Posted on December 7, 2011

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ABC News + Video: "The Forgotten Candidate: Ron Paul Gathers Momentum, Has Sights Set on Newt Gingrich" 20:59:19
The moment of your Ron Paul awakening? 18:30:17
Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel 14:22:11
Ron Paul Interview on CNN w / Brooke Baldwin 21:35:08
Fox News: "Romney Weeks From Implosion" Caddell says: "I think we have no idea how crazy this is about to get." 11:37:21
FORBES: Ron Paul Should Be The Next President Of The United States 16:33:01
Business Insider: Ron Paul's Loyal Supporters Are Getting Ready To Shock The World In Iowa 15:09:26
The Daily Paul's own Legalize Liberty Makes News! Way to go Tom! 12:09:00
The Pact: The Secret Alliance Between Newt Gingrich & Bill Clinton 10:28:09
Today: December 7th Grassroots Activism Day for Ron Paul! 10:48:53
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Palin Endorses Trump Debate, Urges Candidates to Join 23:56:47
What the Ron Paul Revolution is about to do beginning in Iowa and ending with Ron as POTUS will be remembered for 1,000 years! 23:54:21
Here's a nice little idea to spread the word... 23:51:22
Today's Alex Jones Infowars Newsletter 23:45:54
Every donation of $100 or more means another TV ad for Ron Paul 23:40:09 National Republican 2012 Straw Poll Register Deadline 23:27:42
Interesting Article: Year of the Caucasus: Ron Paul's Secret Weapon 23:20:52
Video...1 - 2 punch today ! 23:20:31
Hillary Clinton: The Pacific Century 22:58:45
Great Ron Paul song Brent Brown 22:52:50
Replacing government with neighborly charity 22:49:19
Mystery company buying up U.S. gun manufacturers 22:28:22
On December 16th, Tell your representatives that you support Ron Paul and they should too! 22:22:50
Trump on Bachmann's Short List for VP! 22:22:15
Jefferson or Hamilton, who will you vote for? Good perspective on Ron Paul.. 22:11:06
A Ride In The Donald-Trump-Driven Republican Clown Car 22:03:18
RJC destroys its own credibility and so does Newt 21:53:38
Ron Paul: The 45th President of the United States of America 21:50:59
Iowa Voters Please Keep Us Informed 21:47:51
Question concerning recruiting Blue Republicans 21:44:51
CNN - Ron Paul doesn't budge on Israel 21:42:31
Huck forum in Iowa 12/14. Will the Dr be there? 21:41:43
Reach Thousands More Supporters by Using The Iowa Push Facebook Event 21:41:09
US News: "Hillary Campaign Conspicuously Emerges" 21:38:51
Two Ron Paul Winning Scenarios 21:38:20
Newt Gingrich, Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin's Manchurian Candidate "From the beginning Gingrich was a lapdog for Lockheed" 21:33:48
Yahoo: What question would you like to ask the Republican presidential candidates about income inequality? 21:32:34
Keep this in mind when campaigning: "For Ron Paul in Iowa, Electability is Everything" 21:27:34
Citizens in Iowa speaking for Paul in the DM Register 21:17:19
Something to keep in mind when making voter contacts: "For Ron Paul in Iowa, Electability is Everything" 21:09:22
Why Doesn't Vince Vaughn Do Something?! 20:58:56
Check out my IMPROVED Ron Paul 2012 sign in S.W. Iowa! 20:51:39
Happy Pearl Harbor Day 20:49:05
Yahoo: Trump’s debate: Who’s gonna show? 20:46:07
Attention...Newt..Ah..Fans? 20:38:15
IS Ron Paul A Bad Influence On Kids? 20:22:05
An Open Message to Police & Military 20:20:48
New Video attacking Gingrich over Toffler Connection 20:14:05
Live Webcast: PRESIDENTial PAULitics Tonight at 8pm EST 20:11:59
State Column - Ron Paul Rises 5 Points in Latest CNN/Time New Hampshire Poll 19:57:15
Military Endorsement Press Conference? 19:51:59
ABC News: The Forgotten Candidate: Ron Paul Gathers Momentum, Has Sights Set on Newt Gingrich (Video Interview) 19:51:37
Pearl Harbor, Iran and...World War 3? 19:39:21
My letter to Rush 19:30:18
