Posted on December 12, 2011

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International Business Times - Ron Paul 2012: Why He is Right on Foreign Policy. 'Must Read' 22:46:29
4 years and 12 dental visits later, Dentist "steals" Super Brochure 18:36:16
The Daily Iowan Endorses Ron Paul for President 14:43:46
U.S. News: Ron Paul Gaining Credibility By the Day 12:25:16
Ron Paul Truck with AWESOME Float in Christmas Parade 05:28:22
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/12/11: Fighting to Ban Mandatory Mental Health Screening 01:48:34
ABC News Debate Stats 12/10/11 00:48:16
ABC/Des Moines Register Debate-Most Watched 00:39:27
Video Update: Ron Paul Highlights @ Des Moines Register Iowa GOP Debate - 12/10/11 16:00:11
Ron Paul: On "Meet The Press" - Video 17:05:15
Thank You Everyone! 442,212 + Super Brochures on the way to Iowa Republicans & Independents 15:19:20
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I Hope Mitt Romney Hops On Gingrich's Grenade, Blows Up and Takes A Hit For America 23:54:20
My 2012 Republican Presidential Platform Survey Mailed Back 23:52:15
"Americans Elect" could split the left vote 23:52:12
Time to take a hard line on fast vs. slow runs to disaster and a reversal. 23:41:57
Ron Paul cured my Political Apathy 23:38:37
Glenn Beck: I'd Vote for Ron Paul Over Newt! 23:27:41
Shocking assignment given to 3rd grade student! 23:25:37
Newt Gingrich 23:25:26
Ronald Reagan socialized medicine when he signed a law mandating emergency care 23:21:12
Romney to Gingrich: Give back the Freddie Mac money 23:15:59
It's Happy Holidays at the Ron Paul HQ 23:02:21
Here's what I'm doing 22:59:41
1 MILLION Likes for Ron Paul Facebook BOMB 22:55:43
Ron Paul Will Beat Obama In 2012 22:32:20
Fox's Greg Gutfeld praises Ron Paul (video) 22:31:04
Fox News' Bill O'Reilly attacks journalist 22:26:34
'If Paul wins Iowa you're going to see a lot of forces within the GOP try to denigrate him and cut him back'-Norman Ornstein 22:17:56
Why is the MSM So Obsessed? 22:14:57
Over 700,000 Registered Independents in Iowa, MORE Than Republicans or Democrats 22:08:28
Ron Paul Landslide Poll (ongoing) 22:05:36
Abramoff To Gingrich: You're Corrupt 22:03:05
Kiss of Death (lol) 21:55:27
Tinned goods, gold & guns: UBS meets Alex Jones? 21:43:36
Newt Romney (new wnd article praising Paul!) 21:37:26
”Invented” Palestinian Protester 'Deliberately Shot in Face' 21:25:36
Raising awareness about RP via Popular on Politico 21:11:43
Clinton Turns to Naked Corporate-Fascism. In depth article about NeoConservatism, and government & corporate think tank groups 21:03:28
GOP field shifts again following debate, Cain exit 20:56:13
Tea Party Candidate Running for Senate in Maine 20:55:19
Mission Accomplished: STOP the negative ads! 20:50:35
Ron Paul foreign policy is right, says international business times 20:50:30
Ron Paul Going After Newt With Guns Blazing- Article. 20:49:11
Michael Savage is warming up to Dr Paul 20:48:57
Ron Paul Endorsed by Sioux City Pastor Rev. Mark McGlohon 20:48:26
Run smarter, not harder. 20:44:38
Ron Paul 2012: Why He is Right on Foreign Policy 20:39:48
Why do they want to attack Iran and why are meddling in Syria? 20:35:40
The ad that will GUARANTEE Ron Paul Iowa 20:34:35
House bill could outlaw negotiations with Iran 20:33:20
Ron Paul: Israel's Greatest Ally 20:32:04
