Posted on December 14, 2011

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Ron Paul Wins Miami Straw Poll! 21:50:57
C-Span is LIVE now HR 1540 up for Vote. 14:30:51
BREAKING! Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul! 16:00:51
Show this to any conservative and suddenly they understand why you're a fanatic. 11:03:15
Ron Paul Speaks with the Keene Sentinel Editorial Board 09:34:34
NPR On Point: An In-Depth Look At Ron Paul. Ron Paul, 2012 Contender? Spoiler? Hero? 07:11:16
The House Votes Today 12-14-11 on Indefinite Detention of Americans 10:09:58
Public Policy Polling - Iowa: Gingrich 22%, Paul 21%, Romney 16% 09:55:40
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Black Out S!*N H$Y 23:57:32
TYT! Cenk and the liberal media are starting to see the light !Video! 23:54:12
Love the title of this article 23:47:55
Time Can't Bring Themselves to Name Ron Paul Person of the Year - "The Protester" Named Instead 23:47:15
Where is our media on this? 23:41:54
Well, you certainly can't deny the passion! LOL 23:40:16
Maddow "Ron Paul Winning Iowa Means NOTHING!" 23:39:06
Email to Sean Hannity 23:38:39
Freedom Watch - The Rise of Ron Paul 12/14 23:37:23
On Greta Van Sustern - Rush Limbaugh : "Anybody Can Beat Obama Except Ron Paul" 23:36:51
KRYPKE ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill Heads To Obama’s Desk As White House Drops Veto Threat 23:35:13
When Ron Paul Wins, MSM Credibility Ends and they will be Exposed as the Liars They Are 23:34:22
Cenk explains why Ron Paul is one candidate you disagree with who is worth voting for. 23:27:21
►Video: Daniel Hannan: The E.U says F.U. to Every Member State 23:24:27
Ron Paul shows strength ahead of Iowa caucuses 23:20:26
Drudge front page AGAIN 23:15:42
Paul up in New Hampshire 23:09:08
Hannity Ends His Show Saying : "How Does Ron Paul Dodge Scrutiny About Them Newsletters?" 23:03:24
Fox News - Oh My, Hannity said Ron Paul Will Be on His After Debate Show 22:57:30
Marxist Levin calls Ron Paul supporters monkeys 22:50:14
How about a PRO ACTIVE "Cut them off at the Pass" kind of TV Ad for Ron Paul? 22:50:01
Poll - FOX News - Who Will Win Iowa? 22:48:34
Powerful message from former C.I.A. agent to all Americans. Very important and inspiring. 22:48:26
WaPo - Stupidest Hit Piece Ever! 22:44:08
Picking Ron Paul as the first AND second choice at the Townhall poll 22:42:14
O.K. Folks I am only going to tell you this once and it is important that you heed the words! 22:34:04
Washington Post: Ron Paul's Bedside Manner (Video) 22:33:18
Help to make these 2moneybomb videos to go viral!easily! 22:31:04
I promoted Paul on Talk Radio Erick Erickson Last night. Need help posting the clip 22:29:17
Judge shows a clip of Dick Morris 22:28:37
The "racist" newsletter flap again on Hannity. 22:22:37
Fox News Is Scared : Sean Hannity Trashes Ron Paul about The Newsletter Nonsense 22:15:14
Ron Paul Tea Party Plea (Dec. 16th) 22:13:22
Newt meets an invented Palestinian 22:10:20
12/14/11 Levin: "Ron Paul Hates Gays, Blacks & Jews" 22:04:13
Tom Woods on Brian Wilson Show 12/14/11 22:01:44
Congressional Pension Program Savings from Dr. Paul ? 21:47:20
Goodnight, Dr. Paul 21:44:20
Who is going to organize the caucus-watchers that are needed in Iowa? 21:32:58
Chris Wallace: If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, It Will Discredit the Iowa Caucuses 21:27:12
HR 1540 21:22:06
Debate: Guess The Newt 21:20:33
Obama ratings down but Gingrich worst: poll 21:17:59
If You Love Peace, Become a "Blue Republican" (Just for a Year) 21:17:57
Newt the Anti-Peace Candidate 21:13:22
Vote NOW: O'Reilly NO spin Poll 21:13:12
Frank Luntz "MSM has not been giving Ron Paul enough time, enough credit" 21:12:03
