Posted on November 28, 2011

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Ron Paul Interview w/ Neil Boortz 22:59:38
Joe Scarborough Destroys Newt Gingrich’s ‘Conservative Principles’ 15:14:13
I was at a Republican congresswoman's fundraiser this week. You will not believe what happened. 14:15:39
Campaign Poster Release (from the creator of the Ron Paul flag draped baby image of 2008) 11:43:39
Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13 Billion 09:29:55
Texas Straight Talk 11/28/11: The Folly of Sanctions 05:03:27
What Daily Paulers Are Reading - Top 10 List 10:49:16
We Have a Fast Closing Window to Spread the Word of the Super Brochures - Please Help! 21:40:06
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The One Stop Place To Expose New Gingrich To Friends, Family, CoWorkers, And The Online Community 23:52:58
Hannity Covers Bloomberg Report On Secret Fed Reserve Loans 23:40:32
IMAGINE! China Invades America! 23:40:06
Mike Huckabee to Hold Presidential Forum, Saturday, December 03, 2011, Fox News - 8pm ET 23:35:46
Hyper Report (2:50) - Police State, 707 Trillion in Derivatives, Dollar Ponzi Scheme, Obamacare... 23:12:26
Ron Paul - Rock Star! 22:53:46
Michael's complaint 22:46:58
The civil war is on - so be it 22:45:15
Private Property 22:44:50
Upstate NY Activists: There has been interest for RP signs... 22:36:07 new tool in fighting for RP 22:31:49
Shaun Rein: Obama Is Provoking China Into a Trade War 22:26:56
Mitt v. Mitt 22:26:48
Let's Take Palo Alto County! 22:08:07
Don't let Gingrich win this poll! 22:00:39
CFR Article: Is Foreign Policy a Problem for Ron Paul? 21:58:17
Lupe Fiasco Friend of the People 21:53:54
School District Acknowledges Student’s Right to Say the Governor Sucks 21:25:53
Easy Action Item You Can Do From Home! 21:15:04
Vote in this poll (Newt leading): Who would you like to debate Obama? 21:10:25
Arrest McCain and Levin Now. Senate to Vote on Military Detention of Americans. 21:07:43
Ron Paul Backlit Super Sign 21:03:44
Help Getting to Iowa 20:58:47
Drudge FAIL: [Edit] 20:53:25
Law Question: City Ordinance Requiring HOA To Elect Board 20:50:31
Newt Gingrich on the issues 20:49:26
New Ron Paul slogan 20:45:08
Seeking Poster who sent me hand made yard signs 20:44:56
A Tribute to Ron Paul Supporters Everywhere 20:40:27
700 WLW Cincinnati Radio Talking Ron Paul 20:37:58
I agree with RON PAUL! 19:52:05
The Establishment is desperate. Now they are touting single digit candidates! 19:51:40
Is Ron Paul part of a "massive psych-op?" 19:50:47
RON! Where is your suit and tie?! 19:44:39
Definition of "Newt" 19:40:08
A Video Tribute to Ron Paul Supporters 19:31:26
Aren't You Glad You Chose Ron Paul? Never an Embarrassment 19:26:03
Is Ron Paul rigid in his beliefs? 19:16:16
A hint to call out Newt Gingrich for the Good Doctor! 19:09:26
Dr. Ron Paul Rocks Twitter! 18:58:18
Senator Rand Paul aims to kill “indefinte detention” section of DoD bill 18:56:53
What Would Ron Paul Do 18:47:47
Fed Banks Lent Nearly $8 Trillion During Crisis, Report Shows 18:36:03
Ron Paul Can Win on Arithmetic, Not Just Philosophy 18:30:55
Woman claims 13-year affair with Herman Cain 18:23:57
The Hill: Ron Paul should hold hearings on secret Fed bailouts 18:11:29
Let's take Winneshiek County 18:10:56
MSNBC - "Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul" - College Students in Iowa and New Hampshire to Participate 18:08:14
The Union-Leader is endorsing Newt Gingrich in 2011, but in 1992 ... 18:01:48
Push Romney Out of Hiding and into the Spotlight 17:59:52
The Real Prison Industry 17:58:26
The American Upset 17:35:59
Joe Rogan (Video): "I have to register for Republican to vote for Ron Paul 17:33:02
Yes, Yes, Yes! This is What We Want All Over the World ... 50% of Israeli Conscripts Refuse to Serve 16:54:48