My "Don't Split the Vote" email to local Republican officers 20:27:44
So, How Do We WIN This?... (beyond Iowa) 20:22:19
Attention Cookbook recipients: Errata 20:16:59
Grassroots Video! The WORLD Supports Ron Paul! 20:13:19
Virginia Voters: Ron Paul needs your signatures! 20:12:17
Best Christmas Present, donate to Ron Paul for me! 20:06:19
Iowa Gov. Branstad: Paul Has Best Organization 20:06:14
Needed: Anti-IRS Ron Paul video 19:58:09
Ron Paul Ready to Upset Establishment with Iowa Win 19:53:30
The Campaign Needs To Do A Gunrights Ad in NH And other Gun Rights States 19:51:38
Univ. of Iowa Poll: Gingrich 30%, Romney 20%, Paul 11%, Bachmann 9%, Perry 8%. Still Much Work to Do! 19:51:24
When will Ron Paul attack Romney? 19:48:41
Call Into Hugh Hewitt right now on his live radio show! 19:47:05
Positive article in Miama FLORIDA Herald 19:39:32
Ashrawi Offers to Host Gingrich to Learn Palestinian Culture, History 19:33:57
What is local ABC news saying in Iowa? Check out this video 19:29:33
Gingrich Plan to Add $1.3 T to Deficit in 2015 Alone 19:26:00
Nice RP story 19:20:35
Media Trying to make a boxing match between Gingrich and Romney: 19:18:54
How to sell Ron Paul to the old GOP? 19:16:20
The Five on Fox Conversation 19:15:23
Like without the fear-mongering 19:09:51
The Jeffrey Lord / Tom Woods war continues! 19:09:15
Newt Gingrich takes his fourth ‘no-adultery pledge’ 19:05:45
Obama: I can’t comment on Wall Street prosecutions 18:57:13
Buena Vista tea partiers, Sioux City IA pastor endorse Ron Paul 18:51:16
Iowa - Cedar Valley Tea Party Straw Poll - Dec 13 @ 6:30 PM - Cedar Falls, Iowa! 18:46:11
Ron Paul Proposes Unique Salary As President 18:34:49
More Iowa endorsements 18:30:17
Romney follows Paul's lead; calls for Newt to return Freddie Mac fees 18:30:00
4 Legitimate Reasons Not to Vote for Ron Paul - Video 18:24:08
[video] Help me prepare my Iowa stump speech for caucus night 18:24:04
William Cooper and Hour of the Time 18:23:19
The True Cost of Military Spending 18:20:34
Help with our trip to Iowa 18:14:08
More New Hampshire State Representative Endorsements 18:04:46
This is as close to an endorsement as I've heard yet from Jerry Doyle 18:04:46
Presidential Litmus test: Saying No to Trump 18:02:07
You're greedy: Romney, Gingrich tussle before Iowa 17:58:50
Stop holding your noses America! 17:54:17
Reality Check- 2012 Elections Canceled - Obama is becoming Dictator Now 17:49:53
Thoughts about who could be like Ron Paul in Canada 17:42:24
Another of Gingrich's nutty ideas... 17:35:40
Ron Paul just followed Ben Swann on Twitter 17:32:47
Welcome to the Newt World Order: Gingrich's ties to the radical left. 17:31:37
Latest Poll: Iowans want some positivity with the negativity. 17:28:26
MSM needs to stop asking RP about a 3rd party run. We already have our backup. Meet RJ Harris 17:25:52
Ron Paul Food Drive - Signup Today! 17:20:27
Office Grand Opening - Johnson County Iowa Grassroots HQ - TODAY @ 6 PM! 17:16:22
Glenn Beck: I'd consider Ron Paul as third party over Newt 17:11:02
DRUDGE - Glenn Beck: I'd consider Ron Paul as third party over Newt... 17:09:11
Drudge vs Newt: M. Savage offers $1m for Newt to exit race, Beck would consider Ron Paul 3rd party over Gingrich 17:07:37
♫ Do You Hear What I Hear? A Man of Truth! 16:58:51
Ron Paul is striking chords with Iowa GOP voters 16:50:55
Experience needed 16:49:15
