Posted on November 19, 2011

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Al Korelin Endorses Ron Paul, Talking to Jeff Deist 20:35:56
Video: It's Time To - End this War.. 07:56:11
Audio: Neal Boortz is AMAZED at Ron Paul's 2002 prediction of the housing bubble 05:12:03
NY Times: Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls 05:54:23
Sunday Morning, Nov. 20: Ron Paul on CBS Face The Nation 21:07:54
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America: Until You Wake Up, We'll Fight For You - Ron Paul Revolution 23:52:13
Occupy SF - Audit the Fed 23:49:37
leaked memo: Wall Street Has A Much Bigger Worry Than Obama 23:46:36
Amendment to Stop the Corprate Money in politics! 23:19:26
Wnd.Com editor apologizes for Gingrich support 23:16:42
Ron Paul Forcing a "Must Win" Scenario for Romney In NH 22:59:43
Video: San Francisco Federal Reserve Employee Admits FED IS PRIVATE - Pays Dividends! 22:44:06
Ron Paul 2012 Electable? 22:39:24
Republicans & Conservatives Should Embrace a Ron Paul Independent Run 22:34:20
The blackout is backfiring and the revolution is growing 22:32:47
Perry, the candidate that "errors on the side of life" pads Texas Medical Board 22:23:56
Henry Kissinger in 1972: Jews "self-serving Bastards" 21:27:38
Stats: Thanksgiving Family Forum (Citizenlink) Debate 21:15:41
Ron Paul Says U.S. Troops in Australia Is ‘Mischief’ 20:47:16
O'Reilly Taunts Ron Paul Campaign 20:46:55
Mitt Romney Supporter Epic Twitter Meltdown 20:46:35
Mitt Romney Supporter Epic Twitter Meltdown 20:46:09
Mitt Romney Supporter Epic Twitter Meltdown 20:43:08
Gary Johnson attacks Ron Paul on earmarks as his campaign is dying. Thanks Gary for your support, jerk. 20:42:50
VIDEO: Ron Paul highlights at Thanksgiving Family Forum 20:31:46
where is the ron paul was right video 1998-2002 20:16:42
Looking For Experienced IM People to Help Plan Coordinated Effort 20:01:11
Dont' forget the NC poll! 19:57:28
Thank you all who have been keeping us up to date on OWS, and thank you all who have the courage to go to these protests 19:37:21
Ron Paul Billboard Georgia 19:22:21
This is a Battle for the Soul of the GOP 18:42:21
Dr. Ron Paul is/was a FIZZ-ISH-AN 18:36:02
Ron Paul on CSPAN1 Tonight (11/19) at 9:00 PM Central 18:19:36
The Blaze - Positive RP article 18:13:34
YaHoo News: 2009 Ron Paul supporters mentioned 18:08:36
No More of the Same - It's Time [Video] 17:49:42
College student drama major demands government provide her a director's job 17:38:24
Getting the message out! 17:35:05
edit with link "war with iran its official " 17:32:40
Cute little gizmo to pass on. 17:20:40
Are you better off than 10 years ago? 17:10:43
A Marine explains his support for Ron Paul. 16:43:59
When will America Become America. 16:34:54
Peter Schiff: Once you go Ron Paul, you don't go back 16:31:05
Federal Reserve audit forfeits franchise for securities fraud and embezzlement of $16 trillion. 16:25:12
If Ron Paul won, do you think the elites would crash the economy? 16:24:47
Attention: 3,000+ Slim Jims and Ron Paul Super Brochures free to good home in Iowa 15:44:41
Help me with this list of Patriots! 15:43:09
AFP: One day in campaign of Ron Paul 15:28:34
Ron Paul Endorsed by Cedar Rapids Tea Party Founder 15:15:41
Ron Paul Is John F. Kennedy 14:41:27
UPDATED: East Texas Ron Paul Meetup 11/29 14:34:18
CNN - Jesse Ventura : "There's only one person I like at all, that's Ron Paul" (Video) 14:30:12
Communist Party USA Endorses Occupy Movement 14:27:21
Santa is bringing votes this year 14:19:09
Yes Sean Hannity, you are a statist 14:16:56
Be polite to neo-cons & Paul haters! 14:09:49
I DARE Them To Prove Ron Paul Foreign Policy Wrong! 14:00:54
