Posted on December 6, 2011

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Winning Iowa is Critical! The Importance of the Super Brochure Project 22:22:22
Ron Paul vs. Fox News in Iowa 23:43:23
Atlantic: Gingrich will destroy the Tea Party 23:38:52
Video: "I Love Ron Paul!" - Jack Cafferty 23:26:43
"Pentagon Like Federal Reserve" Our Foreign Policy Breakthrough! 18:08:01
Breaking: Romney finally drops out of Trump circus. 17:27:06
ABC News Poll: Paul voted 'most trustworthy candidate', Paul 23%, Bachmann 17%, Gingrich 13%, Romney 12%. 16:34:17
Drudge Front Page: Iowa Blitz: Ron Paul Goes For Newt Throat 17:00:40
Ron Paul, Zionist 08:25:43
National Review: The Ron Paul Factor 03:05:35
Congressional Candidate Tisha Casida on Freedom Watch Credits Ron Paul for Federal Reserve Awareness 08:43:23
Ron Paul: The 45th President Of The United States 15:58:55
What If Barack Obama Had Not Been Elected? 01:19:23
New Ron Paul Campaign Ad: BIG DOG 05:05:05
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CBS Evening News: Ron Paul could win Iowa 23:56:42
CBS News Video Paul/Romney/Gingrich against Obama 23:55:09
need back up 23:40:09
We, the people...A confession and petition 23:38:13
EMail CAll CAnVaSs, Ready for the Next 4 days? 23:33:01
Ron Paul is in the 1%, with a $3.5 million net worth. 23:29:22
flip flop Romney goes into hiding (literally) 23:18:31
Ron Paul debates Barack Obama Who Wins You Decide 23:14:25
Steve Deace to Endorse Ron Paul? - Call the Man RIGHT NOW! 23:06:26
Why should Steve Deace Endorse Ron Paul? call the show NOW 23:04:41
One man can change America 23:01:28
Ron Paul Is Weak On National Defense? I Propose, RAMBO - Restore America's Military Bases Objective 22:45:06
Romney NOT Participating in Debate 22:39:42
Revisiting RON PAUL at a Forum 22:35:25
Why We Support Ron Paul 22:25:33
China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat 22:23:43
Get On The Money Train To Iowa! 22:18:00
Bruce Fein, RP's advisor on infowars 22:10:39
Is there a way we could all sign up to unite our emails so we could all be contacts under our emails, of course it would be 21:53:45
Reach out to Snerdley, not Limbaugh 21:45:07
Bloomberg News Responds to Bernanke's blatant lies. 21:43:38
The Moral Liberal: A Look at 'President' Ron Paul 21:38:45
Reading the Constitution 21:34:42
Soros, Biden, and CREW 21:10:59
Ron Paul Polls Strongest Against Obama 21:03:20
US News poll - Who is your pick for the Republican presidential nomination? 20:53:29 20:49:57
Promote Ron Paul on What do you think? 20:36:25
Neocon Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul Ain't the Tea Party 20:31:44
Obama: Free Markets Don't Work 20:16:12
Ron Paul on "Strengthening our National Defense" video ? 20:15:11
Copy and Paste This to Defeat Gingrich in Comment Sections 20:13:41
Ron Paul in 2003: Litmus Test for War 20:10:57
Who is your pick for the Republican presidential nomination? US News 20:08:31
Calling all Jewish Ron Paul supporters! 20:03:49
"NO, Mr. Hannity! Do NOT Put Words in My Mouth!" AWESOME! 20:00:18
Is Mittens trying to hide something? 19:54:11
JFK, Ron Paul & MLK Video..+ And I will Donate 19:49:07
Ron Paul Lashes Out at Donald Trump (YAHOO Article link) 19:37:57
Donald Trump Calls Ron Paul a Joke ( Link article from The Atlantic Wire) 19:36:08
How much did derivatives contribute to 08 crash? 19:33:58
A brief history lesson with my boss 19:20:28
Google suggests Newt is leading the search term digital race! 19:19:07
