Posted on November 17, 2011

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Washington Post: Ron Paul is for real in Iowa. Seriously. 16:25:01
Tea Party Withdraws Support of Cain "He's clueless. He should quit" 12:59:00
Pat Buchanan on Iran, the GOP and Ron Paul (Ron Paul 2012 Official Campaign Blog) 12:12:44
Update: I just bought an ad for Ron Paul in my local paper for the next 4 weeks! 16:33:53
TYT: Ron Paul Polls Ignored by Mainstream Media 08:28:43
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve is Like Drug Addiction 07:44:58
Great coverage with video: Ron Paul's popularity surges as early voting approaches! 04:36:48
Ron Paul’s crowd sourced campaign and how it makes the mainstream media irrelevant 03:09:42
New Iowa Poll: Paul Surges to 20.4% 02:55:46
Ron Paul Interview w/Sean Hannity: 11-17-11, 3pm ET 15:00:27
Louisiana - TODAY is deadline to register to vote and register Rep (12/15) 12:37:43
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Can we post on the front page? 23:56:33
O'Reilly Ron Paul supporters ‘Orchestrated campaign’ to attack book 23:38:50
Ron Paul Volunteers Organizing Food Drive 23:36:27
Anyone Else Here A Green Libertarian? (National Parks, Forests, etc.) 23:29:35
Nacogdoches County, TX Republican Straw Poll Nov 22 23:10:20
Ron Paul wins yet another straw poll in NH, youth vote 22:57:00
Ron Paul is the Texan riding high in the polls now 22:56:51
Rasmussen Claiming Newt is at 32% in Iowa...Yeah Right 22:41:03
Ron Paul Should Be The First Candidate To Announce His Vice-President Selection 22:31:44
Whoa! I Can't Believe We Missed This! (Well, Almost missed this) 22:25:33
Herman Cain makes local stumbles in return to N.H. 22:23:53
Sean Hannity Interviews Sarah Plain on Fox News: Quotes Bloomberg Iowa Poll, But Omits Ron Paul 22:19:25
With my RON PAUL constitution sweatshirt on 22:18:04
Even the really young love Dr. Paul 22:15:31
Ron Paul on Jack Heath Radio 11/17/11 22:13:17
Paul/Hagel 2012 22:10:09
Would Ron Paul put the hurt on Mexican drug cartel's business without firing a shot? 22:00:04
Limbaugh borrows Paul's stance on interest rates, fails to cite source. 21:39:08
Tea party and progressive senators unite, introduce legislation to hasten withdrawal from Afghanistan 21:36:16
Ron Paul 2012 Logo Font? 21:01:14
Ron Paul On The Jerry Doyle Show 11/17/11 20:58:41
"Patriotic millionaires’ demand higher taxes, but unwilling to pay up" 20:55:45
Occupy Wall Street - Shout about it today! 20:50:06
Money Scandal to Make a Newt out of Gingrich? 20:45:13
Seeking best one-sentence answer: 20:19:44
Herman Cain to get protection from the Secret Service! 20:14:52
I Challenge Everyone to Watch These Interviews of OWS Folks Talking About Free Enterprise, Capitalism, the Fed 20:09:42
Who might be President Paul's Vice-President? 20:07:32
Rand Paul at Cato 20:06:08
Heartbreaking Visual Evidence of Human "Collateral Damage" in the War on Terror 19:58:29
Catholics, please ask for the prayers of St. Thomas More to help keep Ron Paul safe. 19:58:05
Stories From Ron Paul Supporters - Post Your Own 19:47:21
Chinese TV Host Says Regime Nearly Bankrupt 19:45:54
Who's Texas' Favorite Son Now? 19:42:41
Important! Message from Rand about Dad dated today 19:38:35
Has anyone got a prayer beseeching God to protect Ron Paul and keep him safe? 19:23:20
I Have Issues - Please read. It's excellent. 19:22:30
Using Google+ to educate the people, Herman Cain have more "following" than Ron Paul in the moment. 19:21:57
Ron Paul Interview On The Sean Hannity Radio Show 11/17/11 19:01:05
Christmas Music to accompany the Ron Paul Revolution! 18:52:35
LIBERATE Wall St Not occupy wall street 18:51:51
Radio Host Interviews Mitt Romney, calls him an a-hole ON AIR ! Changes his vote to Ron Paul! 18:51:10
Vehicle Wrap 18:35:21
Zuccotti Be Kiddin' Me: The Reality on the Ground at OWS 18:34:12
Excellent Dr. Glidden audio clip 18:29:28
Politico - Kids for Ron Paul, 5th & 6th Graders Polled, Paul 1st 18:26:48
ISU professor says Ron Paul “underpolls” in Iowa, elsewhere 18:26:42
