Posted on November 9, 2011

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Ron Paul Defeats Rick Perry Without Revenge: Goes Down in Flames 23:04:57
Real Clear Politics Video: Ron Paul Says Obama Presidency a Near Dictatorship 18:40:32
Jerry Doyle Slams Bill O'Reilly for Disqualifying Ron Paul Voters in The Straw Poll 16:52:03
John Zogby in Forbes: Ron Paul And Libertarians Can't Be Discounted 15:53:31
What's the GOP establishment really doing? Karen Kwiatowski NAILS it! 12:10:57
Richard Maybury: The War that Will Kill the Dollar 09:52:14
Washington State Votes to Privatize Liquor Sales 05:08:17
Gingrich names FDR as his choice for Mt. Rushmore! 04:42:52
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Oakland University Debate HIGHLIGHTS 23:47:44
All Ron Paul Responses At The CNBC Republican Debate 23:44:52
Please vote in these online Polls 23:42:46
They want to sell us Gingrich? Spread these videos far and wide! 23:34:21
Who won the CNBC Debate 28+ POLLS 23:30:55
Emergency Alert System Test Cancelled in Alaska due to emergency. 23:25:30
This Is The Moment Rick Perry's Presidential Chances Flash Crashed 23:23:58
Intrade: Ron Paul gains 115%, ranks 3rd 23:22:48
Rick Perry flop = Ron Paul Media FRENZY 23:20:58
GOP Debate 23:18:08
Checkout the pic of Ron Paul on Drudge right now 23:17:22
Why didn't Ron Paul say he has never let a lobbyist in his congressional office during the last question? 23:16:08
Rick Perry: And The Third Agency I Would Cut Is. 23:08:31
Time to vote 23:05:44
CNBC Online Poll - Ron Paul at 67% and raising! 23:04:09
Where are all the polls at? 22:59:57
Ron Paul's Suit 22:56:25
An Open Letter To Sarah Palin On The Republican Primary 22:41:54
I need Everyone's help who is doing something on the internet for RP 22:26:26
CNBC Twitter feed needs some Pro-Paul comments 22:17:04
Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street - best answers given yet! 22:15:44
The Cain Accusations are all bogus fabrications created by. 22:08:11
Washington Times Poll Who is winning the Debate 21:26:09
How to crack the media-support "Gingrich the Fed Slayer" facade 21:24:32
Ron Paul supporters rally on OU campus prior to GOP Presidential Debate 21:19:21
Tonight Dr Ron Paul educates, educates and educates America while taking all the rest of them to school! 21:18:18
NEW Ron Paul art/woodworking- video - Laser Wood Marquetry/ Cain smoking spoof 21:13:35
Full Mises Inst. Lecture: Rp's Economics 21:11:07
Ron Paul 12-12-12 Walk 21:00:04
FLASH ! Ron Paul Second Only to Romney in Obama match Up 20:57:00
Latest CRAZY Cain ad. I actually agree with some of what he says, for a change. 20:56:31
Ron Paul will be in Spartanburg, SC this Sat, Nov 12th at our Veterans Day Rally 20:54:18
Agent Provocateur Bothers Independent Journalists At Occupy Maui Protest Over Being Ron Paul Supporters! 20:53:32
Cain's Sexcapades an Obama Smear Campaign? 20:45:21
Before the Debate Interview with Ron Paul ~11/9/11 20:45:18
Ron Paul social network is up and running, come join us http:/ 19:58:17
Chalk up 3 More Voters 19:46:47
Ron Paul: Obama presidency ‘dangerously close to an elective dictatorship’ 19:35:40
ode to the american republic(A RON paul inspired poem) 19:34:46
Marc Faber: They Can Postpone the Endgame for Five or Ten Years 19:28:09
Ron Paul in First Place Among Republican Nominees in Republican Party 2011 Polls 19:26:05
Seven congressmen repudiate their signatures on Norquist’s anti-tax pledge 19:15:56
25 Solid Reason's why Newt Gingrich can't win (Share!) 19:06:38
Jefferson County [Birmingham, Ala.] Votes for Biggest Muni Bankruptcy on Record 18:53:07
Steve Deace hosts Thomas Woods on Iowa radio show 18:15:24
Tea Party Nation says it is time for Herman Cain to leave the race. 17:56:56
National Labor Relations Board Staff Joking and Attacking US and Congress 17:45:10
Occupy SIUE 17:37:54
Ron Paul: Obama Presidency "On the Verge of Being a Dictatorship" 17:35:42
hey RP tonight you should attack! attack! attack! 17:24:25
What if the American people woke up - Mortis Noctu 17:17:31
Breaking News from Rand Paul: Dems walk away from table 17:10:02
Clint did NOT make our day! 16:49:23
BoA Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On Taxpayers, Super Committee Looks Away. Seize BoA Now. 16:21:46
Are you going to be a delegate for Ron Paul? Informal poll. Answer below. 16:19:01
Can Cain's support in Iowa swing to RP and the importance of evangelicals in Iowa 16:14:55
December 17th - LiberTea Party 2011? 16:04:25
PROOF Ron Paul is Winning! Cumulative Straw Poll Tally - Part 2 15:53:38