Cue up the attack dogs, Ron Paul is winning 19:16:13
Twitter to give entire archive of tweets to Library of Congress. Privacy concern, anyone? 19:15:58
Trump's debate will have Gingrich & Santorum: Is that a real debate or does it make Trump, Gingrich & Santorum look like fools? 19:11:45
Passion: VIDEO 19:08:26
Mitt says NO to Trump! 19:07:09
Video MSNBC - Ron Paul New Ad "Big Dog" - The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnel 18:59:03
*CONTEST*: You predict: Iowa and NH 1st, 2nd, 3rd 18:56:43
Make this a new Ron Paul AD! 18:45:20
RT: Tool Time: Trump, 'Ron Paul is a Joke'?! 18:41:22
Trump, Who's Your Daddy? VIDEO 18:30:41
My Biggest Concern in Iowa - Paul only has 7% for second choice 18:29:21
Jerry Doyle Blasts Donald Trump And His Self Promoting Debate 18:21:51
Newt: A Well Known Threat To 2nd Amendment 18:19:32
No happy ending: the end of Obama's Hollywood romance 18:08:42
Ron Paul in top tier in Iowa in three new polls 18:02:49
The Five on Fox Starting out talking out...RON PAUL 18:01:51
James Madison - Father of the US Constitution (VIDEO) 18:01:14
Senior advisor to Paul campaign: 'no candidate for the presidency is more hawkish than Ron Paul' 17:42:51
Mitt Romney Turns Down Donald Trump Debate! 17:35:34
Tom Woods takes your questions LIVE tonight 9:PM ET 17:32:48
Romney Says NO To Trump Debate! 17:31:04
Help Me Deal With Idiots! 17:30:16
South Carolina infomercial 17:19:19
Herman Cain Supporters Flock To Ron Paul 16:58:22
Ron Paul: Voluntaryist [video] 16:41:52
Why Do They Hate Us? U.S. Intervention in the Middle East From 1918-2001 16:41:10
DailyPaul Meetups 16:38:26
Ventura said something most intriguing 16:35:12
Bernanke: There Was No 'Secret' Bank Bailout, And It Was Only $1.5 Trillion 16:31:17
REVPAC Manhattan Fundraiser? 16:30:13
Keep It Simple Occupy America With Three Clear Demands Americans Can Rally Behind 16:28:01
Rush lies about Ron Paul today. 16:21:35
The Robert Scott Bell Show - If You Attend The Trump Debate, You Are A Political Whore 16:11:56
Signs the US becoming A Prison - Radio show looking for callers! 16:05:34
The New Cold War (with China) 16:00:35
Deadly Force Against Terrorists - Some People Misunderstand Ron Paul 15:59:17
URGENT: More signatures needed in Illinois by Dec. 20th 15:49:50
Libertarianism and Punishment- Looking for Help Reconciling... 15:48:03
Need Help: Don't Vote For Ron Paul! 15:37:46
Foreign Policy from a Christian Perspective 15:26:13
Walter Williams - Is There A Right to Healthcare? 15:20:33
How do we get a Guinness Book World Record for ... 15:13:55
Beck doesn’t hold back IN gingrich interview 15:01:11
Mitt Romney Tried to Erase the Evidence of His Governorship 14:52:34
Super Brochure Project: Now Mailing To South Carolina! 14:48:44
Distressing Gallup Poll 14:45:07
Audio: Paul supporter gets through to Limbaugh 14:36:08
Anybody but Mitt?Or Anybody but Paul.. 14:32:19
Newt Gingrich Lockheed Martin Manchurian Candidate by Dean Henderson/Left Hook 14:14:41
FOX NEWS Poll 13:57:55
Donation Ticker is Up (Early Money Bomb) 13:54:50
13 Reasons Why Newt Gingrich Won't Win the Nomination 13:53:25
Baby Bomb - Call For Photos 13:50:47
Remain in 'support RP mode' all the time - you never know when it will matter! 13:49:09
Michele Bachmann: Newt is a "Frugal Socialist" 13:36:06
LIMBAUGH: "I Would Rather Have Ron Paul in there than Obama" 13:17:11
Orthodox Christian Minister Asks Will The Zionists Let Ron Paul Win? 13:15:39
