Posted on December 3, 2011

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Article: In order to defeat Obama, Republicans have no choice but Paul 19:18:30
Des Moines Register latest poll ... Paul 2nd at 18% 19:09:10
Welcome Former Herman Cain Supporters! 13:02:33
Ron Paul Campaign Rejects Trump Iowa Debate 12:38:39
Pictures of big RP sign on my car. 11:23:39
A seed planted in 2007 just bloomed. 09:02:21
Review: LIBERTY Occupies Buffalo Today! Rock the Vote Concert. 08:53:21
NPR Shocking News! 5 Things that will shock you about Ron Paul! Must read before voting 07:53:27
AWESOME Article on Ron Paul: This is exactly why Iowa is crucial! We can win this thing despite the media blackout! 08:50:16
Ron Paul Interview w/Wolf Blitzer, 12-02-11 07:39:59
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Gingrich Leads, Romney Takes Third, in Closely Watched Iowa Poll 23:56:29
Yet ANOTHER Newt Lie...He Did Support Cap and Trade 23:54:39
Vote PAUL on Huckabee's Forum 23:53:21
Both USA Today and Google News Top of Front Page: First Sentence of Article "Texas Rep. Ron Paul has risen into second place" 23:53:18
Clergy for Ron Paul 2012 23:42:37
American Enterprise Institute Admits The Problem With Iran Is Not That It Would Use Nukes 23:31:46
Olympia Snowe Mentioned about needing a New World Order in 1996 (C-SPAN) 23:20:21
Newt Gingrich was an original sponsor of the Fairness Doctrine 23:18:24
Is Ron Paul about to win Iowa? He surges past Romney... 23:10:05
Failure to investigate 9/11 has bankrupted America 23:07:38
Dr. Ron Paul is NOT in the Second Place in Iowa 23:02:15
Serial Hypocrisy ad on some unusual websites! 22:59:25
Government lies about inflation 22:43:47
Ron Paul recommends this book, The Law by Frédéric Bastiat 22:38:02
What does Ron Paul mean by "the free market would fix these problems"? 22:37:01
My Letter to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Response to Them Excluding Ron Paul 22:34:05
Ron Paul says "Read this book." 22:33:33
Is It Only A Matter of Time Until Gingrich's Mistresses Speak Out? 22:13:44
Team Obama cheers on Newt 22:02:36
Only Newt Accepted Trump Debate So Far 21:45:24
You Had Better treat Ron Paul right 21:45:08
Herman Cain, Fed Banker, Is Officially OUT. Next In line, Newt Gingrich! 21:42:31
Live poll 21:38:29
Des Moines Register Poll: Ron Paul Second (18%) 21:33:29
Taking Bets on New Front Runner.. Who Will It Be? I Say Rick Santorum Will Be The Next Nasty Flavor Of The Week Following Debate 21:32:05
Obama Reportedly Issues Ron Paul Media 'Kill Order' (propaganda) 21:30:58
Australian Starts a New Show - The Chemtrail Hunter 21:23:02
Brilliant: Ron Paul Turns Down Carnival Barker Donald Trump Until He Makes Iowa GOP Whole 21:16:20
Conspiracy birther to host GOP debate! 21:14:22
Dr. Ron Paul Told Us How To Remove Our Chains (poem) 21:09:34
Fox News Live Streaming link! 20:57:23
How about a Huntsman - Paul debate? 20:56:43
Twitter Coverage of RP & GOP candidates 20:52:16
Newt's Affairs 20:48:43
Herman Cain Drops Out, Again 20:44:11
funny RON paul songs 20:39:43
Ron Paul: So Fresh and So Clean (Vid) 20:34:17
Share your Phone From Home Totals! 20:28:23
America Wins War On Terror (Huffington Post) 20:23:29
Today, Ron Paul Interviewed on CNN 'State of The Union' W / Candy Crowley 12-04-11 (Check Local Listing in your area) 20:18:44
Ron Paul Statement on Herman Cain Campaign Suspension 20:11:26
Bachmann Plans to Withdraw in January 20:04:30
Discussion about Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich 20:03:42
I'm proud Ron Paul did not kiss Donald Trump's ring like those who sought out his blessings just to run: Who the hell is Donald? 20:00:54
Invite From Herman Cain Forum Admin 19:46:35
NY Daily News - Lenore Zimmerman, 85 Year Old Woman In Walker, Strip Searched at JFK 19:42:59
Jesse Benton smacks down Donald Trump, WTG Jesse 19:41:06
Conspiracy theory confirmed: bankers do want to rule the world 19:34:03
The Media's Blackout Of The National Defense Authorization Act Is Shameful 19:31:52
Carolla's Famous Rant of OWS 19:25:55
David Sirota: Why young voters love Ron Paul 19:21:39
Where will all of Herman Cain's votes go?: It may be already decided 19:12:47
