Posted on November 20, 2011

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Ron Paul People in Virginia Supporting Karen Kwiatkowski's Campaign: SOPA Author is Going Down! 05:19:12
"Here comes Ronnie!" - Daily Caller 18:19:09
"This Week" panel: Watch out for Ron Paul in Iowa 12:42:28
ABC News Says Ron Paul Could WIN 12:26:43
Results of NC Grassroots Republican Straw Poll - Ron Paul Wins! 12:11:49
Judge Napolitano Freedom Watch: Ron Paul's Iowa Surge 11/19/11 04:01:47
Where Are The Pledges For The December 16th Moneybomb? 13:30:57
Sh...Ron Paul could win California and therefore the nomination 01:45:16
VIDEO: Ron Paul One Hour Interview - Des Moines Register Editorial Board 11/19/11 19:04:30
Saturday, Nov 19: Thanksgiving Presidential Family Forum - Ron Paul Highlights & Full Debate Video Link 21:41:40
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If you're not reading LRC, you're not awake 23:44:48
Pipelinestan Interview 23:37:33
This site is most revealing on corruption. 23:36:14
There is only one ( 23:25:12
Bomb A Country, from the comfort of your own home... 23:23:22
USA / Australia / Cluster Bomb Stockpile? 23:16:22
College Conspiracy - Dept. of ED - Shocking Truth - 63 mins. 23:04:42
Best debt to GDP reference materials ! 23:03:18
Ron Paul is a long distance runner. 23:01:33
Inside the MSM...! 22:47:44
Do you know Paul Findley? He speaks out about AIPAC 22:26:08
There is only one 22:18:43
Christian Science Monitor Article: Too Soon To Write Off Ron Paul 22:09:57
Newt is a Great Example of Crony Capitalism 22:08:09
Not good Cain unless you've bought the other ones off too. 22:07:39
Comments PRAISING Ron Paul on a CNN article. 21:56:39
Ron Paul Leading Redux (Video) 21:53:25
Cain Campaign Announces 800th Precinct Captain in Iowa-People Ready to ‘Put a CEO in the White House 21:42:12
Another Progressive Endorses Dr. Ron Paul For President 21:38:59
Voting watchdogs - maybe we can help 21:31:05
Strategist talk about IOWA on Freedom Watch 21:25:46
Confessions of an Economic Hitman [2 min. Cartoon Video] 21:24:59
The plain truth on a fascist foreign policy - By the judge... 20:49:49
RealClearBS 20:49:43
The Enemy Within- A Global Conspiracy [50 min. Video] 20:46:48
This is one of the greatest Ron Paul song of all time, why does this have only less than 300 views. 20:44:28
Poll 20:43:15
Nice Article about Paul from a Pa. Paper 20:43:13
Video: The REAL Newt Gingrich 20:39:13
Why does nobody discuss the real reason we are threatening Iran and PAK? 20:13:40
7 PM (eastern) comes another False Flag! 20:04:57
North Carolina Republican Straw Poll 19 Nov Results - Ron Paul 52.2% 19:49:10
Where will you be when Ron Paul wins the election? 19:44:16
Obama Harvard Law Review, National Tv Psa, 1991 19:43:10
Ron Paul Social Network 19:27:49
I just talked to a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. 19:23:55
Rep. McDermott: "Gingrich Is 'a Chameleon" VIDEO 19:14:39
Convincing my brother, a college professor, about RP 19:08:52
Newt's Scam 19:06:16
RP Video/Commercial index by topic 19:04:24
The Thrill is gone? Chris Matthews on Obama..hahaha 18:57:23
End The Fed Houston Rally 11/19/2011 18:55:35
From The Huffington Post: Romney Defends Aides Who Purchased Their Government Issued Hard-Drives 18:37:18
Ron Paul 2012 - Golden State (End This War) 17:36:36
The Wall Street Manifesto 17:20:48
South Carolina and San Diego straw poll wins also 17:19:07
Adding Spanish subtitles to choice Ron Paul videos on YouTube 17:01:48
Ron Paul has the best crap. 16:51:34
Ron Paul: How To End The Federal Reserve's Crimes And Solutions Speech 16:37:44
America’s festering sores 16:31:09
Did you see Huntsman on SNL? Ron needs to be on there! 16:26:46
Paul Ryan & Justin Amash Vote Against Bob Goodlatte's BBA: (Yup, He's the SOPA Author Karen Kwiatkowski is Running Against!) 16:09:09
100 Reasons for Ron Paul 2012: Democracy ≠ Freedom 16:07:23
I (Chuck Baldwin) Am Now A Candidate For Montana Lieutenant Governor 16:05:11
Email I just got. $367 T.V. ads 15:56:06
Ron's 'ums' and 'uhs" while speaking 15:52:18
Ron Paul Campaign Impetus: Support Most Solid of Republican Candidates 15:51:42