Ron Paul destroys Laura Ingraham on Iraq, foreign policy 13:13:36
Ron Paul Kisses "No Ones" Ring 13:07:08
Newt Gingrich : "Let Mad Scientists Terraform The Planet" 13:06:21
Ron Paul Atop of Drudge. Please Rate the video 13:02:07
TSA makes 3 elderly women pull down their pants/underwear 12:58:31
DRUDGE: Ron Paul Goes for Newt Throat 12:57:03
How can we obtain permission to - 12:52:53
1976 - 2011 12:43:24
Surprise: Gingrich ethics files are public info 12:36:41
Drudge Report 12:35:38
Ron Paul Headlining 12:20:37
Mitt Romney spent $100,000 OF taxpayer money TO hide HIS records 12:13:38
An Appeal from Tom Woods to Key Iowa Radio Host 12:12:35
Private School Sued for Denying Admission to Student with HIV 12:11:37
Push for Ron Paul Tea Party Rally! Dec 16 12:02:55
ABC News: Ron Paul’s Iowa Strategy Runs Through New York’s Chinatown, "operation the best of any of the Republican candidates" 12:02:16
Billions for defense, but not one cent for empire 12:00:25
Want Ron Paul to reach a MILLION likes on Facebook? Here's how we do it 11:58:29
With less than a month to go, Drudge is proving to be our advocate! 11:58:08
Forget the Ron Paul Blimp! Newt has (is) a hot air balloon. 11:50:44
Newt Serial Hypocrisy 60-Second Ad to Air in Iowa 11:47:36
Tisha Casida - Corruption, Theft, Lies, Treason, Tyranny, Had Enough? 11:46:12
Another great article by Robin Koerner: the NDAA 11:43:48
"Maybe Ron Paul should be head of the Federal Reserve" 11:43:32
The Up Coming "Don't Throw Your Vote Away" Debate 11:41:15
Newt's Fall Begins Today 11:28:45
Ron Paul leads Mitt Romney in latest Iowa Public Policy Polling poll 11:26:07
Do You like the new design of 11:10:49
Zero Billionaires Donate to Ron Paul 11:08:12
Possible Future Debates 11:01:40
Donald Trump's Apprentice-Style Republican Presidential Debate - VIDEO 10:58:43
CBS News: Why to Like the Odds for a Ron Paul Upset 10:56:02
Urbandale Patch...School's Out: Will Iowa College Kids Ditch the Caucuses? 10:47:07
South Carolina Is Up and Running 10:37:22
Ron Paul - Like A Boss - on Elizabeth Warren.mp4 10:28:47
My first Ron Paul video - FEEDBАСK WАNТЕD! 10:14:21
A REAL Debate: Ron Paul & Doug Casey vs. Neocons on Foreign Policy 10:10:12
Romney Staff Spent Nearly $100,000 To Hide Records 10:08:37
13 Reasons Why Newt Will Never Be the GOP Nominee 10:07:19
Heartbreak Awaits Republicans Who Love Gingrich 10:04:49
Lawrence O'Donnell 09:58:08
Appalling Moments in Newtspeak 09:56:10
Ron Paul at four percent in South Carolina (6th Place, just ahead of Santorum) 09:53:40
...the hippest guy running for president... 09:51:02
Matt Welch of REASON Magazine Endorses Ron Paul on "Freedom Watch" 09:43:49
Move along now! Go on about your business. The Oklahoma Straw Poll never happened. 09:34:23
DeMint Touts Ron Paul (by name) —Monetary AND Foreign Policy! 09:32:01
Keep silent go to Church and bend your knees (poem) 09:04:30
Mitt's in Trouble Now 08:45:51
- Message To Occupy Wall Street – Legendary Actor Charlie Chaplin Endorses Ron Paul (Dub-Step) 08:31:28
Poll: Force to pull an O’Reilly…register by 10 December! 08:30:28
Ron Paul Yard Sign on Rt. 32 08:26:22
Ron Paul now about 6% chance of winning the nomination on the betting markets! 06:57:07
My Fav RP Vids: 4 Shortplay (They'll Pump You Up), 1 Longplay 06:53:41
Getting Sarah Palin's Endorsement 06:34:00
New youtubes for tea party11! Please upvote in reddit! 06:30:27
ZH: Is The Fate Of Mitt Romney's Presidential Campaign In The Hands Of A FOIA Request? 06:30:15