Romney unwittingly endorses Ron Paul 21:11:36
Another Veteran Endorses Dr. Ron Paul 21:06:52
CNN Ticker - Ron Paul doesn't know if he has the stamina to continue campaign in NH 21:06:38
Ron Paul: Obama pushing ‘martial law,’ Holder should be ‘fired’ 21:06:27
New Hampshire Attempting to get Obama off the ballot 11-2012 21:05:53
Here is what Happened on Hannity Today 21:05:14
Iowa for Ron Paul 20:56:36
Idea for an artist among us! 20:56:16
Sean Hannity Theory 20:52:36
CBS NEWS-Pointing out People's Positions is Not Negative 20:51:32
Are American Voters Critical Thinkers? 20:50:27
Phone From Home 20:44:40
Drudge Report - RON PAUL gains more ground, you cannot stop the inevitable 20:42:07
Urgent... Read my post about Joe Rogan... I received email from him 20:41:20
This is for all the Alex Jones bashers 20:40:02
Anyone Know When the Phrase Top Tier 20:35:09
Breaking: House Passes NDAA: 283-136 20:34:29
Newt Gingrich:Cashing In on His Political Connections 20:33:41
Drudge Report, Go there Now! 20:33:05
About to discuss Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight! 20:31:27
Everybody PLEASE Read - Very Important To Spread This Info Asap! 20:29:11
I was just on the Radio in Boston! SO SHOULD YOU! 20:27:56
Faux News bashes our Candidate...again 20:20:33
Bain Capital, Founded by Romney, Buys Clear Channel 20:19:38
Obama backs down from threat to veto defense authorization bill, detention provisions remain 20:17:49
Fox News Will Bring out the Smear In Last Debate 20:16:24
You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy 20:14:50
‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill Heads To Obama’s Desk As White House Drops Veto Threat 20:10:29
Wolf Blitzer and/or CNN Tricks 20:07:59
Expert Tips to prevent Voter Fraud in the upcoming Primary/Caucus elections 20:07:37
"Principled and Pragmatic" -Another Honest and Positive Look at Dr. Paul 20:05:43
Well Now, This is a Twist - Ron Paul Video with Cavuto on FOX Politics (Web) 20:05:07
NBC Nightly News: Is Ron Paul The Man To Beat In Iowa? Video 20:05:00
Check out Drudge! RP AGAIN!? 19:58:49
Drudge Top Link: Ron Paul Closes In On Newt Gingrich In Iowa 19:58:03
Drudge Headline: MR. IOWA 19:55:00
Romney Hires GOP Endorsements 19:46:01
National Review - Dismisses Newton and Lies about RP 19:42:58
Washington Post: Ron Paul’s path in politics 19:29:37
Are Ron Paul and Austrian Economic Theory wrong on this? 19:27:25
Never Seen So Many People on The Daily Paul 19:23:19
Hannity is a bum! 19:17:40
WaPost: Ron Paul’s inaccurate definition of ‘bankruptcy’ 19:05:27
Video: Newt ♥ FDR 19:00:44
Just Released from RonPaul YouTube Channel! Let's Make History on December 16th! 18:53:56
Ron Paul on Hannity 12/15/2011 18:41:40
Reuters - Ron Paul gains ground, further stirring 18:40:05
Help bring the good doctor to The University of South Carolina 18:38:57
Chris Wallace: A Ron Paul win in Iowa would ‘discredit’ state’s caucuses 18:38:26
Youtube of Fox News Actually Covering Ron Paul And Public Policy Poll Today, 12/14 - They Can't Ignore Ron Paul Anymore 18:37:46
Tracking The Five on Fox Propaganda 18:33:48
Newt the Grinch - music video 18:31:26
Another New Hampshire Endorsement Today State Senator Ray White 18:30:43
Ron Paul on CNN 12/14 18:28:22
On Ron Paul's birthday, we gave him a $1,5 million Moneybomb. His BIRTHDAY! December 16th will be huge! 18:28:01
The "People here" count is getting LARGE 18:23:24
2012 GOP National Primary - VOTE! 1 hr Left 18:06:22
How can we defend parts Ron's energy policy? Or is it even possible to defend these points philosophically? 18:05:57
INFOWARS: December 16: Ron Paul Moneybomb Launches 18:03:33
Support Bill of Rights Money Bomb for Karen Kwiatkowski - Dec 15th! (She's challenging SOPA's Author.) 18:00:08
