Posted on December 13, 2011

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Ron Paul Wins Pasco County FL GOP Straw Poll! 23:52:08
►Video: Ron Paul Alex Jones Interview Dec. 13, 2011 18:06:06
Action Needed - SOPA to be voted on this week! Wikipedia may black out 17:42:02
*This video is the deal changer!* "You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy " Help this go viral! 23:38:06
Won another vote for Ron Paul in NH 18:49:15
Michael Savage: I would sleep better at night with Ron Paul as president 13:05:08
Stewart & Colbert go on Attack Last Night! 13:35:25
Jon Downs: The Man Behind the Ron Paul Ads 05:07:51
Fox News Iowa: "Ron Paul; Supporters Open Office in Iowa" Great Video 02:46:07
The George that Bush Forgot 01:45:20
Jon Stewart just said Dr. Paul "Killed it" at the debate [VIDEO] 07:07:56
New Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Ad: Newt Gingrich: Selling Access 06:45:04
How To Help Make This MoneyBomb The Biggest Ever 16:02:02
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need help finding inspirational video! 23:58:43
Ron Paul is NOT racist please do some research! 23:48:58
MSM? 23:46:56
Game Over...? Romney gets Christine O'Donnel (Tea Party Candidate) Endorsement 23:43:26
Redd Volkaert playing a T style 23:42:42
Maddow: Paul Is Gaining In Polls; He is the only Republican opposing war with Iran 23:33:33
Joe Rogan, a Ron Paul supporter, ALSO a guest on Friday's Tonight Show 23:33:33
Limbaugh Today - Bashes Newt a little, mentions Bachmann, Perry, Santorum 23:26:20
Andersen Cooper - Shows National Poll with Paul at 9%, Only talks about Newt/Romney 23:24:17
Buyers Beware: Silver Scam on eBay 23:24:00
God Calls Press Conference 23:21:09
Jack Hunter Interview with Michael Savage - 12.13.2011 23:18:53
Why even write laws like the NDAA? 23:16:40
Ron Paul Media Backout movie 23:09:09
Volunteering in New Hampshire 23:07:11
CARTOON - The Ghost of Xmas Past, Present & Future? 23:01:58
Ron Paul wins Florida Pasco County Staw Poll in a Landslide! 22:58:14
Direct evidence that NPR continues to mislead on RP 22:44:27
Hannity Brings Up Ron Paul Newsletter 22:39:08
Cenk Issues Ultimatum To Obama 22:38:02
Steve Deace: Ron Paul "the candidate to beat in Iowa" 22:37:11
Campaign should get Ron on Howard Stern show. 22:29:38
President Paul portraits, got one? 22:27:41
A-Paul-calypse Now: Ron Paul Trails Newt Gingrich By 1 Point In New Iowa Poll 22:27:21
Is Brent Budowsky trying to Co-opt Paul's Campaign or sabotage it ? 22:25:07
RON pauls official facebook page plugs THE moneybomb! 22:23:30
NY Times: Ron Paul Rising 22:19:50
Ron Paul Interview on Hannity Radio 12-14-11, 3pm - 6pm ET 22:16:01
Ron Paul Interview W / Wolf Blitzer CNN, 12-14-11, 4:25pm - 4:45pm ET 22:09:19
George Taeki "Sulu" talks about his experience being interned in the US during WW2 as a Japanese young boy 21:57:15
A nice little surprise 21:52:03
Ron Paul being discussed on Michael Smerconish RIGHT NOW 21:51:40
And the war drums beat on... 21:45:03
NY Times: Ron Paul Rising 21:40:11
Santorum gives Ron Paul props in IA 21:36:17
SuperBrochures in My Neighborhood Italian Restaurant 21:34:52
Go to Drudge, NOW! ; ) 21:31:23
2012 National GOP Primary December 13-15, 2011 Begins at 7:00 AM EST 21:30:40
RP saves man 21:25:39
Glenn Beck: I’d consider Ron Paul as third party over Newt Gingrich 21:17:51
Michael Savage offers Gingrich $1 million to drop out of race 'His continued candidacy spells nothing but ruin for conservatives 21:15:32
Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food 21:14:04
Obama Will Be Remembered For What He Is 21:13:21
It's happening! 21:09:35
Newsmax/InsiderAdvantage Poll: Romney in Free Fall 21:08:59
Media is in full damage control now against Ron Paul. This article needs pro paul comments! 20:55:32
Washington Times: Paul is the favorite to win the Iowa caucuses 20:54:36
Ron Paul Snowboard 20:43:06
Insider Advantage Poll - NH: Romney 29% Gingrich 24%, Paul 21% 20:42:03
Drudge Report - RON PAUL is Flying Past Newt and Romney 20:36:32
Levin is nuts 20:18:15
DC article: Mark Levin offers $100k to Savage 20:16:42
Big dog ad in Virginia! 20:15:34
Senator Brown replies to my NDAA letter - Can you believe this? 20:15:28
Meet the Press Transcript of Ron Paul Interview on 12/11/11 20:14:59
Drudge: Top Of Page - IOWA: Gingrich 22% Paul 21% Romney 16% Ron on Bicycle 20:02:31
Faces of the IA GOP caucus: Chris Johnson Ron Paul supporter 19:48:51
Another way to beef up the money bomb total 19:42:47
Timing is everything & the Ron Paul Revolution is on schedule to explode with wins in Iowa & New Hampshire: "To the convention!" 19:36:46
Five Things We Learned from Today's Iowa Poll! 19:26:10
Rand Paul...Some Founding Fathers pave the way for their sons of the R3volution 19:23:22
federal reserve notes and paper bags 19:21:06
My Iowa Caucus Stump Speech 19:16:55
Ron Paul: Fast & Furious A Criminal False Flag 19:16:21
Joe Rogan Tweets About Ron Paul 19:15:41
Gingrich And The Union Leader: Intentional Partners In Fooling (Defrauding) New Hampshire Voters -Washington Post 19:15:30
Mitt Romney, "I am someone who is Moderate, and my views are Progressive." 19:14:48
Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America 19:14:13
Bigtime Ron Paul supporter Joe Rogan will be on the Tonight Show with Ron Paul! 19:11:59
Are the young dependable? 18:55:05
Media Dead Silent, Public Policy Poll Blackout, Every News Organization Moves Politics To Backpage 18:39:53
Ron Paul on the TODAY show 18:35:29
Barack Obama is NOT Electable! 18:26:34
zero hedge: As Disenchantment With Idiocy Surges, Ron Paul Support Soars 18:26:30
Comedy Central: Ron Paul Just About Tied with Newt Gingrich in Iowa 18:25:48
Ron Paul is the Christian with 4 aces playing it cool and confident... 18:20:26
Mediate: A-Paul-calypse Now: Ron Paul Trails Newt Gingrich By 1 Point In New Iowa Poll 18:14:45
Ex-Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, Former Democrat, Launches Third Party Presidential Bid Against Obama, GOP 18:12:51
Sen. Rand Paul Urges Congress to Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment -12/13/11 18:11:18
Ron Paul Interview on 'Hannity Radio Show' Tomorrow 3-6pm ET 18:10:01
CNN - Ron Paul will be on "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" Tomorrow 12/14 4:25ET 17:58:26
►Trump Bows Out of NewsMax Forum KApUT! 17:57:17
Could Obama Be Headed for a Landslide? 17:53:34
The Gingrich's Theme Song 17:53:29
The Un-Newtening: Support for Gingrich in Iowa has dropped markedly in the past week. 17:47:46
Spartanburg, South Carolina Stump Speeches for Ron Paul 17:47:12
An Urgent Message From Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich 17:43:54
Insider Advantage Iowa Poll: Gingrich 27%, Paul 17%, Perry 13%, Romeny 12% 17:33:15
the Occupy movement is dismissable except they just shut down the western seas 17:33:14
Santa Endorses Ron Paul (poem) 17:31:25
RealClearPolitics never added the Marist Poll to the Obama vs Paul list 17:29:12
