Posted on November 23, 2011

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Ron Paul Campaign Collects Nearly 400 Pounds of Food for Iowa Food Bank 19:28:46
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto 11/23: Post-Debate Comments 18:29:52
I was interviewed by Canadian mainstream media outlet - Updated 17:35:31
Ron Paul: Patriot Act "Unpatriotic Because It Undermines Our Liberties" 14:12:48
Ron Paul: Only Candidate to Condemn Racial Profiling at CNN Debate 12:26:57
Ron Paul: Marijuana Policy Should Be Set By The States (VIDEO) 11:23:59
Drudge Report Post-Debate Front Page: "Paul's Time to Rise?" 10:52:54
Ron Paul's "Golden Rule Foreign Policy" 09:50:34
Video From Tom Woods! SuperVoter Bomb: An Easy Way to Help Ron Paul 14:15:31
Nov. 22, 2011: CNN Republican National Security Debate - Ron Paul Highlights 00:53:15
Edwin Vieira Delivers the Ron Paul Lecture on Constitutional Money 10:28:35
Paulinate Twitter Day - November 23, 2011 14:13:04
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George H. Smith and his dog Spencer explain their advocacy of Ron Paul 23:45:49
Ron Paul. Is he the Second Coming of Reagan? 23:34:11
My music play list tonight 23:13:12
Financial woes a huge threat to national security 23:12:39
Good Ron Paul article in Al Jazeera 23:10:37
Another Pastor who endorses war and torture 22:57:49
Ron Paul dating thread! 22:30:21
To Arms! To Arms! Movement On The Far Right(/Far Left?) Flank In Iowa! 22:20:51
Ron Paul digital signature on your email 21:42:30
Nice article Paul Craig Roberts 21:36:07
My daughter was just STALKED by a Ron Paul supporter! 21:33:04
Advice for would-be presidents 21:32:20
Jamie Dupree Twitter (friendly) Battle (I think) 21:32:15
Paul Craig Roberts: The Roads To War And Economic Collapse 21:27:57
Rallying our Troops before AND after a caucus 21:27:53
Letters for Ron Paul! 21:27:09
Ron Paul - civil liberty's last hope 21:07:32
Former Reagan Secretary Defends Ron Paul on RT -VIDEO 21:00:00
Ron Paul needs to Eliminate the ATF 20:54:26
Ben Swann's new 'Reality Check' segment - "Is Newt Gingrich Right about Presidential Authority to Assasinate?" 20:48:18
Drudge - Real Clear Politics : "Gingrich may have inside track on Palin's endorsement" 20:38:47
What Ron Paul is REALLY up against. 20:37:52
Has The Media Finally Awakened? It's Time 20:24:51
Ron Paul Phone Parties 20:14:48
Former Reagan Official calls GOP Candidates "An Amazing Collection of Stupidity", except Ron Paul 20:08:00
Fox Power play all about Ron Paul 20:06:20
Rethinking Thanksgiving Day 19:55:41
Let's respond to Dick Morris! 19:49:47
UPDATED: Doc about Veterans in and around Fort Hood, TX 19:41:38
Nevada & northern California RP people, write Letters to the Editor! I have all the e-mail addresses for you! 19:35:23
Here is an exchange that happened yesterday after debate on my facebook.. 19:31:34
Bush and Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes In International Court 19:10:27
Wesley Clark says Ron Paul wrong about war powers in Libya 19:05:56
"Is Ron Paul a viable candidate?" Amazing debate in Washington Times! Must read! 19:04:27
Paul Rising - NPR 18:41:16
Caroling in Iowa 18:33:14
O'Reilly Blames Ron Paul Supporters for low book ratings 18:29:18
Santa Paul (Black Friday Rally for Ron Paul!) 18:26:31
Is this comic supposed to make The Good Doctor look like some kind of monster? 18:08:48
Ron Paul - Civil Liberty's Last Hope 18:06:48
Washington Times : Is Ron Paul a viable candidate? 18:02:43
Who Is Ready to Watch "The Five" Bash Ron Paul in 1 Minute 17:59:59
George Carlin: "The Illusion of Choice" 17:58:32
Washington Times: Is Ron Paul a viable candidate? 17:57:42
How Government Corrupts Business & Ends Jobs & Prosperity 17:52:26
U.S. carrier sent to Syrian coast as tensions flare 17:38:21
Paul is right on Iran. How the media has misread the IAEA's report on Iran 17:36:36
Got through to Hannity today 17:31:10
*Please respond: poll of DP members* 17:29:16
Definition of concision applied to media's treatment of RP 17:20:21
Double Ron Paul's support this Thanksgiving weekend 17:15:09
Hartmann: Global CO2 from our Founding to Now 17:14:26
UT OH, Bush GUILTY of War Crimes 17:10:08
Peak Oil Documentary "Energy Shock: How Peak Oil Will Change Your LIfe" 17:09:11
How Ron Paul could win over the war mongers... 17:04:42
Economists who predicted the current recession pick Ron Paul to lead us out of the crisis 16:54:20
Ron Paul, Michael Nystrom, Alex Jones, Peter Schiff starring in restore america NOW 16:49:51
Phone banking 16:38:00
The Republican Most Likely To Reelect Obama 16:31:00
CNN Prebate, "Isn't there a first tier? Romney, Gingrich, and Ron Paul"- "UH" (video) 16:12:01
I AM FURIOUS at the anti-Mormon posts of some members of the DP 16:08:48
U.S. pushes U.N. to lift ban on cluster bombs 16:07:50
*forced healthcare for all registered Democrates*. comments please. 16:03:55