Paul Leading With Males & Under 45 In NH? 17:58:21
Live Webcast: PRESIDENTial PAULitics Tonight at 8pm EST 17:55:34
Ron Paul on FOX NEWS 12/14 17:55:10
VIDEO: The People Agree - Ron Paul 2012 17:55:00
A criticism of Ron Paul 's debate style from a non-supporter 17:54:40
RT: Ron Paul gains on Gingrich 17:53:17
URGENT! Start FriendBombing now! 17:50:00
Does Ron Paul Really Hate Israel? - Ben Swann WXIX Tonight 17:47:30
TIME: 20 Days Til Iowa: The Paul Boomlet 17:42:51
Ron Paul surging, can now win it all - Doug Wead 17:39:07
Idea's to improve Ron Paul's Campaign 17:36:19
Romney is a Klansman NOW! 17:35:38
The Honorable John S Corzine 17:33:20
Would you join the 1% Club? 17:32:28
The Moral Promise of Freedom By Ron Paul March , 1994 17:31:45
100 Reasons for Ron Paul: The only one who can beat Obama 17:31:25
Can someone fill me in on the primary process 17:21:15
The 12 days of government 17:19:08
Ron Paul on Cavuto Now! 17:11:25
What Ron Paul has been trying to tell us about the FED 17:10:12
Funny how the 2nd Gingrich Attack ad is not being shown on the MSM 17:01:02
Paul: 'Pointing out people's positions is not negative' 16:55:30
Maddow "Ron Paul Is The Only Presidential Candidate That Doesn't Want To Start Another War!" 16:52:42
Yet another Newt love story: Arianna Huffington 16:41:46
One Hundred Million Dollar Penny 16:32:16
Peter Schiff (Video): History Lesson for Newt on FDR 16:30:10
A Dangerous Woman: Indefinite Detention at Carswell 16:29:53
Ron Paul Food Drive Update 16:16:53
Hannity cancelled Ron Paul to have Gingrich on! 16:14:08
En la CBS: Ron Paul: el 11-S provocó "alegría" en la administración Bush 16:07:36
Mainstreaming Ron Paul - the power of principles 16:06:48
Debate Question to Expect on Thursday and the Answer 16:03:40
Newt's Pledge 16:03:35
The Gold / Silver Correction Currently Happening 16:01:19
Yahoo's new propaganda tool? Eliminate comments section? 15:50:41
Time to Supercharge the Campaign: Everybody find 2 or 3 more voters to support Ron Paul and it's over: We win! 15:48:51
Mainstreaming Ron Paul 15:47:36
Hannity implies Ron Paul Racist 15:47:10
Paul addresses government control, nation’s wealth 15:47:00
Ron Paul gains ground, further stirring Republicans 15:44:32
Ron Paul Raid TOADY! Once-in years open registration to infiltrate Hot Air. 15:44:07
Paul breaks through 20% in latest insider Advantage NH poll 15:42:43
The DailyPaul Person Of The Year: The Ron Paul Delegate 15:41:26
Ron Paul stands up for raw milk in New Hampshire 15:28:36
A message from John Tate - Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb 15:21:51
Amazing Video: This should be a Campaign Ad! 15:10:41
-The Grinch Imploding, Romney at his Ceiling - BLOOD in the Water ! 15:05:13
The Ron Paul Preacher - Pastor Derrick Grayson! 15:02:17
The people are pissed! 14:48:31
The Atlantic Decries Evil Iowans' Influence on the Presidency 14:41:15
No Constitution Provision for Medicare and Medicaid 14:40:23
When Newt Gingrich Met Yasser Arafat 14:39:18
National Prayer DAY #2 FOR RON Paul! 14:38:01
Transcript: Sen. Levin Charging That Obama Asked for American Citizens to be Subject to Indefinite Military Detention in NDAA. 14:37:24
Reuters: Ron Paul campaign "peaking at the right time" 14:35:52
Howard Stern: "Ron Paul on Paper Seems Like the Best Candidate" 14:34:07
Obama Campaign Collecting GOP Emails 14:33:22
A message from John Tate - Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb 14:32:20
Money Bomb Video: Do You Feel Like We Do? 14:25:53
Daily Beast: Andrew Sullivan endorses Ron Paul 14:25:33
Newt Gingrich's Racist Newsletter Controversy 14:24:03
No chance on earth Ron Paul could beat Obama - Morris on Fox and Friends 14:16:17