Insider Advantage New Hampshire Poll: Romney 29%, Gingrich 24%, Paul 21% 17:28:50
4 New Polls Show Ron Paul Surging 17:20:09
Why Ron Paul is the way out for Iowa Republicans 17:19:43
Blitzer’s blog: Ron Paul could surprise us 17:18:07
2008 Libertarian Pary Presidential Nominee Bob Barr Endorses newt gingrich For President! 17:16:29
Predator Drone used to capture Americans 17:12:57
Quick Online Poll for TDI Podcast - Peter Schiff for Ron Paul 17:09:17
Louisiana voters must register Republican before Thursday to vote for Ron Paul! 17:03:33
Brent Budowsky @ needs Dr. Paul Info for Column 17:01:08
NH Grassroots PAC Money Bomb - Support NH Grassroots Now, For the Win! 16:54:29
"I'm a Ron Paul Girl" Great Song! 16:49:26
Breaking: Presidential Candidate Ron Paul 1st To Call For "False Flag" Criminal Charges To Be Filed Against Eric Holder 16:48:38
Ron Paul Facebook Profile Bomb 16:47:09
Apparantly Newt Enjoys the company of Elephants 16:46:44
How To Respond To Ron Paul "Earmarks" Criticism? 16:43:29
Pasco Country Florida Straw Poll tonight 16:43:17
WHY IS this NOT ON THE front page? 16:41:49
Miami, FL Straw Poll - 12/14/11 - BE THERE! 16:37:18
Some Christian Groups In Iowa Choose Pro-death Candidates Over Pro-life Candidates 16:34:10
Would you stop paying your income taxes if Ron Paul became president? 16:30:39
Jon Stewart on Why Ron Paul Can't Break Through Newt-Mitt Gridlock 16:25:34
TIME: Did Ron Paul Just Erase Gingrich’s Lead in Iowa? 16:25:31
New Poll: Paul closes in on Gingrich 16:21:32
Go vote in this poll today! Your zip code is 29577! 16:18:56
Ron Paul Advertises on Town Hall.. Plus 16:17:02
VIDEO: Ending the Drug War - Voices from the Front Lines 16:16:50
Looks like the classy Trump debate is now dead 16:15:15
Drake University Professor Blogs on HuffPo - Favorable to Ron Paul 16:12:43
Hannity already talking mad crap already today 16:12:10
Hahaha: Former LP candidate Bob Barr endorses the Newt! 16:09:33
12.13.11 Ron Paul (Video) MSNBC Discusses Ron Paul over Newt 16:06:47
Ron Paul 2012: Why he Stands Real Chance to Get Republican Nomination 16:06:09
We must continue fighting forget the great poll numbers we are 20% behind 16:05:02
Tell others about your Phone-From-Home success stories 16:01:29
Paul Polls a strong 3rd in NH 16:01:15
PUSH The "Conspiratorial" Stuff! 15:59:53
I will contribute 76% of all Chip-In contributions to Money Bomb! 15:51:51
The Rise and Fall of All, Save Paul 15:47:13
Need help with Dr. Pauls views on Health Care 15:47:02
Ron Paul Can Surge Against Newt Romney 15:44:49
New Iowa Poll 15:43:02
Serial Flip-Flopper vs. Habitual Liar: What's the difference? 15:30:28
Ron Paul being discussed on NPR radio right now 15:26:04
Newt Gingrich: Serial Adultery 15:25:06
Why Foreign Policy Education is now Job 1 for the Ron Paul Community 15:23:11
FLASH! Trump Bows Out As Moderator of GOP Debate, Reserves Right to Run For President 15:07:17
Rasmussen Poll - New Hampshire : Romney, Gingrich Down 1 Point, Paul Up 4 Points 15:05:04
Huge Interview Of The Good DR On Alex Jones today 15:04:21
Ron Paul on Alex Jones on 12/13/2011 at 1:30pm Central Time 15:02:37
Doug Wead Blog: A Ron Paul Presidency will not 15:00:55
United Nations: Agenda 21 14:45:14
PublicPolicyPolling Tweets 14:43:29
Ron Paul's Secret to Energy in a Grueling 2012 Campaign 14:37:26
Next Ron Paul Ad: Romney, "My views are progressive." 14:35:03
Wow! Google Ron Paul Today... 14:16:32
Online Poll NOW: 2012 National GOP Primary December 13-15, 2011 14:16:24