Fast & Furious: We Need More Gun Control...Over the Government 15:57:16
Department of Homeland Security issues new warning 15:35:14
Election 101: Ron Paul sets sights on 2012. Ten things to know about him. 15:27:36
Phone Banking is Easy Today! 15:21:22
Ron Paul Schools Mitt Romney on the Budget: CNN Debate 15:21:01
Poll Shows Ron Paul in Firm Lead in Iowa 15:15:07
The big takeaway from the debate - according to MSM 15:10:34
Ron Paul is Standout Winner in Stacked Debate Featuring Patriot Act, War 15:05:23
straw poll results: Nacogdoches County, TX 14:49:28
Understanding Ron Paul: Foreign Aid 14:47:04
Getting Prices BEFORE you go to the Doctor? Who does that? 14:25:35
Did Ron Paul win GOP's national security debate? 14:15:49
A Paul vs. Obama rebuttal I wrote in 2008. 14:13:12
Thank CNN for giving Ron Paul more than 89 seconds 14:05:30
An analogy to the terrorist nuke scenario 13:55:05
The War Party, brought to you by CNN 13:54:29
The Super Congress announced failure 13:44:49
Where are the post debate poll links? 13:38:13
Patriot Act 13:33:25
Bachmann Can't Be Right, Can She? 13:23:02
The gift of Ron Paul, America's Gray Champion 13:20:55
Romney & Huntsman Skip Frank Luntz Debate because it was in Christian Church 13:18:33
RP Debate Coverage on Robert Scott Bell Show 13:17:57
Ron Paul's Winning Debate Strategy- Forbes 13:08:28
Clear statement on the world financial system at the end of this very good silver article 12:59:25
Ron Paul Wins Again! Paul Watson Reports (Video) 12:55:10
Wow - Did anybody catch the CNN coverage just before the debate (There was a priceless moment) 12:53:07
Is Ron Paul a Republican? 12:51:21
Gary Franchi: New Iowa TeleResearch Poll Places Ron Paul Firmly in First – Video 12:41:27
Iowa poll: Newt 27% Romney 20% Paul 16% 11% undecided 12:37:56
Mike Gravel Agrees With Ron Paul on Foreign Policy 12:37:49
Great article on RP's Foreign Policy messaging. Fresh perspective. 12:35:59
3400 more LIKES & Ron Paul gets a weekly segment on Fox 19 WXIX 12:34:16
Stopping terrorism without the PATRIOT Act? 12:30:22
where are the post-debate videos or 'who won' polls? 12:20:30
EXOdesk: The working man's Microsoft Surface 12:13:49
Alan Colmes Defends Ron Paul & The Constitution From A Neocon On Fox 11:58:03
MSM Strategy: Ignore Romney! 11:57:22
Who can you believe at GOP debates? 10:58:12
Ron Paul - highest twitter trend in the world. 10:43:01
Ron Paul & Santorum Spar over Profiling by the TSA 10:24:51
Medvedev: Russia may target missile defense sites 10:02:47
My Ron Paul YouTube video 09:55:49
I think Gingrich destroyed himself last night with his stance on illegal immigration. 09:33:50
FOX Dick Morris - CNN debate was a conspiracy: If you watch the debate you would think Ron Paul is the front-runner 09:19:02
Iowa: County Chairs and Precinct Captains 09:17:09
Poll: Help Paul out! 09:05:33
Very good article 08:41:11
Black Friday Activism 07:33:48
Ron Paul 07:26:51
Ron Paul continues ascent; Drudge notices 06:35:46
These People Make Me Sick...I Couldn't Resist 06:21:42
NEW RON paul video: restore america NOW 05:42:59
Pauls Have The Answers 05:01:15
Ron Paul Interview on Fox News W / Neil Cavuto, 4pm ET 04:30:22
Gingrich and the Neocons are fundamentally wrong 04:21:06
Ron Paul's "Israel can take care of themselves" debate answer hits Israeli news website 04:18:47
Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington 03:34:02
Wake up CALL! Think about it! 03:25:40
We still have work to do. 03:24:31
They use fake fear to sell war, we need to use real fear to sell peace 03:24:26
VERY important that everyone knows this! 03:15:54
Debate Sheeple conned again 02:39:34
The message electing Ron Paul will send transcends the man 02:06:43
I'm a fascist, your a fascsit, he's a factist, she's a fasctist, wouldn't you like to be a facstist too? 02:03:14
Facebook - Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney 01:41:51
Bachmann may have leaked classified information during debate 01:31:33
Why Were the Neocons Given Such a Stage Tonight? 01:27:18
Video that will destroy Newt Gingrich 01:26:15
Thanks to each and every one of you 01:20:37
front page OF drudge 01:08:28
Check it out! Drudge Report Headline NOW: "Paul's Time To Rise?" 01:05:17
Polls 11/22/11 00:52:20
Ron Paul on Iran 00:47:14
Please stay the course. 00:45:31
DP Approved Article Comment Posts 00:34:09
Bombshell: Newt Gingrich Failed to Qualify for the Missouri GOP Primary… Won’t Appear on Ballot 00:31:39
Establishment Uses 11/22 CNN Debate to Brand Conservatism as Collectivism & Internationalism 00:28:17
Ron Paul issue on Israel. 00:27:10
Newt Winning This Neocon Rag Poll 00:18:03
Obama "Mic-Checked" by Occupy New Hampshire: "Banks Got Bailed Out, We Got SOLD Out!" 00:17:13
Why Ron Paul Won The CNN Republican Debate (Video) 00:12:37
This video should be VIRAL, Constitutional Class with Michael Badnarik 00:10:17
Stats on Wolf Blitzer CNN Debate 11-22-11 07:06:44