Posted on November 30, 2011

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281,314+ Republican Super Voters Reached - 96% of total! 23:51:22
Ron Paul Interview On Piers Morgan - 11/30/11 22:28:40
NPR-Paul's Tough New Ad Hits Gingrich Hard On 'Serial Hypocrisy'. Paul's virtually untouchable as the messenger for this message 23:21:14
Video Update: Ron Paul on CNBC's Squawk On The Street 11-30-11 23:31:15
Gerald Celente Endorses Ron Paul for President 2012 09:41:32
A letter to my traitor 16:00:55
Karl Rove on Ron Paul 08:30:22
11-29-11 Rand Paul @ Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano 08:14:26
George Orwell's Guide to the News 01:10:52
National Grassroots Campaign for Ron Paul 12-7 to 12-10 15:42:46
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Obedience 23:27:56
Chris Christie: Drug War has failed! The GOP continues to follow Ron. 23:07:28
The Conspiracy to Steal the Election 22:59:43
Loss of Faith in the Euro/Hyperinflation 22:52:45
This judge must be a Ron Pauler. Must read. Inspirational 22:33:52
Bar Stool Economics 22:14:16
Good to Know Info on Polling 22:11:36
Ron Paul on Piers Morgan 22:02:31 21:56:04
The New Level of Tyranny – “National Defense Authorization Act” (S. 1867) 21:43:49
Update for open primary state(s)? 21:39:21
Don't ever forget, "Come and take it" 21:36:49
Ron Paul 2nd in Iowa 21:32:13
MSNBC: After States Chose To Regulate Cannabis Obama's DOJ Decided To Shutdown Licensed Dispensaries 21:23:18
Iowa MATTERS - Oh, now Iowa does not matter (after Dr Paul wins it) 21:21:32
Tough Env/Chem Questions 21:12:06
The Surveillance Hummingbird: Watch it Fly and Spy 21:07:49
"I did not have an answer for that..." 21:01:29
Ron Paul 101: True or False? 20:50:42
McCain-Levin Military Detentions Law for Americans Clears Path for Domestic Assassinations. 20:50:38
Ron Paul sign wavers are everywhere, but what about Gingrich, Cain and Perry? 20:47:06
* Tea Party and OWS in Memphis againist crony capitalism * 20:42:16
Patriot Unity Coalition 20:29:59
Editorial Bomb 19:56:47
Direct Mail opt-out 19:56:22
What can be done to fight back against the Washington Post blogs? 19:47:47
Ron Paul savages Newt Gingrich 19:33:17
How to defeat S.O.P.A. 19:19:02
Major Networks Reject Anti-Fed ads 19:17:31
My video on why Obama shouldn't be re-elected 19:03:48
Its A Poll 19:01:56
The New Rev PAC Super Brochure 18:55:44
New Hampshire Carpool 18:28:38
What is up with the Republican Jewish Coalition 18:22:57
Texas Straw Poll: January 12-14, 2012 17:39:49
NATO airstrikes kill 28 Pakistanis, but they hate us because 'we're free and prosperous' right? 17:39:40
Do you know how to enforce your inalienable human rights? The great deception of the corporate state. (Video)(UPDATE) 17:37:55
Rick "Stalin" Perry Promises To Send Civil Servants Who Disagree With Him To Work In “Some Really God-Awful Place" Siberia? 17:36:19
Video Taken Down By CBS, Man Beaten By LAPD For Taking Pictures At Occupy LA 17:29:00
Learnliberty 17:24:53
The mainstream elite do not want RP as as candidate. Fear is a funny thing. 17:18:46
Federal Reserve Funding Government Regulations 17:11:08
MSNBC: Foreclosure fraud whistleblower found dead (Nov 30th) 17:00:53
Impeachment of Obama 17:00:02
Does the status quo want fear? They will hide behind elections but if RP doesn't win the Republican primary. 16:57:52
Feisty Herman Cain presses ahead with presidential bid 16:49:43
100% going to Ron Paul campaign 16:46:24
Arguing for Ron Paul on his Earmark Pork 16:40:38
That Dollar In Your Pocket is a Payday Loan: Understanding How Central Banks Exploit You and What You Can do About It 16:25:29
Economist Gerald Celente endorses Ron Paul for President 15:53:30
The Two Constitutions 15:50:25
Russians Refuse to Shake Obama's Hand 15:46:25
Dr. Ron Paul is coming out with a family cookbook 15:46:00
From Yahoo: "Show the candidates what they need to see in Iowa" 15:35:11
Please explain why Ron wants to scrap all these 15:32:56
4G iPhone 5 & iPad3 Coming Mid-Late 2012 15:31:50
