Posted on December 9, 2011

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Will the Constitution Be Nullified Today? 21:41:10
Ron Paul Interview with Megyn Kelly, Fox News 12-09-11 13:00:10
Rand Paul on CNN 12/09/11 RE: Ron and Newt - Video 12:41:20
No 'Media Shield Law' for Non-Journalist; MT Blogger Ordered to Pay $2.5M 12:58:50
Marine Veteran for Ron Paul: My Humble Endorsement of Ron Paul 2012 10:51:31
Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul by Pat Buchanan 09:51:57
Time Magazine: "Ron Paul's Army Eyes An Iowa Caucus Upset" GREAT! 09:59:17
Rand Paul: Republicans would take a giant step backward by choosing Gingrich 07:01:05
PHOTO: More than 1,000 Turn Out to see Ron Paul at Iowa State University 10:00:12
Young Turks: Tea Party Meets Occupy Richmond 02:54:41
Jon Stewart on the Republican Jewish Coalition Forum and Dr. Paul's Exclusion 12:18:05
Help Ron Paul Win! Please support these fine projects 10:03:30
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If you get on a talk show, the last thing you need to say is... 23:52:55
Ron Paul Has Real Chance of Becoming GOP Nominee 23:50:55
How to FLIP the Foreign Policy objection around 23:49:12
Glenn Beck’s Candidate - THE JUDGE 23:27:28
If Ron Paul Wins in Iowa and Then Wins New Hampshire... 23:24:56
Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air 23:14:27
Winning without doing well in SC and FL 23:08:31
Might these be the biggest Ron Paul bumper stickers yet? 23:06:38
CBS Evening News interviews Ron Paul! 12/9/2011 - "Could Ron Paul be the next president?" 22:58:10
A Personal Endorsement for Ron Paul 2012 22:54:38
RP Getting More Coverage WOI TV 5 Iowa 22:51:21
I Am Going To Conduct My Own Exit Poll After Voting For Ron Paul 22:40:47
Why is Iowa so important 22:34:22
How the ^ do I get a Ron Paul cookbook? 22:28:38
Neocons don’t believe their own anti-Iran propaganda 22:27:58
Possible "Liberty Caravan" for RP Weekend of January 6, 7, 8 ? 22:27:43
Ron Paul's "Real Deal" - Cut 1 Trillion Year 1 22:24:39
CBS News - Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations 22:07:24
I've figured it out! THIS is how Ron can secure the nomination! 22:00:04
Gary Johnson: I'll "Absolutely" Support Ron Paul As GOP Nominee 12-8-11 21:53:15
RoThBArD DUbSTeP! ! ! ! ! 21:52:33
NPR: Ron Paul Surges In Iowa Polls (transcript) 21:49:19
Rep Cary Condotta Endorses Ron Paul 21:44:41
Politico Poll (Do you think Ron Paul will be a long-term factor in the GOP race?) 21:42:42
Iowa Sec of State to endorse Santorum - good for Ron Paul 21:36:22
The Great Satan? Do they have a point? 21:32:17
The US Army Now Offers A Prison Guard Specialty Securing 'Civilian Detainees' 21:31:40
CBS Evening News 12/9/11: "Could Ron Paul be the next president?" (VIDEO) 21:29:17
Your Questions Answered - Part 1. 21:21:02
Ebay fundraiser: 100% to Ron Paul Super Brochures for South Carolina super voters! 21:16:55
One of Romney's skeletons per Reuters 20:56:23
Excellent video! For the Record : Ron Paul 101 20:48:56
How to get Ron Paul Elected! Step by Step! 20:30:04
NPR Radio: "Ron Paul Surges In Iowa Polls" 20:27:05
Ron Paul Nears Lead In Iowa 20:24:18
Register to Count the Votes 20:22:01
30 Major U.S. Corporations Paid More to Lobby Congress Than Income Taxes, 2008-2010 20:14:12
Media Advisory - Medina to Meet with East Texas Officials 20:11:40
RPs First Politico Poll! Vote NOW 20:09:54
Not sure if posted before but here is Rand's OP-ed in Iowa news 20:08:46
The 1 online poll we all must vote in 20:02:01
Beat the screener: Destroy Mark Levin 19:59:00
Wind Of Change 19:52:51
Israel? No fair! What about Togo?! "There is a cancer and it is growing." 19:51:12
Paul Ryan: "Congress should be in Jail". 19:47:59
Will you Laugh or Will your head explode? I still think Ron makes the most sense. 19:40:29
Ron Paul vs Newt Gingrich on Trust and Fidelity 19:35:50
Email to Rush 19:33:38
Newt Gingrich's Adultery vs Ron Paul's Fidelity 19:33:36
Show Jerry Doyle the Love! 19:27:43
Video: The Link Between Donald Trump, ION TV and Goldman Sachs... 19:00:32
Jerry Doyle Reports on Donald Trump Thinking About Cancelling His Debate - HILARIOUS! 18:49:59
Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney: Who Funds Them? 18:49:52
