Posted on November 29, 2011

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Jan Helfeld PWNS Romney Spokesperson On Principles 23:16:21
Kucinich: A Revelation - The Fed Works for Banks, Not The Rest of America 19:46:16
Dec 16th, +6 Million Day For Ron Paul! 16:50:28
Super Brochure Iowa Coverage Report 15:04:30
Rand Paul Aims To Kill 'Indefinite Detention' Provision of Controversial Bill 13:04:50
Cain 'reassessing' campaign 13:03:22
S. 1867 Coverage - McCain vs. Rand Paul 18:15:21
Video: I spoke at Charlotte City Council as a Ron Paul supporter! 11:41:17
Salon: Why Young Voters Love Ron Paul 08:53:17
Why Is a CBS News Anchor Scoffing at Blowback and Diplomacy? 09:55:27
Flip and Flop; Newt and Mitt 00:00:50
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The Bilderberg Takeover of Europe 23:59:19
Money Bomb December 16TH! 23:54:22
Wise words of Charles Hugh Smith (from) "The Future of Jobs" 23:51:04
Rush Limbomb must happen immediately 23:33:25
Glenn Greenwald: Is Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream of Mass Regime Change in Muslim World? 23:19:05
Assassination of America (my video to the neocons) 23:16:41
Battlefield: America - Have the Terrorists Won? Rand with The Judge! 23:14:18
Local Radio Ron Paul Dominance! 23:04:08
"A Ron Paul" President - Edwin Vieira Confiscation and the Constitution Radio 22:29:57
"Ron Paul complains that Republicans are obsessed with Israel." or "How I helped the MSM Smear Ron Paul" 22:28:27
I am a human being & I crave peace on earth! 22:24:55
North Dakota Looks To Repeal Property Tax 22:24:04
A Very WAC Black Friday 21:53:36
NY Fed goon urges cops to crack skulls. 21:53:29
What If ? 21:28:58
More Evidence of Media Bias Against Ron Paul 21:27:44
How Private Warmongers and the US Military Infiltrated American Universities by Steve Horn and Allen Ruff 21:20:41 says *nothing* about ndaa / S. 1867 21:10:39
The List of Traitors 21:03:48
From CA: Looking for a couch to crash on for the Iowa Caucus from late Dec. till around the Jan. 5th. 21:03:13
How much will these cows eat? 20:55:10
Sen. Lori Klein: If Cain Didn't Hit on Me, He Wouldn't Hit on Anybody 20:53:04
Ann Coulter Gets Censored on MSNBC When Calling McCain a Douchebag 20:51:47
Don't got a yard for a yard sign? 20:37:42
Rand Paul Tries To Formally End The Iraq War 20:20:29
names for Newt 20:07:07
How the U.S. Will Become a 3rd World Country (Part 2) 20:03:52
Saving The Campaign Money 19:47:02
Rick Perry flubs again 19:28:19
Gary Johnson Dials Back in New Hampshire; Considers Running as Libertarian. 19:25:35
Bird Flu: Scientists Develop New Strain Of H5N1, Avian Influenza, That Could Kill Millions 19:09:02
Post this as your facebook status! Getting to the point! 19:06:10
POLITICO Ron Paul's family publishes 2012 cookbook 19:05:25
Pimco's 4 "Iran Invasion" Oil Price Scenarios: From $140 To "Doomsday" 19:01:17
We have more one poll to Win! Gingrich in 1st 18:48:25
Udall Amendment Fails 37-61; Rand Paul 1 of only 2 Republican "Yeas" 18:43:06
Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Gets Leg Up with Calendar Girls 18:41:06
California vs. The Feds: Obama's DOJ Cracks Down on Medical Marijuana 18:33:05
The Lone Republic - News and Opinion from a Liberty Perspective 18:29:23
RT: Rand Paul vs Battlefield USA 18:25:04
Central Banking has Killed _? 18:21:21
Dr. Paul needs a helmet 18:16:00
Newt Gingrich's Skeleton Closet 18:00:53
Karat Bars, real deal or scam? 17:55:09
The List of Traitors - Vote to Strip Out Military Detention Powers Against Americans 17:54:29
What a win in Iowa for Ron Paul will tell us about the future gold price 17:53:33
Newt Gingrich's Skeleton Closet 17:50:00
Ron Paul in 1995 Speaks to Physicians 17:47:17
AMR just another sorry excuse for a business 17:41:35
Poorly-Written Hit Piece on Calls Paul a "Phony Populist" 17:26:58
Cain considering dropping out of GOP race 17:23:38
Cigar lovers prepare for all-out FDA regulatory assault 17:15:52
S.1867 Letter to Lindsey Graham 17:10:12
Ron Paul Open Mic Night! December 6 17:04:39
'Super soldiers': The quest for the ultimate human killing machine 17:01:03
What did the German woman say to Herman Cain when he attempted to put his hand up her dress? 16:56:19
Ron Paul labels Newt and Mitt muppets 16:54:29
Will Ron Paul Be The Last Man Standing… 16:45:35 Hosts National GOP Primary 16:45:26
Domestic Violence: How did Americans Become the Enemy? 16:38:21
Market Watch - Business Wire : Ron Paul Remains 'Top Tier' in latest Iowa Poll 16:31:12
Ron Paul Interview On The Neal Boortz Radio Show 11/29/11 16:26:04
The 2012 Ron Paul Family Cookbook 16:11:33
Hilarious Mitt Vs Mitt AD 16:08:19
Romney, Cain disappearing in Iowa? 15:57:01
The most devastating expose of THE NEW world order you'll ever read! 15:52:24
