Posted on November 26, 2011

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Pakistan says 'No' to NATO after 28 killed. Has Ron Paul been right all along? (Video) 16:29:55
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 11/25/11 13:55:41
Ron Paul Patriot YouTubes For Her Candidate - Meet Kathryn DeLong 12:45:21
Ron Paul is likely going to be on the ballot in all 50 states on Nov 6, 2012. 09:17:28
First Mailing of Ron Paul Super Brochures are Arriving! 12:37:34
Successful Ron Paul Day in Baltimore, Maryland Suburbs 02:46:07
Electronic Billboard for RP 01:31:51
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Gingrich attracts another record crowd, defends immigration policy 23:57:24
Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Endorse Rick Perry Next Week 23:55:14
75 in Prison Years For Videotaping Police 23:43:16
Time Magazine interview: Bill Clinton advises Obama to use Executive order to bypass Congress 23:38:48
Chuck Woolery On Budget Cuts: "So Easy a Game Show Host Can Do It" 23:20:27
Santa Paul went down yesterday in Orange County Ca 23:15:11
Awesome Black Friday Ron Paul Rally Video! 22:58:54
Ron Paul : "Israel can Take Care Of Itself" 22:55:09
The JUDGE for President 2016! 22:39:03
Time Sensitive! 22:38:42
Des Moines Register: New Ron Paul Mailer Tells Iowans He’s ‘Despised By The Washington Establishment’ 22:21:18
TIme Sensitive! 22:17:00
Not your grandfather’s Republican Party; Obama and Romney are Nearly One and the Same. 22:03:15
Radio: "Fire in the belly..." Ron Paul could win Iowa. What a game changer that would be, huh? 21:43:42
Telegraph.UK - Banks Prepare For EuroZone Collapse! 21:13:17
NEW PROJECT: Caucus "Cheat Sheet" Handout 21:10:42
Piers Morgan Says Paul Unlikely To Win, Romney Frontrunner Along With Cain And Newt? (VIDEO) 21:02:52
Ron Paul Crazy Train 20:59:30
. 20:19:18
Get off the couch and purchase Ron Paul brochures! 20:10:24
Paul Top Listed GOP Pick on National Post 20:09:11
How are the signs looking in your neck of the woods? 20:05:50
Pakistan demands U.S. vacate air base after drone attack kills 24 troops 19:59:01
Need Video Editor for GOP Candidate Budget Plan Comparison and Analysis 19:43:35
On Foreign Policy, Ron Paul Is More Mainstream Than His Opponents 19:42:07
The Principles of Ron Paul 19:29:35
16,832 Views 19:27:44
Newt Gingrich's Achilles Heel - It's The Economy Newtid! 19:25:28
Naomi Wolf on the OWS crackdown 19:21:33
Abramoff: Newt is The Ultimate Beltway Swindler 19:20:55
My Trip to Occupy Wall Street (also thoughts on End the Fed, Bailouts, Campaign Finance) 19:05:36
Just saw a massive sign wave at Hwy 50 and Hazel Ave 18:55:15
I have free Super Brochures with free shipping to Iowa and NH. Call now! 18:42:21
Question about base metals 18:23:45
America Stands Alone : Bankers Have Seized Europe, Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over 18:15:31
Britain's Foreign Office Prepares For Riots In Europe 18:00:16
The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy 17:40:57
Just some old Ron Paul sent to me of him kicking butt 17:27:06
A Silver Price Surge Coming? 17:17:31
What are Public Private Partnerships? 17:13:16
Does Charles Krauthammer's criticism of Ron Paul matter? 17:07:41
Newt Gingrich: Free-trade Kool-Aid drinker 17:07:13
Herman Cain's Fake Supporters 16:52:53
Palantir: beyond merely 'Orwellian'. 16:27:23
Private Prisons? 16:17:18
Federal Judge: Credit Ratings Not Always Protected Under First Amendment 15:58:09
"She's not pretty enough to be the President's wife. And besides, she has cancer." - Newt 15:51:43
