Posted on December 5, 2011

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Ron Paul wins Oklahoma Straw Poll in a LANDSLIDE 21:46:45
MSNBC: Ron Paul has run most professional campaign 20:40:38
Greenwald debunks Politifact's assault on Ron Paul! 18:49:55
Impressive and Largely Overlooked Ron Paul Prediction 17:41:37
Ben Swann willing to moderate rival debate: "The Rule of Law Debate" 17:35:50
Sign up to be an Intern with Ron Paul 2012 Campaign office in Louisiana 17:06:53
OMG! Karl Rove Agrees with Ron Paul! 12:40:44
News Shocker! CBS News - "Why Ron Paul makes a compelling case " 09:47:49
12-04-11: Ron Paul on CNN - State of the Union 04:05:50
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/5/11: Instead of Bailing out Europe, We Need Sound Money! 02:53:04
Ron Paul Can Win - Letter to NH Concord Monitor 02:01:47
"Do You Still Like Ron Paul, Papa?" An Afternoon Conversation with My Six-Year-Old 00:41:20
Fox News Saturday GOP Presidential Forum Ron Paul Highlights 13:00:36
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MSM and establishment voting Republicans are splitting the vote. 23:59:39
Is The Fate Of Mitt Romney's Presidential Campaign In The Hands Of A Reuters FOIA Request? 23:55:44
Revealed: South Carolina Infomercial for Ron Paul 23:54:13
Herman Cain Supporters Flock To Ron Paul ? 23:46:24
Iowa Poll: Gingrich 27%, Paul 18%, Romney 16%, Bachmann 13% 23:41:57
Endangered Tax Deductions? 23:41:01
Guess who has highest ranking among candidates by Gun Owners of America? 23:38:22
US caught meddling in Russian elections 23:37:20
Positive Ron Paul Fox coverage (video) 23:32:08
Does Donald Trump Realize He Just Made a Complete Ass of Himself? 23:29:49
For the Record ... Ron Paul can deliver. (video) 23:28:46
Trump, Hannity, Dick, and the MSM will learn about the principle of blowback. 23:27:02
CRAZY - it makes for good company 23:19:01
Newt on the 2nd Amendment - Double Crosser wants your bio-thumb print and... 23:14:45
A thank you for doing what I can't 23:11:45
Question For Mrs.Paul 23:07:02
John Huntsman RP's VP 23:07:02
good stats for RP supporters on real jobless rate/s 22:57:56
Awesome New Ron Paul Video: The American War-Machine, A Lesson in Blowback 22:52:46
Romney The Fidgety Republican Presidential Front-Runner Would Prefer His Sugar-Daddies Be Known As “Job Creators,” Not Predators 22:48:33
Ron Paul Time. Countdown with Keith Olbermann 12-5-11 22:48:28
Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is Wrong 22:43:22
Here's an idea: Paul and Hunstman team up! 22:39:57
Breaking: Romney Spent Nearly $100,000 In State/Public Funds To Hide His Record As Massachusetts Governor (Reuters) 22:33:44
Ron Paul takes first in Oklahoma straw poll 22:23:45
Doug Casey: Charity is a Vice 22:08:07
UPDATE: Newt defends Trump from Paul 22:06:53
Donald Trump Interview W / Sean Hannity on Fox News - Trump : "Ron Paul Has Zero Chance To Get The Nomination" 22:06:07
Why are all the Republicans kissing Trumps ? CURRENT TV 12-5-11 21:48:32
News Video: "As GOP candidates catapult and crash, Ron Paul slowly rises" 21:47:11
How you can turn the Trump/Gingrich issue around in our favor 21:46:01
You guys seen this Huntsman ad regarding Mittens? 21:44:12
Newt has not grown up and still has no values. 21:44:09
US to be a Net EXPORTER of Petroleum Products this Year! 21:42:22
Ron Paul Is 2nd In This Online Poll He Is At 17% He Needs Some Help 21:36:48
Daily Caller Iowa Poll: Ron Paul only Republican to beat Obama 21:31:14
Iowa Poll: Ron Paul is voted ‘most principled’ GOP candidate, but also the ‘most negative’ 21:25:50
Market Anarchists Are Not Obliged to Provide a Plausible Defense Scenario 21:25:04
Jesse Benton & Campaign 21:19:42
10 Questions for Libertarian Party About Ron Paul 21:14:00