Ron Paul, Debt Obligations and the true power of the creditors 15:51:37
Ron Paul is most electable: 12 reasons. 15:44:33
Shades of 1914 : China To Protect Iran, Even with a 3rd World War (Video) 15:43:40
RP @ Loyola Univ. 15:43:13
if you want to take out Newt in South Carolina... 15:36:06
Phone From Home Update! must read! 15:20:07
The public airwaves don't belong to Clear Channel. Start your Ron Paul Pirate Radio FM station for under $500 15:06:29
32 years ago : Same old problems 15:03:54
Ron Paul Ties Herman Cain, Rick Perry For 3rd Place In Latest South Carolina Poll 14:56:14
I find this discourse (re: S. 1867) from the "Democratic Underground" encouraging... 14:46:39
Not sure if it is wise to post this but thought it should be asked.. 14:45:57
Not sure if it is wise to post this but thought it should be asked.. 14:45:12
LIVE Q&A w/ Tom Woods tonight @ 14:25:15
Salon: Ron Paul's Phony Populism 14:20:36
DRUDGE - Sens. Paul, McCain clash over terrorist detainee amendment 14:10:29
Bradley Manning treatment in custody concerns MEPs 14:04:37
MSM It's Official- Republican Choice Is Between A Baseball Glove And A Salamander! n/t 14:02:38
How about some lovely book reviews for our favorite Israel-firster, Glenn Beck, next? 13:56:41
Rick Perry in New Hampshire with Birther 13:54:24
Newt's Secret Weapon: Adultery 13:46:38
US Federal Judge Refuses To Let Banksters Off Hook, Says Public Needs To Know Truth 13:39:47
Ron Paul Posters on College Campus 13:33:46
Need Help On A Term Paper 13:31:39
A beautifully written article on the religion of Global Warming. 13:27:29
Say thanks to neal boortz 13:11:31
Pollster CEO former Gingrich Chairman? 12:55:29
CNBC Reports potential Cain dropout. Does this hurt or help Ron Paul? 12:55:23
Great hit piece on Hillary Clinton at "Sign of the Times" 12:48:46
1 Million Likes for Ron Paul Facebook BOMB 12:47:58
'Pin-Ups For Ron Paul' Women Help Spread Candidate's Message 12:39:59
Primary Info 12:33:30
Saw this very interesting piece of news regarding Tea Party vs Occupy assistance from local government! 12:32:08
Guilt by association 11:57:50
Rand Paul LIVE now on C-span2 about S. 1867. 11:49:22
Salon: Ron Paul blasts Obama for drone attacks 11:46:08
Canada and Mexico to Join U.S. in NAFTA of the Pacific 11:41:23
After Getting Groped By The TSA, I May Just Vote For Ron Paul 11:40:04
AP Newsbreak: US to pay $2.5M in anthrax death 11:34:57
Nation's credit rating takes a hit after super committee failure 11:33:21
American Airlines Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 11:21:56
Free Job/Skillset Training caveat: you have to read about Ron Paul 10:56:53
This project seems like it should be taking off like wildfire... 10:50:37
Shop Till You Ascend 10:48:12
New Cain Tax Monster Video - Very well done 10:47:51
Want to Know Who Will Win In 2012 - Look for the Smile 10:43:53
Unreal! HuffPost article about Neocon Hope for Resurgence in 2012! 10:37:01
Hatchet job on Ron at Salon 10:33:53
Dec. 3 - Liberty Concert - Live Video Stream link 10:07:29
Take Iowa and send a message 09:55:27
Meet 5 Big Lenders Profiting From the $1 Trillion Student Debt Bubble 09:51:10
Facebook status highlighting differences between candidates 09:44:20
We all know Newt is bad news but how bad is he? 09:15:28
Getting Serious About Ron Paul 09:08:56
Poll: Force to pull an O’Reilly…register by 10 December! 08:59:06
Zerohedge: Ron Paul Explains His Plan For "Monetary Freedom" And Returning To The Gold Standard 08:30:52
New Article 08:04:42
Exposed: Fed Bailout of Big Banks Dwarfs TARP 07:57:30
Flip Flop Mitt 07:14:24
Dennis Miller to Endorse Ron Paul!? 06:42:15
Ron Paul for President Poll 06:37:45
Recycle Ron Paul campaign mail 05:17:11
China Documentary BBC - Must see imo 04:29:48
Need solid info to explain why Newt is not a good choice 04:25:43
Video: Dick Morris blames Ron Paul supporters for bad book reviews 03:21:10
British House of Lords - Waking Up? 03:14:23
genius rap video 03:07:08
Ron Paul on Euro collapse. Video. 01:49:39
Judge Napolitano: What If the Constitution No Longer Applied? 01:37:24
Newt's Liberal Agenda Exposed - Great Link For The Uninformed 01:33:07
Ron Paul will never be the frontrunner due to lack of dirty secrets. 01:22:52
Bernanke Should Watch "Duck Tales" (The Inflation Episode) 01:09:12
tweets 00:55:18
tweets 00:51:57
Ron Paul is not electable. Only the voters want him to win. 00:49:33
Zerohedge: Ron Paul Explains his Plan For "Monetary Freedom" And Returning To The Gold Standard 00:42:25
Roemer says his top pick for VP is Lieberman. 00:42:00
Ron Paul is a clear choice even if you don’t agree with everything he says. 00:37:22
Woman alleges long affair with Cain 00:26:15
Kaboul expects aid beyond 2014 00:21:24
Rick Santorum gets PWNED! 00:10:19