Can only registered republicans vote in the iowa caucus? 19:27:32
"Crash JP Morgan" worked, so they stole private accounts. 19:21:26
One Clear Choice. FABULOUS podcast with 19:17:59
CNN/Time New Hampshire Poll: Romney 35%, Gingrich 26%, Paul 17% 19:09:09
Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations 19:08:51
Sarah Palin comment regarding Ron Paul, on Fox Business tonight 10pm ET 19:04:55
Ruminating about the Tea Party's comedic act 18:56:32
The "Newts" Fact-Sheet...Required reading..Needs to go Viral. 18:47:17
Gingrich/Bachman 2012? 18:44:23
Can Ron Paul get the endorsement of the NRA? 18:37:56
Early Money Bomb Just Passed $1,000,000! 18:35:54
Pictures of Promoting RP 18:34:59
Nine Reasons Why Herman Cain Supporters Should Join The Ron Paul Camp 18:33:22
Doing a little bit more then we did in 2007 wont cut it 18:33:21
FORBES-Why Ron Paul Will Win Iowa 18:32:34
"The Century" - Pearl Harbot 18:23:34
Can kitchen sinks wear lapel pins? 18:22:44
Don't underestimate the NEO-CONs 17:42:17
Newt may be done 17:37:11
Gingrich's failed midnight battle to impose an "Internal Passport" on the American people 17:35:09
If You Need A Good Laugh - Check Out Jerry Doyle From Today Nailing Trump And Fox News 17:30:11
Jon Stewart On Donald Trump Debate: 'Thank You Jesus!' (VIDEO) 17:08:18
nypd Puts Banks on Alert -Parcel Bomb Found in Tonga (why not?) 17:07:49
revpac needs to create a "MAXED OUT" money bomb 17:02:22
Ron Paul Messaging Tutorial: Debating The Ultra Neo-Conservative 17:01:32
Please help save Toady on Urban Dictionary. 16:54:54
Gingrich: John Bolton will be my secretary of state 16:46:10
Chemtrails Are not real, there is absolutely no proof! It's not an issue! 16:39:30
Obama Populist Speech Misses the Mark on these Real Issues 16:28:47
A total native American teaching from a part native American 16:23:13
Could a Paul /Huntsman ticket work? 16:17:03
Super Brochure: Nevada Now Mailing! 11:09:42
alert! alert! alert! Neo-Con is open for comment registration! 16:01:12
Ron Paul Supporters Participate in Nationwide 10,000lb Holiday Food Drive While Spreading Philosophy of Limited Government 15:50:45
The Ron Paul Food Drive 15:48:32
Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel 15:37:02
q 15:37:01
Selling Used Books/DVDs/VHS to raise funds for Money Bomb 15:36:54
Mocking Trump, Colbert Announces Own "Serious, Classy" GOP Debate to Air on "Animal Planet" 15:35:11
Michael Moore: Wall Street Already Has Their Man and His Name is Barack Obama 15:15:45
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Grand Opening Events at Five New State Headquarters 15:15:26
Ron Paul: The Movie 15:11:37
Ron Paul will be on CNN today 12/7 at 3PM Eastern 15:05:18
Rush just highly recmmended Hayek's 'road to serfdom'! 15:03:05
Ron Paul is a Psalm 15 Man! 15:01:34
John Tate And Ron Paul know about the moneybomb on DEC 16th! Expecting a BIG ONE! 14:57:32
Blagojevich, X-Illinois Governor, sentenced to 14 years jail! 14:52:09
The Wheels on the Bus 14:38:46
Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and the Youth Vote 14:37:49
YouTube video 14:36:10
Excellent Foreign policy comment, deserving of its own post. 14:28:40
Cain Is Out, Paul Is First 14:24:58
Devastating Photo Expose of The REAL Newt Gingrich 14:24:14
Sheriff Mack On Ron Paul For President 14:16:08
Idea to Promote RP and honor Pearl Harbor... 14:09:24
New Romney Ad: "I'm a Man of Steadiness and Constancy" 14:03:01
How I Fight 13:58:11
Obama Populist Speech Misses the Mark 13:57:21 would like for you to support Ron Paul’s campaign 13:50:32
Ron Paul vs Legal Plunder 13:37:49
ThyBlackMan needs some comments-misguided author "Ron Paul, Why Not Some Say…" 13:31:18
Easy way for university students to win over the masses during finals! 13:15:17
Gary Johnson will be live with Judge Napolitano today 13:13:51
Gingrich Advocates Trashing Fourth Amendment and Bill of Rights (Video) 13:12:28