One of the RP vids that I enjoy 05:43:53
Gerald Celente will vote for Ron Paul 05:13:11
Ron Paul: South Carolina Infomercial, Veteran Group Will Air Video In Iowa This December! 05:01:05
Official Pledge to Vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 Presidential Election 04:54:19
Car Accident Turns Into Ron Paul Discussion 04:45:16
Is Ron Paul the Flavor of the Decade? 04:42:49
Could the Tea Party becoming back around, full circle, to Ron Paul? 04:27:11
What is the UK's Remaining Stock of Gold? 04:20:27
Newt Gingrich Adviser admits Newt Has No Principles 03:58:16
Los Angeles Radio Station KFI - Anti TSA Support 03:47:48
Just got my new Ron Paul Sticker made a little video for you. 03:31:23
Powerful Thought Provoking 03:26:45
Iowa Washington Post-ABC News Poll November 30 to December 4, 2011 03:25:55
Ron Paul: The 45th President Of The United States 03:21:49
US: Edging closer towards war with Iran? 03:17:44
TRUMP gets the Ron Paul type Poll treatment by msnbc and Whines 02:59:56
The Case for Ron Paul - Steve Deace (Iowa) 02:55:17
December 16th Tea Party Money Bomb 10 Million Dollar Day? 02:48:35
lol Chuck Todd vs Donald Trump on his debate 02:42:03
What about announcing Rand for VP? 02:22:55
* NRO on Ron Paul in Iowa - - Phone from home! We are so close! * 02:21:05 - video 02:17:17
Another Video Of Noam Chomsky Defending Ron Paul's Positions 02:10:39
Question: What happened to all the pundits that said 02:06:34
Back to the Basics: What is the Role of Government? 02:03:48
Vote For Politician Who Cheated On Spouse? Most Say No, Says Poll 02:01:10
Gingrich praised FDR, New Deal in ’95, ’06 books 01:59:00
Ron Paul 2nd, Trump "Laying Hands" Made *Inside Edition* Following David Letterman, Reaching Entirely New Audience 01:54:35
Surprising thing I read today 01:43:13
Is ‘New Newt’ an electable commodity? 01:43:06
Freedom Watch-One Bill to Destroy The Constitution 01:36:38
*New* WA Post-ABC News IA Poll: RP @ 18% "likely caucus-goers" 01:31:48
What's the news from the ground in South Carolina? 01:19:53
How to appeal to neocon voters... 01:18:09
Why Newt Needed to Impeach Clinton 01:16:12
Iran stole weapons grade nuclear material from the USA! Opps I mean Israel 01:12:34
What in the World are the Elitist thinking? 01:12:16
Youtube 01:12:15
It's from the 08 election, but its short and should bring a smile to your face. 01:03:23
THE judge, newt, AND hijacked policy? 00:51:25
Newt defended HC mandates in his 2008 book and in a May 2011 interview. His firm also took 28 million dollars in exchange for lo 00:45:10
Ron Paul actually got coverage on all 4 major OTA evening news shows today 00:40:39
Sen. Rand Paul on Hannity with Monica Crowley - 12/02/11 00:37:44
Campaign needs money NOW, not the next moneybomb 00:32:52
George Carlin & The Restoring of the Republic 00:31:25
Chris Carr of the Baltimore Ravens is a Ron Paul supporter 00:29:01
Help Win Iowa! "Shock" Ad Chip-In 00:24:10
Confused by the Ron Paul gay marriage stance 00:18:12
Who are the real isolationist? 00:17:27
Talk radio: Who supports Ron Paul? 00:16:40
Politi-Fact: Ron Paul "Mostly False" 00:16:06
Ron Paul, Gary Johnson Refuse To Bash Gay Marriage 00:15:23
ATTENTION: Youtube Support 00:09:45
RP: 45th Pres. of the US-video 00:04:00
Gingrich leads, but Paul most likely to beat Obama in latest Iowa poll 00:01:01
Campaign needs "massive influx of funds!" ASAP 22:24:09
Stump for Paul in Iowa - YouTube Video Speech Contest 08:35:56