Breaking News: Donald Trump Endorses Himself For President 21:02:58
"Ron Paul Defends The 99%" - Thanks, Dr. Paul! 20:55:39
Post your photos of cars with Ron Paul signage! 20:55:08
Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records 20:54:01
Ron Paul sign 20:51:49
Iowa Christian Group slams Gingrich in this video 20:48:15
As GOP candidates catapult and crash, Ron Paul slowly rises 20:47:21
Trump "Ron Paul Doesn't Even Think In Terms Of Israel" MSNBC 12-5-12 20:43:19
Alex Jones: Total control grid designed to predict the future 20:38:05
Pelosi: I'll reveal information on Gingrich 'when the time is right' 20:37:48
This Ron Paul vs. Trump/Newt "fight" is just like the Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway "fight" 20:32:33
Now THIS is exploding! 20:27:31
Cain supporting Newt: Way to screw your former supporters Herman 20:22:32
Ron Paul Seriously Separates Himself Above GOP (Wolf)Pack in Latest ConservativeHQ Poll Results 20:19:02
Anyone Here Live In Montana? 20:15:57
Results of Republican Presidential Poll on Drudge Report : ..and the winner is.. 20:15:42
MotherJones skewers Newt Gingrich 20:09:05
MSNBC: "Christmas Vaction With Ron Paul" 20:08:27
OMG! Did you guys see Ron Paul's response to Newt and Trump? 19:42:55
Nullification: The forgotten concept RP introduced into the dialogue. 19:41:53
Ron Paul needs to ignore Trump. 19:41:22
Newt Gets an Earful (Video) 19:35:59
Mother Jones: 13 Reasons Why Newt Won't Win 19:27:35
Will The Internet Reformation Lead To A Global Political Reformation? 19:24:51
John Silveira Endorses Ron Paul 19:20:12
The Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US 19:19:02
BREAKING: Preview Video Of Trump Debate 19:13:35
Fox: Media taking Ron Paul Seriously? 19:07:40
Everyone on Twitter and Facebook (read FOR THE money bomb) 19:02:59
PWNED - Sorry Trump and Gingrich, Gloves are Off 18:44:50
Ron Paul is losing this poll: You know what to do: Link provided to give Ron the majority and #1 18:39:48
Newly admitted truth about IRANIAN nuke program from neocons... 18:35:51
National Televised Rally for Ron Paul on Dec 27th 18:34:47
PolitiFact and the scam of neutral expertise 18:29:23
sean hannity propaganda today on ron paul 18:28:24
Who is winning the Ron Paul - Trump "Feud"? 18:25:43
Trump Blasts Paul , "Zero Chance"..Newt backpedals while standing beside him 18:21:12
Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War 18:20:02
Video: Newt Gingrich Praises Stimulus & Obamacare 18:13:13
Nancy Pelosi to release Dirt on Newt! 18:12:15
3rd Party Run. 17:58:31
Fox: MediaTaking Ron Paul Seriously? 17:41:52
New Iowa Poll: Obama leads all GOP candidates except Paul 17:40:17
Herman Cain Supporters Flock to Ron Paul 17:37:45
Google News welcomes Ron Paul to the top tier 17:36:40
Jerry Doyle Talks About Donald Trump vs. Ron Paul 17:36:35
William Wallace Endorses Ron Paul 17:21:49
Don't you all feel safer now? 17:21:08
Ron Paul runs edgy new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire 17:19:06
Paul in consecutive Top Videos on foxnews home page 17:16:57
welfare recipient lives in million-dollar home & receiving food stamps 17:07:12
The real reason for Obama's threat to veto the Indefinite Detention Bill (Hint: It's Not to Protect Liberty) 16:57:26
'Service Unavailable' 16:51:20
Enough of this Trump stuff please 16:41:32
Does Trump Have a New Book Out? 16:36:35
"Fire Donald Trump" as Moderator as he is biased and a Moderator is suppose to have no conflicts of interests: Donald has many! 16:27:17
Liberal Hit-Piece Against Ron Paul Being Shared on Facebook 16:24:15
Newt, "King Richard," and HealthSouth 16:23:46
I thought Cain was over? What's with this? He wants your "story." 16:20:14
Fox News - GOP Strategist Karen Hannretty : " I Agree with Ron Paul" 16:18:08