Cool the third-party talk - positive article in the NRO 14:13:05
Hannity Cancels Interview W / Ron Paul Today 14:09:14
Ron Paul Outlines His Campaign’s “Secret Weapon” 14:07:26
Hilarious Fox News Faux Pas 14:04:41
Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America 14:04:34
Ron Paul is headed to "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" - Friday Dec. 16th 14:02:33
Russia Today Interviews Trevor Lyman 14:01:59
DailyPaul is exploding! 13:58:56
Best defense for the newsletters 13:58:27
Items for sale on EBay with $ going to Money Bomb 13:55:47
This Is How The Banksters Took Control Of You! 13:51:46
Ron Paul may not see heavy attacks until after Iowa-here's why 13:33:00
Save an Elephant - Vote Ron Paul (Graphic) 13:24:24
[=video=] Newt Gingrich admits he's a progressive in 1999 13:22:49
Video: Nick Gillespie Discusses Jon Corzine, Newt Gingrich, & Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 13:15:56
Mexican-Americans (born in America) are being illegally detained despite being legitimate citizens 13:15:27
VIDEO: Ron Paul On The Rise 13:14:20
Today Ron Paul Interview W / Neil Cavuto Fox News 4pm-5pm ET 13:10:52
HotAir comment registration open 13:10:18
Ron Paul - Consistency Defined 13:07:31
A request of Ron Paul staffers 13:05:29
40 Members of Congress Protest 'Indefinite Detention' Bill 13:04:37
DrudgeBomb: Ron Paul to Identify Conservatives who Love America 12:58:52
NY Times predicts Paul second in Iowa 12:57:58
Pay For Play Radio Event - Orlando Today Only 12:56:24
WHO IS RON PAUL? - ABC News 12/14 12:47:26
News article says Paul has been back of pack...are they brain dead? 12:47:20
Ron Paul: No Mandatory Mental Health Screening For Children! – OpEd 12:46:17
Chase Bank Visa and "Let us help you sir" 12:44:23
Ron Paul- Plain ole vanilla 12:39:59
Help Inform the Hispanic Community 12:35:31
It's starting already 12:32:31
Hostility towards religions on the rise...PEW Research 12:29:13
Ron Paul Snatches Third in National Polls - The Street 12:28:21
Oath to Support the Constitution - Strategy for Now 12:24:57
What does one TRILLION dollars look like? 12:23:51
John Stossel - Job Creators Fighting Back 12:08:21
Argumentation Ethics: any thoughts or opinions on it? 11:57:00
Yahoo: "How Ron Paul could win nomination" 11:42:18
Have a reddit account? please help! 11:40:57
Video about the NWO from a CIA spy and how to defeat it! 11:36:20
Breitbart calls out Glenn Beck 11:36:09
Does Newt Gingrich Really Want the Constitution to ‘Die?’ 11:35:15
New Hampshire State Senator Ray White Endorses Ron Paul 11:18:55
Ad idea up for grabs 11:14:52
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Grand Opening Events at Five New State Headquarters 11:13:16
Great comment from a Vet. 11:03:12
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 11:02:54
Attacks coming 11:02:48
How Ron Paul could win nomination by David Rothschild 10:57:40
Amid Surging Fear of Big Government, Americans Say Third Party Needed 10:56:56
Glenn Beck DESTROYS Newt Gingrich 10:47:38
Cute and intelligent Julie Borowski achieving stardom 10:46:32
Ron Paul: only ONE Has fought For YOU. 10:45:48
What was it? 10:28:34
[NEW VIDEO] Sean Hannity Endorses Newt Gingrich ! 10:28:01
Ron Paul: Poised For An Upset In Iowa? 10:09:53
Joe Rogan, Jay Leno & Ron Paul on the Tonight Show.. December 16th.. Need Help! 10:07:58
Ron Paul vs Obama 10:01:15
This is the most important event so far in the history of the revolution! 09:59:39
Good Morning Video to all Please play and get ready for December 16th. 09:59:28
Help in miami... New Years EVE, T-shirt DAY! 09:51:08
David Gregory predicts Ron Paul UPSET on Today Show with Matt Lauer! 09:48:55
Harper and Obama make Border deal 09:40:40
