Posted on November 22, 2011

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Ron Paul Reaps Big Donations From Fed. Workers, Govt. Contractors (Vid.) 18:03:58
New from Joey Pencils: Ron Paul 2012 "Electable" 17:48:04
Update: 11-22 Iowa Poll Places Ron Paul Firmly in First Place w/25% 15:23:42
Some Tough Love For Paul Supporters 12:10:56
Brilliant! Article in New Hampshire newspaper about impact of Blue Republicans 10:39:55
End Run Around the MSM: The Ron Paul Super Brochure Project 03:12:35 Direct-Mail RevPAC Project Launched 01:39:03
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Cain Beating Paul in Poll 23:54:03 - New Ron Paul website! 23:35:36
Obama vs Ron Paul OWS 23:35:00
Ron Paul GOT A wink! ~ IS THE MSM saying 'IM sorry?' 23:30:01
Great video from Charleston For Ron Paul 23:28:29
Is the Republican base really so naive? 23:28:07
Our Front Runner Moment (Has Arrived) 23:27:11
A solid way to get Ron Paul on the media. 23:24:50
Tonight's Debate: Freedom Party vs Fear Monger Party 23:24:08
Front Page Headline At Drudge: "Paul's time To Rise?" 23:21:36
Fed to test six big U.S. banks for Euro stress 23:19:50
here IS A question FOR glen beck OR ANY other NEO CON 23:17:17
Drudge! top of page! Paul's time TO rise? (screen grab) 23:16:34
"Paul's Time To Rise?" at top of Drudge w/Great Photo! 23:15:52
Report: Ron Paul in first place in Iowa poll 23:15:14
Ron Paul's Response to Newt Gingrich's Reference to McVeigh? 23:13:44
Ron Paul CNN Debate Highlights Nov. 22, 2011 23:13:33
Ron Paul On TOP OF DRUDGE! 23:13:17
Ron Paul on Drudge right now main headline big text "PAuL'S TiME TO RiSE?" 23:12:18
Drudge: Paul's time to Rise? 23:11:37
Paul vs. Romney 23:05:19
Ron Paul CNN Debate, Sane Foreign Policy 23:01:10
Newt won't appear on Ballot in Missouri 22:23:03
Ron Paul is the TOP Twitter Trending Topic Right Now 22:10:43
Amazingly Personal 08 Interviews with Carol Paul, Ron Paul & Grand-Daughters 21:55:13
If Ron Paul gets too popular, do you think the elites will stage an attack, and blame Iran? 21:27:23
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Phone Banking From Tonight 20:55:50
Thrive Movie - Very much a Ron Paul message with a spiritual tone. 20:46:27
Man of God 20:29:37
Ron paul revolution banner stencil for sale! 20:10:51
On the Road to Armageddon: How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend 20:09:10
On the Road to Armageddon: How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend 20:07:45
I want to buy a minimum of $5000 in silver eagles where is the best place to buy them? 19:47:28
Watch the GOP debate on CNN, CNN international, and CNN on iPhone! 11-22-2011 19:28:29
Perry spends 3.5 Million for advertising in primary states! DON'T forget DEC 16th OR NOW! RON PAUL MB FOR primary state ADS! 19:24:39
3.5 Million Perry spent in the primary states! come ON people! Pledge for Paul ADS ON DEC 16th MONEY bomb! 19:16:30
Chemtrails Response from Air Pollution Control District.. Not their Jurisdiction Apparently... 19:16:30
The Hypocrisy of Glenn Beck 19:10:52
* Des Moines Register: Contrarian Paul stands apart from GOP field 19:06:00
OWS Seeks World Socialism 19:01:31
Ron Paul New Hampshire Team Names ‘NH Employers for Ron Paul’ Coalition Leadership 18:35:52
Farmers want to "focus more time on producing foods and less on [FDA] regulatory compliance." 18:16:24
Want to Feel Real Good About Things ? Check this out 18:14:31
Simple Steps to Help the Grass Roots Meet the RevolutionPAC 18:00:45
America, Iran, and How Operation Ajax Changed the World 18:00:05
Books for Children and Young Teens 17:42:59