Boots on the ground in Iowa 15:27:51
Ron Paul: "Republican Candidates Just Represent The Status Quo" 15:06:25
Rage with Another Progressive 15:02:36
RP Statement on Euro Bailout 14:41:23
100 Reasons to End the Fed - and we know who will! 14:39:31
Obama issues Ron Paul "kill order" 14:33:39
Judicial/Legal Corruption 14:29:31
Why I Joined the Ron Paul Revolution: A Testimonial 14:29:25
Can somebody tell me if they know anything about this article: 14:13:03
Discussion: Can a Newt supporter ever support Ron Paul? 14:07:07
S&P downgrades top US banks' credit ratings 13:59:39
$57M for 8 automated target dummies. Yeah, cutting any of this would just ruin national security... 13:46:57
Why would Rand Paul and Jim DeMint vote against each other 13:25:52
Good article supporting Ron's Free Market Principles 13:21:02
Perpetual Q.E. Without the Billboard 13:13:30
Intrade: Ron Paul shares gaining value 13:13:27
Another Fake : 10 Things Newt Gingrich Doesn't Want You To Know About Him 13:05:08
Establishment Media Poll : Republicans Hold Negative View of Ron Paul 12:57:40
The Republican Debates and the Rule of Law 12:56:38
Nov. 30th - Fed Cancels pomo Due To "System Difficulties" (first time in history) 12:56:14
Washington Post/ABC Conduct Fraud Poll Saying Republicans Have Negative View Of Ron Paul 12:55:54
RedState's mod and admin hate Ron Paul supporters 12:52:13
Rand Paul: Americans Could Be Sent to Gitmo Under ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill 12:46:35
Stomp the Salamander 12:41:40
Grand Opening South Florida Grassroots Field Office 12:38:45
Super Brochure as a Powerpoint Slideshow 12:31:27
Council on Foreign Relations Asks if Ron Paul Has a Foreign Policy Problem 09:27:37
Baghdad now the worst city on Earth 12:12:47
Florida Victory Blitz! 12:05:28
headquarters in arizona? 12:03:42
Texas Straw Poll Jan. 12-14. Tickets 11:54:00
Lender Processing Services Robo-signer Whistleblower Found Dead in Nevada 11:53:22
TIME - "Newsflash: The FED Saved the World" 11:46:18
Did you know the video was up? 11:46:04
article on Obama calling for RP assassination? 11:43:32
Ron Paul and Pork 11:40:22
Global Bail-Out Begun By China, Fed., & 5 Central Banks All w/US Dollars! 11:37:36
FreedomWatch Producer Needs Help Finding Ron Paul Supporter 11:36:54
The Great Justin Rainmundo: Levin-McCain bill would create a presidential dictatorship. 11:31:34
What if the Constitution no longer applied? 11:27:17
Video: Salon Attack on Ron Paul Refuted by Tom Woods 09:19:40
Put me in charge . .This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco , TX Nov 18, 2010 11:06:21
Ron Paul: One Hit Wonder 11:02:10
Youth for Ron Paul is seeking student volunteers in NH, IA 10:48:55
Gingrich and Romney: Same health plan, different candidate 10:46:46
Ron Paul gets a grade of "F" on immigration reform at NumbersUSA 10:39:50
Ron Paul - USA Is Setting Up For A Military Dictatorship. 10:08:41
Joe Klein's Road Trip 10:05:55
Sorcha Faal-Article on Ron Paul-Crazy to say the least. Scary Please Comment 09:02:51
Did Ron Paul drop out? AGAIN? 14:26:12
Officer Points Gun At Peaceful Reporter - Occupy L.A. 11/30/2011 06:48:12
New ads? 06:05:30
Post a sign in just the right spot 05:17:29
Air Force vet Ron Paul is only candidate who is friend of military 03:13:12
If Cain drops out, which candidates benefit? 03:08:20
Pakistan incident - CBS Version 02:59:43
Government Is Not A Business 02:46:05
Run a website? Become apart of the coalition of websites promoting the Dec. 16 moneybomb 02:04:12
The Liberty Twitter Network 01:59:48
The Legacy of Ayn Rand: Rand, Ron Paul and Paul Ryan (needs comments) 01:50:02
“I love George Washington. Except for his Foreign Policy.” 01:41:19
Huntsman may be out of next debate in Iowa 00:58:47 - The Real Story 00:48:21
Love the Ron Paul eagle at the end of this video! 00:39:29
RP Phone Banker responds to HORRIBLE article 00:23:24
Toe-sucking assailant creeps out Ark. town! 00:20:04
How the Fall of the House of Cain Might Affect Ron Paul 00:03:30