Posted on December 10, 2011

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Campaign: "If we don't have a big day on December 16, we'll have to cut back." 19:39:51
ABC News: Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds and Many Undecided Voters in Iowa 17:50:03
Tweet of the Day - Film Critic Roger Ebert, 12-10-11 13:23:32
GREAT AP Story: "In third White House bid, Paul's message the same" 15:04:58
CNN: Ron Paul May Pull Off Iowa Upset 04:17:52
Ron Paul dismisses claims his stances are too radical 02:36:48
Ron Paul on Leno 12/16/2011 Get out there Californians! 02:26:41
Iowa Youth Say They're Switching Parties to Support Ron Paul 01:51:47
Slay a Dragon for Ron Paul -> $25,000 13:36:50
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Ron Paul says "Palestinians are NOT an invented people" 23:57:56
Capitalism Without Guilt: The Moral Case for Freedom 23:41:35
Ron Paul: Gingrich profited on taxpayers' dime 23:39:31
ABC Ron Paul now 23:29:08
Pleased To See Two Influential Facebook Friends Come Around To Paul 23:21:30
12/10 Debate: Paul gets all the cheers, Romney/Gingrich Gets all the Boo's. 22:53:49
It's a Dr. Paul Christmas in our neighborhood! 22:30:50
FOR those WHO SAY RON paul CAN'T WIN 22:25:17
Ron Paul excluded from Yahoo! News Live Poll 22:12:09
"Liquidate the debt." 22:09:50
Important! New E-mail From Ron Paul 22:05:14
Will Paul's Iowa Campaign Manager, Drew Ivers fail to monitor votes, again? 22:03:48
strategic implementation plan FOR empowering local partners TO prevent violent extremism IN THE united states 21:55:04
It's Not Over Until You Win 21:53:03
Great evening canvassing for Ron Paul 21:50:34
Live poll for the debates: IntoNow - will be used during the debate 21:48:23
Los Angeles: Occupy Leno This Friday 21:45:19
Paul Leading Social Media Rating on ABC News Iowa Debate 21:40:16
Robamney - Choice of the Elites 21:38:52
ABC News: Paul Unable to Reach Mainstream Voters (video) 21:30:21
ABC front page: "Which will win debate: Mitt or Newt?" 21:09:14
Ron Paul's "Real Deal" - 1 Trillion Year 1 21:08:10
Isolationism vs. Non-interventionism 21:06:51
Get Golden State to play BOMBS (The Ron Paul song) on Jay Leno on the 16th 20:59:50
Setting the Record Straight 20:49:12
12/10 Debate..I Feel Like I'm Getting Ready To Watch Football 20:41:57
Washington Post: The surprising candidacy of Ron Paul. "..the septuagenarian candidate" 20:39:11
Pakistan says U.S. drones in its air space will be shot down 20:34:25
TIME:Ron Paul’s Army Eyes an Iowa Caucus Upset 20:32:25
Britain: illegals deported and compensated 37K pounds 20:31:03
Song "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" spun now with Newt Gingrich (VIDEO) 20:19:00
Ron Paul wins 20:13:23
Florida Straw Poll 12-13-11 at 5 p.m. Tuesday IMPORTANT! Please bump! Update! 20:11:52
Theory of Ron Paul not breaking ceiling is GONE! - FoxNews 20:05:23
Mashable Front Page: Ron Paul Beats Obama and GOP on Twitter 20:05:06
The US Federal Reserve is stealing from the entire world! ~ Ron Paul 2012! 19:38:46
Jon CorZine spills his guts to Alex Jones lol 19:31:13
Sorry But how the hell did I miss this RP song? 19:17:20
Ron Paul 2012 - Martin Luther King 19:16:23
For the record: Who is this guy? 19:12:21
MLK Stood I Stand - Ron Paul 2012 = Freedom! 19:05:11
Ron Paul Proposes Interesting Salary For Himself As President 19:03:42
Ron Paul Most Trusted Candidate-Kevin Trudeau 19:03:34
Internet Poll with a twist 18:58:20
Ron Paul Has Real Chance of Becoming GOP Nominee 18:42:10
Any new from South Carolina on that County Straw Poll today? 18:33:18
Money Bomb Promotion? 18:13:39
Should Ron Paul Declare War on Taxpayer Funded Abortion? 18:12:43
Colorado Rockies Meetup groups 18:06:12
Which website you can check political donations? 17:58:01
Uh oh, there goes China 17:57:44
101 reasons – Obama in 2012 will not be re-elected 17:57:42
