Posted on November 18, 2011

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84 Foot Ron Paul Sign Becomes Reality! 20:41:10
Zogby: Ron Paul’s strong performance in early primary states is another sign of "a Republican Party at war within." 19:50:00
HuffPost: Ron Paul Can Win... It's in the arithmetic. 22:34:13
Ron Paul Can Win the Presidency - Doug Wead 20:26:19
Ron Paul on Mickelson in the Morning 11/18/11 (Full Interview) 14:43:06
Karen Kwiatkowski's Campaign Highlights Bob Goodlatte's Sponsorship of SOPA! 14:27:36
Phone Banking is interesting 20:55:29
Jon Stewart: Why Doesn’t Ron Paul Get His Shot As Media Frontrunner? 11:33:16
Ron Paul Revolution Riding High! Fox Business 03:38:23
What's So Wrong with Ron Paul? "Reality Check" on Ron Paul 12:42:49
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Santorum trying a Moneybomb... it's even sadder than you think. 23:54:57
Your sign puts my sign to shame. 23:54:25
What would our World/Life/Finances look like now 3 years after a Ron Paul 2008 victory 23:47:38
Why should Social Security recipients vote for Ron Paul? My video message to seniors. 23:42:44
Supporters Say Ron Paul Is Gaining Momentum 23:37:12
AP Via Drudge : "GOP outsider Ron Paul gaining traction in Iowa" 23:35:16
Top of Drudge Report : "Ron Paul Warns GOP Not To Capitulate on Taxes, Won't Rule Out Third Party Run" 23:27:26
RCP: Is Newt Peaking Too Soon? 23:27:08
Does anyone know of good Ron Paul YouTube videos etc, with Spanish subtitles? 23:19:48
Independents and most anti-war Democrats will vote for Ron Paul if asked and so will military families who want the wars to end! 23:15:39
China financing the development of weapons that will be used to blow it up later 23:07:55
Make Ron Paul's Pic Your Facebook Pic Day 22:40:14
Only 92% of Newt's twitter followers are fake. 22:36:07
Doing my part! 22:12:26
Newt Gingrich's Manufactured Rise 21:52:45
Ron Paul's Greatest Interview with Mike Maloney 21:51:40
You're not all a bunch of kids out there, ARE YOU? 21:40:28
Bad Lip Reading - Ron Paul 21:39:23
Herman Cain suggests Taliban running Libya 21:38:15
My Plan for opting out of ponzi banking system, Building credit and wealth simultaneously. 21:37:54
Who remembers this post from 2008? 21:31:35
How to destroy Romney AND Gingrich in one 60 sec TV ad 21:15:39
GOP outsider Ron Paul gaining traction in Iowa 21:11:05
Ron Paul 2012 Amazing! 20:54:00
25 Straw Polls since 6/16/2011. Ron Paul is 1st. 20:48:59
Two polls: vote if you like 20:46:31
A positive article about Ron Paul... in the Associated Press! 20:39:22
Yahoo! Frontpage: GOP outsider Ron Paul gaining traction in Iowa 20:38:34
Activist Video Idea for RP 2012 Campaign 20:30:11
Ron Paul Can Win on Arithmetic – Not Just Philosophy 20:24:33
Glenn Beck says he will never vote for Ron Paul 20:22:25
We Petition The Obama Administration To: Endorse Ron Paul for President in 2012! 19:45:36
Maddow - Serious consideration for Ron Paul, after tearing down republican field 19:40:42
Morning Joe Panel Speaks With Iranian Official 19:39:48
Hope for the Future! Ron Paul wins NH School Children Poll 19:37:05
Please donate to Glen Bradley, NC State Senate 19:23:23
Poll on Live Leak 19:20:11
Newt's Contract with America 19:16:22
Article On Newt Gingrich: Is Newt Really a Conservative? 19:16:10
Ron Paul's Youngest Supporter 19:16:03
Ron Paul Signs on to Letter Calling for Pay Cut in Congress 19:02:24
Bad Lip Reading does Ron Paul 18:49:38
Flash ! Washington Post : Gingrich Think Tank Collected Millions from Healthcare Industry 18:49:34
HUFF. PO.: Ron Paul Can Win on Arithmetic, Not Just Philosophy 18:48:05
Cain Busted Again! CNN shows Video of Cain Stating The Taliban is In Libya..WTF? 18:39:42
Ron Paul can Win on Arithmetic, Not Just on Philosophy, by Robin Koerner 18:31:20
Really funny Ron Paul video. 18:23:13
Yesterday, I got a long list of state senators & assemblymen who are endorsing Romney in Nevada. What to do? 18:14:54
