Posted on November 27, 2011

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Jan Persuades Gingrich Spokesperson (to disagree with Gingrich!) 16:17:43
New Hampshire Takes Another Look At Ron Paul 07:26:16
Let's Take IOWA! 09:18:54
Ron Paul: Phone Banking Is How We Win! 09:18:54
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Ron Paul-Threat 23:31:56
TEA Party elders VS the OWS youth. 23:31:47
Who's Conservative? by Tom Woods 23:24:01
'Ron Paul a threat to US corporate interests' - Press TV News 23:23:45
Are you in Iowa, NH, or SC? How can we help? 23:07:52
RP: "the guy I have to worry about in Iowa and New Hampshire..." (link corrected) 23:01:05
The Cain double talk train 22:55:51
Bill Clinton Praises Newt Gingrich 22:51:45
Ron Paul loves Israel 22:43:32
(From 2007) Fred Thompson arrives at FL gun show amidst sea of Ron Paul sign bearers 22:43:30
My lunch with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show 22:32:36
We just finished a conference call about RP Phone from Home efforts 22:21:43
Our Local Ron Paul Parade Float! 22:19:36
Pocahontas County, Iowa Almost Completed 22:15:58
Gingrich NH endorsement creates opening for Ron Paul! 21:50:10
NY Stock Exchange and Weather Manipulation 21:37:16
Let's Take PAGE County, Iowa! 21:28:48
Newt Interview With Union Leader 21:25:59
How important is the debt? Ron Paul's message right on target for all sides to agree. 21:00:49
How to Instantly Convince Anyone to Vote for Ron Paul... 20:46:37
City News Toronto: "Raw milk farmer fined $9K" 20:06:15
Senate To Vote Legislation That Allows U.S. Military to Detain Americans Without Charge or Trial Monday/Tuesday. 20:03:18
I am raising money for the Dec 16th Money Bomb for Ron Paul, Need your help! 19:56:01
Is Newt Gingrich's 15 minutes up yet? Surely Newt will fall shortly! 19:55:40
Has Iran Said It Wants to Attack Israel? 19:52:34
Progressive for Paul 19:46:57
Ron Paul Virus 19:36:15
n/a 19:35:45
Let's stay focused on winning Iowa and then New Hampshire and keep running everywhere else like we're 20 points behind! 19:26:35
The Liberty Party - A brainstorm for the future - Your ideas are Welcome 19:16:26
'Ron Paul a threat to US corporate interests' (VIDEO) 19:15:09
Ron Paul signed copy of the Campaign for Liberty Constitution on Ebay, 100% going to campaign! 19:15:04
duplicate 19:14:55
Anybody else see Fredricka Whitfield (CNN) get "rick rolled" @ about 5 PM Eastern today...11/27/11 ? 18:59:31
Yahoo Opinion Piece: Ron Paul Will Win Iowa, But Can He Win The Mainstream? 18:32:49
Tv show : Americans go to Sweden to find their relatives 18:11:52
Alberts: Ron Paul's candidacy thrives on the libertarian's unconventional views 18:04:26
Good article on Dr. Paul from Orange County (CA) Register 17:49:44
Ron Paul’s strategy for winning: Independent and cross-over voters 17:45:59
The Drug War 17:33:17
Eye of the Tiger video of Ron Paul 17:11:51
South Carolina Precincts for Superbrochures 17:11:27
Press TV: James H. Fetzer on Ron Paul: "Ron Paul a threat to US corporate interests 17:05:49
'Ron Paul a threat to US corporate interests' ( Link to video ) 16:58:02
Ron Paul is Top Trend on Yahoo 16:52:31
Combining strategies 16:44:12
Ron Paul: Acceptance of TSA Checkpoint Authority is Dangerous and Un-American 16:35:49
CFR-member Newt Gingrich Voted for / Promoted NAFTA / NWO Trash 15:58:31
Atlas shrugged in two hours. 15:46:44
Liberal Mitt’s Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn’t Want You to See 15:42:39
Without Pakistan, our only ground supply route for Afghanistan is Russia. 15:19:14
Amazing depiction of revolution in the movie REDS 15:15:30
Incredible Newt Gingrich ad 2012 14:42:23
blown opportunity: Black Friday lines 14:36:21
I Will Donate 50% of my Website Chip-In Revenues to Ron Paul Projects/Campaign 14:22:33
Atlantic: On Foreign Policy, Ron Paul Is More Mainstream Than His Opponents 14:19:26
Poll 13:51:22
We may have to be cautious in how we show Gingrich is the wrong guy for the job... 13:50:39
NH Organization 13:47:47
►Top 10 Reasons Why the Mafia is Better than the State 13:26:27
Television ad idea "bank owned" 12:57:56
Mitt Romney Needs Early 2012 Knockout To Avoid Extended GOP Primary 12:53:33
My Thanksgiving Dinner... 12:32:19
Abraham from Norway was able to buy a precinct for the Super Brochures, so for anyone out of the country that has wanted 12:27:59
Ron Paul as Nominee, Post as Meetup, still several precincts left 12:03:45
Cain seems to be winning this Newsmax poll, Vote and Spread the word 12:01:17
Name That Traitor Game Show pilot episode 11:57:46
Actress Juliette Lewis is a Ron Paul fan 11:52:57
Geraldo Rivera: "We love Ron Paul!" 11:52:26
Ron Paul #4 search on Yahoo right now 11:37:20
Our Media is as corrupt as our politicians 11:34:12
This Week With Christiane Amanpour ignores Ron Paul 11:33:22
Fox News - Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich Spar Over Patriot Act, Anchor Defends Ron Paul 10:46:57
Dr. Paul Getting Out Of The Mess Now 10:35:00
Gingrich wins Union Leader endorsement 09:23:35
The Judge. "What if?" 09:17:56
Conservative judge says quit with the war on drugs 09:12:53
Golden State - Bombs (The Ron Paul Song) iTunesbomb 12.16-12.25 proceeds go to RevPAC 08:06:07
Take This Fox Poll! Should America Cut Defense To Cut Defecits? 07:47:17
Nigel Farage: EU Dictatorship Dominated by Germany Replaces Elected Leaders 07:38:52
Michele Bachmann ads on DP? 07:36:33
Urgent Message to all Americans 06:35:32
Muslim voters hard to predict in 2012 05:59:02
Where's the Liberal 3rd Party? 05:32:50
Roseanne Barr praised Ron Paul on her Twitter 05:20:10
feds trying to take a man's land by way of forfeiture drug laws 04:58:34
American Censorship Day: Round 2 03:03:06
The "Cult" of Ron Paul and why you should Join 02:56:46
A Time For Choosing Substance Over Demagoguery 02:26:52
Lead Designer needed for 01:44:15
Mike Gravel sounding like Ron Paul 01:22:14
Want to save $28,080.23 in just 5 minutes? Then vote for Ron Paul! 01:11:47
Ron Paul & Daniel Hannan Comparison of Economics (Video) 01:06:14
PERFECT Libya to arm Syria 00:52:18
More students taking college entrance exams, but few hit state performance goals, TEA says 00:51:10
Ron Paul needs (2) new TV ads to clinch Iowa 00:31:58
Collier County, FL Super Brochure Challenge 00:29:15
New Ron Paul mailer tells Iowans he’s ‘despised' 00:28:13
Newt Gingrich fails to get on Missouri ballot 00:17:02
Von Mises Institute: The Economics of War by Robert P. Murphy 00:14:15