The Judge's FB page stated that the FED just announced QE3 17:37:56
The key to the hearts and minds of the OWS movement 17:36:02
Ron Paul should be given more time than Rick Perry in the foreign-policy debate 17:31:02
Just a charming note to RP supporters from the OWS moderator. 17:28:48
Judge Napolitano accuses the neocons of 911. 17:23:25
The Dollar Is Trying To Tell Us Something 17:21:52
I was just on Hannity Radio... 17:11:29
Greatest Christmas Present for any Ron Paul Supporter 17:10:41
Tea Party Facebook know what to do 17:07:51
Anyone else get fooled by 16:57:56
11/22/11 2of2a. America's forgotten history and the reawakening of a sleeping nation ; FMOL 16:51:15
Inflation Helps the Poor? 16:34:34
Reply to my senator regarding iran 16:32:12
"Everyone should pay their fair share" and the GOP candidates 16:30:49
Ron Paul merchandise: 35 percent of election-related sales... Obama merchandise: 9 percent 16:25:35
Video for Tea Party for the more mature hipsters here at the Daily Paul 16:13:16
U.S. spies caught in Lebanon and Iran; Newt Gingrich's brain does a split 16:08:14
Mitt Romney quoted - he wants to raise your taxes. 16:00:50
Homeland Daycare 15:50:38
Tom Woods Q&A during CNN Debate Tonight! 15:37:13
*Breaking News* New Poll for Iowa Places Ron Paul First Place! 15:27:08
Would you stand up against tyranny if you saw it? 15:24:44
Ron Paul 1st in Iowa with 25% 15:24:23
Face The Nation - Response Forum 15:23:21
Federal Workers Donated BIG To Ron Paul! And Defense Contractors TOO! 15:19:54
Non-Intervention + Intelligence/Diplomacy 15:17:45
Today November 22, is the 48th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination 15:15:19
At 9pm ET at The GOP debate will still be going on, so I can do live commentary while also taking your 15:11:15
At 9pm ET at The GOP debate will still be going on, so I can do live commentary while also taking your 15:10:51
Ron Paul & the Media: What to Watch for Now 15:08:51
Glenn Beck today basically endorsed Michelle Bachman 15:02:14
New Mexico Sheriff Standing Tall 15:00:55
A Tribute to Matt - My conversion has brought along many others 14:55:58
The one insult about Paulites that drives me nuts 14:49:09
Easy way to help Campaign For Liberty 14:47:44
Opening Day 5 Point Buck, Wild Shrimp, and Raw Milk - Liberty Life 14:30:40
Shop Donate Automatically to Campaign 4 Liberty 14:28:15
Ron Paul is not a racist black man rants 14:26:35
CNN Debate - Send Questions For Candidates 14:23:47
Real ID Act blocks some Americans from driver's licenses 14:20:22
Liberty News Network video 'The Real Newt Gingrich' 14:11:26
Video : Is Mecca looking like Manhattan? 14:01:16
Ron Paul’s sincerity versus Newt Gingrich’s hypocrisy 14:00:51
"American Spectator" dumps Lord for Goldstein? Tiny Improvement. 13:59:41
Ho'oponopono 13:55:55
Ron Paul has ‘no plans’ to run as third-party candidate 13:53:46
Need Counter to OWS Argument- "Deregulation Hampers Interstate Commerce" 13:34:00
Family Leader writes off Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Ron Paul 13:33:17
Economics help please 13:32:29
Electability Site Back UP: Ron Paul Still Leads 13:23:55
CIA Spies Outed In Lebanon: Hezbollah Identifies And Captures U.S. Agents 13:21:22
My Letter to Glenn Beck 13:16:25
How Dr. Paul Should Answer the Iran Question 13:10:39
Right On Time: Another O'Reilly/Hume Hit Piece - Nov 21st, 2011 13:09:17
US Announces Sanctions on Iran! 13:02:21
The Growth of the American Police-State 12:29:03
Ron Paul talks China in Iowa 12:28:37
Yahoo Decides Newt Is Now The Front Runner 12:16:09
Ron Paul Tells Occupy Protester in N.H. "I've been condemning the 1%" for Ripping Us Off 12:15:53
