Posted on December 1, 2011

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Video Update: Kudlow Report Exclusive Interview w / Ron Paul CNBC 12-1-11 20:05:41
Cleveland Browns RB Peyton Hillis Openly Supports Ron Paul 19:55:39
UNDERESTIMATED - *Updated with Article* 15:06:48
Daily Paul Radio Interviews Jan Helfeld 'The Truth Will Set You Free But First it Might Piss You Off' 14:58:04
Ron Paul at New Hampshire Grocery Store - 12/1/2011 - Talking Newt Ad 14:14:19
Paul is destroying everyone on Google Trends 12:28:22
New video hits Romney and Gingrich where it hurts. "Ron Paul: All this talk is just talk" 09:09:05
Iranians are just like us UPDATE plus Video story from Daily Show 04:49:55
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Ron Paul's "Unwanted" Endorsement 23:59:31
Rand Paul is the man... 23:50:16
Ron Paul Must Talk To Older Folks: Florida SC NC... 23:39:11
Can anyone help me find this video 23:26:33
Paul wins Tea Party Straw Poll in Dubuque, Iowa 23:17:01
Newt Gingrich in 1st Place Among Newt Gingrich Supporters 23:11:16
RP wins Dubuque straw poll 23:07:09
Occupy Movement: Next Step Convergence 23:05:01
Senate Passes Treasonous Defense Authorization Bill. Rand votes for Iran Sanctions. 22:31:42
It's down to Dr. Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich: Newt's huge psychopathic ego will cause him to take the next big fall! 22:22:18
Blowhard Joe Pags Suggests Ron Paul's New Ad on Gingrich's Flip Flops Helps Obama 22:08:26
Republican Jewish Coalition Ignores Ron Paul 22:01:29
3.5 Million Radio Listeners Heard Ron Paul's New Ad Today! 21:57:51
Gawker: Ron not invited to debate due to foreign policy viewpoint 21:36:29
War on drugs revealed as total hoax - US military admits to guarding, assisting lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan Learn more 21:20:39
Big Florida Effort! Join Us if youre in S Fl 21:16:43
Ann Barnhardt audio interview about MF global and what it means to all of us. 21:09:21
My local paper has a "who would you vote for poll".. You know what to do... (he's 4th so far) 21:08:16
Beware "Americans Elect" 20:56:09
Florida Victory Blitz 20:55:47
Ron Paul Interview On The Kudlow Report Talking Newt Ad 20:54:31
Miami Grand Opening 20:52:24
CNN: Your phone's secret recording device 20:47:12
Ron Paul seizes 3rd in Rasmussen poll! 20:38:17
Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate 20:26:45
US Debt/GDP Hits Post WW2 High 99.5% Following $55 Billion Overnight Debt Increase 20:23:38
FEMA ad on radio freaked me out! - War propaganda? 20:21:14
Bioware has a problem with Ron Paul? 20:18:47
If you were to design a new governmental model, what would it look like? 20:14:59
. 20:07:42
Noted Conservative Blogger will vote for Obama over Paul 20:07:39
Is Ron Paul Anti-Science? 20:02:29
Web Launch: New Awesome Paul Site 19:54:36
Occupy Congress January 17th, 2012. Bring 1,000,000 tents! 19:54:15
NPR: Federal Reserve low interest rate policy is inflating the cost of NYC taxi cab medallions 19:32:13
“I’m going to be the nominee.” It’s an election, not a coronation, Newt! 19:30:14
What Happens If We End the Fed? 19:29:09
Here's a Way to Make it Happen... 19:25:53
Gingrich Tells ABC News: ‘I’m Going to Be The Nominee’ 19:19:23
RevolutionPac teams up with Golden State to bomb itunes 19:11:17
Presidential Debate in Myrtle Beach-RSVP Now 19:07:22
The "Thrive" Deception 19:05:35
