stefan Molyneux and the Third Solution 03:53:39
Jack Hunter: Conservatism's Future: Young Americans for Liberty (video) 03:47:53
Man sought after bullet hits White House 03:25:14
Cain is fading, Gingrich will fall quickly - Ron Paul will emerge 02:50:52
Ron Paul: From Unelectable to "Hitting An Absolute Ceiling" 02:38:59
Black Friday Sign Bomb 02:25:35
Ron Paul Super Brochure Feedback. 02:18:18
Gear Up DP'ers! Go to every Iowa fb, tweet, social network, college forum, whatever 01:59:42
Gear Up DP'ers! Go to every Iowa fb, tweet, social network, college forum, whatever 01:59:16
Why Would Obama Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Now? 01:34:06
Dec 16th Money Bomb Idea? 01:33:32
Yahoo up to the usual TRICKS! 01:22:13
How about this for a billboard? 01:17:41
Ron Paul’s 19 percent in Iowa may indicate a path to the nomination 01:13:43
Lt Col asks Bernanke what a world without the FED would look like 01:10:36
Politico: Pin-ups for Ron Paul (2012 Calendar) 01:08:21
We Need Delegates, Delegates, Delegates, Part 2 01:02:13
New Ron Paul Poll! 00:51:08
Dec 16th Tea Party Anniversary Money Bomb 00:48:40
Dec 16th Tea Party Anniversary Money Bomb 00:45:31
30 second elevator pitch for Ron Paul - which one is best? 00:42:21
Colonel Douglas MacGregor on Freedom Watch: Stop feeding the MIC. 00:41:35
The Fed is the 1% Revised [Artwork] 00:26:03
SC GOP Chairman being petitioned to ban Ron Paul and supporters from future events 00:21:58
Bill O'Reilly is still fuming over book reviews 00:17:22
The Daily Show is CRUCIFYING Cain over his latest gaffe! 00:15:13
Sarah Palin Wants Ron Paul To Keep Educating Us (11-15-11) 00:13:22
Cain, Bachmann, Romney, etc., volunteers - what to say to them 00:11:03
You Pay, They Mail, RP & America Benefits! 10:29:18