Fact Sheet: New Law Allowing for Indefinite Military Detention for Americans Without Charge or Trial 16:11:36
Ron Paul Surging Among Conservative HQ Readers 16:10:07
Ron Paul Defends The 99 Percent: ‘It’s A Very Healthy Movement’ 16:10:04
Radio host wearing orange jumpsuit on air- supports Ron 16:09:57
The Way to Get Back at Trump 16:07:50
Only About a Month Left to Register to Vote in the Primaries in Six States 16:06:08
! Very Important - Bump - Iowa County Overlooked! 16:02:01
RED ALERT : "How to become a delegate in your state?" 15:55:14
English Patriots Warn Their Fellow Man About Chemtrails in Southampton 15:52:13
My Christmas wish... 15:47:22
Pelosi plans to reveal information about Gingrich 'when the time is right' 15:43:51
Enough!Ron Paul 2012! 15:43:25
The Case for Newt 15:43:19
Paul campaign SLAMS Trump and Gingrich. BAM! 15:36:05
Fed May Give Loans to IMF to Help Eurozone: Paper 15:22:27
Ron Paul: Other politicians ‘whimpering like little shih tzus’ 15:19:52
Iowa Poll: 24% Say Ron Paul Is ‘Most Principled’ Candidate 15:19:33
ConservativeHQ Poll States: Nearly 2 Out of Every 3 Voters Support Paul 15:17:17
RP the best against BO! Sorting out IA and NH NBC/Marist Polls 15:15:32
One Idea, gives birth to another 15:15:30
The FED bailouts ... It's worse than you thought (or imagined). 15:02:16
Best Ron Paul video 15:01:49
Roland Martin, CNN Analyst, Blasts CNN and The Media For Overlooking Ron Paul in Second Place In Iowa 14:59:28
Flip-flop, Hip-hop 14:43:41
Chip In for the Early States 14:39:55
Shutup and stop complaining you stupid Americans! 14:37:27
Video: Iowa Meet Ron Paul 14:34:54
Hilarious Jon Stewart On Bret Baier’s Interview With Romney - Indecision 2012 - Mittstorm 14:27:18
Newt Stinks, But...,and Other Thoughts 14:24:57
New Iowa poll: Ron Paul the only GOP candidate who would beat Obama 14:21:23
TIME: Don’t Go to Sleep on Ron Paul 14:19:51
Libertarian candidate running against Sen. Barrasso in Wyoming's Republican Senate primary 14:05:47
Newt Gingrich fakes Twitter followers – hires outside company to create accounts 14:02:38
Military Industrial Complex Looks to Expand Domestic Market 14:00:36
1871 V 2013 13:57:35
Rand Paul prevents war with Russia 13:55:24
Did you know that Iran and Al Qaeda are actually sworn enemies? 13:52:53
Unofficial Campaign Ad - "Blowback" 13:49:17
Urbandale Patch...The End is Near, Iowa... 13:41:10
Paul Ties Obama…Leads Rest of GOP Field 13:40:40
Who's the unelectable one? 13:40:02
Obama Ties Paul…Leads Rest of GOP Field 13:37:40
Newt Gingrinch- unelectable! 13:35:50
HuffPo Cover: America's Governments Adopting Increasingly Militaristic Tactics 13:34:06
America First! 13:32:27
Great Ron Paul promotion video from '09! 13:32:15
Newt defends Trump from Paul (Politico) 13:31:28
Open Letter to the Republican Jewish Coalition on Ron Paul 13:30:20
I was a constitutional law professor... 13:29:54
Bring it on Trump, anytime. Anywhere. 13:20:10
All Systems GO in South Florida: Video Recap of Grassroots Campaign Office grand opening 13:07:40
GOP Contender Tied With Obama Among Iowans 13:07:38
Donald Trump's Political Donations... Conflict of interest? 12:48:21
Rand's Rebellion 12:45:32
An answer to "Is Ron Paul a Racist?" 12:44:36
Debt Slavery – Why It Destroyed Rome, Why It Will Destroy Us Unless It’s Stopped 12:42:27
President Obama’s top 10 Constitutional Violations 12:40:02
Donald Trump Calls Ron Paul a Joke 12:32:17
Video Bomb Drop To Coincide With Other Drops 12:29:06
You're a Vile one, Mr. GinGRINCH. 12:28:43
Updated * "Where are all of the candidates?" - my radio interview in southwest Iowa. 12:27:32
iran 12:10:54
Contact Jim DeMint re: Ron Paul endorsement 12:04:25
Why is Newt 'meeting' with Trump? 11:46:24