Rand and the Senate... 13:37:56
Geraldo supports Ron Paul? 13:27:10
New Law by Obama to Jail 500,000 Americans or More for The Crime of Opposing Their Government 13:25:41
North Carolina Registered Republican Online Straw Poll - Deadline Tonight (Sat. Nov. 19). 13:24:54
Would you take 50 cents and a Ron Paul brochure for my $18 tab? 13:22:56
Listen to debate even if you have slow internet 13:17:51
Pat Buchanan: Pros and Cons as a Ron Paul VP Choice 13:08:27
H.R. 822 (National Right to Carry) Passes House 13:01:37
Another "Stop the Media Bias" petition 12:47:13
A Behind The Scenes Explanation Of The Republican Cheerleaders In Talk Radio 12:43:28 Poll! 12:39:24
(something that) sums it ALL up? 12:39:22
Politico 2012 Live Front Page: PAUL 12:34:04
*steal this video* Ron Paul still Ignored (89 sec in Debate) 12:29:11
Ron Paul 2012 "Electable" 11:46:31
The media blackout has been good for Ron Paul 11:43:40
Do most RP supporters believe Pearl Harbor was a set-up and WWII was unnecessary? 11:10:55
Poll! 11:01:58
The SuperPAC can win nomination for Ron Paul. 10:25:38
GOP Outsider Ron Paul Gaining Traction in Iowa 09:57:38
Was anyone fast enough to catch the muffled reference to Ron Paul this morning on Fox News 09:51:23
NYT Article and Strategy 09:49:46
I was interviewed at OWS Denmark 09:49:16
Presidential Poll up on Newsmax - Vote Now! 09:16:49
Ron Paul Is Risking His Life for All Americans 07:54:10
Guess Who Benefits From Austerity Politics? 07:47:01
Reply from Ben Swann for Facebook postings Reality Check 07:04:03
How can we be much more organized for the precinct elections in Caucus states 07:00:34
Maddow realizes that Herman Cain is an art project! 06:11:53
Ron Paul Supporter Calls Dennis Prager RE: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 06:11:34
White House Petition : Endorse Ron Paul for President in 2012 05:19:08
Signs For Farmers Especially! 04:59:19
Great speech by someone who thinks a lot like Ron Paul 04:41:29
Imagine Ron Paul doing this speech at OWS 04:22:53
Great job of reporting on the good Dr. for a change! 03:51:14
Invite all of your facebook friends NOW for Supervoter Bomb event!Let´s get it DONE! 03:48:55
Thank Ben Swann (guy from Reality Report!) on facebook asap! 03:37:39
Ron Paul Signs on to Letter Calling for Pay Cut in Congress 03:36:10
Ben Swann's "Reality Check" on Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan 03:36:03
Time to hand stuff out! 03:28:59
Support Karen Kwiatkowski and Ron Paul in Virginia! 03:22:45
Ron Paul in Iowa Local News! (KFXA FOX 28) Nov. 19th 2011 03:19:18
Collection of printable campaign materials... 03:18:13
Ron Paul in Iowa Local News! (KCRG-TV 9) Nov. 19th 2011 03:10:38
Greenspan 03:06:59
Vote up in reddit fast if you want tens of thousands to see it! 02:59:16
Ron Paul is the Texan riding high in the Republican polls now 02:38:29
. 02:37:20
The NY Times wants your Ron Paul pictures 02:22:46
New York Times: Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls 02:19:05
Ron Paul's Vice President: Why Not His Running Mate from 1988? 02:16:37
Campaign Finance Comparison: 01:56:57
Great NY Times Article 11/18/11 - "Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls" 01:55:41
Ron Paul to Hell and Back 89 second debate boycott list 01:53:22
Obama's New Jobs and Housing Plan 01:52:30
GOP Outsider Ron Paul Gaining Traction in Iowa - Associated Press 01:48:14
East Texas Meetup 01:35:27
'Political Science' 01:30:59
One veteran's discovery of Ron Paul. 01:27:38
Chris Matthews gets a taste of his own medicine. 00:49:39
Video: Michigan Pre-Debate rally video 00:49:02
Ron Paul Mickelson 00:26:33