Mark Udall Is Fascist 19:00:31
Paul BANNED from upcoming debate 18:58:05
Time for a BIG PUSH! 18:52:06
Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He's Too "misguided and extreme" 18:51:11
Running for Congress - thoughts and ideas? 18:27:34
Is Newt a psychopath? 18:24:00
Protect RP (Security) 18:13:35
Funny: Dudes Prank Store Clerks - Ron Paul plug at 2:32 18:07:01
Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He's Too "misguided and extreme" 18:01:25
. 18:01:10
Ron Paul is the Tea Party and no other in the GOP field! 17:56:46
Peyton Hillis supports Ron Paul 17:56:08
The Power of Positive Thinking 17:49:54
submit a question for the Dec 10th debate 17:47:31
Iceland 17:41:59
Rand Paul on the Alan Colmes Radio Show - Dec 1st, 2011 17:38:37
Ron Paul: Gingrich being given a ‘free ride’ by sex-obsessed journalists 17:37:22
Send your best RP promotional photos to the New York Times! 17:36:17
Kucinich wants to give Congress the power to create money out of nothing. 17:26:31
Long Term Food Storage 17:20:48
Ron Paul Blames Sex-Obsessed Media For Giving Gingrich 'Free Ride' 16:38:09
Carl Rove forced to choked out a pro Ron Paul comment 16:35:11
Ron Paul Takes Gloves Off Against Newt Gingrich and Scores 16:33:07
RP on Newt & Herman 16:32:59
"Atlas Shrugged" tries desperately to save his beloved candidate, Newt Gingrich, on Tea Party Patriots. 16:29:42 article on Ron Paul 16:22:00
DEJA VU: Obama's lawyers: Only executive branch, not courts, can decide if citizens should be executed without trial 16:07:48
Ron Paul on the Laura Ingraham Show 12/01/2011: Gingrich is "Hypocritical" and "Lives off the Government" 16:05:30
Endorsement of Ron Paul by the Tea Party Co-Founder of Dubuque Iowa.. Plus wins the Poll 15:57:23
Ron Paul Wifi B$#B 15:49:55 article clearly shows Ron Paul's consistent standing and rise in the polls. Slow and steady, my friends 15:49:39
Town Hall Primary Poll 15:49:14
RP on Kudlow, Tonight at 7:15pm EST 15:36:25
Stop living in fear of terrorism! The Odds! 15:33:58
Buy American this Holiday Season! 15:32:04
Perry Posse Heading to Iowa 15:19:54
Audio for Ron on the Laura Ingraham Show 15:17:37
Is your phone spying on you (technical but educational article) 15:16:18
Peter Schiff: Global Central Banks Ring Gold Buyers' Bell 15:05:18
Chinese Government Official: ‘US Threat To Pakistan Is Threat To China’ 15:02:03
Ron Paul has youth support, but is it enough to win? 15:00:45
How multi-billionares see our Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents 14:56:47
The Fed’s European “Rescue”: Another Back-Door US Bank/Goldman bailout? 14:50:24
Is it time for an 'Open Letter' from Paul supporters appealing to Rush, Palin, et al.? 14:48:49
Bachmann's Already Picking Her VP 14:46:25
Ron Paul Cookbook trending now on Yahoo! Keep it going! 14:45:42
"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. 14:35:33
IMF a Central Bank, Fed a Hedge - Ron Paul predicts it again... 14:25:26
The Atlantic : "Ron Paul Goes Negative On Newt Gingrich" 14:18:13
Adam Carolla criticizes the Occupy Wall Street mentality. 14:16:29
Do you have more than 7 days worth of food and multiple guns? You may be a Terrorist! 14:05:34
Potential Gingrich "Blowback" Over New RP Attack Ad? 13:47:43
Obama's "Kill Order" on Ron Paul... This better be a joke! [It is.] 13:34:03
Video: Ron Paul in Fargo, ND - 700+ 13:30:43