How To Make Ron Paul T-Shirt For About $1 17:53:20
The Draft 17:52:45
Newt Gingrich 2012 Campaign Ad 17:38:37
ATTN Ron Paul 17:36:23
Jeff Rowberg's Personal Endorsement for Ron Paul 2012 17:27:33
Dr. Paul: Call the media out! 17:25:55
Have you gotten an "It's Time for Ron Paul! clock? 17:24:16
Message from Ron Paul about the Dec. 16th Money Bomb 17:19:13
Ron Paul is Right - The Evangelicals and Others Should Stop Meddling In Israel's Affairs 17:18:32
ABC News Pre-Debate Commentary - Talk About All Candidates - Paul @ 5:30 mark 17:14:56
Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds and Many Undecided Voters in Iowa 17:14:00
Ron Paul’s Brutal Honesty 17:11:04
A Collapsing House and 3 Contractors 17:10:43
ABC News - Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds and Many Undecided Voters in Iowa 17:01:16
Tampa Bay Straw poll. $10/tix 500+ expected next tues. Rick perry bought 200 already! 16:54:40
One more SHERIFF stands up for the people he serves 16:48:31
Candidate Positions Online 16:41:23
Ron Paul blasts U.S. foreign policy, vows to build coalitions 16:35:00
If libertarianism favors the billionaires, then why haven't they donated to Ron Paul? 16:30:37
Excellent article! - Yawning our way into wars of choice 16:20:58
IntoNow app will let you participate in ABC debate real time polls 16:20:35
Conservatism Equals War? Right? Wrong! 16:13:25
NH Primary Party 16:13:18
Visible Proof That Oswald Was Innocent (Video) 16:05:36
AP: In third White House bid, Paul's message the same 15:42:07
Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Respect... himself 15:39:46
The Real newt Gingrich 15:39:20
Colleen O'Connor: Ron Paul’s Brutal Honesty .The Republican candidate is a real contender. 15:37:18
Colleen O'Connor: Ron Paul’s Brutal Honesty 15:35:30
The Economist: Catching up with Ron Paul (slideshow) 15:28:21
Are you in an open or closed primary state & do you know the difference? 15:25:12
Do we have a total list of Iowa and NH endorsements? 15:25:06
need someone to write a response 15:19:45 "Ron Paul - PATRIOT Act Was Written Many, Many Years Before 9/11" 15:19:01
Video for Evangelical Interventionists 15:16:14
Give Paul a Chance 15:15:39
RP next to Newt, Mittens tonight's debate 15:10:15
Two Buena Vista Area Tea Party Co-Founders Endorse Ron Paul 15:01:11
New forum 14:54:29
Robamney 14:50:23
I Think Newt Gingrich Is Insane! ...What Say You? 14:41:50
RP is killing it on Twitter 14:39:13
Newt Speech: Center for Strategic and International Affairs 14:38:26
As Men In White Coats Carry "The Donald" Duck Away In A Straight Jack, Carl Levin (Daffy Duck) Steps Up Quack Attack On Ron Paul 14:36:59
The Farm and a Computer as the New Home/Community School 14:28:57
Obama will sign NDAA 1031 Citizen Imprisonment Law 14:23:58
Harper4Congress 14:23:13
DEADLINE Dec 11th: National GOP Primary 14:04:23
CBS News - Could Ron Paul Be the Next President of the United States? 13:59:10
TOP PICK! Awesome article from Boston Globe on Ron Paul 12/10! 13:55:01
Newt admitted to making false statements to the ethics committee. 13:52:50
Feds raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency food 13:47:12
Slay a Dragon for Ron Paul! - Update 13:25:19
Dylan Ratigan on FIRE! 13:20:30
Libertarian vs. Liberal "Feminism": Kokesh 13:11:30
What is NEWT? vote if you can please. 13:07:53
Need Your Support - EASY! 13:07:36
Newsmax: Ron Paul More Republican than Other Candidates 12:59:44
Ron Paul's Pro-Life Credentials 12:55:09
Ron Paul outpacing Rick Perry in staying on point 12:47:31
Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMO - VIDEO 12:47:16
Ron Paul: A hope for Americans 12:44:57
Ron Paul vs Newt Gingrich on Fidelity 12:38:12
Revolution Pac Paper Ad or Mobile Truck Ad which would you support... 12:36:10
ISU Speech 12/8/11 12:35:39