Attention Volunteers: New Flyer to Get Jews and Christians to Support Ron Paul 15:48:18
Ron Paul is silenced by the media because of the Federal Reserve 15:48:09
Who is pulling on which strings? Beware the political puppet masters 15:36:47
Constitution Personally Signed by Ron Paul $200.00 15:35:51
Tabling for Ron Paul at the Nashville MMA Fight 15:34:59
Ron Paul: Having US Bases All Over Is Old-Fashioned Approach 15:00:47
Norway, Findland, The Netherlands ect Most Socialist- highest standards of Living? 14:53:18
Bad Lip Reading: Ron Paul 14:51:44
OWS Protester Exposes The Fed At Family Forum Republican Debate (Video) 14:44:09
New Fox Poll : Fox News Lies! 14:40:33
Pick a County and start mailing! 14:35:56
How do we best play our hand about a 3rd party run? 14:34:49
CS Monitor: Too Soon to Write Ron Paul Off 14:29:57
Convert a washing machine into a water powered generator 14:27:07
Don't let the good news make you let up 14:25:50
Associated Press - GOP outsider Ron Paul gaining traction in Iowa! 14:25:08
Tipping Point is now quietly happening & Ron soars after Iowa & New Hampshire wins: the MSM will not be able to contain it then! 14:21:21
Ha. Newt's advisor Bob Walker say's "Very strong virtual newtork created" 14:03:50
United Nations Agenda 21 14:01:52
Anyone else see a setup in the Luntz "OWS" guy? 13:51:17
Marijuana Users Really Are Smart People, According to Study 13:46:39
At Religious Right Forum, GOP Candidates Weep and Proselytize 13:43:18
Ron Paul : How To End The FED? 13:40:26
Talking Points for Ron with CNN Debate 13:13:33
Ron Paul wins the NC voter straw poll 13:04:13
Want Ron Paul to host Saturday Night Live? 13:03:59
Bob Schieffer Questions the Official Government Report on 9/11 13:02:51
Found this video on youtube, speech from 2001 predicting the housing bubble, right before 9/11 12:56:38
Sons and Daughters of Liberty Unite! 12:42:52
Graphic: The Republican nomination race so far (National Post) 12:22:47
The Democrat Argument for Ron Paul 12:22:26
Looking for a specific video. 11:53:44
On a good, lighter note 11:53:30
Sunday morning worship for Paulites 11:50:19
EU bans claim: Water Can Prevent Dehydration 11:48:12
UK: Young jobseekers told to work without pay or lose unemployment benefits 11:37:05
Jesse Ventura There’s Only ONE Person I Like At All That’s Ron Paul! 11:15:46
NPR ignores Ron Paul - again 11:12:55
Ron Paul Ad - Plan 10:32:46
Jon Stewart to Ron Paul: Is there an example in history of free market working? 09:25:58
Cain wins state poll of Tea Party members 08:49:59
Paul: U.S. interests should drive military actions 06:10:01
Ron Paul in his own words: "There is a risk I could win" 05:20:17
Internet Titans Fight SOPA 05:00:30
Occupy Wall Street aims at Iowa caucuses (Maybe we should counter them) 04:26:13
Afghanistan Update 04:22:44
Raw Footage Of UC Davis Peaceful Protesters Pepper Sprayed 04:17:57
Oakland Cops Beat Up Another Iraq War Veteran Bad Enough To Be Hospitalized 04:16:01
Anti-tobacco campaign 1933-1945 - Germany 03:53:10
Veruca Salt - Seether 03:29:55
How are delegates to the Republican National Convention chosen in your state? 03:25:25
Do you have a VFW or American Legion post near you? 03:00:47
The Most Unique Thing About The "Iowa Thanksgiving Family Forum" Debate 02:58:35
1950's Cartoon on Capitalism/Socialism/Statism 02:49:59
Do you carry scotch tape in the car w/ you? 02:37:27
A Young Ron Paul - Rare Footage from 1940s 02:36:24
Video: Waterboarding in action 02:34:10
Rand Paul on CNN's State of the Union w/ Candy Crowley - Sunday at 9 am ET 02:17:11
Black this out Debate Strategy 02:07:05
Bridging the Tax Policy Divide 02:05:16
Regardless if the wars, entitlements, and bureaucracy are right or wrong, we cannot afford them 01:54:25
OWS Protester May Have Had The Best Moment At The Thanksgiving Family Forum 01:42:05
My Letter To The Editor "We've Lost Value Of Constitution" 01:11:10
Ron Paul says "we're bankrupt" 01:07:20
Vince Vaughn in 'The Dilema' 01:00:38
The Difference between Obama and Ron Paul 00:56:09
Ron Paul: A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite-Funny! 00:23:26
Greater Excitement for the Revolution! 00:02:04