Posted on November 4, 2011

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Jack Hunter: ‘Fixing’ Big Government is Not Conservative 16:32:34
1000 Ron Paul Signs, Quite A Sight! (Video) 15:38:46
Ron Paul, Obama Big Winners in Illinois State University Straw Poll 07:38:42
Ron Paul Speech in Minnesota at the St Cloud Convention Center Nov. 5th 03:36:27
Veterans for Ron Paul: Derrick Marble 00:45:43
Ron Paul: When I Am President 17:02:10
Does your town have a Veterans Day Parade? If so, you need to be in it with your Ron Paul signs! 17:43:58
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New DP fan 23:57:47
Ron Paul staying out of race to replace him in Congress, not encouraging sons to run 23:34:17
Four Natural Remedies for Heartburn 23:22:07
Operation Educate Occupy Movement 23:17:58
My Deaf friend new RP supporter! 23:17:22
ABC 20/20 On Congressional Pensions 23:15:00
Koch and Cato vs Rothbard and the Mises Institute. 23:12:33
Ron Paul, get out of the occupy movement 23:02:13
KaaBom! 23:00:41
Humorous Onion Article (mentions Ron Paul) 22:44:06
The Most Motivated Campaign Troops Will Win The Republican Nomination 22:42:01
Smart Girl Politics - Sign Up for the Ron Paul Group 22:41:08
Progressives for Ron Paul issues Proposition to Libertarians 22:12:03
Let us stage mock primaries. 22:08:31
Kyrgyzstan to US- US air base poses risk, must shut by 2014 after lease ends 21:52:44
Am I reading to much into this? I'm sure I am. 21:46:53
Here we go Again! FDA wants to strip away Food Supplements, Again! 21:44:31
Google is beginning to tick me off 21:38:40
FLASH ! - Obama tells Allies, "U.S. Will Attack Iran by Fall 2012" 21:17:17
POLITICO Breaking News : "Cain Accuser Breaks Silence, stands by the complaint she made in 1999" 21:11:55
Ron Paul Daily Digest 11/04/11 21:06:26
Prof. Sarbin: The Fed Reserve destroys money. Silent about Ron Paul. 21:03:53
Awesome Interview at Iowa Manufacturing Forum 20:47:59
Do Most Americans Understand What Ron Paul Means When He Talks About Liberty And Freedom? 20:11:01
Ron Paul live from Iowa 19:56:51
Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police clashes 19:45:41
1,000 expected at tonight’s Reagan dinner – and the first is reading her Bible 19:32:45
Napolitano Makes a Good Companion for Ron Paul and Other Freedom Lovers 19:23:08
Jon Stewart's take on "In God We Trust" vote - HILARIOUS, so glad Ron voted NAY! 19:19:14
Who Mows Mitt Romney's Yard? - Ron Paul 2012 - VIDEO 19:02:45
Latest Obama mortgage relief 18:58:21
Got my Ron Paul super brochures today from 18:50:02
Gingrich and Cain Debating Tomarrow Night? 18:43:55
Something has to be do about this media black out 18:39:33
A weird thing happened to me today. 18:37:26
The Meaning of the 5th of November 18:00:00
I am proud to say I just donated to AJ 17:55:03
Goodbye to Conservatism? from SA@TheDC : 17:54:18
Peter Schiff Debates Cornell West On Economics/OWS On Anderson Cooper 360 17:46:23
If Ron Paul goes independent, will you vote for him? 17:34:21
Aussie scientists develop radioactivity-trapping nanofibers One gram of fiber cleans a ton of water 17:25:44
Veterans Sign Bomb 17:20:00
Very Big: Ron Paul + Job Creators Alliance! 17:10:41
US Concerned Israel Could Strike Iran 17:03:29
Win over a voter with logic 17:03:07
Progressives for Paul Video 16:57:38
Inflation, according to Duck Tales 16:55:04
Drudge Report is a NeoCon rag. Drudge abandons Ron Paul, attacks Americans. 16:54:39
11-04-11 Ron Paul Speech - Iowa Reagan Dinner - Youtube 16:54:25
Jesse Ventura thinking about presidential bid 16:52:44
The Night Closes in on our Culture 16:35:04
Ron Paul Revolution in the Big Bend 16:34:58