A Ron Paul Tee With Attitude. 16:50:37
lol, Top Rated Comment under Official Herman Cain Vid is pro-Paul 16:48:49
The words 'Jewish' and 'Zionism' are interchangeable? NO WAY 16:43:22
The Hill: Ron Paul and the New Age of Political Culture 16:28:48
Ron Paul's conservatism nudges him higher in recent polls 16:20:22
Ron Paul Flip Flop 16:08:13
Taking Back the [Liber]TEA Party 16:03:18
The Fed : De-regulation is Re-regulation 15:40:17
How can a Canadian help Ron Paul? 15:36:05
I've come to the conclusion that Newt Gingrich 15:31:26
‘Ron Paul a Threat to US Corporate Interests’ – Press TV News 15:21:31
Cain's 9-9-9 The Movie Slaying the Tax Monster 15:10:45
How the Democratic Party Buys Your Vote 15:10:23
Countries with US military bases - a map 15:01:29
Why young voters love Ron Paul 14:54:44
Newt Gingrich : Mr. New World Order 14:46:01
Who did Ron Paul endorse in the 2010 midterm elections? 14:43:47
Inside a Neo-Cons Mind 14:04:53
Serious question: If Ron Paul doesn't get the GOP nomination, would you vote for Gary Johnson as a Libertarian candidate? 13:52:38
Tea Party Visits Occupy Philadelphia (video) 13:52:19
Bill To Be Voted On Today Would Allow The Military To Sweep Up US Citizens At Home Or Abroad 13:41:32
A Yahoo Interview with Newt: "Aggressively" Expand the Drug War. Misrepresents Ron Paul 13:40:51
Russia warns US to not strike Iran 13:38:45
Help "Reality Check" Anchor Ben Swann Get Weekly Ron Paul Segment 13:25:53
More Cain 999 Propaganda 13:18:32 success! 13:14:10
Nov 28 Google Trends and Subtext 13:09:46
Tools to convince others 13:07:02
Call your Senators; Action needed now! 12:55:08
Black Friday..Is it just me? 12:53:27
New Ron Paul inspired Hip Hop Song. Carbon Copy by Classic Hip Rock 12:47:33
National Defense Authorization Act:US military can imprison civilians w/o charges 12:17:34
Tea Parties pushing for National Defense Authorization to PASS 12:07:37
Are you a FAN or ACTIVIST of Ron Paul? 11:37:52
DNC ad targets Romney over flip-flops 11:32:38
RP top 10 trend on Yahoo! 11:31:53
Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks $13 Billion 11:31:51
NY Post: Don't Count Ron Paul Out 11:19:11
Barney Frank to announce retirement 11:11:15
Barney Frank will not seek re-election! 10:52:48
A Thank You Letter to Our Neighbors 10:39:22
MSNBC & Chuck Todd Segment Black Out Ron Paul From Campaign Coverage 10:35:33
The man who refused a TSA-style search and the judge who dismissed charges against him 10:21:17
Ron Paul Super Bus Tour! 10:18:55
SWAT team kills marine after busting down his front door with little to no warning! 10:14:26
National Defense Authorization Acts 1867 09:51:11
All the witches in the Air Force are in luck! 09:26:12
Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell, How Average Joe’s Home Was Stolen 09:19:32
Is the Patriot Act Unpatriotic? 07:18:15
Flashback Ron Paul Never Wavered. From Thousand of Supporters to Millions 06:27:03
Concord Monitor: "Youngsters agree: Paul rocks" 04:49:47
Cast for HBO's "R3VOLUTION" 04:42:31
Ron Paul Swag Cyber Monday Sale (50% Off Almost Everything) 04:25:21
A convincing tool for those almost there (video revisit) 03:53:28
he whose name must not be spoken is losing here. do what you do. 03:15:50
Michelle Bachman for President?! 03:08:28
'Ron Paul a threat to US corporate interests' - Press TV News 02:55:48
Get this CD and put it in with your Christmas/New Year/Holiday/Hanukkah/whatever cards! 02:34:13
A big dose of truth: A nice piece featuring Joe Rogan (adult language) 02:24:49
Paul is the answer 02:03:00
H 01:56:54
PLA researcher says U.S. aims to encircle China 01:50:29
I was at the market and 01:16:41
The phantom menace: Gary Johnson considering third-party run 00:44:14
Ron Paul Beats Barack Obama in Recent Poll 00:43:18
How would A terrorist attack effect the 2012 presidency? 00:24:36