Tea Party Bomb - Facebook page? 18:49:00
Spy Files: WikiLeaks exposes dark secrets of surveillance 18:46:24
Robin Koerner at Huff Po does satire too: "America Wins War on Terror!" 18:37:42
Trump to endorse after debate; Gingrich beloved member of "club I own" 18:36:48
Crossing Police Lines, Police Defect to Occupy Wall Street 18:35:32
RevPAC SuperVoterBomb Invoices Published! 18:34:42
Ion /Newsmax debate Advertising 18:32:56
Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich: The Duplicity of the GOP Electorate 18:32:32
85 Year Old Wheelchair-Bound Woman claims strip search at airport. 18:17:56
Goal not to let Obama win in 2012? Then you may need to vote for Ron Paul 18:08:30
Ron Paul: The Movie 18:00:19
Houston for Ron Paul! 17:55:35
(un) Patriot Act was written in 1995? 17:52:45
Stimulus at Work 17:52:03
My experience going out shopping with a Ron Paul 2012 hoodie on 17:48:50
Cain backers look to Gingrich, Paul in N.H. 17:48:50
Please bring a casserole to the Herman Cain Forum. They're grieving. 17:48:13
Forum Day $10,000 MATCHING Mini-Money Bomb 17:44:11
{VIDEO} Milgram's Obedience Study, the path for the average american to obey the new world order 17:40:40
Wikileaks spy files uncover global spying industry. 17:40:33
What is a Supervoter? 17:29:47
CNN - Cain Backers Look to Gingrich, Paul in N.H. 17:27:21
Shuddap Trump :P What if Ron Paul held a rally on Dec. 27th? 17:23:41
Unexpected Boost for Ron Paul Campaign! 17:20:03
Romney Names Possible Running Mate 17:10:40
A Short Summary of Western Christian History 16:56:36
CNN Political Ticker - TRENDING : "Paul Campaign Calls Trump Debate 'Wildly Inappropriate' 16:54:54
Hijacking The Ron Paul rEVOLution (Video) Excellent Interview, Short & Sweet 16:49:57
Uncomfortable Truths 16:49:44
Paul to appear on State of Union (12/04/11) 16:49:26
(HUMOR) Trump is just "angry" now because... 16:49:22
David Sirota: Why young voters love Ron Paul 16:46:44
New Activist Website - Please Spread The Word 16:37:54
Newt Gingrich is an alien 16:31:59
You MUST Register Republican NOW to Vote in the Primaries! 16:30:27
Was the Paul Campaign Right to Regect "The Donald Debate"? The Pros & Cons. Post your opinion. 16:26:08
Huckabee: "All GOP Candidates will get equal time" 16:25:47
Ron Paul Campaign Should Take Legal Action Against GOP/IOWA 16:19:34
Why the Church should embrace small government 16:17:10
Chuang Tzu's Wisdom for America 16:14:45
Trump: Paul a "clown-like candidate;" would be "wasting the time of the viewers" 16:13:28
No, Ben Swann, We Thank You! 16:11:19
Scumbag bin Laden 16:08:26
Terrible decision to reject Trump debate 15:57:53
Herman Cain Forums make their endorsement now that Cain is out: RON PAUL! 15:52:47
Newt Just Couldn't Let Trump Down 15:52:32
Democrat Chair Leaves Democrats to Vote Paul 15:51:02
Hijacking the Ron Paul Revolution 15:48:14
Again: Afghanistan is going to need lots of $ 15:47:52
Fox News GOP Debate Tickets NYC for Tonight? 15:39:51
Video: Ron Paul on National Defense and Defending American Sovereignty - Nashua, NH Town Hall Meeting 15:31:25
So, now who gets the pro-adultery vote? 15:21:38
Peyton Hillis of Cleveland Browns, show your support! 15:02:45
The Constitution, We the People, and National Defense 15:00:25
Hate for Revpac 15:00:14
Trump blasts Dr. Paul 14:59:06
An Endorsement of Ron by Joe Rogan (2m) 14:56:06
Raw Video Pakistan Army of the Aftermath 14:50:16
Breaking: Cain Suspends Campaign 14:44:48
DR. Paul being mishandled again like back in 2007 14:43:13
So what's wrong with Allen West? 14:24:34
100 mile police state zone 14:20:01
Ron Paul Blimp 2011 14:19:54
Senators that voted for amendment 1274 to take your rights away 14:19:20
SUPER Brochure Iowa Mailing complete! Avoid Double Mailing! 14:14:54
How's Your Honey? 14:13:22
Defense Sec. Panetta Scolds Israel For 'Isolation' in Region 14:11:15
Make This Video Go Viral Now! Tell All the Christians in Iowa and Elsewhere to Watch 14:00:45
Your Guest Wishlist for Daily Paul Radio 13:59:03
Sec. 1031 and Sec. 1032 of the 2012 military spending bill. 13:49:05
I Trust Ron Paul 13:39:59
Maybe this terrible Senate Bill might help us win people for Ron Paul! 13:35:53
Just tell me why, that's all 13:35:40