CHIP IN for costs only for donated billboard 'Support Them Now' theme w military donations graph 16:18:21
Judge Napolitano: 'Will Democracy Die Where it was Born? 16:15:43
Is John Tate RonPaul's new campaign manager? 15:51:30
Ron Paul's Secret to Energy in a Grueling 2012 Campaign 15:51:26
Occupy organizes march AGAINST Obama! Official website. 15:43:02
Who are the Koch brothers, and why are they supporting Cain? 15:35:04
Drones: A Technology of Tyranny 15:25:01
Why the Military Supports Ron Paul (11.11.11) 15:20:12
"Good Little Debt Slaves" 15:17:51
cain train derailment 15:15:07
Ron Paul vs. 'In God We Trust' 14:48:05
Perry supports Israeli attack on Iran 14:43:24
Cain shut down some manufacturing as well. 13:25:22
Friday Fun: Dialectize the Daily Paul 13:14:25
OWS - Manufactured Dissent 13:09:52
The Beat Goes On: Round 'n Round We Go 12:57:02
Tom Woods: How to (Really) Help Ron Paul 12:52:49
ACORN Officials Scramble, Firing Workers and Shredding Documents 12:48:21
Ron Paul with 19 Straw Poll wins, Romney wins 4, Perry 1 12:31:26
Ron Paul Needs Votes on this NeoCon Poll 12:30:46
Arizona Debate Poll 12:29:41
What is with the low poll numbers? 12:17:37
Cain Scandal is BAD for us 12:16:19
Tell Americans Elect who you want for president! 12:08:20
>ALERT< Freedom of Info Act Attack 12:06:18
a stat I'd like to see, number of people registering republican in close primary states 11:58:54
Herman Cain asked if he would cut spending winds up sounding like Obama 11:49:24
Fed is the 1% Flier Facts (History, Actions, Monetary) 11:48:11
Mitt Romney Says Ron Paul Deserves To Be Laughed At, Radio Host Goes Off! 11:47:57
Remember, remember the 5th of November 11:47:13
I'm getting the sense that Newt is next . 11:45:05
Age of Ron Paul - Juan Williams - Fox News Opinion 11:22:32
Ron Paul: Veterans for Peace (11.11.11) 11:21:55
Our Founding Fathers Warned Us About Political Parties 10:50:32
. 10:48:28
Drones Over Houston 10:44:35
114,000 Veterans to Lose Their 2nd Amendment Rights 10:42:03
Stamp Mitt Romney's plan - "Return to Spender - Refused" 10:41:05
Remember, Remember, Tomorrow, Tomorrow 10:36:53
Perry's "When I am President" WaPo, we need comments! 10:36:25
How To Support Ron Paul (Display It!) 10:29:38
Progressive Coalition For Ron Paul playing 'Let's Make A Deal' 10:04:00
A veteran attempts suicide every 80 minutes 10:02:03
Voting Fraud 09:43:31
National Journal: Ron Paul Feels Like A Canary In A Coal Mine 09:35:24
Cain's Iowa Fund- They have a ticker up 09:34:35
Ron Paul, Please Explain the Business Cycle and How It Would Change Under President Paul 09:14:06
Is anyone else banned from Cains facebook page? 09:09:09
Jerry Brown signs 3 new gun laws in Ca. 09:06:03
Youtubes from 2007 from money bombs. 08:56:08
"War of the Worlds" Sequel 11-9-11? (Are you "false flag" ready?) 08:20:33
How to Start your own Community Currency - alternative to the dollar 07:45:24
Private "Community" Currency in Circulation in the USA - Ithaca Hours 07:38:02
We dropped the ball 06:30:34
It's Official! Obama is . . . a Space Cadet? (Humor) 05:38:56
Will The World Call Him Mr. President or Dr. President? 04:06:35
James David Manning is applying to be Ron Paul's Campaign Manager 03:10:44
What is a Man? 02:35:31
Ron Paul Marijuana Flyer Ideas Needed 02:23:18
Kass: Let's blame Ron Paul for Herman Cain's woes 02:18:33
Seems Ron may have called another one correctly 01:46:00
What factoids should I include in my Fed flyer? 01:40:39
What in the world are they spraying? 01:21:58
Peter Schiff Speaking at UCLA November 8th 01:18:51
My Ron Paul facebook rant 00:37:31
Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Respect (11.11.11) 00:36:36
Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin: Too Big to Jail 00:22:46