Cosmo Kramer elated over Ron Paul's pick for V.P. 12:32:35
Support Ron Paul & Golden State (Bombs) Now Available on iTunes 12:31:07
The most damaging word: "isolationist" 12:09:58
Legalize Liberty - Wanted in Canada! 12:08:04
How to answer the third or 3rd party question 12:02:51
Our greatest obstacle, and our greatest weapon; FEAR 11:57:56
Yahoo!: Ron Paul woos Christian Conservatives in Iowa 11:27:04
Oath Keepers Alert: Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Mormon Food Storage Facility 11:25:44
Dec 7th: PEARL harbor, proves 9-11 FRAUD 11:12:16
As this is still happening..isolationist/ non interventionist... 10:54:35
Another OOPS Moment for Lil' Rick Perry 10:16:36
BOMBSHELL: US Caught Meddling in Russian Elections! Putin compares US funded NGOs to Judas the betrayer 09:51:11
Short Version: Victory for Ron Paul in Iowa 2012 09:37:00
lunar eclipse right NOW - Sat AM 09:33:53
To RP Supporters: Drew Ivers Still Head of RP Iowa - Will He Monitor the Vote? 09:32:45
Gingrich calls Palestinians 'invented' people 09:12:33
Add RonPaul as middle name for your facebook profile. 08:04:17
Over 77,200 flyers pledged! - Dec. 7-10th 08:02:02
Eugenics: Another Conspiracy Theory that's True(NY Times) 07:56:35
Rand Paul "Newt Gingrich Is Not Even A Conservative!" (CNN's Situation Room 12/9/11) 07:54:08
Federal Government Censors Free Speech and Denies it. 07:51:02
Gen. Wesley Clark (Retired): 9/11 response/ Planning war 07:48:14
Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog for Over a Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide all Details 07:43:26
American citizens working internationally - How can they vote? 06:56:25
Italy about to outlaw any cash transaction over €1,000 06:55:19
If There Was "Glee", then We Have War Crimes 06:52:43
Ron Paul ~ Freedom Watch ~ The Plain Truth ~ 12/9/2011 06:47:45
The newsletter misunderstanding is resurfacing. 06:42:29
Response to Rush, Levin, et al re: RP's "glee" remark 06:28:40
Around 30 Nato oil tankers lost in Pakistan 05:21:04
Ron Paul is President! Now what? 05:17:01
A plea to r/politics, pleas upvote! 04:40:33
Standing order in the coming debate ? 04:33:13
Ron Paul Interview about Economics (3 Parts) 04:04:58
Look to Iceland for the solution 04:03:07
Jesus Calling Perry Out 03:47:10
Ron Paul: A hope for Americans 03:26:15
"Newt is really based in founding principles" head will explode! 03:15:42
A potentially damaging hit piece 02:59:33
2,220 signatures=ONLY $220K for TeaPartyBomb...isn't this a problem?! 02:56:00
My case for Ron Paul: A facebook debate 02:49:58
Big Dog Video 02:47:56
Ron Paul Has Real Chance of Becoming GOP Nominee 02:34:41
call in on Sunday like these guys did 02:23:12
FOX News caught using fake video of Riots 02:11:30
Obama's Campaign Machine 02:02:45
Paul's best shot at Gingrich CNN 12-9-11 02:02:25
A little help finding more information on the Patriot Act 01:56:52
If you could shake Ron's hand and say or ask anything 01:56:09
Gingrich calls Palestinians an 'invented' people 01:55:17
Paul a rabid chainsawing zombie in 'Conan' ad parody 01:54:16
Mother Jones hit piece 01:38:34
Megyn Kelly Interviews Donald Trump 01:23:08
hilarious Ron Paul video 01:19:57
No Wonder America’s Founders Distrusted Standing Armies 01:16:01
Mark Levin was completely unhinged tonight in a scary way 01:14:02
More From The JUDGE! 01:11:15
Ron Paul 2012 Bat Signal 01:03:07
Obama Gets Real by Peter Schiff 00:56:00
The Judge Rocks! The Plain Truth About Ron Paul 00:50:12
Gingrich and Sheldon Adelson 00:39:01
Feds want list of members of LDS cannery? 00:31:15
Pakistan Observer newspaper praises Ron Paul 00:24:00
Citizen Gun Group Endorses Ron Paul for President 00:12:33
Ron Paul: Neo-Conservatives Took Pleasure In Being Able To Invade Iraq After 9/11 00:09:50
'Peace is not isolationism'- Make this term viral please 00:08:28