Request Campaign Donations as Xmas Gifts 13:02:25
ATTENTION: Chicagoland for Ron Paul... 13:00:33
Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S. 12:59:20
Newt " flying by the seat of his pants" just might miss the cut? 12:54:42
Stephen Colbert spends 7 mins Making Fun of Trump 12:48:37
Charles Goyette "Red and Blue and Broke All Over" podcast 12:30:35
Two Ronalds: Ron Paul and Ronald McDonald 12:30:03
NH Democrats leaving the party for Ron Paul? 12:24:17
Breaking: Newsmax "McCain Likely to Endorse Romney" 12:21:42
How to Answer "What If..." Questions by Free-Market Doubters and Skeptics 12:17:30
From Newsmax site 12:15:36
Volunteer for Iowa Caucuses 12:01:14
I UPLOADED Ron Paul: The 45th President Of The United States (6 minute version) 11:58:39
Volunteer for Iowa Caucuses 11:49:08
Lets not forget the other states 11:45:10
What happens if Libertarians don't do what is necessary to get progressives on board? 11:39:16
My dad said that David Letterman aired Ron Paul's Big Dog. 11:36:28
Gingrich May Miss Ballot in Ohio! 11:21:47
User Registration Opened at - today only 11:21:24
Israel As The 51st State 11:18:59
Grassroots for Ron Paul 12-7 to 12-10 Email: please review! 11:04:15
It's Good to Be King 10:55:16
Washington Examiner: "Ron Paul Could Complicate GOP's Two-Horse Race" 10:54:45
Col. Macgregor Sect of Defense? 10:43:28
Anybody have any DP resources to spare? 10:40:42
Gingrich not so rich after all 10:37:42
12 Days of Fascism 10:31:12
Do sanctions work? 10:26:59
How to Get Ron Paul Elected 10:23:24
Remember Pearl Harbor Day 7 DEC 1941 10:09:28
Google and follow the link. 10:00:02
Jim Rogers on GOP 2012: Only Ron Paul, Gary Johnson are not Clueless (Freedom Watch 12/6/11) 09:54:46
Ron Paul: The Only Choice 09:00:44
Iowa Electronic Market Paul just shy of 1st place in Iowa 08:29:48
NEW Super Brochure site tracking all Chip-In events 08:16:13
Please watch and share my new Ron Paul video 07:19:44
Prop-up another candidate? 07:03:25
The 'Hard Ceiling' 06:28:25
VP Quayle endorses Romney 06:08:58
Ron Paul could complicate GOP's two-horse race 05:55:06
NYT censorship conspiracy? 05:21:47
Jefferson or Hamilton, who will you vote for? 05:01:44
I will only vote Ron Paul - Gerald Celente 04:44:05
Rick Perry inadvertently working for Paul! 04:34:59
Grassroots Iowa: Billboard for RP 03:42:55
Run-RON-Run Phone Banking BOMB 03:15:31
Daily Paulers, got debt? watch this. 03:14:49
Kudos to these RP supporters who attended Obama speech in Kansas 03:08:00
Christians in the Middle East and Ron Paul 03:01:20
Ron Paul - Statesman on Par with JFK and Martin Luther King 02:57:08
Who's Really Ahead In Iowa? 02:38:43
Christmas With Ron Paul 02:29:33
Blue Republican bomb the Young Turks! 02:29:19
Battlefield U.S.A. (S. 1867 National Defense Authorization Act) and Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S. 02:21:30
Christmas Songs for Ron Paul 02:10:07
Alexa stat tracking update - DP #1, RP2012 #2, all others far behind 02:07:14
Jon Huntsman ahead of Ron Paul? True... 02:06:54
"Super Brochure" Promotes State Religion 02:06:28
The Newt Gingrich Poem - Resigned in Disgrace 02:04:22
Canvassing in York County, SC 01:44:51
Michael Savage reads a chapter in his book, The Political Zoo, about Newt Gingrich whom he gives the Latin name, Spinelus Cavini 01:37:04
Rick Perry PAC Ad Sees into the Future! 03:11:49
DAILY KOS: "... support ... the Arizona (gulp!) Tea Party" 01:08:27
New GOP Candidate to enter race? 01:04:59
The Young Turks "Ron Paul Is The Answer" 01:04:56
"Imagine" Foreign Policy speech on most popular Hip Hop Site! 00:47:43
Mitt thinks wiretapping churches is a-ok! 00:39:16
Daily Donation Graph 00:38:14
Republicans Who Worked Under Gingrich Doubt His Leadership 00:18:48
Ron Paul Video Truck? 00:02:52
SC Ron Paul Big Dawg sign wave 00:00:32