NPR, *Audio* From All Things Considered: Ron Paul Surges In Iowa Polls 18:48:46
How we can win without SC and FL 18:40:29
Blue Republican Voter Registration 18:27:36
The smell of pure, unadulterated FEAR! 18:23:30
MSM will say Ron Paul is unelectable right up until he takes the oath of office for POTUS! 18:22:32
Proof The Left & Right Media Are Owned By The Same Interest 18:19:32
Rand Paul Interview With Wolf Blitzer, Slams Newt & Trump 12/09/11 18:17:03
RP covered on NPR - extremely positive story 18:06:31
Iowa pastor: Gingrich ‘the Kim Kardashian of the GOP’ 17:54:32
Ron Paul offers book suggests to Mason City students 17:53:54
Rand Paul on Fox Discussing Newt. (Video) 17:53:16
People Who Only Agree With Dr. Paul On One Issue 17:42:22
Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney: Who Funds Them? 17:40:39
RevolutionPac: Newspaper Ads for Iowa and New Hampshire! 17:36:15
IOWA in 2008 . . . 17:30:14
The Young Turks Show: "Ron Paul is The Answer" 17:27:56
The bigger question about a third party run 17:27:52
Boycott Hallmark 17:21:37
I need a Ron Paul tank top asap 17:16:19
"Ronapaulian's Rise" - My 15-year-old brother's school essay :) 17:15:36
My Iowa Prediction. Ron Paul by a Nose 17:05:28
Updated: Rep. Manuse endorses Ron Paul for President! 17:03:45
A Message from Anonymous to the American People: NDAA Military Detention of Americans 17:01:14
Persian Jews -the facts 16:56:06
How far gone is this U.S. Monetary system? 16:51:43
Media admits Paul can win Iowa, dismisses his shot at nomination, claims win will only help Romney 16:50:19
What Tea Party? (pic) 16:41:52
Gingrich supporter making the "Ron is unelectable" argument 16:38:24
Revolution PAC Multimedia Direct Mailer Hits Iowa 16:26:22
Washington Post-Five Myths About Ron Paul 16:15:09
Update: Korean Towers resemble 9/11 attack 15:51:49
ABC News/Yahoo Presidential Debate: Saturday, December 10th 15:51:40
VIDEO: "Newt Gingrich is the GOP's Kim Kardashian" 15:44:41
Yahoo! News: Paul and religion can mix 15:35:47
Ron Paul Dominates Favorable Twitter Election Coverage 15:31:11
Rand Should help make Ron's case on Foreign Policy. 15:30:43
Foreign policy enigma 15:26:25
Ron Paul Dominates Favorable Twitter Election Coverage 15:21:40
Ron Paul Stated The Obvious..The Administration Wanted War 15:15:13
"Ron Paul's foreign policy is just...just nutty!" 15:05:23
Christianity vs. Islam 15:04:46
Ron Paul Interview Today With Megyn Kelly 12/09/11 14:57:37
Taking Another Look 14:54:51
Kind Of Disappointed With Ron After Recent Comments on 9/11 14:50:51
To the convention! 14:44:36
Rush was just talking about Ron Paul...typical complaints 14:42:24
We need a new campaign promotion - the Doctor cured my thinking! 14:38:34
Two Radio Programs, Rush, Erick Erickson 14:33:24
Paultards & Paulbots Got Nothin' on Other Campaigns' Delusions 14:33:09
Can You Believe Former Bush Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, Called Ron Paul Nuts? 14:29:53
Rand Paul's GREAT Des Moines Register Article 14:27:46
Newt Gingrich wants a terror attack to happen every now and then just to remind us. 14:26:03
Strange Interpretation 14:18:04
How Did the Iowa Tea Party Vote go last night? 14:17:24
Ron Paul Brochures 14:17:08
Trump May Cancel Debate 14:16:43
"I like Ron Paul - but not his foreign policy/military ideas" - Make them watch this. 13:59:44
Ron Paul on Fox NOW! 13:58:48
Cspan series covers Ross Perot tonight 13:56:54
RT: Ron Paul says Bush was thrilled with 9/11 13:46:12
Ron Paul: 9/11 Caused 'Glee In The Administration' 13:38:31
Fred Hunter " recent poll Ron Paul has double the support of all other candidates combined 13:37:27
New York Daily News Via Drudge : Donald Trump Looks Into Cancelling GOP Debate 13:35:36
Rand Paul Blasts Newt Gingrich On Fox News 13:30:46
Man single-handedly Stimulates the Economy! 13:22:05
Is there a Ron Paul Google AdWords TV commercials for Dummies? 13:21:21
federal agents demand customer lists from mormon food storage facility 13:18:27
Rand Paul: Des Moines Register 13:16:31
good video from Reuters on candidate donations 12:55:53
We now need to double our numbers so everyone go out and recruit at least one more vote for Ron Paul: two or three is better! 12:49:31
