Posted on November 8, 2011

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Video: Ron Paul on FOX Business w/D. Asman ~11/8/11 22:15:17
Michael Maresco: Phone Banking for Ron Paul - THIS is how we win! 20:17:34
Bill O'Reilly's Attack on Ron Paul - Boycott Blowback in Motion 15:52:32
OWS and the Tea Party: In the Ball Park But Haven't Found Their Seat 12:45:41
Russia Warns Against Israeli Air Strike on Iran 11:27:30
Ron Paul Live! Veterans Pre-Debate Rally - Spartanburg, SC 11:48:02
Fox News: Take Ron Paul Out Of The Debates! - Video 11:37:31
Ron Paul on CNBC Closing Bell 11.8.11 11:32:45
Video Update: Ron Paul Interview - 11.8.11 11:48:17
Hey Guys, We're Making it Happen here in So-Cal! 08:15:19
US Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Al-Qaeda Flag Over Benghazi Courthouse 03:59:54
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Ron Paul - Most YouTube Views 30.6 Million 23:59:27
Fed up! McCain predicts rise of third political party 23:53:53
New Ron Paul Video - fan-made 23:29:29
Lady Gaga writes Ron Paul song 23:24:27
Mises Inst. lecture: RP and contemporary economics 23:20:34
Veterans Day Money Bomb video , please share on the other candidates facebooks. 23:05:01
MSNBC Ron Paul has the Most GOP YouTube video views 22:48:21
Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Hispanics for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition 22:28:29
What Are Your 3 Points of Emphasis Ron Paul Should Focus on Tomorrow Night? 21:57:19
Occupy Wall Street Protestors Plan Epic March From NYC To Washington D.C. 21:44:51
Fed up! McCain predicts rise of third political party 21:20:27
Freedom Watch Help? 21:04:01
Obamas New Ad " What If " 20:44:32
Why Is Pentagon Budget-Gutting Ron Paul So Well-Liked by U.S. Military? 20:29:48
AZ GOP Primary debate moved from 11/30/2011 to 2/22/2012 20:14:22
History lesson requested - RE early/mid 20th century economics 20:00:52
My Veterans Day Status, let me know what you think 19:47:50
Why the 7 to 11% national polls show Ron Paul is the frontrunner - statistical explanation 19:40:23
Herman Cain's lying blood is dripping into the water and the women are forming a circle around him: Cain does not have a chance! 19:18:23
Video Idea: Iraq -> Iran 19:08:04
How Would I Answer Questions If I Were Running For President? 19:07:50
Did Herman Cain really mean a 69-9 plan? 19:03:39
Chairman Cain now claims the Dems are behind the allegations 19:00:00
FEC allows foreigner to run for president 18:42:59
How to get Ron Paul ELECTED! 18:35:06
Yahoo says Ron Paul is Appeasing Iran 18:14:43
More States Accept TSA VIPR Teams at Transportation Hubs 18:11:43
Our Favorite Ron Paul Nut 18:10:37
Libertas - Ron Paul/Skyrim Video 18:10:22
New Barack Obama Ad - War is Peace 18:07:05
Money Bomb Me! ("Yes He Can: Iowa" & "Ron Paul Road Warrior") 17:55:45
Keynes vs Hayek. the debate in video. 17:52:10
Vote Ron Paul as Time Person Of the Year 2011 17:15:39
College Newspaper published article on Ron Paul 17:08:01
TIME Magazine Man Of The Year Vote: Ron Paul In 2nd Place! 17:05:33
Holy Cow! There just MAY be some HOPE of converting "severe" neocons. 17:01:35
Voters angry at bank bailouts and yet two GOP frontrunners supported bailouts 16:48:23
HOW TO help RON paul gotv (video) with this simple technique. 16:38:49
Ron Paul's Favorite Song "Born Free" 16:35:59
Jack Abramoff on 60 minutes. 16:28:08
Delegate How-To list for all states. 16:25:49
Why we poll at 7% - 11% and why Paul is the FRONTRUNNER 16:21:35
