Posted on November 21, 2011

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CNN Video - Ron Paul Gets Crashed by OWS 21:21:06
Nothing but love from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart! 13:39:53
Ron Paul surging in Iowa and New Hampshire; Front-runner & powerful third-party possibility 11:28:58
Victory for Fair Use: Righthaven / LVRJ Finally Capitulate 10:14:14
Ron Paul @ CATO: How To END THE FED 10:04:01
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11/21/11: Dr. Paul's Message to the Super Committee 14:41:52
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Ben Swann from the "What's so wrong with Ron Paul" video needs our support. 23:57:33
Paul set new straw poll record 23:38:23
Ron Paul LOV3 holiday card 2008 for inspiration this year. 23:36:02
Romney Tells Hannity Tarp Good, Then Lies About Ever Supporting Stimulus 23:33:09
We need thousands of sign wavers outside the DAR building tomorrow (11/21/11) night for the debate. 23:27:38
Oops! Missed my DP "birthday." 23:01:56
Obama on spending cut 22:51:41
Time Person of the Year? 22:51:23
Revolution PAC's mailing initiative 22:41:10
Who Here At The Daily Paul Owns A Small Business? 22:35:43
Americans Elect: What a bunch of statists! 22:23:14
Chris Matthews FINALLY calls out Obama... 22:17:50
Sometimes there are just no words. 22:17:28
SNL's depiction of Rick Santorum needs a lot of work... 22:08:46
Washington Post - THE FIX - Chris Cilliza : "Ron Paul for real in Iowa. Seriously" 21:54:11
The OWS website forum and chat is HOT and primed for Ron Paul 21:49:56
Blue Republican - How to Register Republican for Ron Paul (Video) 21:45:57
Jim Grant : "The Central Bank Is Insolvent" (Video) 21:19:29
What Are You Thankful For This Year? 21:10:35
We have a poll to Win! 21:04:01
Phone Banking Experience 21:00:25
Audit The Federal Reserve Reveals 16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts 20:55:56
(Mic) Check Yourself: Ron Paul Town Hall Gets Occupied 20:53:34
Tea Party Patriots and Free Republic, corner of neocons 20:50:56
Why can't Ron rule out a 3rd party run? Because of us. 20:46:20
Gunman barricaded in building at Colorado air base 20:44:12
Ann Coulter wants to know: If not Romney, who? 20:41:47
money bomb 20:09:30
News: Home Raided By S.W.A.T. for Student Loan 19:43:52
Iran has no nuclear bomb: Ron Paul 19:32:30
Ron Paul Reportedly "Mic Checked" By Occupy 19:31:28
In New Book, Trump Releases Finances, Doesn't Rule Out 2012 Run 19:31:23
Man gets 80 years for trying to buy a hot dog at a movie theater with counterfeit cash 19:26:45
Ebay: RON paul .999 Silver Liberty Dollar $20 NUMBERED hallmarked #458 of #1000 19:19:50
Occupy Crashes Ron Paul Event 19:11:54
Stop Tyranny, One Sheriff at a Time 19:02:48 the Next-Generation Moneybomb 19:01:43
animated GOP Debate! Ron Paul dominates! #viral! 19:00:55
Europe bans airport scanners 18:32:50
David Icke - Thoughts From New York On 'John Wayne America' 18:25:47
Thank you. 18:25:44
ron paul warned of terrorist attacks in 1998 18:21:50
CNN debate...submit questions for rivals that are have opinions diametrically opposite to Dr Paul 18:18:24
Submit Your Questions to the CNN Foreign Policy Debate! 18:10:22
Drive your Anti-War Independent & Democratic friends to vote & they'll vote for Ron Paul to end war: Then We Win Big! 17:49:25
Luke Rudkowski Talks about co-opting of OWS & Tea Party 17:48:48
Unions and Campaign Finance 17:46:06
This is a gamechanger of a court case! 17:44:47
Ron Paul Campaign Names New ‘Farmers for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition Members 17:34:28
Video: A summary of Ron Paul for 2012 parts 1 and 2 17:33:11
Proof Of Weather Modification Projects In The United States 17:26:19
Video: Ron Paul is NOT a racist 17:15:37
New Ron Paul video 12 16 11 17:14:56
Tomorrow's Debate - CNN, 8:00 pm EST 17:00:13
Sherry Peel Jackson 16:56:11
Bathtubs > Terrorists 16:37:05
Ron Paul blasts supercommittee, Congress for failing to reach debt deal 16:20:01
How can we better connect with farmers? 16:18:52
Joel Salatin (Polyface Farm) loves Ron Paul 15:56:22
New rules turn GOP race from sprint into marathon 15:54:56
Ron Paul winning Iowa 15:54:05
Washington Times: Ron Paul: U.S. military bases create enemies 15:52:45
Louis Farrakhan - American Populist 15:49:08
Jim Grant: "Central Banks are Insolvent" 15:48:30
America's Wars: A Christian Voter's Guide by Craig White 15:48:19
Frank Zappa, for liberty! 15:34:03
Should America Cut Defense To Cut Defecits? take this poll 15:30:36
"Paul Could Be Spoiler in GOP Race" - Newsmax 15:24:39
William K. Black last night on Coast-to-Coast AM 15:23:46