Ron Paul most tracked on! 12:49:02
WE need TO make this viral 12:48:37
Poster Boy of the Tipping Point 12:48:36
Nullification: The Rightful Remedy. New trailer and message from Tom Woods! 12:46:26
Romney's ad attacking NEWT on the Paul Ryan Plan 12:40:19
Green Republican Strategy 12:39:50
Ron on NPR this morning - 12/9/11 12:39:41
Ron Paul on WOI-TV ABC 5 Iowa News 12/08/11 12:38:27
Rand Paul on FOX News 12/09/11 12:37:16
AJ Interviews Austin Police Chief 12:36:10
Ron Paul wins Twitter election 12:31:55
Ron Paul's Secret Weapon to Win GOP - Business Insider 12/9 12:31:50
Americans Elect talk to David Gregory, Includes Video 12:17:49
Go Viral with Big Dog Ad 12:13:09
Peggy Noonan Mention 12:12:50
Politico poll! Paul gears up for... 12:11:01
New Sample Video and Obama Polls posted 12:10:10
Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US 12:08:54
Rand Paul on CNN 12:08:48
War With Iran By George Galloway 12:06:51
New video! Ron Paul: Respect Israel's Sovereignty and Independence 12:05:52
Rep Steve King, Iowa, questions Paul's stance on abortion -"politically motivated" 12:01:19
Ron Paul is a racist? 11:56:23
What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus (2012) - - December 7, 2011 11:47:28
Ron Paul TOP story, HUGE photo, on homepage of Politico 11:45:39
Another good vid: The numbers show Ron Paul can win. 11:38:35
BREAKING: Spartanbur​g, South Carolina Caucus 12/10/11 11:17:56
Falling in Polls, Romney Considers Adultery 11:14:24
Rand Paul Rips Gingrich to Pieces on Neal Boortz Show W/ Erick Erickson 11:13:37
Rand on FOX NEWS @ 10:30 am eastern... 11:10:35
Final thoughts from Hermain Cain... 11:09:52
Bill O'Reilly strikes Wisconsin community organizer with umbrella 11:09:13
Ron Paul wins Twitter election 11:00:57
Should there be a little more focus on middle aged/elderly supporters? 10:59:11
Rand Paul 10:56:30
It is unethical for Donald Trump to moderate a debate 10:44:36
Ron Paul has a major secret weapon to WIN THE RACE ! 10:35:36
Bomb The Bomb... Preemptive Strike! 10:31:08
Dr Paul delivers eulogy, (The idea for this piece theThe London Times) 10:27:20
Ron Paul Dominates Favorable Twitter Election Coverage 10:21:28
Rangel renews call for military draft 10:11:53
ABC News Interview 12/8 10:08:11
Jordan Page Live in Studio Tonight 10:03:58
Ron Paul rises to solid 3rd place in national Fox news poll! 09:55:58
Nullification: The Movie 09:48:48
Paul on Ballot in Ohio? 09:39:37
Ben Swann Defends Ron Paul on Patriot act 09:34:16
POLITICO: Ron Paul gears up for long primary slog 09:29:11
Tomorrow's Debate...guess who's moderating :0 09:18:29
U.S. Foreign Policy 09:05:09
More Socialist madness...Europe to begin taxing Cow Farts! Enough already.Go Ron Paul! 09:01:51
Houston ABC Affiliate fails to mention Paul in Debate 08:26:41
Herman Cain Forums 07:37:11
Photo Gallery: Ron Paul Speaks at Great Hall - Iowa State 07:14:51
Imagine Our "Revolution" on a National Level... 06:31:20
Ron Paul gears up for long primary slog 06:04:37
Paul strength may help Romney in Iowa by draining support away from Gingrich 05:47:41
British Taxis 05:22:20
Boom! + 10k of FB shares! Why this is huge? 04:39:23
Idaho End The Fed *My First Attempt* 2010 04:07:48
CafeHayek: Reason #1 why Newt Gingrich is a little bit frightening 03:47:45
The problem with Ron Paul supporters goes deeper than just bad behavior. There is a cancer in the Ron Paul movement. 03:00:37
Infowars Article About Dec 16th Money Bomb! 02:54:53
First Post from LONG Time DPer! 02:17:38
ABC PRIMETIME & Fox Iowa Debates - Dec 10th & 15th - recruiting focus group participants! 02:13:42
Sex sells! 02:12:25
Open message to the 99% (Occupy Wall Street) 02:06:58
[Politico] Study: Ron Paul is winning on Twitter 01:58:41
Obama's foreign policy is about racism-Iraq soldier is ashamed of service 01:47:44
Obama economy speech - what Ron Paul needs to address 01:31:50
Can we start advertising the December 16 money bomb now? 00:01:48
Christmas with Ron Paul - Youth from Florida 00:20:57
The speech that always burns in my soul from the day I heard it live, my first political activism in my life, a cherished day... 00:08:13
Understanding Ron Paul 00:01:12