Posted on November 25, 2011

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Paul on the Move in Iowa 20:24:35
Still it comes! Now a Florida paper on the impact of Blue Republicans 19:48:08
Paul in Friday's Boston Globe: Non-interventionist views make him a Republican maverick 19:13:30
The Hill: Romney will lose Iowa, Paul can win 12:10:37
Another "What If..." Plain Truth on Freedom Watch 11-24-11 11:46:44's Scott Horton Interviews Ron Paul ~11/23/11 02:33:17
Justin Raimondo: Showdown at Neocon Central 01:23:43
Back in 1996, "Newt Gingrich Did Everything Possible To Keep HIM From Returning To Washington" 01:08:04
Daily Paul Radio Interviews Scott Horton of - A Neoconservative Thanksgiving Celebration 12:00:03
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Ron Paul ignored on Meet the Press: Jump Ball for the GOP 23:54:33
President of the Family Leader, announces that neither Paul nor Cain would receive the organization's endorsement. 23:49:24
Resistance in another way... 23:39:39
Ron Paul Sign Bomb Dec 16 23:35:57
The Houston Chronicle website has an article, poll, & editorial cartoon 23:16:01
Full Report on Iowa Poll Showing Ron Paul Leading Over Other Candidates 23:07:34
Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan Administration official, says all nominees except Dr. Paul are idiots 22:55:25
ABC News complains about Obama leaving God out of his speech, but doesn't mind leaving Ron Paul out of the article 22:40:37
FAIL...occupy portland asks where IS your name TAG 22:36:00
Process of Elimination: Foreign Policy 21:37:51
Release The kracken ! ! 40 sec video Black Friday 21:22:29
Wild stats about the size of govt. Anyone know anything about 21:18:55
Supervoterbomb 21:07:26
"Israel must be wiped off the map" - Rumor of the Century 20:30:54
New Viral Video on Foreign Policy - Debuts Dec. 7th 20:12:04
How to speak about alternative cancer treatment in a credible way? 20:03:27
GOP presidential rivals say anti-terror Patriot Act should be extended, perhaps expanded (Not Ron Paul) 19:37:31
Talking Ron Paul on the radio 19:36:25
NY Hearing planned Dec 6, 2011 TO BAN CHEMTRAILS 19:35:32
After Ron Paul wins Iowa the New Hampshire Anti-war vote will make him the winner again: Recall NH votes in 1968 & 1972: Game On 18:53:46
Romney Was Disrespectful To Paul During Debate 18:17:00
Where are the "supervoters"? 18:11:58
Apple iTunes “Flaw” Allowed Government Spying for 3 Years 18:09:41
Marijuana and other social issues 18:06:42
OK look you campaign veterans whose gonna bring in the "new money" 18:04:58
Ron Paul continues to win partisan Democratic voters 18:01:33
Operation Black Friday Flyer Bomb and Paul the Malls 18:01:31
Newt Gingrich: The Establishment's Conservative 17:55:05
Jack Hunter: Flip-Flopping Newt Gingrich 17:41:26
Two-Party System Begs for a Third 17:29:14
Poll 17:23:54
DesMoinesRegister: PAC-sponsored Poll of Iowa GOP Caucusgoers Shows Paul and Cain in the Lead...Paul @ 22% 17:07:20
Study of Marines shows guilt is top cause of PTSD 17:06:37
Winning The Ideological Battle For U.S. Foreign Policy 16:48:37
United States of Europe? Santelli says only a constitution can save European economy 16:44:40
Guest on Hard Ball asks Why Are You so Scared of Ron Paul? 16:41:23
Ron Paul is the man 16:31:49
Ron Paul just subscribed to my youtube and C4L 16:12:52
Gun issue represents tough politics for Obama 15:55:03
"Why NAFTA is bad" for dummies 15:50:48
Two Thumbs Up or 15:37:25
Should We Hold a Ron Paul 2012 Boston Tea Party Event in December? 15:32:31
ACLU - Bill: Military to Potentially Arrest American Citizens in America 15:17:31
C4L and Amazon shopping 15:10:34
Top of GOA website 15:08:07
Foreign Policy and Unintended Consequences 14:59:45
Grow Your Own Organic Soap 14:54:16
I just completed a Zogby poll 14:43:43
ABC News Says Ron Paul Could WIN! 14:41:17
Animal Farm - George Orwell 14:40:48
Romney is not dead yet in Iowa. 14:29:32
Profiling Passengers In Airports 14:28:54
Dr. Paul correct about Iran 14:24:54
Poll: Force to pull an O’Reilly...register by 10 December! 14:08:14
Romney Campaign Beginning To Panic Fearing Increasingly Real 3rd-5th Place Finish In Iowa; Destroying Hopes For New Hampshire 14:02:33
Here's all the Newt ammo you need 13:03:06
The Illusion of Choice. Media Consolidation Graph w/ Images. 12:56:48
Fox News: Juan Williams Predicts Ron Paul Will Finish At Least Second In The Iowa Caucuses (But We Know Ron Is Now At #1) 12:52:30
Lesser of Two Evils - Chris Sullivan 12:22:07
Fox News Video: Newt Gingrich lies about panel that resulted in the killing of American citizens. 11:54:55
Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris calls Ron Paul a Nut... 11:51:52
Black Canadian shopper profiled, car ripped apart by US custom agents 11:42:19
Family Phone Bank Day Starts NOW! 11:31:02
Alvin Toffler is Newt's Rev. Wright 23:59:43
Iowa Farmers for Ron Paul- great article 11:11:16
Media Consolidation- The Illusion of Choice 11:08:38
Iowa GOP website has been updated - 2012 caucus 09:22:34
Gov. Roemer's take on Mitt, Newt and the good DR. 09:03:18
Please, Share some LOVE ala Ben Swann style. 08:51:21
The Stroller: 'True veteran' 05:24:21
Huffington Post Omits Ron Paul on Candidates Gay Marriage Stances 05:18:10
Neocon Krauthammer: Ron Paul is living in the 1920's 04:58:16
New Years MoneyBomb 04:20:21
A document for the grassroots to publicize? Ron's first platform 03:54:39
To what end? Six Children Are Killed by NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan 03:44:28
Video- Blue Republicans (Reagan Democrats): How to Register to Vote for Ron Paul (Updated) 03:25:47
Putin booed at fighting tournament 03:16:53
Romney Joins Huntsman's Party as "Witch-Hunter"; Skips Thanksgiving Forum to Battle in NH 02:38:02
EXPOSED America's Destruction from Inside 01:04:43
The Real Newt Gingrich- What does he really stand for? 00:59:47
Free section on craigslist for Ron Paul bumper stickers? 00:57:03
This Is Why Ron Paul Has My Vote 00:53:02
A Kettle of Hawks Bombing, Missiles, Sanctions—A Debate With Too Much Dramatic Language "..Ron Paul Seemed Like The Normal One." 00:51:01
Ben Swann Interviewed on Cincinnati Radio Show (Video) 00:22:37