Posted on December 11, 2011

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Veteran for Ron Paul: Mike McCarthy 22:29:31
ABC "This Week Sunday" "The Energy Is With Ron Paul" - Video 08:07:39
Al Gore and Cenk Discuss Ron Paul RE: Debate tonight - Video 03:12:39
Great Paul Answer On Defeating Obama 01:23:02
Video: All Pay Homage to Ron Paul - "Freedom brings people together!" 00:57:42
Day of Prayer for Dr. Ron Paul Sunday December 11 11:26:39
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Ron Paul army strikes! Destroys! 23:57:07
Greed=Rape Murder Hate=our current foreign policy 23:49:38
Parallels to 2008 -Opinion polls leading up to the Iowa primary 23:47:13
The Truth About Bill O'reilly Bashing Ron Paul Supporters 23:33:48
Reverse telemarketing Ron Paul to the NRA! 23:24:55
No Sheriff Left Behind! 22:58:19
Roger Ebert tweet -RP only candidate who speaks w/o hot air and lip flap! 22:57:26
A 'shout out' to the Ron Paulers in Appleton, WI 22:57:13
A 'shout out' to the Ron Paulers in Appleton, WI 22:57:12
Long Island Screams shoot 'EM down! chemtrails must END NOW! 22:48:36
Interview: Sheriff Mack VS The UN 22:45:18
Video - NEWT The Kim Kardashian of the GOP ... LOL 22:43:05
30 Major U.S. Corporations Paid More to Lobby Congress Than Income Taxes, 2008-2010 22:41:14
The Madness of Newt Romney 22:24:15
Russia protest footage played by FOX was actually the Greece riots 22:23:53
The surprising candidacy of Ron Paul 22:21:38
*VIDEO* 4 Legitimate Reasons NOT to Vote for Ron Paul 22:20:43
Action Alert: The U.S. Constitution hangs by its Final Thread - Must Read 22:07:48
Phone from home! "Iowa caucus-goers may start locking in choices this week" 22:04:19
International Support for Ron Paul 21:59:22
Ron Paul on Jay Leno 21:39:44
Sheriff Mack On Ron Paul For President 21:39:11
Live Webcast: PRESIDENTial PAULitics Tonight at 8pm EST 21:26:03
Super Tuesday Pre-strategy 21:21:55
Great new video from Julie Borowski 21:17:37
Yahoo Debate $10,000 is more than some people make in a year 21:13:41
PRESIDENTial PAULitics Tonight at 8pm EST 21:09:33
It sickens me to see campaign money used to pay the MSM networks for advertising 20:55:30
Ron Paul Easily Defeats Competitors in Drake University Presidential Straw Poll 20:53:10
Tea Party 11 20:50:39
I agree that there is a media blackout against Ron Paul 20:46:14
Youth For Ron Paul SFASU Chapter Meeting - East Texas 12/12 6:00pm 20:42:42
Long Island's Suffolk County Attempts to Ban Chemtrails Through Local Legislation 20:36:08
Video - Who Is The Consistent Conservative? The Consistent Constitutionalist. Ron Paul 20:26:37
This has bothered me all day. ..about the dollar.. 20:24:43
Lindsey Graham won’t endorse Gingrich; hopes Paul does well 20:24:37
Time to POATS! 20:00:36
Tom Woods on Ron Paul's Presidential Chances 19:55:41
I want to encourage the campaign to run a foreign policy ad 19:42:21
Shopping Ron Paul Merchandise 19:11:50
Police to test laser that 'blinds rioters' 18:19:59
George Will: WTF? ! "Ron Paul’s chance to hand Obama the election" 18:07:37
The Number of Debates This Year is Insane 18:07:31
LOL Oh My God 1000 College Students will be at the FOX debate! 18:00:20
TODAY is last day to register for Primary. Register! 17:58:23
* National Review POLL: Gingrich is gaining * 17:54:49
We should start mentioning if a post was aired on TV 17:50:44
MISSOURI - Help Ron Paul visit our State 17:40:44
Atty Gen Eric Holder to speak on Fast and Furious Operation, in 6 mins. 17:36:01
Iowa Debate: A Ron Paul Love-In? 17:27:40