Control of the Media 09:38:59
Time 2011: People That Mattered 09:37:14
Ron Paul goes after Gingrich in Iowa, will strategy ultimately help Romney? 08:37:05
Holy MSM bias! 08:15:37
Dick Morris On Fox and Friends trying to convince Iowa that Ron Paul is unelectable 08:08:39
Newt at 40, Paul at 9: NBC/Wall St Jrnl 12/12 poll 07:16:21
Let's hope the weather is great on January 3rd in Iowa 07:15:42
Romney's Possible VP Choice (Kelly Ayotte) Added Torture To The NDAA 07:00:32
ABC: Who is Ron Paul? - Well written intro to the Doctor 06:44:26
Nick Gillespie is a Piece of ... 06:41:03
RCP: Gingrich Up 10 in Iowa; Perry Moves Into Third 06:40:42
A Big Thanks To Hannity - 05:27:49
That "Downed" Drone doesn't look damaged 05:25:37
Have we under-reported the import issue of proportional allotment of delegates? 05:20:06
We Need To Rout This CFR Minion 04:51:01
CBS 2 / Fox 28 Iowa local TV Poll - Ron Paul 60%, Mitt Romney 6%, Newt Gingrich 1% 04:32:09
Take time to listen to Ron Paul 04:23:15
George W. Bush on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy EMBED X 2 04:17:04
This Christmas give the gift liberty! 04:01:40
Trouble in Iowa for Gingrich, Iowa campaign head resigns 03:40:20
Ideas for locations to mail super brochures to? Locations & Famous people. 03:19:56
Ron Paul Wins Cedar Valley IA Tea Party Presidential Straw Poll 03:14:07
Open Registration at HotAir today 12/14/2011 03:07:50
Coast to Coast and George Noory gave big shout out to Ron Paul 03:00:46 02:58:49
Ron Paul End the Empire Save the Republic 02:58:45
Ron Paul Foreign and Domestic Liberty is a complete package 02:57:51
Ron Paul Banner in Los Angeles! 02:41:17
Ron Paul Revolution Rises in Erie, PA 02:37:19
Ron Paul Revolution rises in Erie, PA 02:29:53
Ron Paul Revolution Rises in Erie, PA, PAUL wins Times News Straw Poll 02:22:47
Ron Paul Revolution rises in Erie,PA 02:18:54
ndaa and sopa theory of doom by a lifelong cynic 02:12:00
American Terrorist 02:02:26
I laughed out loud! 02:01:02
Huff Post : Ron Paul's Gingrich Attack Add Cites Phony Figures 01:59:16
US troops surround Syria on the eve of invasion? 01:58:53
How come the Super Brochure project skipped NH? 01:56:55
Ron Paul town hall attendance question. 01:50:24
Sen. Levin: It Was Obama Who Requested Military Detention of Americans. Impeach Obama. 01:50:12
Need help promoting in Iowa 01:43:17
Ron Paul on Gingrich's heels in new poll 01:43:02
Whats your Guess for the money Bomb? 01:30:07
Europe by the numbers.. 01:28:38
Video: Freedom To Facism 01:20:13
Ron Paul Wins Cedar Falls, Iowa Tea Party Straw Poll 12/13, With 62% 01:17:25
Mitt Romney Reaches out to Conservative Voters (Sarcasm) 01:17:14
Karl Rove on Ron Paul 01:17:00
Black-belt in Ron Paul Activism 01:16:39
Video: Congressman Ron Paul is Mr. Consistent 01:09:23
Voting now in Primary until 4:30 Wednesday! 01:00:21
Hot Air Meltdown! 00:59:42
"Conservative" Newt Gingrich LOVES big government progressive socialist FDR! 00:59:10
►Unanimous (Video of RP Endorsements) Enjoy! 00:58:21
CNN Wolf Blitzer "You Know Who Could Surprise A LOT Of People In Iowa? RON PAUL!" 12-13-11 00:58:01
CNN's Wolf Blitzer asking for questions for Ron Paul 00:57:09
(Video): Pentagon Drones Now Targeting Rural Americans 00:49:25
Ron Paul Wins Cedar Falks, Iowa Tea Party Straw Poll 00:48:47
Where is the original image 00:48:12
Campaign for Liberty Mistake 00:41:01
Trump Bails On Newsmax Debate 00:27:50
Ron Paul: Poised For An Upset In Iowa? 00:24:38
Should Fred Reed fess up to writing this stuff? 00:17:09
ABC changes This Week host from Amanpour to George (after Ron Paul coverage?) 00:17:02
Ron Paul Iowa Team Names New ‘Doctors for Ron Paul’ Coalition Members 00:11:02
Judge Napolitano Has Endorsed Ron Paul! 00:03:13