Compilation of Schiff on RP 18:23:49
Medical Savings Account 18:21:16
Time person of the year 18:02:57
Campaign should address policy misinformation in video 17:56:54
Ron Paul bikes 10-15 miles a day! 17:50:45
tite 18 exposed 17:46:21
The Forces of the Last Gasp, Vid 17:43:53
Focus on Winning Iowa using 1 on 1 communication and donations to get out the message and ensure that all Ron Paul voters caucus 17:40:37
Epic Nigel Farage Rant - Must See 17:37:28
Tea Party 11 Money Bomb - Letter to Friends 17:32:37
title 18 of the united states code exposed 17:31:30
Ron Paul and JFK both vs The FED? 17:28:17
Charleston, SC for Ron Paul presents ROCKING THE R3VOLUTION! - This Saturday! 17:23:07
Video: BBC Ridicule Republican Candidates 17:08:41
Audit the FED 17:08:19
10 Questions with Ron Paul 17:01:43
Use This Fact Sheet to Defeat Gingrich in Comment Sections 16:59:57
This is what I feel like about my view of GOP election and Ron Paul 16:57:47
FOX Article: Does Paul Have the Strongest Ground Game in Iowa? 16:43:23
Ron Paul on the Jerry Doyle show today at 2:30 pm Pacific 16:38:11
The Ron Paul Uprising-New Movie 16:24:37
Sen. Paul Introduces Resolution to End War in Iraq 16:20:24
New Idea for Paul Campaign 16:18:17
It is important to understand who has the greates voting block 16:13:29
Recent Rasmussen Report trying to Portray Ron Paul as the Least Favored Candidate by Iowa voters. 16:09:12
SCAMSMUSSEN just HAS to "put out the fire!" 16:09:09
Fox News:"This could be a history making race again." 15:57:02
(video) New Documentary Out - thrive 15:48:39
Yahoo: Looks Like Ron Paul Will Be Ignored Again in the Next Debate 15:45:38
THOUGHT of the Day for all my fellow DP'ers 15:40:32
Peter Schiff on Ron Paul 15:38:41
The System Has Been Destroyed - MF Global Catastrophe Making Waves 15:35:58
Fox News: Does Ron Paul have the strongest ground game in Iowa? 15:26:07
Obama's campaign store is f'ing banonkers 15:25:58
Business Insider: Actually, Ron Paul Is A Front-Runner 15:21:30
Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page ads 15:11:59
Who's your GOP pick for 2012? 15:11:28
Have you had a Ron Paul? 15:11:26
VIDEO Chocolate Rain kid explains the economy- hit it on the head. 15:04:30
Tea Party Sparked by Bank Bailouts Before Hijacked, Welcome to Occupy Wall Street! 14:59:43
Central bank gold buying at 40-year high 14:57:16
Dear Ben Bernanke 14:48:27
FOX NEWS: Ron Paul Supporters Strip Down for Fundraiser 14:46:23
Stephen Colbert Talks About Pin-Ups in 2012 14:38:47
Overshadowed by the Cainwreck and Newtmentum, Ron Paul Climbs into Second Place 14:34:58
Tom Woods on the Bill Meyer Show [Audio] 14:19:40
"Oath" Ad for Ron Paul 14:08:38
Guilty Until Proven Innocent: U.S. House Proposes Internet Inquisition, Pt. I 14:06:35
TIME: Overshadowed by the Cainwreck and Newtmentum, Ron Paul Climbs into Second 14:04:24
This Is What Revolution Looks Like 14:03:58
The next financial crisis will be hellish, and it’s on its way 13:56:22
Ron Paul Two-Day Tour to Include ‘Restore America Now’ Meetings 13:43:39
How Missouri Caucus will work? 13:40:01
Outside The Box Marketing Techniques for RP 13:38:27
Priceless video! The top 1% that are doing the work! 13:35:30
Is Iran a threat? 13:22:52
Who Does the Work for Ron Paul 1%? What have you done today? 13:17:23
CPAC 2012 no mention of you know who 13:10:54
Reporter, camerawoman assaulted by NYPD during ‘Occupy’ protests 13:09:32
Pizza Baron Herman Cain 12:58:28
The Hill: Ron Paul Surges in Two New Polls, Yet Major Media Ignore This 12:41:49
Livestream - Greeks 12:41:15
Great Idea for a REAL debate 12:35:51
11 shocking things you now realize to be true (but you never would have believed just three years ago) 12:29:58
Cain is losing it..... seriously, this guy is unstable. 12:26:12
Greek Protests 11-17 versus OWS: What is the difference? 12:17:47
Vote for Ron Paul in the Globe Gazette poll. Scroll to bottom 12:11:57
Chemtrails for Ron Paul! 11:46:56
What Ron Paul should propose- My idea but available to anyone brave enough to promote it 11:46:12