How Ron Paul Wins 15:46:59
We have ONE YEAR, gang! 15:45:29
Turtles that look like Mitch McConnell 15:45:00
Occupy takes on the Federal Reserve. Global event! Here we go! 15:39:11
Ron Paul: A Veteran's Best Friend Money Bomb 15:35:58
In response to "Ron Paul is owned by the DC machine" OWS 15:35:33
Any 11.11.11 Conspiracies Out There? 15:35:32
. 15:31:40
How to support Ron Paul if you're a minor 15:29:39
Tacoma, Washington votes to make marijuana the lowest law enforcement proirity 15:22:25
The Ancient Order - Money Tree 15:14:52
How to support Ron Paul if you're poor 15:13:43
Poll : Ron Paul 3rd Party Bid Could Transform 2012 Election 15:00:34
Real Clear Paulitics: Ron Paul is Top Tier (Visual Aid) 14:55:22
Herman Cain wants to invite you to dinner, that is if you are female and beautiful. 14:53:36
Jimmie Vaughan - "I vote for Ron Paul." 14:49:25
Fannie Mae loss widens, asks taxpayers for $7.8B 14:42:26
Mortgage giant Fannie Mae is asking the federal government for $7.8 billion in aid to cover its losses in July-September 14:41:32
The REAL war on Christmas 14:40:48
Draft Ron Paul to craft a Constitutional Amendment 14:00:22
The Big Banks battle against Free Speech 13:59:34
Ron Paul Second Only To Romney In Obama Match Up 13:57:28
Ron Paul is a choice in this poll! 13:34:41
The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen 13:29:06
Attn: Nor. California Ron Paulers 13:22:05
RP A Closer Look over on thyBlackMan need comments 13:20:02
Ron Paul Second Only To Romney In Obama Match Up 13:04:52
EAS Test - How do you explain the tyranny? 13:01:31
Eastwood 12:19:12
Ohio Voters Choose to Opt Out of Health Care Mandate 12:16:21
Does the DP community think that Jesse Ventura should start campaigning for libertarian party 12:09:51
Karl Rove: Ron Paul’s Base Is ‘Talking To Themselves,’ 12:07:43
Support Them Now Video - Awesome! 12:05:50
Moving up on Intrade! 11:56:50
Poll: Ron Paul 3rd Party Bid Could Transform 2012 Election 11:54:24
UNC Professor (CNN Article) - "Ron Paul's rationale for returning to the gold standard one of most dangerous ideas." 11:51:25
Fannie Mae taps $7.8 billion from Treasury, loss widens 11:27:26
Faux News Article - "Ron Paul's Border Security Web Ad Void of Details" 11:17:47
The medieval, unaccountable Corporation of London is ripe for protest 11:13:36
Judge Napolitano: 'Sales Taxes Constitute A Grand Theft' 11:02:16
Jack Hunter: If Cain wins, the Tea Party loses. 10:50:31
Do you find this Guy Fawkes shirt offensive? 10:42:05
O'Reilly has a book for us to know what to do! 10:32:15
Alex Jones conspiracy radio host narrates commercials for known fraud and thief? 10:28:46
Great chart on what front runners represent in Presidential Race. 10:28:13
The Ultimatum Tactic 10:25:59
This is why the Department of Agriculture must GO! 10:23:36
Don't panic! FEMA urges Americans not to worry as national alert system is tested 10:09:46
Stephen King Offers Heating Oil Help for Mainers 10:05:48
Stephen King Offers Heating Oil Help for Mainers 10:03:20
Duval County, Fla. Clerk Sues MERS 09:43:50
Raw Milk Song - In the Spirit of Frankie Laine 08:45:06
Foreign Policy Debate 08:44:09
The Ron Paul Social Network is here. Check it out. 08:32:33
Time for a "Tree Party" 08:31:38
"Slamming" the polls.let's create confusion! HAHA. 08:21:52
Ron Paul and Contemporary Economics | David Gordon 04:51:11
US Government & Fed Still Confiscating 1933 Gold Coins Today 04:29:59
Experts Suggest the CIA, Not Kim Jong-il, is Counterfeiting Dollars 04:17:33
Do you want to be a part of Ron's Secret Service? 03:36:01
Meet Porter Stansberry, the fraudster behind ominous ‘NewAmerica3′ ads 03:34:45
Another poll 02:45:01
TIME is Soliciting Input for the 2011 Person of the Year 02:37:37
Pacifia Radio: Debate About 9/11 Pentagon Event 02:32:43
CNBC Pre debate poll, Cast your vote NOW and comment! 02:23:15
Submit your question to the Candidates, CNBC Debate. 02:17:35
Facebook status: Click like if you believe Ron Paul is telling the truth 02:13:20
Chemtrails - The Weather Modification / Geoengineering Concealed Reality 02:09:16
A Third National Bank of the United States? 02:09:00
Forget about OWS- 01:42:38
'Former GOP Hill Staffer Thinks Cain Should Go' 01:38:40
Good video on US/Iran history 01:27:58
Ron Paul's surprise visit to Central PA 01:19:54
IAEA on Iran: A ‘Colossal Non-Event’ As Casus Belli 01:13:52
Veterans Day Money Bomb video , please share on the other candidates facebooks. 00:47:14
Ron Paul Meet Up Groups: "Mach Voting RP Trials" vs "The Lazy Voter Factor" 00:18:32
Fannie Mae asks for $7.8B as losses widen 00:15:14