Keyboard Warriors...hit it! 13:05:54
Paul campaign declining to participate in Donald Trump-moderated debate. 12:59:48
Sovereignty 12:58:04
Ron Paul Campaign Rejects Trump Iowa Debate 12:57:56
Rep. Hartzler: ‘Christianity Is The Main Religion’ 12:47:50
Ron Paul's exclusion from the Jewish Coalition Debate is... 12:31:11
BOATLIFT - An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience (HD Version) 12:20:38
Get Your Ron Paul Talking Points 11:57:44
Public Servants? 11:44:45
Freedoms Greatest Hour of Danger is NOW! 11:40:53
Romney Declines Lincoln-Douglas Debate Against Gingrich; I Nominate Ron Paul 11:35:30 is Live! Sign your city up and help the needy this Christmas season! 11:34:34
In early 2007, I searched in google for "honest politician" 11:24:06
Mona Charen Agrees with Ron Paul on War on Drugs 11:17:04
Delivered 600 Super Brochures this morning! 11:10:02
voter fraud 11:05:10
House Reprimands and Penalizes Speaker Gingrich 10:56:28
Ron Paul You Want MEDIA all over you 10:56:06
Gingrich Credits Freddie/Fannie For Liquid, Stable Housing Finance System 10:32:01
Newt-Onian Foreign Policy 10:23:31
ATTN: Ohio Ron Paul Supporters 10:00:08
What's next? Kim Kardashian to moderate a GOP debate? 09:31:42
Jon Stewart on the Federal Reserve- Awesome! 09:30:12
Russel Means Thanksgiving interview - sounding better than ever. 09:18:38
Bloomberg article about ‘Serial Hypocrisy’ 08:33:06
How can a humble foreign policy be made popular again? 07:28:14
Ron Paul Banned from the December 7, 2011 Republican Jewish Coalition Debate 07:04:24
Ann Barnhardt: "Get the Hell Out of All Paper" ( Audio a must listen) 06:45:08
TANSTAAFL - is it time to spread this meme..again ? 06:32:29
Support Our Troops: The Hypocrisy of So-Called Patriots 06:29:49
Donald Trump to Moderate NEWSMAX Republican Debate 12/27/11 - Good for Ron Paul? 06:27:57
New Video: "Will The Jews Let Ron Paul Win?" 06:08:44
Donald Trump to Moderate Newsmax GOP Debate 12/27/2011 05:49:48
Tell me that, if the campaign made this ad, it wouldn't go truly viral 05:45:30
From Antiwar.Com: Setting The Trap...By Justin Raimondo 05:13:40
Kyle Bass: Change or doom, Americatalyst forum. <video> 04:39:02
Police Officers Find That Dissent on Drug Laws May Come With a Price 04:23:58
Monetary question on liquidity swaps with EU banks? 04:10:37
Search Ron Paul on Yahoo! 03:57:47
ACTION! Can we get at least 200 Ron Paul supporters to do this? 03:49:55
Larry Klayman calls Ron Paul an anti-semite (Said WH on Cipro in 2001 - blamed US) 03:48:10
O’Reilly’s company, Bill Me, Inc. has filed trademarks for “Restore the USA” 03:47:44
Who else has grassroots support in this race? 03:40:24
bumper stickers 03:36:01
NEW hampshire DVD bomb NOW IN progress! 03:34:56
Athletes 4 Ron Paul Challenge/Inspiration 03:29:07
Jordan Page - "The Light of Revolution" (Ron Paul 2012 Anthem) 02:53:56
Hilarious! - Huckabee to grill candidates on 'whether they respect Constitution' 02:44:09
ALERT: Ron Paul on CNN (State of the Union) Sunday, Dec 4, 9am (EST) 02:39:13
Impeach Every Senator Who Votes for "U.S. is a Battlefield" Bill that Violates Basic Rights 02:30:28
Is this the source of our problems? 02:18:30
US firearms sales hit all-time high on Black Friday 02:01:41
Action For Grassroots! 7557 Ron Paul Supporters Have Done This, Have You ? 01:58:33
BEST Documentary for liberty - 'Thrive" 01:54:11
Democrats For Ron Paul 12/03/2011 - VIDEO 01:50:05
Romney Declines Lincoln-Douglas Debate Against Gingrich; I Nominate Ron Paul 01:34:35
Breaking News: Mike Huckabee Surges in new poll with 27% of the vote! 01:26:10
How Ethical is Newt Gingrich? 01:19:55
Hold a Jews for Ron Paul event the same evening. 01:16:50
Draconian EPA Regulations To Cause Rolling Blackouts 01:06:29
Debate Exclusion Blowback 01:02:25
Israel Street Protests: Suppressed by US Media – Video 00:52:53
Thanks again, Rand! 00:49:57
New York times 00:40:06
Newt v. Ron, Round 2: Iraq War 00:39:46
How can Ron Paul win over the Republican base? 00:16:34
Obama Admin Seals Records of Murdered Border Patrol Agent Implicated in Fast and Furious 00:12:58
Border deal fuels concerns in Canada 00:10:29
RCP: "If there is a snowstorm, Paul wins" 01:19:36