Video: Jerry Doyle Explains Why Ron Paul's Numbers Are Surging 18:11:49
'Support Them Now Billboard' in Missouri - picture and Thank You for all who made it reality! 18:09:16
Ron Paul: Bad Lip Reading (funny) 18:01:08
Occupy Wall St.: Repeal The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008? 17:56:31
Phone Bank Bomb starts at midnight. 17:56:29
Enough of these amateurs, we need to figure out how to topple Romney 17:56:15
DOJ to criminalize fake information on dating sites, uploading videos to YouTube 17:56:12
'Ron Paul' A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite [Video] 17:49:21
Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack 17:44:30
Gin Grinch "I am NOT a Lobbyist" 17:43:42
Ron Paul Chant for crowds 17:32:57
Obama's War Machine Conquers Australia. 17:24:29
Zogby: GOP voters ‘don’t like the dog food,’ turn Ron Paul into early-state contender 17:05:51
Newt should be sunk by this 17:02:37
EuroZone Debt Web 17:00:24
Is Ron Paul the only $20 gold coin obscured by a sea of worthless Federal Reserve Notes? 17:00:06
If we go find 2-4 people to vote for Ron we have checkmated them immediately because once a RP supporter always a RP supporter! 16:39:34
Megadeths New Album TH1RT3EN: Ron Paul on Cover? 16:38:23
Help Ron Win this Poll - You know what to do. 16:30:56
Jon Stewart showing how silly the other candidates are except Ron Paul 16:16:21
Rep. Ron Paul to be featured on Face the Nation, this Sunday! 16:13:04
Help Ron Paul Win This Poll 16:00:20
Newt Gingrich Collected at Least $37 million from Health-Care Industry over 8 years! 15:52:41
Charleston, S.C. RON paul meetup Endorsement 15:44:13
ATTN: North Carolina Straw Poll tomorrow, all hands on deck! 15:40:40
Scumbag Who Bailed Out Banks Calls Out Scumbag Who Helped Crash Economy 15:26:20
Politico Breaking News : "Big Defeat For Liberty" 15:21:21
Write to your local news stations & tell them to give Ron Paul the media coverage he deserves! 15:10:33
Once you become a Ron Paul supporter... 15:00:19
Ron Paul: Obama Health Care more Fascism than Socialism 14:54:47
How the Poor Are Prospering by Ignoring the State-Tom Woods 14:50:50
Drudge Report posts: Fake terror plots, paid informants: the tactics of FBI 'entrapment' questioned 14:43:26
Bad Lip Reading does Ron Paul 14:38:39
2012 Electoral College Map - CSPAN 14:33:06
What are some of the best, most creative, or unusual Ron Paul displays on cars, houses and people 14:28:57
Upcoming Oklahoma Straw poll 14:12:15
Tea Party Group Presents Its Own Debt Commission Report 14:11:16
Mr. Lew Rockwell, if it was you, you better come clean this time, boy. 13:49:58
How will the media blackout continue when Ron Paul is the GOP nominee for the POTUS 13:48:26
What will become of the Rush Limbaugh Show when Ron Paul becomes the Republican nominee 13:42:24
I am now a victim of the War On Drugs (Update) 13:39:02
OWS Brought the Torches and Pitchforks to the Wrong Castle 13:31:43
Ron Paul Wins Springfield, Missouri Tea Party Straw Poll 13:30:28
Bad Lip Reading - Ron Paul 13:28:04
Ron Paul on Politics and Freedom-Interviewed byAlberto Mingardi and Carlo Stagnaro 13:26:55
Movie Theater Advertising.... 13:19:52
Ron Paul wins Kids Primary in NH! 13:18:48
It's Open-Line Friday on the Rush Limbaugh show. Do RP supporters consider asking Rush why he seems to stand against Ron Paul 13:17:12
Neal Boortz: Maybe Ron Paul SHOULD be president! 13:16:50
Gov. Romney deleting emails. Story via Boston Globe. 13:09:31
What is the best way to win Ron Paul R3volution converts among the older generations? 13:07:02
Ron Paul Flyer Bomb - 2 Million Flyers for Ron Paul Dec. 7-10th 13:05:06
Are the establishment GOP candidates preparing to choose a Democrat for their VP slot? 13:03:19
Having Great Success in speaking to Obama supporters 13:00:55
Shocking Video: Herman Cain, 'The Whore of Babylon" 12:56:29
Invitation sent to all factions to attend on common ground at Rock the Vote concert 12:54:07