US/Nato Raid in Pakistan KILLS up to 28 Pakistani Soldiers! Pakistan Cuts nato Supply Lines 15:37:02
Senate Moves To Allow Military To Intern Americans Without Trial 15:12:41
USA makes more enemies in Pakistan 15:02:16
►The coming (not so) Cold War 2.0: Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov headed to Syria? 14:59:39
Iran and the I.A.E.A. by Seymour M. Hersh 14:55:53
Ron Paul backed by workers he's aiming to show door 14:37:26
Gail Collins from the NY Times Disses Ron Paul 14:33:12
I have a question about the body's PH..hope someone knows 14:21:46
Help! Taking Back - Please Visit and Bump! 14:21:08
Shamsi base to be vacated 14:09:08
Rainbow 6: "Patriots" videogame. Can you turn your weapon on an American Citizen? 14:04:38
Rogue convention 14:02:33
Did anyone receive Ron Paul 2012 Restore America Plan in the Mail? 13:58:13
OWS - Dust Up With the Law 13:53:32
Obama, White House tell ridiculous tall tale about siding with Egyptian people 13:30:10
20 ways they are killing us 13:24:03
Great News.. It looks like this ad can be placed 13:19:04
I went to see the movie "Margin Call" 13:16:11
Felonious Munk: Ripping a new one on the American slob. 13:15:47
His name is Willard 12:57:26
Who is winning the SWAG war? 12:53:07
New Ron Paul 2012 Poster: "To Uphold the Constitution" 12:40:29
Senator Lieberman asks Google to add 'terrorist' label to Blogger posts 12:37:25
Can We Win Over Ron Paul Supporters? Coalition builders on the left... 12:28:20
Why can't we CANVAS supervoters? 12:14:01
Heroic "Resource Officer" Takes Down Five-Year-Old Boy 11:54:33 VS 11:43:54
Conservatives Side With Pepper-Spraying Thugs 11:37:53
This ought to piss Bill O'Reilly off 11:34:44
America Now a "Battlefield"? Military to Indefinitely Detain American Citizens 11:08:25
Health Is Everything When Fighting for Liberty 10:43:51
Stock Market Has Worst Week Since Great Depression 10:42:47
TODAY: NH RP vs. NH Newt Supporters 10:30:26
People Die From Lack Of Knowledge,( Wk end veiwing) 10:22:51
Proposed Amendment: Declarations of War 09:36:03
South Carolina desparately needs Statewide Canvassing Assistance! 08:27:15
Observations on Ron Paul lead in Iowa 08:26:32
Both Romney & Obama will destroy the country- Only one man will save it! 08:17:06
The Mandrake Mechanism... or how the Federal Reserve Operates and why it should be ended 08:06:31
Ron Paul Omitted From ABC News GOP White House Hopefuls 07:37:45
S. 1253 will allow indefinite military detention of American civilians without charge or trial 07:07:11
The many who composed this movement, recognize our diversity, unify! MY rant about Liberty and Me 06:39:16
Obama Leaves God out of Thanksgiving Speech, Riles Critics 06:37:36
Ron Paul (Like a BOSS): Joking Around with Rick Perry 09:25:21
Awesome Response to this Guy thats Clueless about the EPA 06:23:41
☺MOX news is B-a-a-a-a-ak! 03:02:51
O.K., Now Ron Paul 03:00:00
Top 3 Grassroot Projects! Please keep bumped if you agree! 02:18:28
Free To Choose 1-10 PBS Video Classic: Sit Back and ENJOY ! 02:01:48
The Unmatched Intellect of Ron Paul 01:57:41
Media Silencing Ron Paul 01:45:56
Money, artificial, arbitrary, and fake? 01:41:43
Idea for a Paulitical cartoon 01:37:44
Ron Paul is Swag King 01:34:38
Advertise Ron Paul on your Wireless Router! 00:52:32
Gary Johnson may seek Libertarian Party Nomination 00:49:38
Ron Paul Gets Cheers From Occupiers in NH 00:30:50
Attempted Hit from NY Times 00:17:36
Vieira as VP 00:03:41
Assuring a Ron Paul victory in Iowa and NH 09:47:21
Why is Ron Paul so popular? - Electable & Delegatable 11:34:54