If GOP really wants Obama out, why not insure Ron Paul doesn't become "spoiler" 17:19:32
I need your thought about breaking Federal law.. 17:18:46
You want 6.5 Million? This is what YOU can do to make it happen 17:12:54
For Old Times Sake? 17:02:10
Why does MSM always ask if Dr. Paul will run as a third Party Candidate? 16:56:41
"Fact Checking" Article Goes After Ron Paul's Fed and TARP Comments 16:36:16
Cain's Online Grassroot Supporters Endorse Ron Paul 16:26:28
The Third Party Pressure 16:20:02
The Global War on Peanuts... 16:19:56
Oops! Rick Perry's Anti-Gay Ad Features Music Inspired By Gay Composer! 16:10:14
The next shot heard around the world will be Dr. Ron Paul winning Iowa and New Hampshire in a big way! 16:07:50
Anyone listen to LewRockwell's Podcast? 15:58:26
Dr. Paul #1 Iowa Drake University Straw Poll Results 15:50:12
The official Illinois for Ron Paul 2012 is on Meetup now 15:48:29
Ron Paul Is Going To Win Iowa in A Landslide Victory 15:47:23
The Most Interesting Thing About Meet the Press 12/11/11! 15:29:43
Things Ron Paul Needs To Emphasize More 15:25:26
Plan B or Plan A part 2 if Ron Paul wins 15:22:49
Chains, Lies, Fear or Freedom! A Ron Paul Poem! 15:19:11
Time to embarrass the media for underestimating RP 15:16:32
Stump for Paul in Iowa YouTube Video Speech Contest 15:14:20
The National Popular Vote, eleven states could decide the national election. 15:08:52
Dr Paul Crushing others in debate 15:08:43
Wilmington, Ron Paul signs 14:57:47
Legislation to Ban Chemtrails Over Long Island Shows Huge Public Support 14:47:33
Green Room: Ron Paul Strong in Iowa 14:42:12
Newt Romney's Money Shot - Warning: Filthy Rich 14:41:18
Does Mitt Romney Know Mormons Aren't Supposed to Gamble? 14:37:27
Ron Paul mentioned just once in USA Today! (it's good) 14:33:49
DRUDGE: 'Ron Paul effect' has GOP worried (negative article) 14:33:31
Slumber parties for Paul 13:58:37
The Hill - Ron Paul: Gingrich taking Freddie Mac money 'immoral' 13:56:44
Subtle But Important Distinction Between Ron Paul And The Rest Of The GOP Field 13:56:00
Former Gov. Granholm predicts surge for Ron Paul 13:47:11
Here's The Old Bain Capital Photo Everyone Will Use To Attack Mitt Romney 13:46:19
"The Gringrich Who Stole Christmas" 13:46:14
After ABC debate, Paul wins Drake University Straw Poll with 35%, Gingrich - 10% 13:45:37
Filter, filter, filter 13:42:42
Houston Chronicle lies, says Ron Paul would endorse Romney 13:37:48
idaho straw poll 13:20:25
Who will win Mitt Romney's $10,000 wager? Just maybe, Ron Paul 13:18:17
Gingrich makes case for Ron Paul foreign policy at debate and doesn't even realize it. 13:01:32
Which charity is a good investment to spread liberty? 13:01:13
Major Florida Radio Host Just Endorsed Paul 12:40:30
Spartanbur​g, SC Monday [12/12/11] @7PM - URGENT! 12:36:46
Why all the 3rd party questions? 12:33:17
WaPo: Ron Paul, spoiler? 12:31:37
Ron PAul Theme Song by Golden State 12:26:20
Ron Paul Song 12:24:38
I just sent this news tip to the Drudge Report... 12:24:22
... 12:16:55
Very positive coverage for Ron Paul 12:10:11
No response forthcoming from Laredo PD on tear gas used in deady standoff 12:09:38
Merry Christmas From Ron Paul! embed 11:39:17
An important Tweet 11:25:55
CBS video. Could Ron Paul be the next president? 11:22:23
Could Ron Paul be our next president? 11:01:57
Ron Paul’s Secretary of Defense Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor 10:55:41
play to win 10:53:47
A Goodbye song for OWS 10:45:30
What Is Backing Your Deposits in the Bank? 10:44:09