Dear Santa Postcard from Patrick Henry stamped 1775 Revolution 11:30:37
NEW Gingrich 2012 ad 11:23:59
Personal Liberty Digest: Newt Stinks! 11:21:42
Has war against Iran already begun? 11:20:17
The problem with Ron Paul's campaign 10:55:07
Trump calls Paul, Huntsman ‘joke candidates’ 10:52:50
For those you know who won't support Ron Paul because of Iran... 10:50:53
Newt 10:49:31
Promote RP through Xbox 10:38:00
Ron Paul, Our Home, Principle... The Three Came Together December 2nd 10:37:07
CA Delegate Help 10:34:56
Blowback and why they hate us 10:34:53
Road to Independence Director's Commentary Daily Series Episode I - Prologue 10:13:26
Poll: Now that Cain is out of the race, who do you support? 09:46:45
Newt Stinks, But…, And Other Thoughts 09:27:48
It was ALWAYS going to be Newt Gingrich. 09:16:31
I don't care what Siri's political beliefs are-I'm too busy playing Words With Friends 08:59:04
Ron Paul stumped by question on Constitution during Huckabee debate! 08:56:34
Robert Redford Goes Ron Paul 08:56:05
The Inconvenient Truth About Newt 08:40:41
Taxes are Stealing (Music Video, Contains Swear Words) 07:46:06
Trump! on F&F 07:36:13
"US agents laundered drug money" 07:33:22
If Herman Cain was a true Washington outsider and proud of it... 07:31:54
GOP rivals hope to court Cain supporters (prepare for anger). 07:15:40
USSR Industrial Workers 07:14:03
Top three Iowa Poll leaders have differing obstacles 07:04:10
* POLL * 06:40:24
Freedomworks Straw Poll on Facebook. Ok DPers, you know what to do. update: Newt Gingrich is kicking OUR tail 06:04:22
Cain To Endorse Newt 05:25:47
Chip-in to promote RP super brochure donations 05:24:19
Trump says he may still run for president 05:18:36 creator/administrator has endorsed Ron Paul. 05:15:19
Are There Any Other Politicians Who Support Ron Paul's Views? 04:34:24
Neocons Make Learning to Read Between the Lines Easy! 04:31:43
Newt Gingrich Rose to Wealth Through Congress 04:27:49
RIAA injects themselves into Righthaven case to overturn Fair Use 04:24:00
Get ready: The Cain Train set to endorse the NEWT 04:13:14
It's going to be a Ron Paul Christmas 03:53:30 NEW design! Please upvote in reddit! 03:27:57
Tea in the News 02:52:30
Caution: Do not treat Iowa like a straw poll. MSM can discount a state as well. 02:50:01
Who is Newt? 02:49:22
A Republican Chooses Not to be Ridiculous: Ron Paul Trumps Trump 02:49:18
Iowans For Christian Leaders In Government (IFCLIG) on Gingrich 02:46:14
Fox News Paul vs. Trump (potentially dumbest commentary ever) 02:41:42
Kucinch presents Opportunity 02:40:10
Just WHO really startedWorld War II? 02:36:29
Question for Newt Gingrich that could really effect his campaign 02:32:42
Scott Olsen, Marine injured at Occupy Oakland, speaks his mind. 02:31:20
Its the_AMNESTY_Stupid ! 02:30:48
OWS Tells Newt Gingrich to "Take a Bath" 02:29:28
Gold vs. Fiat Money: Even Babies Can Tell The Difference 02:16:41
Ron Paul vs Barack Obama 02:01:28
New Here 01:53:13
Ron Paul Pulls Ahead of Mitt Romney Sits Near Newt Gingrich in Latest Iowa Poll 01:48:44
Newt and freedom of speech 01:36:44
Trump never said anything bad about Ron Paul. 01:21:14
Ideas Ideas Ideas 01:06:22
New Iowa Poll Has Ron Paul Best Able To Defeat Obama 01:03:00
I may be late to the game but I just realised why the media ignores Dr. Paul... 01:01:13
More gingrich dirt 00:53:16
Unsubscribed to Newsmax 00:50:34
Is...amnesty for illegal aliens...a deal breaker for Newt/Mitt? 00:47:28
Cain to Endorse Gingrich 00:38:39
I Gave Glenn Beck A Ron Paul Super Brochure 00:24:26
Ron Paul Spending Christmas With 500 Students 00:23:35
"Payback Iowa, Trump!" Rallying Cry 00:14:17
"The Law" audio book! Read by G. Edward Griffin.. Thanks To E. Oregon 4 Ron for the Youtube Links! 00:00:37