Boycotting Fox News Advertisers 16:02:23
Are we deserve Ron Paul 15:41:58
Video - WH Press Secretary - Robert Gibbs "Don't comment on the Federal Reserve." 15:39:53
Ron Paul Sex Scandal? 05:35:43
POLL: Will allegations of sexual harassment drag down Cain's campaign? 15:35:01
Ron Paul: Elizabeth Warren is 'a socialist,' Public schooling is 'a socialist idea' 15:33:31
My fictional End the Fed conversation 15:24:50
DELEGATEBOMB.COM Who's Gonna Do It? 15:20:12
The Colorado Independent : Ron Paul leads Herman Cain in Iowa 15:19:49
Latest Ohio, Iowa & Mississippi Polls 15:18:29
Ron Paul On Elizabeth Warren: 'She's A Socialist' 15:03:50
BREAKING! 5th Woman Comes out against Cain! 14:41:59
Ron Paul Facebookers 14:27:22
Emergency Alert System Test 14:19:22
Yemeni Civilians Protest U.S. Drone Attacks (November 2011) - Please Watch and Share 14:15:50
Phoning for Ron Paul 14:04:03
$1 Federal Reserve Bank Note Worth 1% of a US Dollar 13:27:00
Another poll 13:25:32
Atlas Shrugged Video Release is Today 13:11:15
Ron Paul, right, again on Libya. 13:05:53
The Daily IPad : '‘She is very reliable’ - Another Cain accuser only doing right thing, family and friends say 12:58:53
The Hill 12:37:36
The Hill 12:37:03
How to get Ron Paul Elected! Delegates! Graphically clear video. 16:19:06
Upcoming Voter Registration Deadlines 12:15:59
Finding Freedom in Handcuffs 12:10:17
Sarkozy calls NetanYahu a "liar." Obama says, "You are sick of him but, I have to work with him everyday." 11:54:42
Tea Party Republicans, OWS Democrats, so what's new? 11:54:18
That Ron Paul reminds me of Gramps 11:40:26
♪♫The Cave - Mumford & Sons♫ 11:38:23
Ron Paul and Occupy Wall Street together could change the world. New article! 11:27:36
Mortgage payments still tumultuous 11:19:50
A Fatal Self-Absorption by Fred Reed 11:12:16
Easton MA Online Poll 10:56:01
How would a Ron Paul Presidency change the Military? 10:53:42
Ron Paul's I-told-you-so Moment: “We are winning this intellectual fight!” 10:48:47
Territory of Lies: The Israeli-Occupied Hearing on Alleged Iranian Terror 10:41:04
The Pope and OWS 10:11:39
North American Integration and the Ties That Bind 10:02:43
OWS – The Covert Agenda Behind the Occupy Wall Street Protests 09:56:05
Wall Street's best friend Obama 09:41:42
A fine example of government waste 09:30:42
Foreclosure Starts Rise as Servicers Process Backlog of Delinquent Loans 09:22:08
30 Solid Reasons Why Herman Cain can't Win (share please) 09:16:26
Occupy the Constitution 08:26:40
Welcome to the New World Disorder by Pat Buchanan 07:13:22
Most Meetup groups Award goes to Ron Paul ! But "he cant win" unless we use them for good ! 06:18:13
True Free Market? Is it THAT good? 05:56:23
True Free Market? Is it THAT good? 05:50:26
TED Talks: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight 04:35:40
NEW SONG: "The State" by Porter Robinson (Murray Rothbard Dubstep!) 04:24:38
Jon Stewart Video: Cain & Perry. Funny 03:33:46
Andrea Tantaros "If Ron does not promise to endorse another GOP candidate, he should be kept out of debates" 01:33:18
I don't care who you are, this is funny! 01:21:41
OWS.Cointelpro? Endgame De-stabilization? You decide. 01:17:44
Race b/w Frugal Socialist and Radical Socialist 01:15:03
Send ABC News Your Questions for the Republican Candidates, for Tuesday Nov. 8 07:55:18
Bill'O made a great point 00:53:01
What is going on with the Daily Paul? 00:33:50
Fundraising 00:22:26
Sarkozy calls Netanyahu 'liar' 00:17:36
Paul at 18% nationally 00:03:58