"I Support Ron Paul 2012" Video-Bomb December 15 2011 15:19:58
The US government is still in receivership from the bankruptcy of 1933. 15:10:17
Article Never To Be Found On Drudge: Jack Abramoff On Newt 14:58:11
New Bedford fisherman forced to give up 800-pound tuna by Federal authorities 14:56:46
Needs Comments: CNN- Should Ron Paul run on a 3rd party ticket - Discussed tonight on Cafferty 14:52:27
I'm trying to have patience with people who are new to Ron Paul's message... 14:35:56
No wonder these talking heads don't like talking to Ron Paul 14:33:24
GOP Debate Reveals Depraved and Deluded Political Class 14:28:32
Today's Cafferty (CNN) question on Ron running 3rd party 14:27:54
Headline disappears off front page 14:27:22
Ron Paul Money Lecture Series: "What is Constitutional Money?" with Edwin Vieira 14:10:08
Ron Pauls recent spike in the polls inspired me to do this! 14:00:59
Video Vault: Ron Paul debates Bill Buckley over abolishing CIA, FBI 13:55:58
Neal Boortz to have Ron Paul on his show next week! 13:49:10
Warren Buffet SUES IRS over taxes. He is for more taxes on everyone else but him. 13:43:26
Drug-Resistant Superbugs Invading Europe! Free market response? 13:32:23
Federal Government steals $400,000 Fish 13:20:24
New video: "We Who Say No to War" 13:19:37
Ron Paul: Cutting Military Spending Does Not Mean Cutting Defense 13:13:26
Rand Paul: 'The Rich And The Middle Class Are Paying Their Fair Share' 13:12:53
Elon University Sign Wave @ EU vs. APP football game 12:50:53
David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall St. 12:50:32
Not Mitt Romney Phone Banking 12:47:43
Pizza is a vegetable 12:44:48
Change Your Wireless Router Name! 12:38:49
End the war on drugs 12:34:34
How will mainstream media ignore GOP Presidential nominee Ron Paul 12:31:08
Placing Ron Paul Business Cards in books 12:26:05
How many have become blue Republicans? 12:24:20
Remote Conrol War - The future of unmanned combat 11:56:29
Nearly 11,000 captured US Soldiers died unspeakably horrible deaths 11:49:49
Nice rEVOLution sign on the way to Green Bay! 11:32:28
Avoiding the body scanner at Dulles 11:30:20
Demographics: A Roadmap to 2012 11:23:57
America's Treasonous Media: The Voice of Peace And Freedom Is Kooky And Fringe 11:14:54
Poll/Debate: Keynes vs Hayek 11:09:11
CNN Flash: Understanding relationship between cause and effect 'controversial' 11:03:22
UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to car after ordering the spraying of protestors (powerful)! 10:48:01
A Plea from Occupy to the "Tea Party" to stand with us 10:32:09
Is Bill Gross a closet RP supporter? (Video) 10:16:40
Questions For The Candidates: Ron Paul 10:15:08
Supervoter Bomb / Precinct Mailer Question 10:14:31
Gallup: Paul tied for 1st nationally among 18-29 year olds 10:09:50
We are no longer operating under Constitutional government, but people are completely unaware. 09:47:45
Just donated $100 to the voterbomb, anyone wanna match me? 09:23:02
Rand Paul: Supercommittee Failure May Be Best Option to Force Spending Cuts 09:18:00
Dr. Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting, Anamosa, Iowa 09/18/2011 09:12:10
Official List of 'Too Big to Fail' Protected Banks 08:07:50
How Many pledges we can get today for Tea Party11 ? Starting from 11,482 Pledges! 06:20:57
No Statesman Has Ever Confronted the FED and Lived To Tell About It 05:43:38
Revolution News Network 04:33:55
Even If Ron Paul Wins, He Won't Win? Let's stop this 04:24:58
Jesse Ventura There's Only ONE Person I Like At All That's Ron Paul! 04:24:22
Europe bans airport scanners 03:11:22
Young Americans for Freedom co-founder a pedophile? 03:08:05
Nurse Practitioners prohibited from providing care 03:07:54
Isolationism vs non-interventionism 02:53:38
Statewide Missouri Straw Poll: Cain 32% Paul + Gingrich 28% 02:50:44
RevolutionPac Fundraiser December 5, in NYC! 02:44:13
Make sure to get your Hannitizer this election season - bad bug going around. 02:36:23
Made a video for Ron Paul. Music by my band. 10:25:01
$100,000 Gold Certificate Irony 02:09:22
Ron Paul's First 100 Days (input wanted) 02:03:01
Jail Jon Corzine FB Page like it and share it for activism 02:00:07
Has anyone used the Rx For Liberty Card yet? If so, your feedback is requested. 01:52:48
Ron Paul's message is spreading 01:48:07
8000 to 10000 a day!-We NEED to capitalize! 01:43:47
OWS is REALLY beginning to concern me 01:05:50
Abuse of Power 00:57:05
Could Ron Paul be the Steve Jobs of the U.S, Government? 00:35:37
Holiday Travel = Ron Paul Branding 00:15:39
Chris Matthews Abandons The Pres. O Ship 00:15:02
Do you think Ron Paul would've liked j Edgar Hoover? 00:13:10