Attention GOP 12:50:47
Jesse Ventura on Alan Colmes Radio Show Nov. 17th, 2011. 12:50:24
Welcome Occupiers! Let me introduce you to Ron Paul! 12:50:02
MSM : "Ron Paul doesn't exit!" 12:49:04
One more reason why we don't need troops all over the world 12:33:02
Is the media blackout of Ron Paul really a blessing in disguise? 12:16:33
Ron Paul wins Kids poll in NH 11:59:38
A crazy idea! Thoughts? 11:55:00
Is the Ron Paul R3volution like Hotel California? 11:53:32
Classic 11:49:22
New Daily Show Clip: "Perhaps Ron Paul will get his shot at the front runner?" *Classic* 11:44:16
NFL player imprisoned for non-violent drug use. Let's use the Johnny Jolly case to highlight why RP is the best choice. 11:39:41
2 Years ago Newt was touring the country with Al Sharpton for the Obama Adm. 11:39:01
How to own the 4N Policy Debate: "Armed Neutrality" 11:32:27
Ron Paul can win the Iowa caucus - Al Jazeera 11:26:39
Can Catholics, protestants and atheists stand together for Ron Paul? 11:22:56
Looks Like Ron Paul Will Be Ignored Again at the Next Tuesday's CNN Debate... 11:22:14
Primary Schedule and Delegates 11:16:58
Another lone voice in Alabama 11:16:19
'Save Us, Obi-Ron - You're Our Last Hope!' 10:58:25
Video: Ron Paul Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show 11/17/11 10:47:06
Corruption in Aghanistan: Worse than You Thought 10:32:49
To pay off student loans, a young man came west to cultivate some of Oregon's high-pedigree pot 10:22:00
Now, I see. 10:10:26
Bill O'Reilly Blames Ron Paul Supporters For Bad Book Reviews Dennis Miller 'I Might go to Planet Ron Paul' 10:01:50
Radio: Peter Schiff on Newt & Freddie 09:47:50
Great Article: Why Ron Paul Will Win The Iowa Caucuses 09:45:32
NEW Iranian coup comic, A cool & FREE way to spread the message?... 09:18:41
Bachmann heckled off stage! 09:18:27
"Ron Paul can win the Iowa caucus" - Al Jazeera 09:07:44
Ron Paul Won't Rule Out Indy Bid (Nov. 17 interview) 09:00:13
Jesse Ventura Talks Ron Paul on CNN w/Piers Morgan (11-16-11) 08:44:10
Paul is kids' choice in presidential straw poll 08:15:13
Ron Paul's energy secrets 07:34:39
The Question 07:34:22
good article- Al Jazeera 06:59:24
Archive interview: Ron Paul, Birth of Tea Party, on Rachel Maddow 06:44:29
Romney staffers buy computer hard drives at end of his term as governor 06:43:39
David Letterman addresses Ron Paul's 89 seconds 05:55:36
Short Animated RON Paul Video, Pretty Cool 05:19:50
Presidential Video Satire 04:38:45
Presidential Video Satire 04:20:16
Remember Obaid Karki? UAE Arab Dissenter Loves Ron Paul 04:07:55
Terror scare as pilot locks himself in toilet of New York flight 03:43:26
Ron Paul speech National Association of Home Builders at the 29th Annual Cato Monetary Conference 03:31:43
Why the Tea Party Moneybomb could be the most important yet ? 03:22:49
Pin-ups for Ron Paul on Colbert (Video) 03:14:42
Battle Time, Winning when the Battle Starts [Video] 03:12:37
Article on Yahoo: Cain is in Real Trouble 03:10:18
Evacuation Day .. Jon Stewart 03:08:16
Is Ron Paul Worth 100 $ ? 02:42:28
27 Reasons Gingrich would be a really, really bad President 02:23:03
You REALLY want to watch this video 'Reality Check' by a local Fox affiliate saying Ron Paul should be given fair coverage 02:13:27
More Press For Paul via Drudge 01:53:04
Did I just see an adult Ad? 01:46:25
Does Ron Paul Need Secret Service Protection? Chairman Cain apparently needs it 01:34:51
Visual Aid: The Tea Party & OWS 01:18:25
Why is Ron Paul so popular? (New video) 01:01:57
A Long Forgotten and Unknown Korean Veteran - Sgt. Reckless 00:53:00
It's Not Impossible That WE Can End This War! 00:41:41
Ron Paul: The Karate Kid 2012 00:19:08
Rush Limbomb 00:18:20
Lone Ron Paul Blogger Found! 00:16:59
Ron Paul: Obama health care more fascism than socialism 00:12:05
Conservative Byte Also Gives Hermie Cain The Boot 00:07:33
US News, CNBC ignore giant elephant 00:01:59