Help me expose this video of Newt checking out another woman 14:13:14
An In-Depth Look At Ron Paul on NPR! 14:10:21
Ron Paul Turns Down Tea Party Patriots Telephone Debate! Why? 14:06:02
New Hampshire... How to Monitor the Vote in 2012 Primary 14:00:34
One of my ideas to fix education. what do you think 13:57:42
Ron Paul Supporters Crash Gingrich Fundraiser 13:56:50
Romney: "My views are progressive." (video) 13:56:43
Oklahoma City "Libertea Rally For Ron Paul" This Weekend! 13:56:28
Saturday night's Drake University #s 13:53:52
Scarborough: Like Beck, I'd Consider Third-Party Ron Paul Over Newt (video) 13:49:35
Obama Removing Border Guards To Cut Defense Spending 13:47:58
5 Reasons Why Alternative Medicine Should Vote Ron Paul 13:47:57 endorsement for Ron Paul without eve mentioning his name. Brilliant 13:42:55
Audio: Glenn Beck explains why he would support Ron Paul for president over progressive Newt Gingrich 13:33:50
Alex Jones interview with Rep. Ron Paul (TX-14) @ 2:30 PM (EST) 13:32:57
Dr. Ron Paul on Alex Jones YouTube Link 12/13/11 "False Flag" 13:31:40
Ron Paul is on Alex Jones Today! 13:29:44
*Romney IS gaining! help needed NOW! 13:26:57
Getting better treatment from the MSM 13:19:31
Vote! Ron Paul was only at 6% when they showed it on TV! 13:19:30
A decade under Bernanke [Graph] 13:19:16
Free your mind, free your country! 13:15:50
Newt - Govt. Should Allow Terrorist Attacks (SERIOUSLY) 13:10:17
Hijacking the Ron Paul Revolution 13:06:48
Do you know any Ron Paul supporters who have not donated to the campaign? 13:04:49
Ron Paul on Alex Jones today @ 1:30 pm Central! 13:02:05
Ron Paul on 13:01:30
I hope Ginrich claims he didn't really support "The third wave" and Toffler 12:55:55
GET THE FACTS: Why Obama's Stimulus Failed (Video) 12:53:38
Nationwide Sign Wave for NH Debate 12:48:57
Paul On Alex Jones Show, Talking False Flag Terror, Eric Holder, and more 12:44:23
Sunshine State News: Ron Paul Continues to Show Momentum in Iowa 12:44:19
taken down for GOOD reason! ;) 12:42:25
U.S. Drone Crashes in Seychelles, China considering naval base in Seychelles 12:41:03
Just 300 people have maxed out for Ron Paul this year ? 12:36:54
E-mail from Rand! 12:35:04
Newt: Do as I say, not as I do - or I'll kill you. 12:29:22
Ron Paul should go on Glenn Beck 12:25:40
Will This Year's Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb Match 2007? 12:19:57
Breaking: Bill Handel KFI 640 discusses RON paul 12:10:29
Nader praises Ron Paul 12:05:50
Opt Out with a Public Option 12:05:20
Watch John Stewart Rip Mitt Romney for that $10k Bet! 12:04:59
"Ron Paul's Gingrich Attack Ad Cites Phony Figures" 12:00:05
MF Global Part 2 Live on Span 11:49:22
Paul Could Lead From Behind 11:48:47 National Primary VOTING Starts Today, Dec. 13-15 11:40:59
HuffPost - Gingrich tax plan would add $1 Trillion to the deficit every year 11:39:33
Gingrich's unmitigated love for FDR (video) 11:35:50 Miami Campaign Launch 11:26:15
We WILL WIN Iowa! If you get active! 11:20:46
We will WIN Iowa! (video) 11:19:26
Ron Paul: Every man, woman, and child for themselves 11:15:29
When someone tells you they won't support Ron Paul because his supporters are kooky 11:12:27
WSJ: Ron Paul Could Lead From Behind 11:07:45
Economic Recovery Cannot Begin Without Ending the Present Financial System 11:07:30
Iran Closes the Straight of Hormuz: Oil Explodes 11:03:05
Check out this cartoon from Townhall! 11:02:37
Why Is Ron Paul Right For Conservatives? – PART I 11:01:06