There is only one. Praising article by Vox Day 12:12:36
Call CNN 1.404.827.1500 option 1 12:10:45
Money Bomb The Fed 11:52:18
End the Fed Rally 11:45:12
Obama legislating from the White House! 11:40:59
Ron Paul love in New Jersey! 11:30:51
Important> like Ben Swann facebook page if he gets to 10,000 likes he will push for an RP weekly segment on his local Fox channe 11:28:24
Ron Paul Speech in Indianola, Iowa 11:27:58
Great article: 8 reasons why Ron Paul outdoes Newt Gingrich 11:25:42
Ron Lawl or Dr. Paul - Censorship on OWS 11:11:10
Zimbabwe to Use U.S. Coins 11:09:53
Obama unilaterally imposes economic sanctions on IRAN. 11:01:56
Super Committee is a Super Failure! Tooned! 11:01:52
WW3 at the doorstep? 10:49:54
11/22/11 1of2. A Nation's New Manifesto - Declaration of INTERdependence of 1976 ; FMOL 10:46:06
Cynthia McKinney's interview re: Findings in Libya 10:44:12
Romney's First TV Ad of Presidential Campaign 10:37:55
United States Code 10:37:33
Super Voter Bomb - Tom Woods' Appeal to GOP Primary Voters 10:29:16
Here's why we should always strive to emulate Dr. Paul- 10:24:36
Rand Paul as super surrogate 10:19:19
Sheriff Richard Mack - The County Sheriff Project 10:11:59
David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall Street 09:32:26
What is Greed? 09:17:32
Oops 09:07:07
Ron Paul Meme 08:49:30
Trickle-down tyranny - why ordinary people in positions of local power are adopting tactics of tyrants 07:23:18
End of the Line for Ron Paul and His Supporters 07:06:46
War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush, Blair 2011 06:59:52
Romney: Cut health care for the poor, not defense spending 06:53:18
This is how NWO Newt handles his OWS crashers 06:00:56
Our "friend" Bill O'Reilly back at it again 05:38:53
Rhetoric vs. Reality: Chart of GOP Candidates' Constitutional Voting Records in Congress 1987-2011 05:22:06
Exclusive: CIA Spies Caught, Fear Execution in Middle East 05:21:36
Senator Dean Heller Speaks about job loss, Tim Geithner, FDIC, mining permits, more 05:17:33
Ron Paul's foreign policy 04:47:41
No to all except Ron Paul 04:46:42
Revisited: The Military Industrial Complex in Five Minutes By Tom Woods 04:10:00
Suffolk University/WHDH-TV Poll Has Ron Paul Tied For Second Place In New Hampshire (11-21-2011) 03:38:35
Trickle-down tyranny - why ordinary people in positions of local power are adopting tactics of tyrants 03:33:13
The Re-Declaration of Independence of The Free and Independent States of America 03:32:13
Meet the next co-frontrunner. Should joe go? 03:31:34
Video: OWS protester got 2 minutes to speak about the FED & RP before candidates took the stage 03:01:59
Let the war propaganda begin 02:41:47
Video: Dogs have more compassion for other lives than humans do 02:17:17
Help from the left- The path to victory 02:10:56
Members of 'Occupy New Hampshire' show up at Ron Paul town hall: 01:51:14
Members of 'Occupy New Hampshire' show up at Ron Paul town hall: 01:45:04
Ron Paul’s crowd sourced campaign and how it makes the mainstream media irrelevant 01:43:51
Glenn Beck gives his thoughts on Ron Paul 01:28:04
Members of 'Occupy New Hampshire' show up at Ron Paul town hall: 01:17:49
Scott Walker begins implementing ObamaCare?!? 01:08:36
Conservative HQ: Ron Paul Sets New Record in Straw Poll 00:21:49
O'Reilly discusses Ron Paul tonight 00:12:48
THRIVE- A new documentary that explains our freedom message to the liberal/New Age crowd 00:11:56
Thrive 11.11.11 part 8 illustrates Paul Plan for a free world...entire movie sums up worlds problem (*warning esoteric nature) 00:08:29
Israel's Financial Expert 00:05:28