Steve Forbes Predicts a Return to the Gold Standard Within Five Years 11:45:44
Rick Santorum Asks U.S. Populace If He's Still Running For President 11:36:16
Anyone catch Colbert last night? 11:34:33
O’Reilly v. Ron Paul fans: ‘Orchestrated campaign’ to attack book [VIDEO] 11:32:06
Ronstoppable: Ron Paul is a hipster’s dream 11:30:46
A Little Poll Newt is Actually Winning 11:27:06
Ron Paul's plan is discussed on RTV 11:26:15
The GOP’s third party nightmare scenario 11:23:57
Just walking with Ron 11:19:32
Ron Paul meetup groups 11:15:32
Ron Paul's Latent Strength in Iowa 11:03:16
+4,500 invited, can get to 10.000 today ? 10:58:03
The media blackout is a good tool to convert neo-cons. 10:57:45
Ron Paul Will Be On The Jerry Doyle Show Today - 2:30 PST/5:30 EST 10:38:05
We need more videos of phone banking 10:36:54
ABC - Ron Paul: Govt. Intervention Is Not the Solution to HC Reform 10:33:38
Ron Paul 2012 Opens Field Office in Denver, Colorado 10:28:47
27 Reasons Why Newt Gingrich Would Be A Really, Really Bad President 10:25:55
The Ron Paul supporters who attack OWS... 10:20:17
Romney deleted emails 10:15:10
Can Austrian Economics Save American Capitalism? JerryDoyleShow 10:11:16
Soylent Green or Cannibalism? 09:51:37
MERS has Right to Initiate Foreclosures: Michigan Supreme Court 09:44:57
The Great GOP Primary Crash and Burn: 5 Republican Would-Be Saviors Flame Out in Hilarious Ways 09:40:50
Americans Elect 09:28:49
27 Reasons Newt Would be a Horrible President 09:19:29
Ron Paul on Hannity radio show 11/17/11.... 09:09:10
Senior Citizens Should Be Number One Target For Dr. Paul 09:07:55
Anyone have the OWS CBS Aerial Stream Link? 08:59:21
Get First Hand Knowledge Of Where Ron Paul, Pay-for-Play NeoCons Are Polling In Iowa/New Hampshire... 07:32:33
WND: Money scandal to make a Newt out of Gingrich? 07:26:02
Herman Cain: Newfound support for medical marijuana, or flip flopping? 06:14:52
Please Vote Here and Share Your Ideas What To Call the 12-7 to 12-10 EVENT 06:12:44
Building a Bigger Money Bomb for Dec, 16th 06:08:04
GOP restricting voting rights ? 05:09:14
The Real Road Block may not be Obama but............................. Rush, Mark and the lovable Bill! 04:55:45
A Sound Bite I'd Like to Hear Ron Paul Say. 04:51:49
Why not Ron Paul? 04:50:59
Jon Stewart: Herman Cain on Libya (Super Funny) 04:36:29
Very Important, Please Read! Caution! 04:32:41
Ron Paul Peace Signs Project 04:30:13
Ron Paul. The Young Hipsters Vote 04:22:16
Fmr US Attorney John McKay: "Legalization Of Marijuana Is Needed To Increase Public Safety" (New Moxnews video) 04:08:42
Cain cut down by GOP establishment hero Krauthammer 04:07:02
Ron Paul Republican Running for Governor of NC? 03:52:34
This is what campaign asks you to do right now! Fresh video from the official YT page! 03:46:23
Carol Paul - White House ready 03:44:29
Iowa State University Poll: 20.4% for Ron Paul (2nd) 03:37:28
Federal Reserve Fail 03:36:19
Abe Lincoln Prophecies 03:23:52
Iowa State Univ Poll CONFIRMS Bloomberg Poll-Lookout! We! 03:17:09
Paul 2nd at 20.4% in Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG Poll 03:12:58
What will OWS "occupy" next? 03:04:45
This song is about Corporate America screwing us! 02:39:44
The Grassroots are busy in Iowa! (VIDEO) 02:35:41
Red State: Ron Paul Could Win the Nomination…yes…really 06:19:47
VIDEO- Embed This: Gingrich Gets Exposed by Jack Abramhoff 02:15:52
Creating a Ron Paul Newspaper Ad 02:10:07
Awesome video! 01:59:58
The heat is on @ the EU ! - vid 01:55:22
Time Magazine has a great article on Ron Paul by Alex Altman 01:55:06
Obama parroted Paul 01:22:18
Here's the Risk: "Occupy" ends up doing the bidding of the global elite 01:20:35
Picture: Obama, you're slipping even among Muslims 01:18:26
media buzz picking up? 01:11:32
Moxnews got taken down 01:06:49
Good Stuff at the Washington Post 00:35:06
Why the MSM Cannot Report Fairly on Ron Paul 00:20:17
Pat Buchanan Agrees with Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 00:04:56
Aliens Discover Ron Paul 00:02:18