Jack Hunter: Newt Gingrich Wants the Constitution to Die 16:35:09
Breaking Poll IOWA : Ron Paul statistical tie for first with Romney and Gingrich while Paul steadily climbs Gingrich loses 5% 16:33:14
Ron Paul Endorsed by Manchester Alderman and State Representative 16:30:36
WSJ: Ron Paul Holds Crucial Card in GOP Race;12/12 16:22:14
They are already starting to say if Ron Paul wins Iowa it doesn't mean much 15:56:12
I'm A Mormon And I Support Ron Paul 15:54:37
Fed bashing gone wild 15:47:53
Troops Deploying 15:43:48
I never saw this sensational RP video posted on here. Was it? It's a must SEE! 15:37:11
Giving people something to read at red lights 15:36:04
Gingrich would end Fed’s emphasis on jobs, focus only on inflation 15:35:09
What if SOPA shuts down DP? 15:27:11
Hit up UPS/Fed Ex and package delivery drivers... 15:15:48
Preventing Even the Suspicion of Vote Count Fraud in the Iowa Caucus 15:14:00
Bill Still - Address to the Libertarian Nation 15:12:45
Romney says the campaign may last through to California before someone is chosen 15:08:49
Stop Stealing From My Grandkids! 15:06:42
Wording of Ron Paul's Motion to Vote on Declaration of War? 15:04:03
I have an AMAZING idea for the Ron Paul campaign! Help needed! 14:59:05
NEW POLL: 12/12/11 Paul Still 2nd, Gingrich Falls 5% 14:59:03
Why Gingrich Could Not Predict the Financial Crisis (and Ron Paul Could) 14:57:47
I am writing in support of Ron Paul for president of the United States 14:52:36
Predator Drones in N. Dakota arrest 14:50:57
Ron Paul Anti-War AD by Revolution Pac 14:42:02
Ron Paul Holds Crucial Card in GOP Race 14:40:35
yeha! 14:35:47
Chris Powell: Suspend habeas corpus and enact martial law? The people are not making a peep. 14:33:37
The Fed, Henry Hazlitt, broken windows and the environment 14:31:35
Obama Administration Demanded Power To Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens 14:30:55
Rand Paul Warns GOP Voters: Gingrich, Romney Aren't Conservatives 14:26:04
George Will Thinks Ron Paul Could Run Third Party [but he won't] 14:14:41
I discuss Ron Paul on Denver's 850 KOA 14:10:48
Business Insider: Ron Paul's Newest Anti-Gingrich Ad Is His Most Brutal Attack Yet 13:52:04
Rick Perry not trying to be Ron Paul but Buddy Roemer 13:49:01
Rand Paul Warns GOP Voters Gingrich, Romney Are Not Conservatives 13:45:50
Quick Online Poll for The Washington Times 13:40:26
Gingrich Selling Books, But Not For Campaign 13:38:07
Ron Paul VS Mitt Romney head to head 08/12 setup 13:37:28
Can we court Rush Limbaugh? 13:37:14
2012: Year of the Third Party (and why the GOP needs Ron Paul) 13:28:41
Look What I Found On Drudge! 13:23:36
Enough with the "Newt is such a good speaker!" comments 13:20:06
Fed is so secretive, that even it doesn't know who got $586B in swaps 13:17:31
Great New Ron Paul Site WhyRonPaul 13:17:08
More Ammo against Newt Gingrich, a new charade exposed 13:16:43
The Newt's Been Neutered 13:15:20
Ron Paul's HQ compared to Newt and Romney camps. Great! 13:14:23
Obama on 60-Minutes 12/11 13:12:50
The State Column: Ron Paul clobbers Gingrich, Romney in Drake University straw poll 13:11:58
Establishment 'Tea Party' Activist Supports Romney Presidential Bid 13:11:20
Just Released! Full version of 'Urgent Message from our Troops' video 13:10:53
Ron Paul Social Network bomb (DEC.12-16) starts today! Message to send to friends in Descrip. 13:05:34