Gardasil HPV vaccines Found Contaminated with recombinant DNA 10:41:19
Great piece and comments at Dailykos on Paul's Ad 10:40:29
SNL: Trump with Newt & Santorum 10:35:11
United Nations To Intervene in 2012 Elections To Help Re-Elect Barack Hussein Obama? - Tom Tancredo 10:34:46
Could a Dark Horse Win? 10:33:40
Ron Paul Dialect 10:25:02
CBS NEWS: Iowa Debate: Winners and Losers 10:21:10
Report: US drones helping local police agencies 10:16:57
Fact-checking Newt: As usual, he lies. 10:11:43
Ron Paul Soaring In Iowa Debate Poll (Embed this) 09:54:06
Ron Paul doesn't budge on Israel 09:27:28
Ron Paul is a good investment 08:22:38
All Hell Will Break Loose In The Physical Market If Silver Goes Down 07:58:58
Wanna' witness amazing? 06:47:43
All we want for Christmas is liberty! 06:45:41
How to get Ron Paul Elected! Step by Step! 06:21:45
Ron Paul Brings Everybody Together! 06:07:46
Google Controlled by Counterfeiters - Features Newt, Romney, Perry 05:56:55
Paul: Strict adherence to Constitution will remedy America’s ills 05:30:37
This is Why Gingrich, Perry and Romney don't attack Paul... 05:26:13
In order to beat Obama the Republicans need Ron Paul as President or Vice President 05:26:06
All I want for Christmas is for people to donate to Ron Paul on Dec 16th! 05:06:38
My Campaign Website...Check it out...Need feed back 04:59:41
Ideas to raise money for the Super Brochure Project and other projects! 04:50:41
'Ron Paul effect' has GOP worried 04:30:30
Looking for the right Christmas gift? 04:28:23
Politico Poll: "Do you think Ron Paul will be a long-term factor in the GOP race?" 04:18:59
Foreign Policy Thought 03:49:15
Iowa prediction ! 03:48:39
Great Article: Ron Paul Lands Punches in ABC Debate 03:40:27
Great Article: Ron Paul Lands Punches in ABC Debate 03:37:46
Why the next 10 days are the most critical of the GOP campaign 03:33:00
Predator drone used against US citizens 03:18:18
Red State: "Ron Paul Goes Full Metal Truther" 03:06:09
The RISE of Ron Paul! SGT promotes Dec 16th Money Bomb! 02:53:33
Tonight show with JAY Leno /RON PAUL will BE ON friday December 16th @ 10:30 CT 02:28:48
I dislike Mitt Romney but... 08:25:52
Newt "sociopath" Gingrich - Great article in Esquire 02:04:21 for sale 02:01:42
DRUDGE: Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds 01:58:31
Getting Others to Consider Ron Paul and a Lesson about the "Lesser of Two Evils" 01:57:24
Ron Paul may be shielded from attacks 01:44:56
Occupy the Federal Reserve 01:38:48
Did Willard Mitt Romney Commit Illegal Gaming In The First Degree, A Class C Felony Offense In Iowa On National TV? Just Say'n. 01:35:18
Gingrich's Moon Base 01:18:19
5 Ron Paul debate highlight videos 01:09:58
Pope Ron Paul XXIV 01:05:33
ABC Debate Poll Reset After Paul OWNED It: Photographic Proof 00:56:54
poll at national review 00:53:42
RP Iowa Debate 12-10-11 Compilation 00:50:47
Attn: Texas Ron Paul Supporters! Texas Straw Poll Jan 12-14 - Let's Get Another Victory 00:50:02
PLO, Fatah Criticize statements by US Presidential Nominee [Newt Gingrich] 00:48:37
Post ABC Iowa GOP Debate Online Polls 00:40:41
Debate Polls - Consolidated - Add any I missed 00:38:37
Gingrich draws notice over Palestinian remark 00:37:53
Drudge - Ron Paul draws big crowds 00:27:55
Beware preppers! 00:24:43
Washington Times Poll Who Won the Debate 00:20:42
Why Ron Paul? 00:20:17
ABC News Poll 00:20:14
Buddy Roemer says Paul wins debate 00:19:19
Predator drone spy plane used in civilian arrests 00:15:59
Ron Paul at Iowa Debate: Newt Gingrich profited on taxpayers' dime 00:04:10