Ron Paul Closing In On First Place In New Iowa Poll 10:35:31
Just say YES to the "Super Brochure", a super attraction to the real campaign 10:25:52
Daily Iowan: Nominate Paul, Restore Dignity to the GOP 10:10:43
The Bergen Record, Northern NJ paper 10:10:00
Joe Scarborough says he would consider voting for Ron Paul if it's Newt vs. Obama 10:06:12
Party Crashers at Newt Gig.. 10:01:54
RP Campaign Blueprint 09:44:01
This Defense Bill Should Scare Everyone ! 09:29:17
Mitt loses his $10k bet but not to Perry... 09:23:39
Ron Paul supporters crash, mock Newt Gingrich’s party 09:13:52
I'm staying to fight for Miami! Who’s with me? 09:04:34
Electronic Voting Fraud - Hacking Democracy 08:58:17
Upcoming Debate: Last Minute Advice 08:20:45
How to have impact 07:54:14
Ex-CIA answer to S1867 and our Foreign Militarism 07:35:57
*E-mail From Ron Paul!* 07:26:04
Pre-1947 video of the People who Newt says were an "Invention" 07:13:04
Hilarious! Ron Paul supporters crash, mock Newt Gingrich’s party 06:40:13
All I want for Christmas is Ron Paul! 06:35:37
another success story 06:23:39
Ron Paul Christmas Caroling Songbook 05:58:55
Michael Savage Praises Ron Paul in Latest Political Debate - 12-12-11 05:53:44
Howard Stern: "Ron Paul on Paper Seems Like the Best Candidate Ever" 12/12/11 05:07:57
Amazing Huffington Post Article 04:57:58
57 States - Did I Miss Something ? 04:57:31
Ron Paul: China Base in Texas? 500k Views on YouTube.. SHARE IT! 04:40:26
Why is all this Love to Dr. Paul lately? Analysis ! 04:21:46
Onward Ron Paul Army! 13:14:45
57 States - Am I Missing Something ? 04:14:40
Tea Party 2011: A 50 Million Dollar Day? 04:04:20
Tea Party Patriots Primary 04:03:51
Did you want to go on the TODAY show? 03:40:30
Daily Kos: Ron Paul's Eye Opening Ad on Our Wars. This Ad Needs to go Viral 03:19:22
S1867 and the Federal Takeover of State and Local Governments 03:17:35
Video: Newt Gingrich bad-mouths Ronald Reagan in 1988 03:13:48
DailyCaller Hit Piece: Ron Paul Supporters Crash, Mock Newt Gingrich’s Party. Corporatist Bankster Media Is Desperate. 03:13:01
My Video Endorsement for Ron Paul to become the 45th President of the United States 02:54:35
Campaigning for Ron Paul at gunshows 02:45:25
Why They Hate Us ! 02:27:49
A New Life 02:24:29
#RIPRONPAUL is now trending nationally on twitter wtf? 02:23:08
►Ron Paul Did NOT Write This... No Way! 02:16:26
Newt's Party Crashers 02:14:40
The 400,000+ Super Brochures to Iowa is Just The Start! 286,351 to South Carolina Up Next! 09:11:17
Jon Had clips of Ron on his show tonight. Hope we get the tube, it is good. 02:07:21
'The Case Against' 01:57:50
Ron Paul on Leno-This Friday! 01:56:13 - Composite site of Ron Paul fan sites 01:48:38
"The Man Behind the Ron Paul Ads" - Meet Jon Downs 01:44:56
CNN Running "Newt vs Mitt" Ads With Eight Candidates Still In Race 01:43:22
My Comment on Tea Party Patriots 01:32:24
Tea Party Patriots Primary 01:26:15
Ron's Ground Game: IOWA: Amazing, NH: Great...but afterwards? 01:19:44
How I brought dozens of people to know and love Ron Paul. 01:13:43
Carol Paul Iowa ad 00:59:41
My problem with some conspiracy theories 00:34:59
Thursday Dec. 15, Occupy U.S. Senate District Offices, No Military Detention of Americans. 00:28:21
Is China headed down the same imperialist path as America? 00:23:54
Why Ron Paul is Right on Foreign Policy - International Bus Times 00:09:06
Santorum Praises Paul's experience... 00:06:51
Huffington Post and NDAA articles 00:01:54