Former Gov. Granholm predicts surge for Ron Paul 13:03:57
Examiner "Debate Loser Newt Gingrich" 12:57:29
Ron Paul Supporters to Collect 5 Tons of Food for Charity 12:48:46
Donald Trump (Stealth Democrat) Announces 12:47:22
Audio clip: WABC Radio. Listen as I school the host about Ron Paul 12:45:26
Anti-war bands- Paul supporters? 12:32:25
highest priority: Mon. & Tues. 12/12, 12/13/11 12:30:48
News Max... Newt is leading big in Florida and South Carolina. 12:25:56
Newt's "I was in the private sector" remark. 12:03:12
Lifelong Democrats Leave the Party to Support Ron Paul 12:02:54
Killing Agencies & Privatization 12:02:18
What defines an extremist? What defines extremism? 11:57:58
College Students: Very Important New Voting Requirements! 11:57:34
Five Myths About Ron Paul - Wash Post 11:56:21
Attention Dr. Paul & Campaign: Give a tough answer on the third party question. 11:46:42
Supreme Court to Hear Arizona’s Appeal of Ruling Against Immigration Law 11:27:54
Maine Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Office grand opening 11:26:09
The Media Black Out Continues 11:16:00
Food Stamps buy Starbucks Frappuccino at Grocery Stores! 11:15:49
Newt Gingrich: Selling Access 10:51:56
Nationwide Ron Paul Meetup Night 10:50:16
Is "Loot" Gingrich 10:49:55
Howard Stern? 10:46:13
Congrats: You graduated with $100K in loans! 10:40:31
Christmas Cookies, band and balloon animals at Ron Paul HQ in Concord, NH 10:38:01
Marching Orders Came Down. "Only Show FLA & SC Polls From Now On" 10:04:44
Netanyahu agrees with Ron Paul 09:29:57
NEWT- The Socialist in Republican Drag? 09:20:39
Mormon Prophets 100% support Ron Paul! ; Why does Mitt Romney seek the LDS vote? 09:14:00
Free Chapters - A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America 09:11:23
The Pretext for a North American Homeland Security Perimeter 08:59:08
Austerity - Spanish toilet paper restrictions 08:51:37
* I propose an email bomb to media this weekend! 08:46:26
Rick Perry: Ron Paul got me interested in the Federal Reserve 08:46:18
Rand Paul Warns GOP Voters: Gingrich, Romney Aren't Conservatives 08:40:24
Goldman Sachs dictatorship: Hitler’s dream 08:36:05
In 1997 Newt Gingrich Proposed The Death Penalty For Marijuana Possession! 06:05:09
Welcome to America, the red, white, and broke! 06:01:24
Live Fox News Stream at 05:15:15
The most interesting man in the world says: 04:43:53
Pre-debate Twitter and Facebook Bomb 04:35:42
fact check on Ron Paul... inaccurate 04:29:36
RonPaulProducts superBrochure RonsMobileVan 04:03:57
Twas The Night Before Christmas, By: Wes Messamore 03:44:40
Sick of the term "Isolationist?"...I sure am! 03:19:32
Ron Paul Previous Debate Broken down by Dvorak Blog News Media. 03:18:36
Help Ron Paul! 03:04:56
This Pakistani writer's assessment of Ron Paul is right on 02:00:41
Tis' the Season for Ron Paul ; and the Biggest Money Bomb! 01:29:01
5 myths about Ron Paul: a Q&A session 01:20:03
Washington Times Poll 01:13:33
Obama: It doesn't really matter who the nominee is... As long as it's not Ron Paul! lol 01:12:05
Ron Paul Videos Should Conquer YouTube 01:06:16
We are losing this Poll 00:42:57
Ron Paul To Be On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno This Coming Friday 00:24:32
Will Obama Veto the 1031 Indefinite Detainment Bill? NO! 00:19:20
Dr. Ron Paul - "Grumpy Old Man?" NO! 00:14:51
"Party of swindlers and thieves..." 00:05:36