Ron Paul Scores Endorsement of Second Dubuque (IA) Tea Party Co-Founder 13:26:15
Jewish Republican Panel Dec 7th 13:24:29
Ron Paul on a Third Party Run 13:18:57
Ron Paul, End the Wars, Teach Peace 13:12:13
Politico : "Ron Paul Campaign Video Torches Newt Gingrich" 13:08:09
Ron Paul Draws Full House at Portsmouth Hotel (Town Hall Meeting in NH) 13:00:20
Obama lawyers: Citizens targeted if at war with US 12:56:50
Back On the Road to Serfdom/Tom Woods, ed. 12:36:52
How to End the Federal Reserve and the Bailout Madness (Videos) 12:27:06
Fox News Google Indexed Pages per Candidate - Romney receives more then 6 times the coverage than Ron Paul. 12:26:24
Epic Fail - by a Ron Paul Supporter 12:16:19
Ask Gov. Nikki Haley to endorse Ron Paul 12:14:29
Mac Lethal Mentions Ron Paul 12:05:37
HuffPo: Senate Votes to Let Military Detain Americans Indefinitely 11:57:23
What's cooking in Ron Paul's kitchen is only RP story on frontpage of foxnews... 11:52:33
i wrote a RP song, needs a tune. anyone interested? 11:46:51
Ron Paul with Paul Westcott on WGIR NH Radio 12-01-11 11:39:47
Love the Ad - Some comments about its effectiveness and how to help Ron Get elected 11:20:43
Old Ron Paul video 11:17:20
9/11 Perpetrators' Achilles' Heel 11:09:41
PERFECT song for the campaign! 11:05:50
General Electric Sucks. 10:57:54
Congress was unaware of $7.77 trillion in secret Fed loans ahead of TARP vote 10:54:41
Name a Creek in Iowa ("Ron Paul Creek")? Maybe we should buy this... 10:42:28
Greenwald: Congress endorsing military detention, a new AUMF 10:39:04
The Holocaust happened to people like us... 10:31:32
Christmas List - Patriot Style (and Daily Paul profits!) 10:23:07
Newt Gingrich gave speech at Bohemian Grove - newspapers links etc 10:21:41
Congressman wants to outlaw Abortions motivated by Race or Gender 10:13:15
Ron Paul Gingrich Video is going viral in the MSM! 10:07:38
JP Morgan Chase Banker Admits Banks Caused U.S. Housing Crisis 09:30:17
Vietnamese Americans needed for outreach & fundraising for Tet Booth 09:20:40
Ron Paul On the Fed’s Continued Euro Bailout 09:10:33
AT&T, T-Mobile Mull Plan To Consolidate FCC Frequencies Into New Joint Venture (Monopoly) To Cull And Minimize Competition 08:42:47
Education you're taxed to pay for.. [infuriating Schiff radio's guest interview] 08:34:36
Pat Sullivan, ex-Arapahoe sheriff, suspected of attempted meth trade for sex (VIDEOS) 08:13:36
RevPAC poster has RP's image laterally inverted ? 06:16:57
Sen. Mark Kirk: "This Amendment With The Longterm Goal Of Collapsing The Central Bank Of Iran" 04:40:01
Help me buy a billboard for Ron Paul in Las Vegas! 04:21:36
The SuperVoterBomb brochure! 03:58:53
Help me buy a billboard for Ron Paul in Las Vegas! 03:07:11
America : Freedom to Fascism 02:50:25
A Letter To Republicans! 02:43:59
Please Volunteer for 02:25:28
Rally Your Fraternities to be Delegates 02:18:12
New Hampshire Top Liberty Officials (NHLA Rated) & Endorsements! 02:12:59
Ron Paul: Ideologically Pure and Tough as Nails 02:09:46
Petition to IMPEACH ALL Senators who voted to end Due Process of Law! 01:01:22
Generation X Must Be Delegates or you are just as bad as a Pelosi supporter! 00:54:05
Video: Take a Break for some Humor 00:49:54
Campaign Donations 00:48:06
Gingrich Trails In Organizing In Early-Voting Iowa 00:36:49
SERIOUS threat to Ron Paul 00:27:39
New Hampshire is Winnable! 00:15:30
Hans Rosling Reveals New Insights on Poverty 00:01:22